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Image 1 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), January 30, 1973

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

7 i ' n IH j SINGLE COPY U yr :.; :! ! 1 r : IS :S fi 'J M DI-CHNTBNN- r l A IAL v. VPA issue 20THYR.NO. 36 JANUARY 30, 1973 WEDNESDAY, 3 SECTIONS 1 774 1 974 pE&emtacky C eldbrate -- XX Statin j erlrt. t.f, Lrt 44 .A . . uiinmptn'H remtim n Mc'inmtMf nr vrrwn rwQr Zen TnM.tfJmfMmnrJ. mi i rutin, ttm4j6mt(Y 'f KENTUCKJSy "t Cofif. rr , jtnufayj.trAfnfUCKfyvr Actirrd Aimi. in r flprtfy,: If a tttmfy. Mat it A at rrn't err Aft 4jrfAeufAj: Tern A T E we ifavm I U'Anf J III J? TA vl J w" y mesMer, r tat. Asa. VmnicJ offtt Ohio a tn f"V laru r0 XJWA.Blulit' fi Hi ii Siton fir- - 'once V 5 Y IN Vi (Ssff'tr a?, U O V ft F- - iE jw-ru- i HmrA tJfltrfU t MM V neff A- jr. - ft Ok 4 R .E" Of?: Towt L 5, o r-- 'amsiunie Wuen ' K1 f.rat rxl r . in t?y V ill J rd'trW u 0, M River) (7rc--n incrt an J tut U'ltA tin tlcrtaq err, ' rN N tendi tAt i7 LLir,e.4A.rA 7rvtp runt- yewiA tAt ActtertijfVAvJfaj,, j4 im -- O .4 Tjs a facsimile of the New York Historical Society's copy of John Filson's "New and Accurate Map of Kentucke and the Country Adjoining," dated 1784. Three originals belong to Louisville's Filson Club, which bears the explorer and surveyor's name. The map was published along with Filson's book, "The Discription, Settlement and Present State of Kentucke." Though it contains a number of inaccuracies, it is of interest as the first map giving details of the area we now know as Kentucky. XT SJ'tHUXItif' Cf JLnjKrrlrtJlrtA C n: lt4 " t

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