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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), July 14, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian Let The Jeffersonian save you money when you subscribe for city papers. That Popular Girl wants YOUR votes- WiJ 1 you give them to her? - ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., THiursday, July 14, !910. Vol. 4. No. 4. fort, were the guests of Mrs. Dead man Sunday. Miss Lissie Yenowine is in Louis ville the guest of Miss Briedenthal Mrs. Lou Elder and children, of Crescent Hill, are spending the sum From A mer with her mother, Mrs. Jacob MIDDLETOWN. All the News of Interest COMMERCIAL CLUB To Hold Interesting Meeting Next Monday Judge Kirby and Others to Speak. Night Reel. Live Community. purchases are by tickets and as there are no blanks, you are sure to get something. There are some valuable articles to be disposed of, such as and so on. And last, but by no means least, when you "return" to America, Uncle Sam assisted by fair Columbia will serve vou with "home grown" ice cream, sherbet and cake. In point of uniqueness, the Carni val of Nations bids fair to surpass anything ever held in or near Jeffer sontown. The proceeds of the Carn ival will go to the Missionary Society of the Methodist church. The hours hand-embroider- y, hand-paintin- g Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year spent Wednesday with Mr. Jacob BUECHEL. Boston and family. Mr. and Mrs. Van Finley spent Sunday with relatives near Beard's Mule Injured By Car Revival Meeting To Station. Begin at Fairview an Interesting Misses Ida, Sue and Pearl Boston Miss Pearl Rooksby Starts Of News Letter. spent last Monday with Mrs. S. B. With 7,600 Votes. Clark and daughters. Mr. Walter Knapp and family, of Buechel, July 11. Bro. Herbert Wilsonville, spent Thursday with Tinsley filled his regular appointMr. James Markwell and family. ment at Fairview rh The Popularity Con Misses Walean and Lucille Neel morning and evening. The time of test in First Magisterial District Will spent last Monday with their siste the evening service has been changed at Jeffersontown. Close August 27, 1910. from 7: 30 to 8 o'clock. Mrs. Mollie Smart has returned to During the absence her home in Louisville, after spend Tinsley, of Newburg of Bro. George church, Bro. intr several weeks here with Mr. S Herbert Tinsley has been taking The vote to date follows: B. Clark and family. charge of the service there. Miss Pearl Rooksby. Anchorage 7i Mrs. Claud Veech, of Finchville A valuable mule belonging to Wm. Miss Lila Brooks. Middletown 4760 visited her mother near here last Fegenbush was Miss Ruth Hall. St. Matthews 4100 struck by an inter-urba- n week. TAKES LEAD Mr. and Mrs. G. Smith and two On next Monday t evening at 8 children and Miss Williams, of Lyn o'clock at Bruce Hall in Jefferson don, were guests of Mr. and Mrs l Classes Give Lawn Party town the local Commercial Club will las. Jessie this week. SoChristian hold a called meeting for the purpose The Ladies' Aid of the Miss Clore Entertains Children church met at the church Wednesday of electing a president and a mem cial, Church and Other Items. ber of the executive committee, E. evening for a business meeting. R. Sprowl having resigned as presi The Ladies' Aid and Missionary Society of Pleasant Grove Baptist dent and J. H. Mittler having resign Middletown. July 11. Mrs. Enos church had a meetine at the church ed as member of the executive com' are from 4 o'clock until eleven, so Thursday afternoon. mittee on account of moving away come early and stay late. Jones has been quite sick. Protracted meetintr will begin at from the state. At a meeting of the Mrs. J. M. Davis was in the city Friday the guest of Miss Laura Por Pleasant Grove church the rifthSun-da- executive committee about a month Miss Hattie Wetherby, Middletown 2M0 FLOUR MILL car near Fegtnbush lane last ago resolutions were adopted asking of this month. ter. Miss Mary Hoke, R.R. 21, Harrod s Creek 1100 week and was seriously injured. Mrs. John Waters entertainedSun-day- . Mr. Sprowl to reconsider resigning, Miss Pearl North has returned Miss Nellie Claxon. Worthington 1050 Mrs. John Frey continues very ill. PETER BAKER Her guests were Misses Ruby and it is not known what the result Miss Jennie Lee Wood. Anchorage 660 home from a visit to Croppers. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Graff, Sr., en500 Mr. Peter Caldwell, of Louisville, Cox and Archie Hinkle, of Crestwood, will be until after the meeting next Of Wheeler & Davis Totally Destroyed By Miss Edith Sturgeon, Eastwood 100 Miss Gertrude Swan, Middletown tertained a number of relatives from Fire Heroic Work of Citizens was the guest of Mrs. Libbie Brown Elizabeth Tharp and Messrs. Law- Monday night. Miss Nora Tucker. Middletown 100 One of the Best Known Citizens of the Coun Jeffersonville Sunday. Judge Samuel B. Kirby, who has rence Newland and Roger Waters. last Thursday. Miss Elizabeth Roman, Middletown 100 Saves the Town. Miss Hettie Seay. of Harrodsburg. ty Passes Away at his Home Near The following party returned Sat- recently moved to this part of the Miss Pamelia Waters, R. R. 1. Sta. A 100 Mrs. John Reece is with her mothhas come to spend the summer with Fern Creek. of Worthington, who urday from Salt river, where they county, will be present at the meet- er, Mrs. Zaring, her sister, Mrs. Wm. Fegenbush. spent a week fishing, returning with ng and deliver an address, and also The flour is very ill. mill and warehouse of The extra vote f. om July 1st to 13th S. E. Vogt bought the first wheat Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Swan and son, some nice fish: Messrs. Henry Frank, Mr. H. N. Reubelt, president of the Wheeler & Davis in Jeffersontown made the young ladies in the contest Peter Baker, a well known farmer crop of the season from T. S. Skiles and Will Blumer. Jefferson County Bank. County were totally destroyed by fire of un "get busy," and as a consequence Marvin, spent Friday with Mr. and Will Jones, John The Children's Guild of the Meth- Health Officer, Dr. B. M. Smock, has known origin at a late hour Thursday they have a large vote registered and fruit grower, of Fern Creek, for Ballard and Ballard Co. Mrs. Ben Swan The Society of Equity of Buechel Indianapolis, odist church met with Miss Mary consented to come out and tell of night. The blaze was discovered at opposite their names. Miss Pearl passed away at his home at Fern Mr. Geo. Jones, of Creek Thursday evening at 6:15 met at the schoolhouse Saturday eve some of the benefits a commercial 11 o'clock, is the guest of his brother, Mr. Brinley Saturday evening. Ind., but it had gained such Rooksby, of Anchorage, waited until clock. Mr. Baker had been a long Rev. M. F. Miller, pastor of the club can give to the community in headway Wm. Jones. that it was impossible to last Saturday to enter the contest, and patient sufferer from a cancer, ning. Tri-NThe met with quite a the way of improving the health and check class Mrs. W. T. Clore, Misses Mamie Methodist church, the flames. The entire popu but immediately went to work call- but the direct cause of his death was Evangelical Sunday-schoo- of St. Paul's painful accident by running a rusty beautifying the town. l will give and Mildred Clore visited relatives up her friends and by Tuesday general debility. lation of the town turned out and ing He was born a lawn fete at the home of Mr. and nail in his foot, which is keeping him After the session is over refresh formed a bucket brigade in the hope evening just four days had secured at Glenarm Tuesday. Alsace, Germany, in 1823 and Mrs. Louis Diemer on Thursday af ments will be served free to the of extinguishing the fire. Miss Katie Dixon, of Knoxville, closely confined for a while. 25 subscriptions, giving her 7,500 ame to this country in 1842, and at ternoon and evening, July 14, from 3 Miss Hattie Yenowine is visiting members of the club, and a large Tenn., is visiting her sister, Mrs. For a time it was believed by some votes on account of the extra vote the time of his death was in his 87th to 10 o'clock. Mrs. Finley, of Louisville, this week crowd is expected to attend. John Conn. that the whole town was doomed, and offer of 1,000 extra with each five year. A revival meeting will be held at On last Thursday night the black Mr. and Mrs. John Claxton, of great excitement prevailed. Chief subscriptions turned in at one time In the death of Mr. Baker the Fairview church, beginning the first smith shop at O'Bannonburneddown spent the week-en- d Worthington, Timothy Lehan, of the Louisville l nis piacea ner in tne leau right on county loses one of its best citizens. FARMERS MEET of September and continuing for Misses Ethel and Rachel Cox were with her father, Mr. Jas. Davis. fire department, was notified bv tele the start. It is needless to say she is a He has been a ruling elder in Beulah several weeks. Miss Annie Corban left Monday to entertained last Friday by Mrs. Geo phone and was asked for immediate popular girl. Presbyterian church for over forty Mr. and Mrs. L. Kattau enter Ehrick, of O'Bannon. SDend the summer at Greenwood And Take Steps to Pool Jefferson County aid. In short order a special car, The other girls have not been years and lived a most exemplaryMr. Best, who underwent an opera tained several friends at dinner Sun Miss. loaded with chemical engines, and asleep, as may be noticed from the Wheat Crop Ask $1.00 Bushel. life He was universally liked and day. Miss Willella Hoke, of Jefferson tion at the Jewish Hospital, is get other fire apparatus, was on its way totals this week. Misses Hall, Brooks was familiarly called "Uncle Pete" Miss guest of Mr ting along very nicely and will be town, was the week-en- d to Jeffersontown. and Wetherby have all taken ad. by a host of friends. He was a mem- wood. Rosa Schurch, of near Castle- home soon. entertained the 1003" gradand Mrs. Claud Tatchell. outFor the purpose of selling to With Chief Lehan and Capt. Sam vantage of the extra vote offer and ber ot the Melone Masonic Lodge in Dr. L. D.Mason, one of our best side markets, if millers will not pay uating class at her home Sunday af Mr. and Mrs. Mason Gregg spen Reese in charge, and ten men aboard, are strong contenders for first prize in Louisville, the guest and most popular physicians, has the price of not less than one dollar the electric car was started from the Never before has The Jeffersonian Jeffersontown several years ago. At ternoon and evening. Several mem the week-enthe time of his death he was a stock- bers of this class of Buechel, Pres-tonipurchased an automobile for hi a bushel, which they demand, 131 No. 2 hook and of his father, Mr. Jas. Gregg. ladder house at Han given a contest and had more popular holder in the Union Store Company Doctor is an and Highland Park were pres Tom Guthrie, of Macon, Ga practice. Mr. farmers met Friday night at St. cock and Jefferson streets. Upon ar and pretty girls to try for the prizes ent. spent last week visiting his parents man in both his practice and farm Matthews and decided to pool their riving at .Baxter and Highland All of them are from the best at Fern Creek. Deceased is survived by one brothMrs. W. J. Lowitz and Marguerite ing. Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie. interests, which itissaid, willamount avenues, however, the car wasstopped families of the county and their er, Jacob Baker, of Louisville, and Huber, of Chicago. are visiting Mrs. Mrs. Edw. Swan and Mr to approximately 60,000 bushels. Mr. and Miss Margaret Finnigan, of Louis and Chief Lehan was notified that a friends are just beginning to work ville. was the truest of Miss Susie J. W. Brooks, chaperoned a party of W.H.Stutzenburger, business man- telephone message had been received for them. The first two prizes are four sons, Charles, Louis, Klwood Philip Young. and Price, and three daughters, Mrs. fifty-fiv- e Mr. and Mrs. Philip Young enter young people to a fishing ager of the American Society of from Cox last week. Jeffersontown stating that the so. near the same value that the Misses Lizzie Heitzman, of Crest party on Floyd's Fork the fourth of Equity in Jefferson county, presided nre was under control. The car was winner will be allowed to select Lila Alley, of St. Louis, Mrs. Mag- tained relatives and friends frnm gie Thorne, of Louisville, and Mrs. Louisville and New Albany in honor wood, and Elizabeth Tharp spent July. A delightful dinner wasserved at the meeting. He explained that then turned back. either one she wishes, the second to Carrie Parrott, of Preston Street of Most of the fishing was done on dry local millers would pay no higher their guest. Miss MarrarrH Thursday with the Misses Hardy. The fire was discovered by Mrs take the prize she does not select, road. Huber, of Chicago. Miss Mary Scanlon, of Louisville land. Cake and cream was served than from ninety to ninety-eigh- t Davis, wife of one of the members of and the third to receive the $20 The funeral services were conductand Mr. John Wetherton, of Frank in the afternoon. cents a bushel for their offerings, the milling firm, and whose residence Eastman Camera. The $50 diamond Buys Property at Lyndon. ed by Rev. Mr. Cheek, assisted bv Mrs. Edw. Mitchell entertained while the prices in other big cities is directly across from the mill. She ring and $40 set of tableware are on Rev. Mr. Elliott, at the Beulah Sunday. Her table was beautifully are ranging from $1.02 to $1.06 The Dr. W. E. Grant property at immediately gave the alarm and exhibition at Chas. E. Seng's jewelry church Saturday morning decorated in cut flowers, cut erlass bushel. t 10 Lyndon has been purchased by the CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. aroused the town. The bucket store, at 306 E. Market St., and the o'clock, after which the remains and ices. Her guests were Mr. and is said that farmers at other brigade wassoon formed. It Camera may be seen at the Southern were interred in the Penn. Run ceme Southern National Life Insurance Mrs. J. W. Conkling and Mr. Nelson points in the county are formulatCompany, and may be used in the and tery. Several attempts were made to en Optical Compamy, Fourth Advertisements under this head One Cent Clore. near future for its offices. Quite an ing plans to make pools for a similar ter the burning structure, but because Chestnut Sts.. Louisville. You are a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. Miss Mamie Clore entertained the purpose. tem in city taxes would be saved by Sad Death of Child. of the density of the smoke each invited to call and see them. such a move, if made before Seotem- Junior Missionary Society of the effort was a failure. The flames Little Lucy Clara, aged eighteen ber 1. The property was bought Christian Woman's Boardof Missions School Improvement League. For Sale. raged so fiercely for a time that a months, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. an investment, according to B. as Thursday. A big wagon full of hay Close of Contest. H. The Jefferson County School Im number of other buildings caught P. Burnett, died at her home at Pa- PobSalb Household furniture, stove. etc. was sent into town for the little provement League met last Satur fire. contest will close on August ducah on the third of July. The lit- Poindexter, secretary of the comThe Christian church was The almost new. Apply to FANELLI BROS folks, which was driven by an old- day morning at 10 o'clock at the threatened, but owing to the fact 27, 1910, promptly at 3 o'clock p. m. tle one had measles, and pneumonia pany, with the idea that the comJeffersontown. time colored man, Uncle Jonathan, Louisville Public Library. Various pany some place to go that it is a brick building with metal We have delayed announcing the developed. After days of suffering shouldwould have to move it decide its main For Salk. Shorthorn cow and calf; fresh black as ebony "with shining teeth subiects pertaining to the schools of roof it was saved. end of the contest until now be- the child passed away and the body MISS MAG FREDERICK. Jeffersontown. They drove out to Miss Clore's shady the county were discussed, among offices. It is believed that the fire origin cause we knew other contestants was brought to Shelbyville on the The property consists of a twelve-roocountry home, where they enjoyed For Salk. Lot of framing lumber; also playing games and keeping two or them the proposition to build a model ated in the engine room of the plant would enter and we desired to give fourth for burial. The Rev. Dr. house and five acres of land. school at the State Fair Grounds but the exact cause is not known. all plenty of time. So, please keep Bailey preached the funeral extra rood work horse. Apply to H. A sermon. Although the property is valued at three swings in motion under the The Board of Education will probab The total loss probably will phone. Jeffersontown. HUMMEL. Cumo. reach in mind the close. No votes will be Dr. and Mrs. Burnett have the trees. When dinner time came, the ly be asked to contribute part of the sympathy of the hundreds of $10,000 it is understood that the con$8,000. This amount is partially awarded after 3 o'clock p. m. on Fob Sale. Fresh Jerey cew and calf. lunch boxes were spread on a table money friends all over this countv in this sideration was in the neighborhood tor the construction of the August 27. W. V. TUCKER. Jeffersontown, Ky. sad hour of bereavement. where they enjoyed a splendid din Duiiaing. ur. &. jj. wetnerby was covered by insurance. of $6,000. The residences of Messrs. Wheeler pure ner. In the afternoon cake and appointed to see Supt. Orville J. StiFor Sale Pure apple vinegar; also Davis just across the street were Another Extra Vote Offer. Haiapshiredown bucks. Address J. L cream were served to them. About vers and learn from him if he would and ignited by the flames several times, Pound, Clark, Jefferson couuty, Ky. 6 o'clock the happy little band start endorse the League and help in its Far each three subscriptions to The n ed back in the with light work. Of course, our enterprising but the bucket brigade extinguished Jeffersonian at $1.00 turned in at one For Sale Fresh Jersey cow and calf. thefire. The Davisdwellincris consid For Rent Tenant house. Miss EMMA hearts and happy faces. Superintendent said he would be glad time at this office between July 15th The two organized adult Sunday to do anything within his power for erably damaged by being scorched. SNYDER, Jefferantown. Messrs. Davis and Wheeler are and July 30th, 500 extra votes will school classes ot the Christian church the good of the schools and would be splendid citizens of the town and the be given. If six subscriptions are For Sale Seed potatoes three varieties. gaye a lawn party in Mrs. Hugh pleased to have the League meet in people regret their misfortune. Leslie Collins. Jeffersontown, Ky. As sent in at one time 1,000 votes will be Milliken's lawn Monday evening. his office any day in the week except awarded, and so on. yet they are undecided about Fob Sale A nice mare mule, twelve, years About eightv guests were present on Saturdays. Mr. Stivers is a very Chas. E. Seng at the same time will old; splendid work animal. C. M. Robb, R. D. The Tharp, Sr., class and the Loyal busy man on Saturdays. give 500 votes with each cash purtoJO 10. Buechel, Ky. Workers class and Home Depart chase of $1.00 at his store, 306 East DOLLAR WHEAT ment class, including the Superin Market St., Louisville. Delightful Entertainment. Fob Sale One good work mule and three Sunday-Schoo- y Jeffersonian-Merchant- 's I u - . d a, te 1 m 3 sin-cere- st 3-- Made to Order hay-wago- 2 young mules. J. W. Jean & Son. R. ersontown, Cumb. phone 29-- Jeff 15. tendent, Mr. B. T. Coleman, teachers, and minister, J. W. Conkl ing. The yard was beautifully Fob Sale Ice. Call at my store when in lighted up with Japinese lanterns, need of it. FRED LAUSMAN. and a splendid program, consisting Fob Sale. Homestead Fertilizer; a bone of recitations, songs and addresses, was rendered. black. H. L. GOOSE, Jeffersontown. Ky. The principal ad dress was made bv Mr. Walter E. Frazer, of The Christian Bible Wanted. School Association. Cake and cream were served to the guests. Wanted You to know that I am now tf f. 4 ice. Give me a call. FRED LAUSMAN. Under $500 Bond. 2--tf. Frank Romano, a farmer about three miles from Jeffersontown on the Heady road, who on Tuesday of last week in a family quarrel cut his anything er daughter and son with a knife, was Wanted You to save vour free coupons for some popular lady in the Jeffersonian's contest. Cast them each week for your choice. tf. Wanted. If you want to sell want to buy anything, this column is the fined $5 and court costs and placed place to advertise. It is read by everybody. under bond of $500 to keep the peace Rates only one cent a word. for one year by Magistrate Chas. C. Wanted Farm hands: good wages offered. Sweeny Ranch Dairy, inc.. Jeffersontown. 48-- tf Wanted You to place your fire insurance in the very best companies. See J. C. Alcock, Agent, Jeffersontown. Ky. Lost. and white specklei hound pup: about Ave months old: collar around neck; reward for recovery. Address JOE KAUFMAN. Route 10, Buechel. Ky. lt Lost A black-blu- e For Rent. Wheeler last Monday. Romano was at large several days and the officers and neighbors were looking the county over in trying to fiad him, but failed. On Saturday Romano came to town to give himself up when Dep uty Sheriff S. E. Potts placed him under arrest. He was charged with malicious cutting, but the charge was amended to breach of the peace at the trial. His relatives were not inclined to prosecute the case, but Squire Wheeler refused to dismiss him without trial. Mr. Romano's daughter, about twenty years of age, was slightly cut upon the wrist and his son, about eighteen years old, was cut about the leg. Both are about recovered at this time. CO Mrs. S. E. Kennedy has long been famous for the ingenuity and variety of her entertainments, but the one which she is at present managing promises to excellall previous efforts. On her beautiful lawn at Kennedy's Station next Saturday afternoon and night, July 16, will be given a Carnival of Nations, a bit of the old world brought to those people who will probably never have an oppor tunity of veiwing the real thing. The countries "visited" on Satur day will be Germany, Italy, Japan, and of course our own United States. To the weary, house wife, the German Village will probably be the most interesting feature. For there you will be served with a splendid supper of coffee, sandwiches, salad,slaw,cheese, bread and bologna. Think of the comfort of not having to cook a hot supper at home. Just bring the family and depend upon the German village to do the rest. Of course, to lend a bit of local color, the waitresses will don the costumes of the over-worke- d Fatherland. n you In the Japanese will see the genuine life of that part of the Orient. Dainty maids from the land of the Mikado will serve Tea-Garde- you with iced drinks of all descrip tions and try to give you a glimpse of their wonderful country. In sunny Italy two little peasants from Rome will preside over a country store, where as is usual in country stores you can buy anything Remember we club with the city Over $100 in prizes given away in from a threshing-machin- e to a pack papers and save subscribers money age of flower-seethe popularity contest. on all orders. Here all of your Fob Rent. In Jeffersontown storeroom suitable for feed store. Apply to J. C. BRUCE, Jeffersontown, Ky. Cumb. phone 40-- 2 d. of E. Meeting Held at Thursday. Seel-bac- Oc c3 KOTJTT. Asked By Jefferson County Members of A. S. -- t h At a committee meeting held in the music room of the Seelbach Thursday afternoon, eight members of the St. Matthews and Springdale lodges of the American Society of Equity, representing the farmers of the Eastern part of Jefferson county within a radius of fifteen miles, de cided that the farmers will hold their wheat until they can sell it for at least $1 per bushel, net. The millers also have decided that they have offered all that is possible under the circumstances they can. W. H. Stutzenberger, chairman of the committee, stated that the pur pose of the meeting was to open the bids that had been sent in by differ ent millers of the city and if they were not satisfactory to arrange a uniform price to be charged to the local millers for grain delivered. It was stated that they had been offered less than one dollar for their wheat, when the millers pay the market in Chicago, St. Louis and other large cities more than they have offered here, and that the prices are made for grain delivered on board cars at July 11. Miss Winnie Clark de lightfully entertained quite a number of her friends at her home here Sunday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Farmer, Misses Ella and Hattye Spotts, Ethel and Margaret Reid; Messrs. Tom Gallagher, Floyd Pound and Mr. Mahoney. All present spent a most enjoyable day. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Knapp and children spent Sunday with Mr. Pete Carlin and family. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Clark and Mr. Geo. Grusch and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Twoomy. Mrs. Burdine Bridwell spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Annie Reid. Misses Winnie Clark and Margaret Reid spent Wednesday night with Miss Hetty McMahan, on Cane Run. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Boston spent Wednesday at Jeffersontown. Mrs. D. F. Wigginton and Mrs. S. B. Clark and Miss Winnie and Mrs. Joe Knapp and children spent Friday with Mrs. Jas. Reid and daugh- ters. Mrs. J. B. King and daughter have returned to their home in Louisville, after spending a week with Mr. J. R. Carrithers and family. their station. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Carlin, of Who Can Beat It? Buechel, spent Thursday night with Mrs. W. A. Wheeler raised a cab Mr. and Mrs. Joe Knapp and the rebage head this year that weighed mainder of the week with Mr. Pete 9 pounds. If any one can beat that Carlin and family. Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wigginton let's hear from them. Of 3 1 a S3 Our No. 102 We Can INTEREST YOU OA if Anybody Can! EAGLE POTATO FERTILIZER BEST FOR POTATOES We pay the freight to your station. Phone 1454. THE SOUTHERN SEED CO., Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts.. Louisville, Ky. -

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