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Image 32 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), January 30, 1973

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

I tiecas fitacd as REPORTER, Wednesday, January 30, 1974 S0N 'New Town' BY CHARLES SPRINGER The ancestors of Jacob Smyser, the man who is believed to have settled Newburg, arrived in America from Germany on board the Britannia on Sept. 21, 1731. They included Mrs. Barbara Schmeisser and her children, George, Jacob acquired his wealth," said Dearing. "But we do know that the Smysers were mostly rural people, because his will leaves livestock, grain and fruit to be divided among his heirs." . Eight Slaves The will also mentioned that eight Mathias and be Schmeisser had brought her children slaves owned by Smyser would 11 children. escape religious wars, distributed among his to America to such as the type that had claimed her Jacob died August 27, 1829. One of his sons, John Wesley husband Martin, and to be free of the Smyser, was the village postmaster and long hard European winters. They was a friend of Alexander Campbell, settled in York, Pa. who founded the Christian Church in America. Records in Dearing's Family Tree Campbell Shortly after arriving in America, possession indicate tha often stayed with John's family when the spelling of the family name was shortened to Smyser, according to he was in Jefferson County. John sold land in August 1837, Donald Dearing, an Okolona descendant who has compiled a family according to a deed at the Jefferson County Courthouse, for the Newburg tree. who was the grandson of Christian Church which is still located Jacob, George, was caught up in the at S22S Poplar Level Road. The deed says that "this ground movement westward just before the 1800s and moved his family to should be used for services of Jefferson County on a large tract of 'Disciples of Christ' but that in the land just, west of Poplar Level and Old event of its not being in use at any specified time that services could be Shepherdsville roads. A small village then called Newburg held by 'any other denomination,' and formed at the site. Translated in the consideration was one dollar for all the described land." German, it means "new town." Dearing said that the original "Not much is known about how Margaretha. Mrs. membership records of the church contained names of many of the slaves that belonged to various white members. He theorizes that many of the children of the slaves of the Newburg landowners settled in an area just north, which was called Petersburg, after gaining their freedom. This could account for the 'heavy black population in the area today. President's Letter son, Jacob L. Smyser, later became a charter member of the Louisville Board of Trade and was its first vice president. He joined Louis and Otto Seelbach in 1903 and directed the construction of the Seelbach Hotel. He received a letter from President Franklin D. Roosevelt on his 00th birthday, March 5, 1934, in which he was congratulated "on a long and interesting life covering a period in which so great a part of the whole development of our nation has taken place." He died two months later. A family cemetery is located on Poplar Level Road near Newburg Christian Church. A surviving 1 "-- VN.V Courttiy, UCliia GfeithouM OF Forest Baptist Church in Newburg moved their site of worship to the banks of Beargraai Creek during baptism services. In those day a, becoming baptized involved receiving more than juit a few dropa of water on the head. Notice the girls dressed in white who were to be baptized MEMBERS Liza Tivis Became A Legend In Herself by BY CHARLES SPRINGER we were never Department, drew up "all the papers for her and held the estate in trust. When Aunt Liza died in 1883, the property went to Hunter Baird and his st 1919. When mother." Hunley contracted smallpox during 1833, everybody else was afraid of going near him. Everyone, that is, except Liza Tivis. She cared for him until he died. Hunley was obviously grateful because he gave her her freedom just before he died. He also remembered y her in his will, leaving her a log cabin, some furniture, a tidy sum of $2,000 and a small farm which is said to have been located across from Newburg Elementary School on the northwest corner of Indian Trail and Petersburg Road. Some Newburg residents today believe that Liza Tivis provided shelter for runaway slaves during the years prior to the Civil War. Tri Logs Formed Early Church In Newburg two-stor- One of the oldest churches in the Newburg area is Forest Baptist Church, located at 3622 Newburg 'Mother Of AIT "Aunt Liza was a mother of all the Road. little Negro children of the place, and her cabin was kept stocked with herbs The history of the church dates back to 1 867 when the black residents gathered together using logs and rail fences for pews. They worshiped at the home of Liza Tivis, a black woman who had once owned slaves, on Old Baptist Road (now Petersburg Road). medicines," account. according to the Herald-PoShe apparently owned slaves, too, because it is reported that "she would hire them out to neighboring plantations and became very wealthy." Mrs. Ioa Symnes Coates, a told the "Louisville clubwoman," Herald-Pothat "My mother used to hire the children to do our work, and whenever a child came recommended st According to Nelson Goodwin, a Newburg historian, black residents had previously walked all the way to Preston and Liberty streets on Sundays to worship at Green Street, Baptist Church. st Goodwin's records indicate that Forest Baptist was organized in 1867 by William King, L. Barlett and Butler Goodwin. They purchased the ground two years later and built a church made up of logs. SERVICE ON ALL BRANDS NK3S AND DON'T 697-174- 1 LET GASOLINE PRICES Records indicate that a large bell hung from a tree outside the church from 1 874 to 1 899. The bell was used to signal the beginning of all community events. TILLER'S V Liza disappointed." James Guthrie, a lawyer who later became Secretary of the Treasury One of the legends in Newburg is Liza Tivis, a black slave who worked for John Hunley, a wealthy planter, according to a description in an account which appeared in the Herald-Poon Feb. 16, Louisville and Aunt 3 WORRY YOU! YOU DECIDE! The Bible Snyo The average motorist drives 12,000 miles a year, and let's see what the difference is, between a car getting 13 M.P.G. and one getting 19 Miles Per Gallon. JULIAN R. SNELL 731 923 il 0 QUESTION What of disbelievers, those without faith in Cod, Christ and the Bible? ANSWER; The term infidel the only begotten Son of God." applies to those noted in the (John 3:18) question. While one may be 4) "He that believeth not the repulsed by this term, it applies in Son shall not see life; but the wrath fact to the varying attitudes which of God abidcth on him." (John are anything short of unreserved 3:36) acceptance of the Bible as the 5) "For if ye believe not that I revelation of the will of God. am he, ye shall die in your sins." 1) Without faith we cannot (John 8:24) please God: "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he By choice, the disbeliever rejects that cometh to God must believe the evidence divinely offered and that he is, and that he is a re warder designed to produce faith, the of them that diligently seek him." motivating power which will save through obedience to God's will, (Hebrews 11:6) 2) "He that believe th not shall thus to seal his destiny without be damned." (Mark 16:16) God. Such do not please God, shall 3) "He that believeth not is be damned, are condemned already, condemned already, because he shall not see life and shall die in hath not believed in the name oT their sins. " At 13 m.p.g. We Use At 19 m.p.g. We Use Difference.. Af)Q ULO ftQI VOl gals. gals. 292,..,. Doesn't it make senso, with Savings like we are offering, you can drive for many years SAFETY COMFORT in STYLE that driving o small, uncomfortable compoct car can't give you. v SCHEDULE OF SERVICES SUNDAYS: Bible Study 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship -- 10:30 A.M. WEDNESDAYS Evening Worship Bible Study 6 P.M. 7:30 P.M. HEAR "WHAT IS WRITTEN" WFIA (Radio 000) Mon.-Fr2:30 P.M. SEND ALL QUESTIONS FOR THIS COLUMN TO: - - OPGfJ CUr'DAY, FuDQUAtlY l. Manslick Road Church of Christ 4724 E. Manslick Road ff -- i'-"- -" 1 r Louisville, Ky. 40219 r V v .. J, 3, IZOZU Jo 6 P.f.l.

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