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Image 6 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), May 7, 1859

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

sons appear Terr offensive, as ther attack them much sooner than others; though I apprehend there is not so great a difference as many suppose. u miu u maae, ana a sting rollows, uuci the renom thus imparted to the air, if by only ne, is perceired by others at some distance, which win iiumcuiiieij approacn tne scene, and more stings are likely to follow than if the first bad not been. How to Proceed uhtn Attached. Striking them down renders tbem ten times more furious. Not in the least daunted, ther return to the attack. Not the least show of fear is perceived. Even after losing their sting, they obstinately refuse to desist It is much the best war to walk as quietly as possible to the shelter of some bush, or to the THE STOCK BANGS THE FARM: THE ORCHARD: house. Tney will seldom go inside of the door. A Pergon's Breath Offensive, and Other Came. MAY 7, 1859. The breath of a person inside the hire, or among them, when clustered outside, is considered in the tribunals of their insect wisdom as the greatest N SOUTH-WESTERFAIR IN 1859 indignity. A sudden jar sometimes made by careWm have for some dajs been cognizant of the lessly turning up the hire, is another. After fact that the Directors of the Southwestern Agri being once thoroughly irritated in this way, they remember it for weeks, and are continually on the cultural and Mechanical Association were busily alert; the moment the hire is touched, they are engaged upon a premium list for the next annual ready to salute a person's face. When slides of fair, to be held September 2024. We are now tin or xinc are used to cut off the communication between the hires and boxes, some of the bees are advised that they meet again this morning to complete their work. The present Board is composed apt te be crushed or cut in two. This they remember, and of a set of really intelligent and energetic men, may be when retaliate, as occasion offers ; and it quietly walking in the apiary. who certainly promise to administer the aflaira of Quinby's the Association with prudence and wisdom. The Hivrxo Bkes. If not already known to your only fear to be entertained with reference to them is, that in their desire to make dd an attractive readers, the following incident may be useful : I threw open my blinds few days and list of premiums, and one at the same time that raised the window to inhale athe pure airsince, take and will dr al justly by the diflerent branches of the a morning look at the gay flowers that were in agricultural and the horticultural interest, they full bloom under my windows, when I heard a may be induced to swell the aggregate amount of most unusual humming of bees : not seeing any on the flowers, I looked into the air, and just orer the various premiums offered to an amount not my head they were in agitated commotion preparatory to swarming from the hive of a neighoor. justified by tie average receipts of the AssociaOn a hue locust near the door they were soon tion heretofore from all sources but memberships. could be made to With assets valued at about f 00 ,000, and a debt them, but before any effortflying and returninghire to ther commenced of only about (9,000, we know that some latitude their old hive. Next day tbey came out again, msy be Uken : still, it would seem to be the part and a man who knew something of bees,was sent ot wisdom to hold a generous ambition in check to hire them. He called for a long woolen stocking, and drew it on the end of the pole, and placed a year cr two longer, until that debt, small as it it where the bees seemed thickest near a tree, as if they had selected it as a place where to light is, snail be paid on, and then the commenaanie literal feelings that animate the present Board He held it a few moments, and the stocking was very soon corered completely with the whole can be indulged without prejudice to themselves, swarm. cr detriment to the interests of the stockholders A table had been spread with a white cloth and a hive all ready. He laid his pole, or rather stockwhom they represent. which Lave so far been ing of bees upon the table, and then put the hive Aoose the chances made upon the premium lists of past fairs, as over, while he carefully drew out the pole. In an hour or two the bees were all in the hive and pan '.any reported among ouisiue memoers, are placed in the bee house, and in a short time more certainly some which are worthy of all commenthey were at work furnishing their new home. dation. One cf these we understand to be a large While they were on the table they "cleaned house, and dislodged increase in the size of the premiums offered upon ter adhering toevery particle of dust and old mattheir new abode. articles that will be displayed in Floral Hall such In two days more another swarm came out of the old hire, and in the same manner the son and s grains, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and floral designs. The idea of the Board is to make this females of the family secured, in this simple war, another fine swarm. The ladies told Hall, at the next fair, a a decidedly prominent fea-tu- rt watched their movements, they could me, as 'I now do it which weconsider a decidedly good idea, any time alone. Correspondent Farmers' Journal. one that, we have not the slightest doubt, From the Albany Evening Journal. will meet the approbation of the stockholders and Law of Chance. the public generally. Another innovation is a In the interesting the preiun of $ 23 for the best specimen of skill ana eurreyor, mere report of oi State Engineer is a series mathematical deted workmanship, in any class, by an apprentice ductions from the statistics, which are quite cl Kentucky, under 21 years of age, and a third, Among the curious deductions is the 1 25 for the best intention by an apprentice following: Diriding 373,158,179, the mileage of passengers, or other youth of Kentucky under twenty-on- e by 20, number of passengers killed, we find that years of age: both highly commendable, and only one passenger was killed for 18,657,989 miles showing that the minds of the members of the of trarel. To travel "this distance, it would require more than 106 years moving incessantly at Directory are flowing in the right channels. In consideration of the heavy interest in trot-ln- g the rate of 20 miles per hour. Diride 373,159,170 by 128, total number cf passtock in this and contiguous parts of the sengers, killed or injured, we find 2,803,432 miles State, and in order that breeders of this class of of travel for each passeneer. either killed or in etock may hare an opportunity to exhibit their jured. lbe total number of passengers carried during young animals, end the progenitors thereof, sev-erthe year, excluding citr roads, 11,260,073, which, rings for trotting against time have been pro- divided by 20, gives 553,504. is That is, only one vided, to be held upon parts of two days of the passenger has been killed, for every 502,504 which fair. Racing stock, however, we understand, is nave Deen carried. From prohibited from entering either of these ring?. ing fromthis, we see bow small the risk of life aristhe railroad travel. As this part of the exhibition is, in some degree, Truly as the post of honor is a private station, apart from the usual purposes of the fair, and as so the post of safetv is a railroad train. Get on it will dJ considerably to the labors of the offi- the platform, if you want to get out of danger ! You cers, aud increase the aggregate of the premium must travel eignteen millions oi miles in order to be killed ; and this will take you one hundred and list, a fieparate entrance fee will be charged upon six years, going at twenty miles an hour, and nevit not to exceed, however, a rate of 20 Der cent. er stopping for sleep; you must take your lunch . upon the amount of the premium competed for in with you, and take your nightly repose in the sleep ing cars, oiaerwise you win uvejugt one bundred each case. ana six years less. Under all circumstanbes, we think this likewise Methuselah, probablr. was a railroad couductor a commendable arrangement. We are not so well and never got off his car?, which accounts for his old age. satisfied, however, as to the propriety of the pro And the old positions that, as we understand, have been made were frightened women in the country, who once at the idea of railroad travel, will to raise the premiums on aged thorough bred soon be mounting the cars to escape the riscissi-tude- s and catastrophes which attended the lives horses, and short-horbulls, to $30. The live stock interest of Kentucky, as we remarked three of those who stay at home. As the sailor at sea said in tne storm : or leur weeks ago, in referring to this same subOh, Lord en such a night as thif , ject, is abundantly able to "stand on :ts own How I ltr folks ashore. legs," without or anv special Improved Slesper. A cast-iroBleeper of imaid of that sort. Other agricultural interests of proved construction has litely been applied with me Mate are far weaker. We should, therefore, success. The form of thualtonsrii ami .ttk..; repaid it as the part of wisdom in the Directory, cal, which thus admits of the smallest amount of meiai ior a given strengtb. Those intended to in finalh- - apportioning the ajrjrezate sum of th receive the tie bars premium list among the diflerent objects to be through them, and ties are cast with an opening have but to be keyed to mv.s inured, to " ease off" a little on that side, secure the rails firmly at the proper distance apart These sleepers, by this method of tying and "bear up" somewhat igainst this especially them, are suitable for any gauge, and allow of the to the extent cf reducing, in case any reduction rails being laid with remarkable facilitv. The may bo found adrisable, along the line of large chairs to receive the rails aie so formed as to alpremiums on iive stock, instead of that of smallow of the removal of a defective or worn-ou- t rail without disturbin g the sleeper. The oscillation of ler premiums ou orchard, and garden prorails causes the wear and tear cf locomotives and ducts. Cars, hilt thpse ulaonpra ar u fnnn4 As it i:l tuke a longtime to arrange for the rails perfectly firm, and not liable to spring like flower !f ptrtmeiit of Floral Hall, ana as our enterprising florits are anxious to second the efforts base, tbey tend to impart solidity to the whole track. The rails are fastened in the chairs with of t;.c Board of Directors to make this Hall a wooden keys. Each sleeper weighs one hundred greet feature of the next Southwestern Fair, we tare applied for a copy of that part cf the pre- the ground, which, with its great breadth of sur- I w an mium list which makes provision for it, and most '"-- i tar, Am tn. jjiticui .11 lateral muuun. cheerfully give it adrance publication. Pbobability of Marrtivo. A table inserted in It is as follows : a paper iu ice Assurance magazine, exhibits re sults of a rather startling character. In the first CLASS K FLOWERS. two quinquennial periods, 20-- 2 and 25-3- 0, the Rotes, Grttn-hout- e Plant, Sc. probability of a widower marrying in a year is Ko-best collection in bloom ..fl5 00 three times as great as that of a bachelor; at SO, it Tifuea varietiei .. 5 00 is neanr tour times as great; from 30 to 45 Dthi;a Eest collection .. . it is .. 10 00 five times as great, and it increases, until at 60 Fifteen vnrii. & 00 EeJuir.g cut Pijnts-- b.t the chance of a widower marrying in a year is 11 collection, In bloom, cf eiteniisfct,miM, Phloxes, 4c. . 10 00 times as great as that of a bachelor. It is curious Fue-daBest collection 6 00 to remark, from this table, how confirmed either Ornamental Basket filled wi h Flo wer Id 00 class becomes in its condition of life how little BovqittU, d e. likely, after a few years, is a bachelor to break Table Bouquet 10 CO tnrougn ms settled babits and solitary condition; Hand '.WW.'.''.". 6 00 and, on the other hand, how readilvin proportion Floral Design, (architectural,) 80 00 does a husband contract a second marriage who eeeond best....'." 10 00 has been deprived prematureiy of his first partCcllect:on Green-hout- e Plants, (n'oV VccVudYnK beddmg out plant ner. After the age of SO, the probability of a 15 00 bachelor marrying in a year diminishes in a most Floral Jjisr.isiv rapid ratio, lhe probabilitr at 35 is not much OrouneUal ai8pUy of Flowerf dp k arranged or placed more than half that at CO, and nearly the same design til in form UbU.u-t- he elegance of which "aU proportion exists net ween eacn quinquennial pe ta ried afterwards. TrIe,jr of aowersMdJSiS wh'T,0' composed of .Thlch.11 e- -, The "Higher Law" Not the T.iw nt mi M Ust display Some time ago the community at Oberlin, Ohio, wuicu is Terr Birongiy imouea wita sentiments, rescued a fnritiv iiin rmm ruwo States officers, justifying their conduct on the ,i V, U On products of the Eeld, the i givfuuv. orchard, and the fffnnnil tk.t 4iuc uiguer law superceded me law of the land, or, in other words, that when their garden, (all to be exhibited in Floral Hull understand that much more liberal premiums conscience and the law came in collision, their first duty was to tave been determined upon than any heretofore trine which rendersobey their conscience a docLegislatures and majorities unnecessary, and sets each individual's privite given oy tne Southwestern Association. judgment above the settled regulations and The same is true, though not to an eoual extent of the society in which he lives. Thirty-od- d of dairy and pantry articles, and some articles of of these Oberlin people were indicted, and domestic manufacture. last week one was tried and convicted. The constitutionality of the fugitive slave law was disCArsEs or Fertility rx Soils. In a recent puted; but the Judge (Wilson) charged the jury that it letter to tne ew lor Farmers' Club, Professor tion to did not become a court of inferior jurisdicentertain a question upon the unconstitu-tionalit- r t. v. Johnson, of Yale College, says : of laws which have hpn fnlW AariAA The labors of chemists to .n be in strict accordance with the the causes of the fertility of toils, have not yet the highest legal tribunal in the Constitution bycountry. Ltdmet with conclusive success. The mechanical structure of soils is of primary importance. K aked rock grows lichen ; the same rock crushed into coarse grains crows a much higher order of r. iting the importation of Africans is evidently not uc. aim-a-, an etable ; pulverized fine, the cereals grow in it. own . as our num gov- . ernment,' allnwa na In -- win weii Geology, chemistry, botany, pbysiolozT. meteor. .l ugiucn t lum ology, mechanics, bydrodynamics, beat, light, and country to Liberia, and to other portions of Africa, electricity, are all intimately combined in the but we are prohibited by law from bringing Afrigran a process or vegetation. There are sandy cans here. This, says our correspondent, is one soils in our Eastern States, which, without ma- of the rules that does not work alike both ways. t nure, yield meagre crops of rye and buckwheat ; He thinka we otiirht tn kiT a iMni. ' and but there are sandy toils in Ohio, which, without or cannot wall undrtinit what horror there is in bringing negroes. from Africa yield on an average eighty bushels of manure, .V i- - : r. j : uegroea . o Airica. mis i" "icrw is in Bcuuing Indian corn an acre, ana nave yielded it for twenty to fifty years in unbroken succession, the in is, substantially, what our correspondent says, and our readers can enjoy their own opinion gredients oi tnese sous being, by chemical analysis, the same. At present no difference is known auuui ui remaras. veorja vonsrauiionai. between them, except the coarseness of the partiCi7 Mr. cles : the first being coarse, while the Ohio sand considered Pge has painted a Venus which is one of the finest pieces of is an exceedingly fine powder. The power of ing since the days of Titian. Mr. flesh paint Browning sous to attract ana imbibe moisture and oxygen, speaks of it as one of the finest pictures in the was well shown by Schubler, of Hoffen, forty worm, iia pnc m (,uw. u was sent 10 fans years ago. ui tnineen uiuerent soils, quartz for the coming exhibition, but rejected for "indeparts of oxv- sand absorbed in thirty days, gen and no moisture, while hnmus absorbed 13 of cency." Another Venus by the same artist was rejected by the directors of the Jioston Atheneum oxygen and 120 of moisture. for a similar reason, but has since been accepted, there being a possibility that it might IssJTABiLiTT or Bxxs. Keeping bees cood-n- a be removed to the Society Library in this city. It tured offers a pretty fair subject for ridicule ; it seems ratber too absurd to teach a bet anything ! represents tne ngure or a woman perfectly nude. Nevertheless, it is worth while to think of it a "Chancellor Bibb, who recentlr died in little. Host of us know that by injudicious train- Georgetown at the advanced age of eighty-fiving, horses, cattle, dogs, etc., may be rendered waa ma eitrauruinary man. ne bore a wonderful extremely vicious. If there is no perceptible an likeness in person to Chief Justice Marshal, and alogy between these ana bees, experience proves was a man of the aame class and that they may be made ten times more irritable cal conformation. To the last the same physihe .wore lone : .. than they naturally wouia oe. l i - . sua.- Btvb,iugB, i ue ,oncaies, ana wnite cra-o ui.a Their Mtans of Defense. Nature has armed vat, and rufles, and long queue. But what with means to defend tbeir stores, and pro- remarkable he never lost his passion for hisis more them violin, vided them with combativeneas sufficient to use and would take it now and then to his study for This could not be better- amusement, jus them when necessary. namis oi me presented a model ed. If they were powerless to repel an enemy, of moderation. Wash. States. there are a thousand lazy depredators, man not excepted, who would prey npon the fruits of their A Little Girl's First Thought. "Wife and I industry, leaving them to starve. Had it been so were looking at some pictures in which little arranged, this industrious insect would probably naked angels were quite conspicuous. She called have long since been extinct the attention of oar wee daughter to them, and Time of Greatest Irritability. The season of remarked: their create! caution, in this section, is August, "Lizzy, dear, if rou are a good girl, and go to 'during the Cowers of buckwheat. It is then their Heaven, yon will be like those aneeis." "as a stock is pretty stores are greatest. As soon Lizzy looked up, with a lip that told at one i well ajppUed with this woid's goods, like some she didn't appreciate the promise, and said: bipeds, they become rery haughty, proud, aristo "I want to be better dressed than that when I go . . cratic, ana insolent. A great many icings are to tearen!" days of construed into insults, that in their grThirty years ago, (1829) New England had would pass unnoticed ; but now it is becoming and proper for their honor to show a ust 3d members in the House of Representatires, and resentment, it behooves ns, therefore, to ascer- Vhe Northwestern States 18. Isow the New England States send 29, and the Northwestern, 9. tain what are considered insults. Proper Conduct. First, all quick motions, such New Hampshire then sent 6, and now has only 8 is running, striking, eta., about them, are notie--- i. members; while Illinois then sending only 1, now If our motions among them are slow, caa has 9 members. The census or isGO will make cenion, tumble, and respectful, we are often let to the diparitrfar greater than it now sus to be taken text year will show the population ass nnmolested, baric? xnacifested a becomiag .eportment Tet the exhalations from some per- - of the United States to bs orer ZQ,QQQ,QQQ. Sfrf farm antro. LonsriLLE,. r,. .". MISCELLANEOUS. Spring . ArnT ;;!. "v'iw isThe Goods! A. D1NKELSPIEL, Earthenware, Between Fourth and Fifth, LOUISVILLE. Ky. undersigned ii now la receipt of bla SPKING SUMMER GOODS, consisting in part of THE 3M4J Rich Silk Sobea; Rich Fancy Silks; Rich Double Skirt Bareges; Grenadines; do Rich Organdies; do Rich do; Rich Printed Rich French Jaconets; Popllnettes; Rich do Colored and Black Challles, Plain DeLalnes, Black Bombazines, Plain Bareges, Valencia, Kid Glores, Hosiery, e.; together with a good Embroideries, Handkerchief, lot of Staple and Domestio Goodi, to which be would respectfully aik the attention of the ladles and customers. All I ask is an examination of my stock to satisml6 d8mA12-l- I fy any one of its superiority. Importers and Jobbers in EARTHENWARE 79 ap22 (FORMERLY JOHH HCLMK Mirrors, AND 433, 490, and 492 Broadway, cor. Broome 8t., rflHE constantly Increasing demand for these articles JL. has induced us to add several new and beautiful de signs to our former stock, which we are offerlne at ex tremelow rates. Persons building would do well to ex amine our s toe it oerore purchasing. apl2 WALLACE, LITHGOW A-- CO, Our facilities are unlimited to execute UDon lib-rrai creuus. AQaresi, J. B. BliEttlDAN apl9 dim uox 8,892, New York. BUY YOUR CLOTHING AT SPROULE fi,il WESTERN WHOLESALE SEED AND AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE. G.W. BASHAW, LOUISVILLE, KY. HOLES ALE Dealer In Flelit anil n.rrion xl. all descriptions of Agricultural Implements and FOUR MORTGAGE NOTES OF 82.000 EACH, due 1st of co,iuneik. ror par 608, Indianapolis, Ind. rflHI ten years' lease on the Fifth street Pronrtr. JL tween Main and Market, east side, expires about b. 1st April, 1659. I will sell to suit purchasers any number of feet, and I am willing to sell at tht present valuation, wiuiouv regara vo ine proxpecitTf. Call at my office on Fifth street, up stairs. m22 dtf O. B. COTTON. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. tdfcJ DRUGGISTS Hydraulic MANUFACTURED second from the northwest corner of Fourth and Main streets, a new stock of Watches. Jewelrv. and Plated are, Ac, which he offers for sale unusuallv low. Watches and all kinds of Jewelry promptly and neatly dtf ' . subscribers, thankful for the natronaee extended JL to them by their friends and the public generally, regpecuuuy miorm tnem that tneir office may be found in 8hanks A Co.'s Grocery, corner of Third and Jeffer son streets, where they are prepared to receive orders ana iurmsn Clear jramlly Ice, to alt who may favor them witnacaii. uOSJitLL A SCOTT. ap5-d3Locisvillm, Kr. JUST RECEIVED! 1,000 pieces Printed Handkerchiefs at 5 cents; 500 do Dotted 25 cents; do, 1,000 do Shirt Bosoms at 10 oents; 1,000 do French Embroidered Muslin Bands, 50c 4,000 yards Rivieres at 5 cents; 1,000 do Jaconet Insertions at 10 cents; 1,000 do Muslin do at 15 cents. Also, a SDlendld assortment of French Emhrnlil pries Collars, Seis, Handkerchiefs, Lace Sets, Veils, and all a', very low prices, by Kinds oi ueai ibices, OUASLES F. RAUCHFL'83', eb23 S Fourth street. ic, Children's Carriages and Gigs g back, and Cabs; Gigs; we have the new style Rotary and Perambulatrrs; also the colored Willow with enamel top cover to it. We have the largest assortment in the city, and will guarantee them to be better made than any others in the city. We invite all buyers to come and examine these goods before purchasing elsewhere, as we are selling at very low prices, lower man we ever nave sold. D. J. MUKKAY, m31 Depot C3 Fourth street SAM'LL. LEK SAlrl'LL J. W. LEE & CO., OWEN CITY BOOT and SHOE STOKE, WHOLESALE t RETAIL SPRING GOODS B. II JUST RECEIVED. We are dally making ad dltions to our already large stock of Loots Shoes and Gaiters, which we invite the atten of trade. aplS Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Workers, IN STOVES AND HOLLOW WARE Gutting ROOFING,the shortestand Spouting, aud notice. all Jobbing Steamboat and Distillery Work done at the lowest prices. And we respectfully solicit a chare of public patron age. apia diy J. ?. CM. STRADIS DONALT DONALY & STRADBR, PLUMBERS, & STEAM FITTERS, GAS BETWEEN MARKET AND JEFFERSON STS, LOUISVILLE. UPHOLSTERER, BETWEEN SECOXD AND THIRD (South tide) to his THE subscriber would respectfully announce trenpr- customers, as well as the Dublie In al, that his stock is now complete, consisting in part of nuu uu elegant n inuow cnaaes, uurtaia uoods of every description. Trimmings, Cornices, Ac, Jc. He alsa keeps constantly on hand and makes to order, Mattresses and Bedding of every description, and he feels confident of giving satisfaction to his customers, both in regard to the quality and workmanship of his goods as well as the prices. He would also call the attention of the public tjthe EXCELSIOR INDIA RUBBER SPRING BED, for the exclusive sale of which he has bought the patent right. This useful modern invention will be appreciated by all mose wuo use 10 nave a ciean ana comfortable Med, I am prepared to furnish the trade, families, hotel keen. ers, owners of steamboats, and all those who deiire tnem, at the shortest notice and at manufacturer's prices. aplDdlm HENRY WEHMHOFF TAILORING. Would respectfully inform his friends and the 3 public generally, that be has taken Room No, rkA 69, Fifth street, between Main and Market, wnere ne is prepared to make up (ientlemen'i own Material In the most fashionable style and work is manlike manner. From his past experience in the trade, he flatters himself he can give entire satisfaction. Call and leave your orders before going else wnere. Cleaning and Repairing neatly done and at the short HEM MASON, est notice, imiluomj GREAT INDUCEMENT. TiATENT RIGHT FOR SALE. I wUh to sell the JL Right for a Machine for Breaking Hemp and Flax the best principle in the machine ever applied for the purpose. 1 wish to sell enougn Kight to enable me to In traduce the machine, or get a partner with money at command io aceompiisn ine same, i nr iunner lntorma tion, enquire for 0. SIMON, ap!3 dtf at Paaucah, Ky, KY., fine HAVE en hand a Wash assortment of Gas Fixtures, Baths, Bowls. Water Closets. Bath Tubs, Cistern and Well Pumps of every description, 8het Lead, Lead and Iron Pipe; Brass Cocks and Steam Valves of all sizes. Mead and Soda Apparatus made and repaired. Dwellings and Factories fitted up with Water, Gas and Steam, on the most Improved plan. Old Chandeliers regilt or bronzed on rcasonabla terms. t"3TAU workdoneby us warranted to give satlsfac- aprs utr "" TTTE desire to call the attention of the Trade, and c IT the public generally, to our Piano Fortes, iustlv pronounced superior to all others In volume, richness and purity of tone Possessing also a peculiar singing quality, adapted to, and harmonising with the human voice. They are very properly called the "Organ, or Vocal Piano." Being made with the Patent Arch wrest Flank, tney will stand in tune in all climates. we guarantee our customers that no efforts that a life long experience, untiring Industry or capital can pro cure, will be spared, to maintain for our instruments their world-wid- e reputation as uthe bel Piano," and that every improvement of intrinsic value to a Piano will be found In ours. All orders with which we are fa vored will be promptly and faithfully attended to. aplS d3m A. JAEGER &. 119 and I A. JJEGER A CO., Fourth St., under Moxart Hall, LOT Hcuse and Lot, situated in the town of Lagrange ' county, &y., ana in signt or ine Railroad depot. There is a good and comfortable Dwell ing House, all necessary Out Houses, Ice House, Shoe Shop, ana Lot containing seven acres oi iana ; ran x ara of 24 laway vats, two Bark Mills, good Beam House.with Pool, Lime, and Baits all Inside, and all In excellent re pair, and In a gooa niue ana uara country. An anun JAS. U. BUTTON. dant supply of soft water. apr9 dim 72 his BRING STOCK SHECKLER, is now THIRD STREET, K AAA wjvvv MAIN AND WATER INGS, AC, STREETS. "Extra" Salt, in prime coop. crage, u store ana ior saie by BBLS of that KEARSLEY ap25dlm CARTER, Kanawha Salt Agent. THE TRIUMPH OP SCIENCE! A Vital Want Supplied and Health. Restored. ITIRS. DR. FRENCH, CLAIRVOYANT AND ELECTROPATHIST, south HA9 taken antheOffice No. 431, Market street, will bt near corner of Fourth, where she ready to wait upon all who may wish to test her powers as a seer, or in descrl&Ing the nature, location and cause of disease, either of body or mind. Mrs. French Is enabled, by her new mod of treatment, to remove diseases of all kinas from the system, and In a short time restore toe sufferer to permanent health. Her new system of Electropathy is acknowledged by allscientiflc,lntellectual and progressive practitioners in the Medical Profession, to be the only true and efficient mode of cure for Rheumatism, Neuralgia.Paralysls and general Nervous Debility. Mrs. French cordially invites aU who may be afflicted, to call on her, and be relieved by ber treatment. She also wishes them to remember that they may be relieved of their pain la a short time, or a few moments. N. B. All wishing a delineation of character, or Phrenological reading, will do well to call soon and test her powers. ap26 dim inAItBLE HALL RESTAURANT MD BEER SALOON, Fifth Street, between Market and Jefferson, ' . LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. ' . t informing their THI undersigned take pleasure In that they have and the publlo generally opened the Marble Hail Restaurant and Beer Saloon as above. Their liquors will always be of the best quality, while their Larder will be supplied with the choicest game and all seasonable delicacies, which shall be served up in an unexceptionable style. They solicit patrenage such as their efforts to please may deserve. UAUPT A WALKER. CPIn connection with their establishment, the pro prletors are lessees of Concert Hall, which Is admirably adapted for Balls, Parties, ete. Jt can be had on application, at the shortest notice: ' mar81 d6m HATS AND CAPS! jH PRATHER Q STREET. & SMITH, ' NO. 455, JtlAIN bavt constantly on hand and varied stock of the above goods, to which they would call the attention of caA and vromvl paying customers, pledging themselves to sell their goods as tow as iney cab e purcuasea in ine Mew xerk or Philadelphia markets. . mil. THIS old established House MASONIC NOTICE. A ).m. Jon EXCELSIOR LODGI NO. S68, of I. A. MA- 80N8, meet on tke 1st and 8d Tuesdays in each month, at their Hall corner of Market and ' D. MARCELLUS, W. M. First streets. ml dly B. Da vim, Secretary. which he selected In Eastern cities especially for his Louisville customers. His assortment embraces the richest and most elegant of articles for Gentlemen's wear, an d he will man ufacture t o ord er at cheaper rates than have heretofore been offered. The attention of the public is respectfully Invited to an examination of his goods. He has secured the services ot Mr. W. W. Wells, who Is recognised as one of the best, if not Inml2 dtf deed the best Cutter in the West. DR. A. Late Professor Pharmacie la Parte. A Practitioner for Twenty-nin- e Tears Past. to his friends and the public that hs XJL continues to devote his time to the curing of the following Diseases, vis: Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Fits, Dropsey.Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Plies, Fistula, Gout, Rheumatics, Scrofula, White Swelling, Nervous Affections, Fever and Ague, Billions Complaints, Ae. Dr.Vandersllee has met with great success by ibis peculiar mode of treatment of diseases, where other very eminent phislciana have failed to produce a cure. To attest his confidence in his own skill and merit, hs will undertake the cure of all patients without charge, excepting the cost of the medicine, requiring no f until after the restoration of their health. Diseases of a peculiar character he guarantees to re move radically In a few days, without offensive or deleterious medicine. Hs warrants to all, no matter how severe cr long standing the disease, an effectual cure, or he requires no pay. Females suffering with Irregularities, nervousness, debility, Ac. .can be permanently relieved by Dr. Y. Invalids in any section of the country, ky addressing aletter to hint (post-paid- ), and Inclosing a fee, can have advice and medicine promptly sent them. on Green street, third door below f3?Reiidenee Floyd. It&jfPrivate Office On Floyd street, between Market and Jefferson. Office hours from 8 to 19 A. M., and au26 dtf from S to a p. m. COAL! COAL! COAL! a supply on TO HOUSEKEEPERS.Coal,Wc havefrom hand Wlnnifreds o Splint the fresh Mines, which Is a superior article for Parlor, Cooking and Steam use. A Bituminous Coal partaking of cleanliness of the Oannel burns with a lively blast, aud all persons who have used It prefer It to any other coal. We Intend to keep a supply always on hand, and al ws ask is a trial. Wc warrant it to give satisfaction. Also a fresh supply of the best PUtaburg, which ws art prepared to deliver at the shortest notice and the lowest cash prices. BOWSER A FCLT8, Lower City OoaJ ealaa. ni SODA AND MEAD STANDS Sc COOLERS OF rich and rare patterns, for tale by ROBERT BIGGS, Fifth ttreet, between Main and Market. TT7TIEAT, RTE AND BARLEY WANT If d. We ars paying the highest market price fo Rye, and Barley, delivered at our store Brime Wheat, . Third ttreet. . BSANDEI8 A CRAWFORD. ; sSdtr . SUGAR Mis REFINED and Refined White assortedSugar, Candy received per Steamer Melnotie and for talc by SCO a. For Steamboats, Hotels and Famlllet. - Ware, Britannia-WarCutlery and J3 , fancf vme, waiiere, ana every variety of Kjojfee ON and handled free. Jo ettra cxargefor meaie and staterooms on packets. Emigrant desiring to accompany their stock may depend on going through by fast freight erprtse train. Freight taken at loiceat river rates. THE Passengers are respectfully requested to consider this it., south side, bet. Fourth and Fifth, dtf 3P. K. TOISr3E3Sf IN HZC. aiANUTAUXUtttU ABiO DEALER STOVES AND TINWARE s onooijBY'a REFRIGERATORS, PATENT COOLERS, WATE1X BATH TUBS AIB ARTICLES HOUSE-KEEPIN- GENERALLY. i ourtn etreet, s door above National Eotel, LOUISVILLE, dtf no. i JEFFERSOMILLE RAILROAD new, thort, and cheap rout before selecting ethers, at and it has unquestionable advantages over all others, ... c is w .-- vi.k Joseph by railroad can be purchased. Tickets for aala i ui in raiiroaa emcee. Jor iuruier miorntuun all contracts apply to J. H. BOWEN, uenerai Agent, Bt. Louis, aio. a and MANUFACTURER, newieen uuy ana Shelby, And Third street, between Main and the river, LOUISVILLE. the convenience KENTUCKY of my customers and publlo the FOR the middle and lower part of the city, I have, besides my Factory on Jefferson street, opened a store on Third ttreet, between Main and the river, where I hope iiu..i..i.l.iatiaiiuaitiii my una. jansiti leave Seymour at A. M.. S.5S A. P. B. GROAT, General Ticket Agent, J Hannibal. JOSIAH HUNT, Superintendent. feb23 dly REGULAR PACKETS. Oweniboro, EransTllle and Henderson r. at JeffersonrUle o'clock p. m. d3ma St. O. DAY IK WM. F. METERS DAVIE & METERS, EXCHANGE AND LOTTERY OFFICE, jiormmae Jiarxet etreet, Ott. Third A Fourth, rsiKAXSAi'T a general BROKERAGE BUSINESS. All uncurrem Money, Land Warrants, Gold and Silver, Bought and Sold. Ordert for Tickets in the Shelby College or Havana Lotteries promptly filled. N. B. Communlcationt strictly confidential. WILLIAM KAYE Founder, First BELL and Brass Louisville, Water ttreet, between make Second, Ky., It prepared to Bells for Churchet, Stemboats, Taverns, Ac, of all sizes, ond of Superior tone, of which he keeps an assortment on hand. Also, Hose andflalt Screws, Oil Globes, Cylinder.Guage nd 8t0P Cocks, of every siie, Copper Rivets, Spelter oi every description. irs vaaungt Copper and Brass. dll ctf u c. tSCASH paid for old O. J. RAIBLE, 45 1 Jeftcraonat., bet. Third aud Fourth LOUISVILLE, KY., JUST RECEIVED. A LARGE LOT OF LATEST STYLES DRESS TRUUIIXGS, LADIES oftht ladles and aakt an examination of them. 3SrAll klndt of Fringes, Cords and Tat- tela made to order at thert notice. e9dtf E. RICHTER, Galvanizer, Fire Gilder and Plater, 01 THIRD STREET, Between Market and Jeflerson, Louisville, Ky 1 fTUBLE SERVICES. Forks and Spoons, Castors, Wait- d Sets, and all articles of I ert, Baskets, S lver and Plated Ware renewed and replated in the best style and at the lowest rates. Also, Watches, Fancy Clocks and Jewelry, Fire Gild ap6 dly ed In the best manner. 3TTTZT YOTJH SUIJITS AT SPROULE mil ic MANDEVILLE'S GREAT CLOTHING HOUSE, No. 4ST, corner Fourth and Main streets. JNO. W. WALTON, LOCKSMITH AND BELL HANGER, Green street, between Sixth and Serenth, tOUISVIOJG, KY. UT"0rderi promptly attended to. &. WM. SKENE ml8 dSm CO., MANUFACTURERS, OIL Bullitt street, LoulsTllle, Ky., hand pure, medium, and KEEP constantly on and Head Light Oil, Not. 1No. 1 Oil, Machine and Lubricating Oil, Roaln Oil of different grades, and Wheel Greate for wagont, drayt and earriaget. Also Skene's superior Paint Dryer, which Is warranted to dry ooner than any other Dryer. jyisdiy GEORGE F.BARTH, (SUCCESSOR TO SLEDDON A CO..) CHEMIST, DRUGGISTof AND and Market streets. Northeast corner Fifth HAYING ataken the above stand, I would respectfully thare of publlo patronage. EsyMedlcal Pretcriptlona promptly and carefully putup. fSTKtep constantly on hand a large ttock of Drugs Perfumeriet, Dye Stuffs, Paints, Tarnishes Window Glass, Fancy Articles, Ac. febl5 dSm M ediclnet, JAS. I. LEMON JAMES I. LEGION DSALSRS Watehen, I. J. DATJMON. & CO., - IN Jewelry, Silver Ware, and Fine Plated Ware ' Main street, between Second and Third." apM WALLACE POPE & CO., and Forwarding GROCERS, Commission and Timothy Seed,Merchants Bourbon In Clover Whisky, Bagging and Bale Rope, Native and Foreign Wines, Brandies, Ac, Ae. No. 553, Main ttreet, four doors east of the Bank e Kentucky, Louisville, Ky Particular attention given to filling Southern er dert. alft ' W J.n. SCIIIiOEDEK, and Llqiors Foreign and Domestic Wines DIALER InStores generally, 8parkllng and Dry Ca tawba Wines, of Kentucky growth. lsville,Ky. 3 Wall street, Lou aut OWEN 4c WOOD, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEAL-IR- S IN BOOTS AND SHOES Invite the attention of the trade and the pub t vf wm lie to their large and well selected stock, embracing every variety known In this market, and hlch we are dally replenishing by goods direct from the best manufactories. For tale very low for cash. OWEN A WOOD, No. 495 Market ap21 oae door above Third. f tt, VENITIAN RLIND FACTORY, ' Third street, bet. Main and Market. VENITIAN BLINDS of every site, color and yrlce for Country Merchants, cheap. Blinds repaired and Blind Trimmings for tale. BENJ. FLOOD. Established 1533. febl daw , ' SCHRODT Jc LAVAL, . of Alcohol. Cologne,1nd Purs In Old Bourbon and Monona-Wlskle- s. West side Second street, between Mala Water, LowUrtllc, Kt. ivlS dAwtf. 150 boxes prime Lemons, In store and Le.hons.-toapSS Y.D.GAEIAN0 ACQ. MANUFACTURERS t MOORHEAD A CO.. Agents. It Eli UL Alt PACKET. LoulsTllle and Ltavenworth. V Master, John Conner, Clerk -fcjljl6n. leave at above everv Monlav. Wednea-" "m dy, ana s fiday at 12 o'clock. Returning, leaves Leav Conner enworth every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at o'clock, A. M., touching at all Intermediate points. For frelifnt or paasape applv on board. mria dtf at 4.30 A.M..U.40 T REGULAR U.S. JIAILTR1.HEEKL1 BETWEEN I I ADS. LOCI3Y1LLI AND MEMPHIS. passenger steamer s M. Erwln, mast.,, leave! tC, vrttLonisville every Monday at 4 p. m.; rttnrn- ing leave oiempnigeqery inursday at in. m. SOUTHERNER, Geo. W. Triplett, master, leave Louisville every Wednesday at 4 p. m.;rturning leaves Memphis every Saturday at S p. m. ALYIN ADAMS, Wa. Lamb, master. T Tlllc every Friday at 4 p. m.; returning letvec Memphis very Monday at 3 p. m. ror rreigni or passage apply on beard or to ISOdtf CHA3. BA3HAM, Agent, WM. a. raissT cm. B. nw. f.Fv$McLELLAN,T. !. PRIEST & BOWEN. ARRANGEMENTS. N and after SUNDAY, the 20th of March. Tralnt will run at folio wt : Nashville Express Train leaves the Denot dallv at liouisvuie at 0.19 a. M., stopping at Shepherdsvlile, Junc tion, Euzabetbtown, and all ether regular Stations when signaled with a flag arriving at Munfordsville at A. Al. returning, leaves Muufordsvilla at 1:50 P. M., stopping at the same places ; arriving at Louisville at 6:56 P.M. Lebanon Express connects dally (Sundays excepted), al Junction with Nashville Express 8:05 A. M., stopping at New Haven and all regular Stations when flagged; arriving at Lebanon 10:15 A. M. Returning, leavea Lebanon at 1:50 P. M.; Hopping at the tame placet, arriving at Junction and connecting with the Nashville Express Train to Louisville at 8:50 P. M., arriving In Louisville oy tne last nameu xrain at o:oo r. at. No. 493 Market street, between Second and Third Nashville Accommoiatlon leaves Louisville dally (Sundayt excepted), at 8:50 P. M., ttopping at LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY. nnepnerasvuie, junction, tuiabetown, and other RESPECTFULLY lnformt his frlendt and the public Stations when tlgnaled by flag; arriving at Munfords found at the above place, over ville at 6:43 P. M. Returning, leavet Munfordsville at Messrs. WATSON A STOUFFER'S Furniture Ware-room- s, where he is prepared to make to order and will 5:25 A. M., stopping at the same Stations; arriving at keep on hand Venitian Blinds of every slxe, color and jjouisvuieaty:di a. ai. Lebanon accommodation connects dallv tSundavi quality usual to the trade; also, to repair, repaint, and excepted), at Junction with Nashville accommodation, old Blinds at thort notice. From a practical leaving junction at 4:-- F. SI.; ttopping at New knowledge of the buslnest. and bv ttrict attention tnit. Haven aad all regular Stations when flagged; arriving he hope to give tatisfaction to all who may deal with him, and merit a liberal patronage. Prices reasonable at Lebanon at 6:2a P. M. Returning, leavet Lebanon at 6:45 A. My ttopping at above arriving at and conanu terms casn. janlldly necting at Junction with the Nashvills accommodation train to Louisville at 7:45 A.M., and arriving In the last named Train In Loulsvillt at 0:31 A. M. Passengers by the 8:15 A.M. Train stoo atthe Junction 20 minutes for Breakfast, and connect at Munfords ville with Stages for Mammoth Cave, Bowling Green, GORY & L ESPECTFtJLLY Inform the nubile that th .r. near naiiow, uiasgow, trauailn, aattiville, and ail AX prepared to execute all kinds of work In the abovs Southern points, and by Lebanon Express Train they line. Also Paterns, Brands, Molds, Block Letters, Wood connect at New liaven with Stages for Bardstown; at Type, and large Wood Cutt.ln the thortest notice and on Lebanon, with Stages for Danville. Perryvllle. Har- the most reasonable terms. Persons wanting work arc rodsburg. Crab Orchard, Somerset, Campbells ille. ureensDurg, uoiumDia, isurasvuie, Ac. requested to call at their establishment on Jefferson Freight Trains leave daily (Sundays excepted) at t: ttreei, soum tide, Detween Third and Fourth, Louisville, ovi a. arnve.m jouisviiie at iujo r. at. a. o. uruers irom aoroad promptly attended to. mar21 JAS. . (4 AMBLE, Sup't. tspt27dtf MURRAY A For freight or passage apply on board or to Commission &Forwardlnsr Merchants AD STEAMBOAT AGENTS, NO. T MONROE, STREET, MEMPHIS, TENN. Solicit ordert for the purchase of Cotton, tell Bacon, Corn, Hay, Oatt, Flour. Whisk v. Lard. Ac- - an ment, and forward merchandise promptly to all point deferences The business men of Louisville, an J hnat men generally. ja!9 d&m JOHN F. HARVEY, WOOD CARVING every Tuesday and Saturdav at leave regularly LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE AND LEBANON BRANCH RAIL R0 SlkllNG THE PEOPLES' PACKET. The fine passeager steamer TISHOillN-GCapt. 11am. Smith, W. A. Tabier John Morris, and T. O Wools. Clerks, will jmm M Pasengen arriving in Louisville. either bv the Louis ville A Frankfort or Louisville A Nashville Railroads, morning or evening, make close connections with trains on ims route to the East. West, North and South EXrxhrough Ticket! and further Information given at me utnee or tne Jetiersonviue k. K. Co.. No. 621 toutheatt corner Main and Third ttreet, Loultvlll n.y., or at tne uepct in j eaenonvme, ind. S. J. LITTLE, Agent, A.8.CR0TUERS,Supt. H. H. KcTXOLn Gen'l Ticket Agent. ap!3 dtf CANDID no. 7 Jenerson street (north side) P. M. Trains BTana o.ouarrive ."i. a. oi. JOHN FLECK. Oil, AND MOULD LAKJ3 uj oi . BfTralns 6.1S KI, spa I fTIRAINS leave Jeffersonvtlle (opposite Louisville) jLaauy, sunaays excepted, at louowa: 8 A. IV., 11 A. 71., AND 10 P. 71. 9 A.M. train goes only to Seymour. connecting with Special Train to Cincinnati. Timethrough bythistrain, o nours. 11 A. M. Train makes close connections at Sevmour with trains on the Ohio A Mississippi Road for St. Louts, cairo anu tne noutn and v est, and arrives at 4.40 V. M. at Indianapolis, connecting with evenin trains for St. Louis and the West, Chicago and the Northwest, Toledo, Detroit and tne Norm, rew York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Bcston, and all the princlDal Eastern cities. 10 P. M. Train makes close connections at Seymour for St. Louis and the West and Cincinnati and the East, and arrives ai xnaianapoiis at 4 A. M., connecting with Morning Express Trains for the East, West and Xorth. fcfiThrough to New York In 89 hours. Baggage to aii ine principal cuies. Fare ae Low and Time ae Quick ae by any other jtoute. HT'Tralns leave Indlananol'.s at 5.40 A. M. and 10.90 r. LOUISVILLE, Janl J. VANDERSLICE, of the Eoole Cliniqve de Medicine A NNOUNCES aplS dim S Xj A. O HOUSE FURNI3HINCG00DS 431 Market ui Kanawha Salt Agency Merchant Tailoring, 72 FOURTH STREET. Merchant Tailor, No. Fourth receiving of street, KEARSLET CARTER, J F. CLOTHS, CASSI31ERES, TESTBROAD BETWEEN O will sell on very reasonable terms my Tan Yard, Oldham IX CHINA. To which he would call the attention Cutlery, Girandoles, Waiters; Water Coolers, Tin and Iron Toilet Sets; Block Tin Teapots, Feather Dusters; The celebrated India-RubbHandled Knives, Forks, Carvers, aad Salad Spoons, Ac, Ac. We constantly keep a very complete assortment of above named articles on nana, ana sell them at lower prices than any other house in the city. TAN YARD, HOUSE AND FOR SALE. HOOI BOHEMIAN AND AMERICAN CO., f m26 r. q. China, and Earthenware Iron-Sto- ne 119 ami 121 Fourth street, under Mozart Hall, Importers of and Dealers In French China, Glass and Earthenware; SUverplated and Britannia Ware; 121 LOUI3- d4 cf the BROTHER, & FKENCH 421 Broome street. New York. (Successors to Jno. Metcalfe A Bro.,) Jfiiin street, between SevenVi and Eighth LOUISVILLE, KY., AND DEALERS HENRY WEHMHOFF, LIGHTS A BRADBURYS, PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS SAMUEL L. LEE A CO., 449 south side of Market street, between Third and Fourth THOMAS MEEK & SONS, 2?o. S35 jan2Sd6m BEN MASON Carriages Gigs, and Double CHILDEESS seats front and back, top fall front and and rill tion the AND SOLD BT ALSOP, BEACH A CO., New Albany, Indiana. his ice: mceJ Cement, CHANGE OF TIME (SUCCESSORS TO HOOE, LUCKETTde CO.,) . F THE BEST QUALITY, CHEAP AT WHOLESALE ASU KEIA1L. THOS. Q. ROBERTS Is store, opening at door icjEf rUHE TALBOT, AND APOTHECARIES, Marketstreet, between Third and Fourth, south side. TTTE have on hand a well selected stock of Drugs, If Chemicals, and Pharmaceutical Preparations, wuiciiwe guarantee oi me ceil quauiy. W Particular attention given to Physician? or ders. feb2j o a"X3"7C"X3XjXl-5r- . rcpaireu. j, A. L. HOOE of Main mil TO MERCHANTS AND CAPITALISTS. No. Me Main street, opposite the Bank of Louisville, now tt. A.L.HOOS BUver- & MANDEVILLE'S GREAT No.4ST, mS d3m apl6 dim lASH PAID FOR RAQ3 at the Office Vj viiiLiE rAriK HILL, No. 47T Main IM POETICS AX D UBALIttS CLOTHING and HOUSE corner Fourth streets, fFIHE Office of Th Kpntnrkv Tirmtn' T.. JL ranee Comptny" has been removed over the 8tore of John Crabb ft Co., on Main street, between Fourth ana cuiiui sireeis, in we onice occupied by 11. II. Tim berlake. J. A. PEKtON, Secretary. S. P., box OF Paper of all Kinds. t3? 1TIARRLEIZED IRON IMANTELS AND GRATES. ion febl4 d3m u NEW YORK. t MPLY secured on property in Louisville, Cutlery, BRONZED STATUETTES! t UOOVAL, Clocks, Chandeliers, HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT GOODS, 24 Rue de Paradis, Poissonniere, A PARIS, & CO.,) different styles. Those of Christian JL Son's make I guarantee to be better made (the wheels in particular) than any other manufactured in the Lmted Mates. Sold at manufacturers' prices. J. SUES, Bole Agent for Christian Son, No. 70 Fourth street. aprlt dtf b, MANUFACTURERS , This Is the only route to Washington City. Passengers by thit route can visit Baltimore, Phila- elphla, New York and Boston. at the cost of a ticket to Boston alone, by other lines. Through licketsto the Eastern cities can be procured via n aaningion uuy ai an aa Jitional chargt of I ' ynica ume anu surt connections. Inquire for Tickets via the BALTIMORE ANDOHIO any or utc principal Railroad Offices in a. r. ryLLLll, General Western Aient. the n tit. L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. W. P. Smith, Master Transportation. apll dtf LOUISVILLE, KY. Prescriptions carefully put up. and Importers of Dinner, Desert, Breakfast and Tea Sets, Rich Cut Glassware, Solid Silver and Plated Ware, mWEtmvrWO wui-- FOR ALL THE EASTERN CITIES. Southwest corner of Twelfth and Grayson streets, il composed c f the most elegant and comfortable steamers on the MlMlitippl river, and run expresely In connection with this road, boata leaving 3 Louis every day at & o'clock P. M. for Hannibal, (stopplur only at .4tan,) taking patten gen arriving by O.dt M. aad T. II. A. St S. L. R. R.'e, by which passenger from St. Louis arrive in St. Joe in 24 koure, from Louisville in thirty-si- x hours ; also from (Juincy close connection la made by a fine steamer with trains on Chicago and Quincy and Toledo , and Quincy' Railroad. Fare lower than any other routs. Bag jage checked through Dlrecteonnectiont are made by theseTralns DUUGGIST and APOTHECARY, E3t7 OF MISSOURI, and and CVun-C- Rich & Elegant Ornamental & Plain NEWS BOOK. AND COLORED PAPER ALSO FRENCH CHINA, WHOLESALE DEALERS Children'1 s Huggics A Stone streets, New York. & 45 Manufacturers irialn street, between Eighth and Ninth, m29dtf LOUISVILLE KY. u. aiuun j, ticulars, address WARE. . JAMES M. DAVIDGE, E. V. HAUGHWOUT & CO. UfANUFACTURER of Hydraulic Cement and Flour 111. aiid Wholesale Dealer in Plaster of Paris, Lime, wnite eana,c, rV GLASS Hannibal and St Joseph Railroad entire length for the transportation OPENS its and freiahi, a fording the thortest, cf pae.oitick1 Baltimore the East; wmcn placet it unites with et, and eheapttt rout to WeeUm Missouri, lova. Parkersburc. on the West; at us Haw uui uutu. Railroads, Steamers, Ac., for and from ail points In the Aanae,KtoraJia,ana un and after Jeb. 14, 19, tr tins leave Hannibal for SUJottjthAtAy at I o'clock A. M., or upon arrival af if. West, Southwest and Northwest. Fare to New Tork and Boston ONE DOLLAR lest than and A J. R. R. packets from St. Louis, arriving la St. Joieph at 1 o'clock P. M. tame day, connecting wiiA it. via any other route. jt. ttne or nrtvciast rackets, which leave immediately TWO TRAINS on arrival of trains for Nebraska CUy, Omaha, Leave Wheeling daily at S:05,P. M., and 11:30 Bluf, Atchion, Wtton, an1 Leavenworth City, me. n. sr. JOK R. R. LINE OF PACKET Is .01. WHARFBOAT PROPRIETORS, caTdl CAIRO, ILL. ALSO, (Administratrix) EMILY M'HAKKl Pearl AND 3 mERMINATES AT WASHINGTON and Wheeling, Benwood on CO. & 1859 SPRIIia ARRANGEMENT. GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE! Forwarding Merchants AMD PAINTERS' DEPOT, No. 65 Third street. At PHILLIPS Commission & 1859. OHIO RAILROAD. No. 24 Wall stre st, between Main and Water. THOMPSON, LYON & CO., VARNISH! STENCIL! DUSTING! WHITEWASH! PRINTERS' PROOF! COLORING! KALSOMINE! MARKING! SHOE, SCRUB, Ac ; . W YORK. ARRANGEMENT. ALTIMORE AND Commission and Produce Merchants, REPRtSBN'T8 J5 XX Xd & . Xt XT PAlNf! X3 & M'CALLUM, SNYDER RAILROADS. RAILROADS. U M M ER. Q.M'CAUXll. JOHI BSTDIB LOCI3VILLI, KY. Particular attenllnn n.l.l In Grain and Produce. C&An extra article of family flour always on hand. AND MARKET ST., NORTH SIDE, NO. 412 BUSINESS CARDS. J. B. SHERIDAN, FRENCH CHINA SPRING GOODS! . inn MISCELLANEOUS. MEDICAL. LOUISVILLE IVED1 CAL DISPENSARY. PRIVATE the the misguided Eatablitul for relief of and im prudent votary of false pleasure, kw, finding that he has imtribed the seeds of a certain loathsome eenee of shame, deterred from an from apply ing to a Phyirician,chose knowledge and experience can alone befriend him in distress. DR. GATES CAN DE d consulted at his office the one formerly occupied by Dr. Ring-wh- ere he would call the atten tion of all those aiSleted with dlseaiet of a private et confidential aature, to the cew method of treatment at practiced la tht Enrli&h and French hotpt-taliavlaj for several years made this ciasa ofidlaeaaes a arsciAUTT, with the knowledge he hat of them, warrant him in laying that tharc Is no form or symptom which they aisimc that is without a aulck and permanent cure. YOUNG MEN Who, by indulging In solitary habits, and have contracted that disease, seminal weakness, which leads to the most alarming and fatal consequences, should apply immediately, either in person or by lc.wr, and have a curt effected by his new and scientific mode of treating thia disease, which never fails of effecting ae.uick and radical cure. MIDDLE-AGEand OLD NEW ALCAM' AAD SALE.II R. It. dulgence of their pattlona, MEN who, by excessive Inhave produced a debility in advance of their years, can consult Dr Gates with the fullest assurance of being again restored to that ttate of health which they would have enjoyed had they FOR ST. LOUIS DETROIT, CHICAGO, never committed any exceaa. any Persons contemplating marriage, AND ALL POINTS WEST AND NORTH doubtt as to their physical ability toand having that enter into WEST. solemn contract, should apply at once to Dr. Gates, who will remove all obstacles to prevent along and happy The Great Western and Northwest Short Line Route. fe. VIA There are persons who Indulge the fond yet trratloa of nature It without ew Albany and Salem Railroad. al belief that lost powers.capablesuch resumingonly say, at 1 can To tlstance her tha FARE TO CHICAGO REDUCED TO S 00. the time whlchls waated In this delay Is precious and ir Passengers for Rock Island, Burlington, Iowa City, and retrievable, and ean only tend to perpetuate the ha it of hopeless lmbecilllty and render im potency per a all points Northwest will save One Dollar by taking this Route. During my residence In this city I have met with numerous cases in which the suffering have unfortunately CHANGE OF TIME. placed themselves under the charge of those who are igeffect on norant the first principles of ANEW Time Table will go Intocorrespondthis road on has beenofonly by the utmost ear medicine, and whom U with a genthe 20th Inst., to and attention I have eral change of all the Western roads. Trains will be been enabled to cure. To all such at have beta sufferrun as follows : ing under unsuccessful treatment, I would offer my serGoiao North Leave New Albany Chicago Mall, at vices, guaranteeing that I can do all that it possible for 8.80 A. M.; St. Louis Day Express at 12.05 P. M.; St. Louis experience and a thorough knowledge mt diseases In all Night Express at 9.S5 P. M. ttaget and forms to accomplish. Goisa Socth Arrive at New Albany St. Loult Night TO THK LADIES Dr. O. tt agent for M. La Croux'i Exprest at 4.20 A. M.; Chicago Mail at 3.45 P. M.; SU French Preventive Powdert, by which those who, from Louis Day Express at T.55 P. M. any cause, deem It necessary to avoid conception, can danger to health cr constitution; BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH. do so, without incurring tor Madams Capnual's Fema price t A-- Also, agent Being thirty miles shorter than any other Route Irregularito St. Louis, and Its Trains connecting closely with all Monthly Pills, a safe and effectual remedy for TheM 11. GacticbI Pills Passenger Traina on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, ties, Obstruction!, Ac; pricePregnancy, at they are sura waiting lndefinitelv for O. A M. trains when they arc should not be taken during ait to product miscarriage. Ihc Puis and Powders tent by delayed, insures to passengers reliable connections at mail to any part of tht toantry. Mitchell, to or from St. Louis or Cincinnati. may be cured home by adPersons at a tSfPassengera and Baggage taken to and from any dressing aletter, distance eate, symptoms, atlength of time stating part of the city and tht Cars free of charge. the disease ha continued, and have medicine forwarded Through Trains connect at Greencastle with the Terr Haute and Richmond Railroad, West for Terra Haute free from damage or curiosity, to any part of the counplain directions for and St. Louis, and East for Indianapolis. At Lafayette try, with full andaavice must contain use. or no notice 11, Letters asking with the Toledo, and Wabash Railway West for Springwill be taken of them, for his time la too much occupied field and all points West, and East for Toledo. And to answer letters of mere curiosity. Alto, ordert for with the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana R.R. Pil'.t or Pcw-iir- i sust contain a pottage ttamp. for Toledo and Chicago and all intermediate Stations. y. m., (on Consultation may be held from b a. m. to And at Michigan City with the Michigan Central RailSunday from 9 to 12 a. m.,) at bit office, northeast cornChicago and all points West and Northwest. road for er of Third and Market srteett private entrance on Also for Detroit and all pointa East. Third street, Louisville, Ky. REMEMBER THE ROUTE, K3TSecrecy Inviolable i Dont forget tq nama asd lumber. All letters should bs addressed to New Albany & Salem Railroad. II. GATES, M. D., ES7GeneraI Office 655 Main ttreet, south tide, be Loulsvlil. Ry. febdlSdwtf tween Second and Third, LOUISVILLE, Ky., where THROUGH TICKETS and further Information can be DR. obtained. Alto at Ticket Office, Louisville Hotel. Tenters to the public, aaJ Trains are run by Louisviila Time. warrant tha effeotual cur of . RICSER, Supt. R. A. B. BARKER, Ticket Agent, Louisville. Scrofula. Cancer. Piles. Sort janlT dly New Albany, Jan. 1.1S59. Eyes, Chills, Chronic DiaiThoo, Syphiilis in aU cf lu stages, Fis AND FRANKFORT, LOUISVILLE tula, without using the knifa or other painful remedies. AND LEXINGTON AND FRANKFORT And I remove the horrid consequence of Onanism I caa cur thetc diseases, and have or T3 ?T2 VF proof to sustain this. The statement cf such men a mm tT ! Dr. Wm. L. Breckinridge, Judge Graham, Judge Loving, Judge Underwood, "and many others too numerous to will AN and after Monday, April 4th, 1S59, Traina fol- mention. V leave Louisville dally (Sundays excepted), as Wt have reaJ the above card of Dr. Price, and torn lows: of us have known hint long, and all of us have noticed FIRST TRAIN 5:40 A. M., ttopping 15 minutes for the tucceat which has attended his effort In curing tht above-name- d breakfast at Lagrange, and at all stations when flagged, diseases, aad wc do not heal tat to add except Fair Ground, Washburn'a, Brownsboro. and this testimonial of our unqualified approval of what Bellview,: connecting at Eminence with, ttaget for New has been said by the highly reputable gentlemen above Castle; at Frankfort for Lawrenceburg, Harrodtburg referred to. Geo. W. Johnston, City Judge; J. I. Dosler; T. H. andUanvule: at Midway for Versailles: atravne's Sta tion for Georgetown; and at Lexington via railroad Crawford, Mayor; W. S. D. Megowan, Sheriff Dr. L. and stage for NicholaaviUe, Danville, Lancaster, Crab orter, Dr. Davitge. Orchard, Somerset, Richmond, Mt. Sterling, and all In Offle on Market street, between Sixth and Seventh, terior towns. apll dlmAw4- -l LouiavUl. Ky. SECOND TRAIN 8:15 P. M., ttopping at all Sta tions when flagged, except l air trrounda. Point, wash THE GREAT VITAL REGENERATOR, burn'a, Ormaby't, Brownsboro, Buckner's, and North 3 TTTVT A.TL. Shelby- Benson; connecting by stags at Eminence vait and New casue; at aiiuway ior Versailles; ana NO. lis Invaluable for relaxation, spermatorrhea physical exhaustion, and a tonic at Payne'a fot Georgetown. completely eradicate ail trace of thos diNo. Leaves at 4:45 f THIRD TRAIN Aooomkobatiox M.. aton nlng at all Stations; and returning, wUl leave sease that hav been hitherto treated by th nauseous Lagrange at 8:35 A. m., ttopping at all Stations, and and pernicious us ef eopavia and cubob. No. 8 ha entirely supplanted th Injurious im of arrive at Louisville at &20 a. m. Tralnt arrive In Louisville as follows: First train at mercury, dispersing all tht ImpuriUea aad rooting oat 10:10 A. second train at T:x5 p. m.; Lagrange Accom- th venom of diseaj, thertby Insuring to th sufferer . speedy relief. modation at 8:20 a.m. Trivsemar, No. 1, 1 and 1, art prepared In th form fVTbrough Tickets for Danville, Harrcdsburg, Crab Orchard, Somerset, Versailles, Georgetown and of a loseng, devoid ot tatt or smell, and can b ear-HIn th waistcoat pocket. Sold in tin eatea, and dican be had al Shelbyvllle, and all further Information, tht Depot in Louisville, corner ef Jefferson and Brook vided Into separate dote at administered by Talpoaa, SAMUEL GILL. 8oDt, Lallemaa, Roux, Ricord, ete. Prio $3 tack, r 4 eaaes itreeta. ; and In til case, whereL. A P. and L. A F. R. A In on for 13, which saves IS dtf by thr it a saving of $ J. To bo had wholetal aad retail, of Dr. BARROW, 194 Bleeker Street, New York. Immediately on receiving a remittance. Dr. Barrow will AND . forward the Trieaemar to any part of tht world, secureaccording to tht instructions COLl JIBrS ASP XEMA RAILROAD, ly packed. aad addreuod O. . EMERSON, Agent. thswrttor. Cor. Broadway ana vuugrrse streets, Cincinnati, O. n!5 dAwly WM. PRICE r HAZZinOASS. TTIXE fr LITTLE MIAMI AND AFTER MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2th, 1366 leave Cincinnati at follows: Slopping at way stations. A. M. DAT EXPRESS 4:15 COLUMBUS ACCOMMODATION Stopping at YOUTH AND ON f. Intermediate stations. 11:30 F. M. NIGHT EXPRESS Stopping atLovelan Morrow, Corwln.Xenla, and London. ConxictIonaar made by the-- 9 A. JO. stamp. niXIIOOD Just published, th 85tA thousand, aad mailed la a sealed envelope, to any es, pott paid, on th receipt of three the Physical Exhaustion emm A Medical Jnec-ion,aDecay of the Frame,caused by the injurious consequences of Mercury, bu Lulvervtd, M. I).; member of the Bayal CoUge. R. J. 11:30 F. Itl. Trains for cf Surgeons, etc ALL THE EASTERN CITIES. tW Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Emissioaa. Genrtsa The NIGHT EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving Cincinnati at and Nervous Debility, Impotency, Lot of Energy, Spirit,, Disease of th Sexual Or 11:30 P. M., runt dally, except SATURDAYS. gans, and Impedimenta to Marriage, ar promptly and. Tht other Tralm run dally, except Sundays. effectually removed by th author' aovel and most sucFOR THROUGH TICKETS and all lnf nation, apply at tht Offices, Walnut ttreet F owe, bt wtea Sixth cessful mode of, treatment, by meant of which the Invaand Seventh, No. 1 Burnett Hon , toutheatt corner of lid can regain p rutin heaiU withoat hricz recourse tc Broadway and Front street, and at the Eastern Depot, dangerou aad expensive medicine. Th best treatia ever written on a subiect of vtl Trains run by Columbus time, which Is seven minutes Importance to all, well worthy th author's tx tiled re- - ' faster than Cincinnati time. DURAND, j. passengers. Superintendent, pupation. London Lancet. Janl! dtf - t33rOmnibuses caU for Ad ire th publisher, J. C. a LINE A CO.. Pint At. tnue, corner Nineteenth ttreet poet box A,5ed, New York City. febU dAwly MIAMI RAILROAD LITTLE FREIGHT DEPARTMENT. J3 Worms!' GREATINDUCEJIENTTO SHIPPERS. prepared to give throng receipts by TAM nown.f Luut Misml Railroad for freight ta New THE Tork, Philadelphia, Ba Umort and Botton. at the Icwcst rates. . , Shippers by tnit rout may always reiy ca narmg their freight forwarded with quick dispatch. Partlea having prtducc to ahlp to any point Xait, win find tt to Uitir advantage to caU on ma before making contracts with other Roads. Kates always as low at by other routes, and freight pat through lu the shortest possible time. yor rurtner wiormauon, appiv to FRANK CARTER. Agent, ' feb27 4tf . . CJ iaiaiutst. .'''.'. Worms! season 1 at hand waea tnoao toeor e of and daa- begin to become bot troubleeom DR. JOHN BULL'S ., ai DESTROYER Is a remedy aliie pleaaant aaj for th vU. There tt sot to tea-- - dicaity la- geti.Bg prepared in the children to tatt th medicine. It form of Candy Drops, and will bo eaten wu av klity by aad expel worm children of aU aeV 1 destroy new ta tuo, wh- -t at , mor effectuaUy ttan any remedy j It will m iun reront. j " whoat. J retin by Dr BULL, at fcs De, Mara, aad by Dmgr'a thesamtim 5 IM on Fifth ttreet. orta f toughoutthtceuatry. ner-sl- ayitdlw y

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