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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 3, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

M bnir 0ountu bt VOLUME t Net 7 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY AUGUST 3 1904 NUMBER 35 n POST OFFICE J M DIRECTOR PERSONAL RUSSELL POSTMASTER II T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER hours week days 730 Office am to 930 R m DIRECTORY COURT sessions a year Third CoURTThree in January third Mondaylin May and third Monday in September Circuit Judge 1L C Baker Commonwealths Attorney A A IluddlertonSheriflF W Miller Circuit ClerkJ F Neat CIRCUIT Monday COUNTY COURT First Monday in each month Judge T A Murrell County Attorney Jas GarnettJr ClerkT Stulta JallerJ K P Conover Assessor E W Burton Surveyor R T McCaflrec School SuptW D Jones RusselL Coroner The condition of Mrs Geo Nell is She can live but a short very critical f In Messrs J H Chew and T L Humble two prominent stave dealers were here last Saturday- Jr CHURCH DIRECTORY 33 98 Elizabcthtown Fix i 4 iiB1 COFFEY President C 1 in grass and corn This farm is well watered and the timber is good Also one tract known as the Logan Murrell land upon which is a good dwelling one and a half miles from Columbia For particulars addressL P and U D Hurt Admrs Columbia or Montpelier Ky 234 DAYS Secretary S HARRIS Iam Tiuwork DIED Mrs Elizabeth Johnston days dwellingbarns t This fair will be the crowning entertainment of Southern Ken You cant aflord to miss it tucky REMEMBER THE DATE AUGUST G4 Sept LAND FOR SALE The land which was owned by the late W B Hurt is for sale There are THOROUGHBRED RACE EVERY DAY Miss Bonnie Hockersmith of Frank ¬ fort has returned to Columbia and is at the Marcum Hotel i T Flowers weekt Kizzie Murrellis spending a few weeks at Tatham Springs Washington county Regular court second Monday COURT each month Judge Jas G EubankAtfDmeyGordon Montgomery ra Four days of pleasure and profit to all who will attend An attractive programme will appear within a few days up your stock if you want a nice premium- Mr H R Turner and wife Camp bellsvillc were here the first of the MondayMrs CITY KENTUCKY FAUIS Liberty August 1718193 days Crab Orchard July 273 days Danville August days Georgetown August 912 days Harrodsburg August days Lawrenceburg August 164 days Shcpherdsvillc August 234 days Springfield August 241 days Glasgow August 314 days AUGUST 23 24 25 and 26 R T Baker and J D Sharp Amandaville were here c1 G COLUMBIA FAIR Mr Paul Azbill of Indianapo- ¬ lis was here the first of the week Mrs Elizabeth Snow is visiting her daughter Mrs W 0 Pile Mr Thos Keeney of Pulaski county is visiting in Adair timeMessrs n Marshal MENTION prepared to fix pumps Woodwork and all kinds CANEY FORK away for a couple of weeks and he un- ¬ ot repairing a specialty Mrs Elizabeth Robinson who has LIVE STOCK MARKET PRESBYTERIAN The long dry spell that prevailed over dertakes to straighten up the house an old and been visiting in Gradyville for several Horsoshooing and Blacksmlthing W C Clemens DURKESV1LLE STREETRev this section has been broken and now the day before she returns pastor Services second and fourth Sundays In weeks returned home a few days ago Reported by the Louisville Live I am prepared to do yonr buggy abundant rains are giving bright pros ¬ The man who each month SundaySchool at 9a m every Sabnever makes mistakes Mr Forest Putnam after a soninlaw Mr A I Hurt The de ¬ pects for abundant crops of all kinds is the man who never undertakes any Stock Exchange Bourbon Stockbath Prayenneetinir every Wednesday night repairing on short notice ceased had oat crops health forI Yards weeks stay with old friends left quite awhilebeen in decliningwas not un- ¬ The wheat and a good yield are being METHODIST LOCATION and her death WATER STREET threshed and are CA1TLK thingWhen for his home in Louisville yester¬ expected She was the widow of the BURKESVILLE STREET Rev F E Lewis pastor 15 iVao 50 a man begins to wonder if he Extra shipping Hogs are plentiful Stock of all kinds WADE H EUBANK day morning Services fst and third Sundays in each month late John Waller Johnston who was fine shape while farmers are in a looks as old as be really is it Is a sign Light shipping 4 75625 SundaySehool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer prominent citizen Mr Leonard Goodman and his deceased leaves of this county The high state of rejoicing meeting Thursday night 4 50C34 75 GOING TO THE WORLDS FAIR Best butchers that he does several children Mr sister Miss Mabel Goodman of S D Johnston of Mariana Ark being Mrs Robt Bridgewater of near The 3754 00 BAPTIST writers of the best old songs are Fair to good butchers Glasgow are visiting the family one of the number and who reached Camp Knox is very low with lung dead Toe AT Rev J P Scruggs pastor BURG STREET GREENS writers of some of the new Common to medium btchr 3 25 g3 50 here a few hours after his mother had trouble not expected to live First and third Sundays in each month Sunday of Mr Sam Lewisones ought to be HOGS School every Sabbath at 9 a m Praycrmccting passedaway Miss Hallie Cundiff daughter of Perry Mesdames Z M Staples Gor ¬ Tuesday night The man who never ate watermelon Choice packing and butch ¬ Cundiff formerly of Cane Valley is don Montgomery and Sam N I have three yearling steers for sale teaching our school Good attendance save with a fork has an awfully good 5 50 ers 200 to 300 Ibs CHRISTIAN Hancock this place were enter¬ Good stock All red Fair to good packing ICO and good work is reported time coming to him Wright pastor CAMrnELLSVlLLE PIKEW B A C WHEELER ¬ Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in tained at the home of Mrs Har to 200ft s 550 Quite a number of our citizens at ¬ The men who talk loudest about the Knifley each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 riet Browning near Milltown USE THE tended the Sundayschool convention necessity of war are generally the men Good to extra light 120 to m Praycnnecling Wednesday night a To the citizens of Adair connty last WednesdayThe Ebeneezer on the 28th 160 tbs 5o who stay at home and finance it LODGES Mr Mont Feese who has been undersigned are in the tombstone busi ¬ The prospects for a railroad connect- ¬ SIICEI AND LAMBS ness at Campbellsvillc Ky We will probably never have enough Camp ing Columbia with the outside world employed with the Spectator for bellsville is your neighbor and as TIlE LINE THAT IS money to enable us to set aside a hero Good to extra shipping with the hearty approval of ev several years left for Louisville have no manufacturer of this work inI 3 VqiS CO COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A rLRcgnlari Every ef fund and even if we do have enough Sheep COMFORTABLE Friday night the first of the week with the Columbia would it not be to your inter- ¬ ery person in this section meeting In their hall over bank on 2 50 liOO Fair to good on or before the full moon in each month est to patronize us We guarantee fort should be put forth to secure this we couldnt do it Well set aside a BEYOND A DOUview of securing a position Gordon Montgomery W 1L Common to medium We are also rejoicing that Coroad 125ad 1 75 both James Garnett Jr Secretary left with the good will of his late satisfaction We in quality of work lumbia is to have a fair This beauti- fund to reward the girls who bake and prices solicit work from Adair mothers r employer COLUMBIA ful inland town not only holds her own better bread than their CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Friday andadjoining counties night after full moon Horace Jeffries 1L P BIG POUR and is the center of attraction for all If thire were no weeds to interfere ° COAKLEY SIMS BROS W W Bradshaw Secretary ° this section of the country but is fast with the garden perhaps we wouldnt LOCAL JOTTINGS The Bost Line to0 forging its way to the front enjoy eating the vegetables so much A series of meetings are now o INDIANAPOLIS THE Mr Judd Phillips has been appointed in progress at the Milltown Meth- ¬ J 0 Haskins and wife J T Poore pr We arc inclined to believe that the wife and little daughter of Bowling postmaster at Liberty odist church conducted by work we could do would be OFFICIAL ROUTE FORGreen are visiting friends and relatives h udtrst Lews assisted byRev Andall points Match game of base ball between F Green and Taylor counties They what some men think is having a good KENTUCKIANSTO Rev Lewis closed a will spend several weeks around their Michigan Columbia and Greensburg at this place A Grant timeThe very successful meeting at Neats old homes near Camp Knox CLEVELAND next Saturday afternoon iirt atcst bore iu town is the man burg last Sunday There were We trust that the News and Specta who iusibts on telling you his troubles Grinds Saws Wood BUFFALO LOSTA small fourbladed pocket 15 additions to tor will stir up an interest in the devel- when you want to tell him your uwu the church Runs Cider MillsI Churns Butter NEW YORK knife The finder will please return to opment of Adair and Green counties as ASK FOR OUR RATES BOSTON Runs Ice Cream Freezers A sudden death occurred near Cane a part of the oil field of Kentucky Nearly every man would like to have this office GEO L GARRETT L J IRWIN all Points Valley last Monday The wife of MrIThere is no doubt but that the geologi a jIb that Mould permit him to get up Gen P Agt Trav Passr Agt Tom Ed Jeffries sold a saddle Richard Bait was eating an apple when cal formations and psycological condi whenever he pleased in the morning to is gelding Monday to Pemberton she became choked dying in a very tions for Adair and Green counties as begin it on Louisville Kentucky ES an oil producing territory are as good Bros for 115 Big Ticket Office I short time as that of Cumbnrland and Knox coun ¬ We have often wondered why some Four Route No 259 For SaleFour fine 2 year old jersey C M WISEMAN SOH Mr 11 Rey Yarberry made a speech ties and speculators seeking investment corporations did not try obeying the Ava or write to heifers bred to fine jersey bulls All for capital l are losing time and money law just to see if it wasnt cheaper to a fair sized crowd in the c from fine milk strings J R SmithI Gates urthousei not opening up a field here than hiring costly lawyers to light it Monday afdernoon in the interest of W Campbellsville Ky 4t Paeegr Depart ¬ Genl Godfrey Huntea What has become of the sweet old Mr Yarberry re ¬ TIME TO KILL EMmeat Louisville Ky Old Folks singing at the Meth ¬ viewed the troubles of the Middlesboro grandmother who could remember may not be generally known but s ec place the 4th convention of the campaign and con ¬ It odist church this when tomatoes were called love ap Sunday in this month ComeI test and accepting his statements a uevererthcless it Is a fact that there is pies and everybody thought they were a certain time iu each year when Runs Cream THIS IS Aevery poison good part of the Republican party is trees sbrubs and many weeds can be Runs Printing Presses indeed vile and unreliable Col L T killed with very little I Hun on the Hon L T Neat announced SUNFLOWER PHILOSOPHY and other machinery followed in a brief but plain part of the farmer Perhaps it mayhimself a candidate for Senator Neat JEWELERS and OPTICIANS in which he showed his lack speechI We sometimes think it is foolish to yap at tbls par He Is be a condition of the from this district last Monday AND YOU Dealers In Diamonds and Precious Stones worry over trying not to worry dence in W Godfrey Hunter tlcular period which renders external Success to you ed to be just a telling on eachcrowd We cant imagine a more dangerous interference so fatal to them and per ecial attention given to work and It costs nothing to keep when not There will be singing at Christ ¬ and if both sides are as represented haps it may be something of a cbemi combination than a loose tongue and we have to say is Gosh its working It costs from 1 to 2 cents per ian Chapel the 3d Sunday in Au ¬ then nIl The way to do this is to read ordersof goods in our line 132 West However cal nature they die from ignoranceA For particulars gust conducted by W E Stapp terrible hour when working and 2ndwho will submit to being im ¬ wouns which at other periods would be WEEKLY COURIERJOURNAL r Market between 1st call on or address and others Every body come OpOflteMuilctlill RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT posed upon by his kin can be worked scarcely perceptible I have known HENltY WATTERSOX J KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE Bro Oliver C Morrison who trees to be killed by haying a single by a book agent Co countydied aj i LOUIS St KyI MASONICI atI Henderson Route HeI FREE > JackofallTrades I t t If E 14Shells HE BTRECLINING I f CHAIR CARS i RevI Vi FeedI ORlAI St I 4thl + bodyJ Running the Press For This Paper 519 W Main 1 RAPS Lost on the road to Sewelton three small memorandrum books and a pair of eye glasses in a case The finder will please re ¬ turn to this officeJ Street KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE W F JEFFRIES S SON Agts MONTGOMERY vMB R ALIAS There will be an open session of the Russell Springs Medical Society at the courthouse to ¬ morrow Thursday night The exercises promise to be interesting and every body is cordially invited P HENRY W EDDLEMAN 408W MARKET STLOU ISVI LLEK SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS HATS SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS Dr N M Hancock of Cane Valley made a lucky find last Advertise in the News Monday morning Fourteen years ago he was wearing a plain gold IT WILL INCREASE ring which had been given him YOUR BUSINESSS by his mother two years previous and just before her death One ALL HOME PRINT morning while at his stable hol2100 ding his horse by the bridle reins the animal made a quick jerk NOTICE and the ring was thrown from ARE NOW READY TO DO ANY KIN ° W of Blacksmithiwr horseshoeing and wood his finger For fourteen years work all kinds of Buggy Carriage and Wagon Repairing We are also prepared to apply all he had his stable cleaned at fre- ¬ quent intervals hoping to find kinds of new RUBBER TIRE the ring but was not rewarded We keep a stock of the best material and rc Thepairs Work done at our shop is guaranteed in until last Monday morning workmanship and prices Shop located on n doctor was greatly rejoiced as street near Main Give us a tailhe prized the treasure very sacr CLARK PARSON Cam bclIavillc Ky Mar 30 ly ed a gift from his dead mother COMPLETE LINE JOHN B STETSON HATS t t Subscribers ¬ c t I s 12 Pages issued ovary Wednesday I I IIII ted oJ r Wilmore Hotel 100 fl VKXUE Iti J r YEflRRKREFORM SOCIAL REFORM MORAL REFORM best Almanac published cents for a copy by mail CO THERE at the COLUMBIA By a special arrangement you can get The News and Weekly CourierJournal months for 60 CENTS 60 This is for cash Subscriptions only criptions must be sent through this JAMESTOWN All subs- office Stone Stone AttorneysAtLawd J KENTUCKY 0 0 courts jn this and ad ¬ joining REPORTED MARKET BY SAM LEWIS 21 Wopl Grease clean 27V Washed Wool Beeswax Feathers New 44 Old 10 to 80 5 Hides Green 22ill Hides Dry Ginseng Spring Chickens Old Hens counties fly 7 V 10i 1 6 Guinea Eggs Dried Apples Yellow Roots 2 40 May Apple This report will Special attention givouoollqQfeions for reviiion wtekly X 10 45C Eggs Will practico in the c > WM WUiHORE Prop Kentucky iradyville is nu better place to stop aboved named hotel Good sample rooms and a firstclass Scud 35 table Rates very reasonable Feed stable attached COURIERJOURNAL Louisville Ky w Be 2 submitted Jir < 5 r t ICI theI theT j 0 ditOlI was a native of Adair county and who left here one year ago for the West died in Fanuiu county you eau stand being roasted Texas July 13 1904 He had The average housekeepers idea of been a member of the Oumberland cur in the morning will be thoroughly I hell is a place where she will have to Presbyterian Church forty years wilded before sunset The 14th day of wash dishes forever and ever and a Mason over fifty years August is the day of all days for dc A girl misses her mother when slit Therefore be it straying troublesome trees and weeds dies but she doesnt fully appreciate Resolved That we as Masons Let every farmer jot this date down what the loss really means till he humbly commend his spirit to i father acts like marrying again God who gave it and reverently BRAIN LEAKS No wonder people hate yon writes bow our heads in submission to The broader the smile the shorter a subscriber to the editor you are al ¬ His holy will the task ways saying things We say those 2d That we wear thb usual Everything is for the bests even the things to make people love us Thats badge of mourning for thirty days worst of it where we lack judgment 3d That a copy of these resolu- ¬ A smile will go a mile while a frown If a daughter of the house goes rids tions be spread on the records of is going a furlotig rag in a rubbertired rig with a nice this lodge and a copy tendered his The sanest Fourth was where It young man the neighbors dont happen rained the hardest family Ever notice how long the day is when to see it but does any one imagine 4th That a copy of these reed ¬ you start it oil grumbling they wouldnt see it if the patrol wag lutions be presented to The Adair on were to caUL like to go fishing just once County News and Columbia Spec ¬ when only the little fish got away tator for publication At the present time only three stat It is a waste of time to pray for what Montana Nevada and Wyoming an By action of Gradyville Lodge you want unless you really need It No 251 F and A M three territories Alaska Arizona and There are three epochs in a mans New Mexico are from the English This 23d day ot July 1904 life the day he catches his first llsb sparrow This winged monopolist bas W L SHARP the day he hears the wail of his first found Its way into Utah It Is noted G T FLOWERS SR born and the day ho realizes the slgr that the more ornithological H 0 WALKER nittcancc ot today bUlletinsI Committee there are published A man never knows how much work moro t spreads and Increases Music music at the ColumbialFair a woman has to do until bis wife goes thrives on poisons and traps increases L 7 MUSTI KEEP attendlor IIbelted a POSTED I PUI1SFiGlOYES i resftl6lltkiI Year TomI FairbanksMorse + SJ At I LOUIS EnRlI IAnd SeparatorsI r l Lfyw

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