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Image 4 of The Paducah evening sun, August 29, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

T > f PAZ FOOT f iA < T 0- 1JIT AIr aT n 7r THE PADUCAn EVENING I I SUNroND ATTOUST 20 t the repres- the choice of Democrats In all sec bill It promised to make tho rates entatives of railroads to come into lions of the state Pembroke Jour protecUvo but to nvltico them when 1 I they exceeded tho difference between Summer is a very trying period for young children and many a child who Is court and divulge the names of legis- nal the cost of production abroad and usually healthy suffers during the heated term There are many dangers for the BUN PUBLISHING COMPANY lators who hold annual railroad peril McCrcnry at the Pair hon making allowance for the child In summer These lie in milk food water fruit etc The greatest tr Incorporated passes One has already testified that F tvrnKt for Iniltirali mill vicinity is from some form of stomach or bowel B McCreary at greater normal profit on active In Governor James USE after he had voted against the Inter cncmlly fair tonlulil and Tuesday F M FISHER President ble It is usuallrIhe starting point of vestments here I believe that while 11 I ests ota railroad as opposed to the tended the fair Thursday and reI this excels has not Leif reduced In becomes constipated uI DR CALDWELLS troubles Jt J PAXTON General Manager ItIIIIItIullI todnyi IllcluKlI Ul1 he celved much encouragement in his commonwealth gets indigestion Perspiration is interfered luwid U12 SYRUP PEPSIN Entered at the poitofflce at Paducah I Interests of the by a railroad man race for the Democratic nomina Ia number of enacts In a graft major was refused a pass worms develop the skin becomes scaly and Itchy and the poor child Is in much Ky al second class matter I The above personal from the I let it go and trust to luck or fate for a cure Use a remedy like who consulted a list of legislators tlon Draldwellb Syrup ltpsin which is intended to cure that very condition and sunscniPTiox HATES nothing before curtly remarking In case of abj but ore low enough Ir the is especially adapted to childrens ills because of Its mildness and purity doing for you mn DAILY SUN normal Increase of demand and pals child has any of these symptoms or has not had a passage In 211tours It needs 10 per week By Carrier at It will act Dr 5 If Illinois persist In a thorough Eighth congressional district and ring of prices to permit thoof poasl as ItCaldwell Syrup Pepsin will once have to force it promptly but gently and Dy Mall per month In advance the Lorimer j bllity Importation A bottle can be obtained not is pleasant to take you year In edvaocei100 cleaning of her house thea blessing the exgovernor and cxscnator was foreign of the By Mall per articles and thus to prevent of any druggist at 60 cents or 1100 and you should obtain a bottle today so bribery Incident will prove standing candidate for congress VKBKVf SVW the TUB If you have never tried it you can as to have it on hand for an emergency Forges by mall postag4 paid 1100 In disguise Legislative Jackpots to which he was elected for twelve ovcotslvo prices obtain a SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE OF CIIARGE by addressing are not peculiar to Illinois Professed years Fairs were his long suit and Turin Not Perfect Paducah DR W B CALDWELL 400 CUwll Bldf Montlcllo 111 The power granted to tho execu Phone 58 lobbyists of Kentucky with no other the local paper that didnt contain Office 115 South Third visible means of support are maul an item similar to the above over tive under the maximum and mini Editorial Iloomci every Indication of great looked the matter The fact Is that mum clause may bo exercised t o sow cross examtnatioa of witnesses but men reported to mo and In Septem New Phone 388 testing an Old Phone wealth and ability to ride on rail Senator McCreary got In most of his cure the removal of obstacles which by the kind of Investigation that sta ber last In a speech in Don Moines Payne IJr Young Chicago and New I roads for nothing and the legislative political work at the county fairs tisticians und scientific Investigators I foreshadowed their recommenda York representatives offices the pay from which Is scarcely and it Is said that ho knew morn use When the commission completes tions as i Intended to mako them to unfair discrimination against sufficient to defray the expenses of on the entire tariff Congress for the amendment of the merchandise and products ts work either land respect Interstate commerce set the Incumbent while In Frankfort ev- The Philippine tariff section I or on any of tho schedules In ery two years are proving attractive FirstI by tho establishment of a o which Irene has arisen and the honored by to a class of men who could not pos- father and mother felt work of the commission nhows that commerce court second by empow by a I sibly have the welfare of the com their offspring being kissed the present tariff Is wrong and Hhould congressman Senator McCreary le- exceedingly by my ilgnature monwealth at heart bring the MONDAY AUGUST 20 it a great electioneer and has spent It tho effect of Ilaw I am sureibo be changed I expect to of congress The Lorimer case came with the most of matter to the attention honorable and long life will greaOv Increase the trade unexpected suddenness of an ned on the Job route by Age has not withered tweon the twb countries and It will with a view to Its amendment of tho a shipper to designate CIRCULATION STATEMENT Of course which his goods shall bo transported dently disturbed rug on the hall floor nor custom staled his infinite variety do much to build up the Philippines ariff In that particular and the air was filled with dust The In getting next to tho voter and In a healthful prosperity his wiN be Impracticable unless con beyond the line of the Initial carrier There arc s nue JulY 1910 The administrative clauses of the great Itself shall adopt the parlia- fourth by empowering the commis developments have arisen with equal having been urged to enter the unexpectedness to there concerned gubernatorial derby he does not bill and the customs court are nd mentary rule as I hope It will that lion to consider tho Justice or lnju three piece suits will stumblo over propose to come out second best mlrably adapted to eeeure a more 1 bill to amend one schedule of the taco of any rate without the com Some day 6G- something someone 20 unexpectedly In Kentucky lie Is a fine organizer and when ho uniform and a more speedy final con aria may not bo subject to p motion plaint or Initiation of a chipper In the lot whlcS and we will have a housecleaning visits a town and stays over night rtructlon of the meaning of the law to amend by adding changes In otter fifth by empowering the commission you can wear tillI The authority to the president to us with dust and filth he will know more than anybody to susnnt proposed Increases of schedules T715 that will stifle 23 for awhile but It will be worth the how the cat will Jump thereLex use agentt to assist him In tho appH by carriers until the commix early wincIt will thus be portINo to take up rates cation of the maximum and mini6721 wo persist i I ington Leader 6692 Inconvenience If mum section of the statute and to 1 single schedule with respect to slon have a chance to paw upon the 6093 11 o 6771 27 enable officials to administer the which It Is probable that a great lira roaronnhlenuM of thu increase sixth 6693 12 6770 law gives a wide latitude for the ac lorlty of each house will be unpred by provisions of the federal regula28 in quisition under circumstances favor judlced to admit the evidence and tion of the Issue of stocks and bond LETTER 6G14 6715 For by Interstate railways seventh b > able to Its truth of Information In lo roach a fair conclusion respect to the price nnd cost of pro- these reasons It seems to me that aM E S Ballowe of Arcadia gathered duction of goods at homo and abroad Republicans comparative 6706 two freak eggs this morning One la progrt I Average July 1910 which will throw much light on the tivo and radleal may well abide the quiring stock In a competing road 6818 marked with a heavy black ring in Average July 19J9 Continued from Page On operation of tho present tariff and be situation with rotpoot to the tariff eighth by a welkin permitting Un I The other has faintly Personally appeared before me the shell August 1910 RD outlined the form of a woman like clples that would govorn such a ma- of primary Importance as officially until evidence now bdng aecumu making of tralllc auMwnnonln betwvr the 2nd day of collected data upon which future sled shall Justify changes in tho competing railroads Htnlted In point the woman In the moon SuperstitiMacMIUen Business Manager of The jority In Its legislative course and executive action and executive n toregolng- ous neighbors are looking for a sign rates and that It lIs much bettor for of time and subject matter and sub this because Its party platforms have ommendatlont may fee based Sun who affirms that the thorn to vole for Republicans than to Jeet to the approval of the Interstate correst statement of 1U presented a variety of planks not al S a true and Tho corporation tax Is a just and majority commerce commission Two Paducah boys were In the together consistent and because In equitable circulation for the month of July excise measure which It ta Solp create a Democratic war with r knowledge wreck on the Grand Trunk railroad the present congress leading Demo- hoped will produce These amendments were In accord 1910 to the best of hit sufficient which would be utterly at Durand Mich last Wednesday crats In tho senate and the hour amount to prevent o a deficit the protective principle sad there ance with tho text of the H j uMkai and and LUKE ALBRITTON night but escaped Injury They were have not hesitated to repudiate PETER PURYEAR cat which incidental will secure valu- toro would have no use for the ftd- platform Subsequently bills were Robert Wallace and Henrys Cave tarn of their party pledgoa and to able statistics and Information con- ng of the tariff comml 4ou as we drawn embodying this recommended Notary Public We cerning tho many corporations of the nay certainty Infer from the solid loKtrtdtlon In which wfaMo the prin expires January who are expected home tomorrow deny their binding character My commlaslom They occupied a forward coach on may reasonably assume however country and will constitute an Im Democratic vote lo the present con riplo was maintained there were HID 10 train that was crarfied Into toy that a Democratic majority In the portant step toward that degree of grow against Ike necessary appro ItatloMi Introduced as Justice sug- WHU KNOWN CUAVKS rtltXTanother fast passenger train and house would reject the Republican publicity and regulation which the priation for the eommlHlonH work Vcimnv 111 its gested after a conference with all I doctrine of protection as announced tendency In corporatto enterprises in Dally Thought ur Pnyno Law Ute parties Interested The bill was 1 the last 20 years has shown to lIe An honest man does not make calved from them yesterday to this In 190S One great virtue of tile new tariff submitted to the congress and after What therefore has a Republican necessary himself a dog for the sake of a bone effect and they consider themselves aw Including the corporation tax a great deal of discussion lath Is UK l Criticism Unjust Danish s that takes with tho current effort house and the senate It was cnaitod Typhedti IVvrr attics Oil Mnmlirr I lucky to escape as they did of Pnunliirtit Homily Star1This fairly states the effect of the of the administration to keep down Into law with many amendments UH1 Tho bin hIlS been criticised for IklII11 Intvcgovernmental expenditures which did not materially change the High living Is characteristic of the PALMER II T Albrltton May from a Democratic majority which certain of i ts rates and schedules or reduce and to reform the methods of collect effect of the recommendation except field W P Manning Memphis L lit allowed Its way f would attack the Somo of the criticisms are wide of low life i ing the customs revenue It has by o S Crow Louisville Frank Williams I protective system and halt business the mark and most unjust revenue produoing capacity turn J News WM received today of the C P Baldwin Paris thy a threatened revision of the Joel Cannon Owensboro The truth I s that under tho old Its i hire Cuaany like ormlthamo Agreemdritnfbetween death ofLjuko Attrition a promi society Tenn J R Emery Henderson E whole tariff on revenue basis or It protective Idea the only purpose was Lays she will not retire from railways In spite of the antitrust nent farmer of Hickory firers C Morrow Louisville W S Robin- Ile to make the tariff high enough to ending Juno 20 law to forbid one railway company lieu tJjore aslatda morning at 0 I protect the homo Industry The ex- 000 for the year thifiks alt au son Nashville General Fred Grant oojookrbf typhnM teT r 1909 to a surplus In tho first full Memlegislative program as that BELVEDERE John Hall over the of the artt1l sertomobiles ouldle commandeered d phIs Lloyd Simpson Lower J H JsetSuch a In the Republican national cessthe cost tariffproduction difference rear of the law ending Aug 5 0911 rar rrrnttI Itr AKirttton arat forth IA Of herq and by the government In lime of waFrom a revenue the Interstate commerce commknion was 71 yeah old and was Q prosper platform of 1S08 could not be car abroad was not regarded as objec if JCOOOoeo rn wont do They mangle their v1 001 fahncr lie wee a intmiMv or Louisville J D Howell Cairo A tried out in full by one con STOW tionable toorauBo it was mippaed standpoint ten there can be no contlma too muchiko ChrlMttan church Ho i o MM f L I Friedman I Certainty if all Its promises aro exe that competition between those wbo troversy over the effectlvcnoM of the Downs Murray o rtvod fiT tavern sons anti 4timtersEvansvllle C H Williams Brook increased revenue Indl enJoyed the high protection would sow law Not UiMlln to Hallrnadl his Lawrence Albritton of Ittdttmh Prominent medical practitioners keep the pried for tho consumer rates Increased Imports and an ex For this kit was substituted a a sun being kissing produces Infan portNEW RICHMOND called to his Ue4wto Otho Decker ent congrcfB has not only fulfillted down to what was reasonable for the imlnatlon of our Imports during the provision authorising declarethat the appoint An epidemic Imme- Brookport W M Webb La Center many party pledges but It has ob- manufacturer Tho fenerni and l nrM The evil of exclusive last year will disclose a alert sub moat of a commlfHton lo consider thv Saturday a diately following the Inception of lOok pinto there today Ben Price Metropolis Sam Renster yIts course set higher the standard of tariff rate however showed itself stantial Increase In manufacturers hot political campaign probably led Louisville Blackburn Mayfield party responsibility for muto pledges In the temptation of manufacturers material from which In the making evils arising from the overtime of stocks and bonds and tko method ol to this discovery Mnrlt ItlclmnUon H S Davis Creal Springs E A to comfblne and suppress competi if finished product whether for ex by conjcri preventing such Mark Richardson the 9ymirold Burnslde Pt Pleasant W A Hill lion and then to maintain the prices tortatlon or home consumption has slonal regulation evils In addition to the eon of Dr and I Smlthland who would catch voters by declara so as to take advuntago ot the excess ome a larger volume of employment J I Itlelmrl U purposes already recited accomplish- ton of Lowe 31s tiled At Ky he tions In favor of alluring remedial of the tariff Ute over the difference 730 or our wage earners a larger pur ed by the bill the socalled long and oclock Saturday night legislation wilt not make them ex between the cost of production ple believe that and also believe God at Ittvercldo chasing power and a greater consump short haul douse of the existing taw hospital of purltonltlK cept with much more care as to tho abroad and here a fool Yet the ways of made him and aip ndl > ton of the products of our farms the one forbidding tho charging el illls Tile body was taken to Vnnr l possibility of Its enactment In view Providence are go Inscrutable no one The Payno tariff bill Is the first Soa greater rate for a less distance In Rogers and taken to Fntiey Farm wllV blame heaven for a coincidence of the history of the present con- bill passed by the Republican party tad fabrications of our factories Owensboro schools open Monday gress the return of a Republican In which the necessity for reducing ar then as such Importations do eluded In till greater distance than yesterday where time fun oral and which militates toward the political Amberg dies at Hlckman they tor tho greater tanOOowaa amend- burial was conducted Sunday Roland majority In the next congress may the rates to avoid this evil hoe been ot displace horn production after and Industrial freedom of Europe well inspire confidence that the recognized and It Is therefore a de must be ot benefit to all Generally ed ifo as to vest In the commle Ion linen Dr and Mrs Hlrlmnlnoti were D peaking a run measure of Industrial umowhat wider discretion In enforce tho guests of Mr mid Mrs Guy pledges still unredeemed will be met tided atop In the right direction and Our expresidents what to do and satisfiedThe It ought to be accepted as such ictlvlty In production transportation lag the clause than has been permit Nnnro while hero The concensus of opin disband with them Lexington Kentucky I O 0 F at Tariff Itbvlsed hn accompanied ted by tho iaprcme court dwlHoiu On tho whole It was a downward nd distribution to keep them mov ion seems to be Let us consider summarily the revision particularly on articles ofThe he operation of the new law Under- under existing law The bill as Illllc KHHknti lnnn Ing We keep ours moving by In- October 12 Barrett Louisville killed by lie maximum and minimum provltf prevent In force Is an excellent necoeltyi and on raw materials atI Little Ruitekah IU Mann the tae viting him to visit all parts of the Louis Mlddletown y aroM dauehlr I U of Mr actual figures on the first yeari ons we have concluded treaties with It l e not enacted iu u spirit of country South and Central America auto at I foreign nations Kentucky Confederate reunion at First and of primary Importance operation of the law demonstrate gaining the best tility to railroad but It submits Mann bt 229 l > rin Hfi t rue keeps theirs moving by inviting was the promise to revise the tariff this September 1C Mlbe terms for entrance to their them to a closer and more effocttvo combed to an attack of MfarUI I It must also be remembered them to leave any country In which Pewee Henderson Route Gary Duschke that the tariff rates hi the now Ixw narket without sacrificing our own supervision by tho Interstate com fever Saturday night at 8 orlrrk they evince an Inclination to settle The amoral willl tatie pinees this on Imported liquors wines and silky 1y the Iayne tariff law we haw at merce comniUBlon conductor Wiled by thugs to avoid Injustice afternoon at 3 oolocfc down were increased substantially ossii lilt done justice to the Philippines In wtth time Earl Dixon accused of killing a o their management and control burial al Oak Ono renultll ry t child near Center Furnace set freeI equal to the difference between their the Dlngley rates because these jy allowing the producers of those The Important part that railway HOUSE CLEANING IN ILLINOIS cost of production abroad and that were luxuries and it wall Intended to stands the benefit of our markets Commissioner of Agriculture There seems to be no end to house IliaBI the arterial circulation In Rankin Republican nominee for con cost in this country Including a rea Increase the revenue xlth such limitations as to prevent tho business of tho country the mH cleaning once it is started When John Durrtltl dlei1ia4enIaSat 12osnable profit for the domestic The charge that tho present tariff njury to our home Industries I gress In SeventhNon and a half of their employe oeloek at Ute tissue of hU fsrtJior I one article is scoured It dims every A very full InV ee Is responsible for tho Increase In the Den Bruner manufacturer Secretary of State Again the preiont law In KB cor and the million of their stockholders Ii prices by comparison thing else so much Dwrrttt of UotMtHiMon after a of necessities is demonstrate Spanish war veterans en1 tlgatlon full at least as such In vestigations have been conducted in false because tho high price with oration tax Imposes a new kind of the Importance of their purchasing short Ulnae of malaria fever that thrifty souls cannot rest until goes to at lit campment ax which bar many of t he merits of power as affecting the proaiwrHy the pastwas made by the ways and very few exceptions affect article everything Is shining Then too the of woe 17 years of agiy llonlUe his means committee of the house to det- In the tariff upon which there was in Income tax It taxes success not general bu all require in tho father and mother ho IIsa vie ibrco once taken up leads to trail of dirt be no Increase in rates or In respect to allure Unlike a personal income public Interort that no unfair treat sisters and two brother The run ermine what rates should unending disclosures changed to conform to this rule A which there was a substantial reduc ax It Is easily and exactly collected ment should bo accorded them Hut oral took pte M this afternoon at 5 The state of Illinois Is house clean i STATE PRESS ind by an Increase or decrease In the I am glad to note that the railway oclock and tho burial ut the N> w rcducUon was made In C54 numbers lion ing Illinois didnt Intend to make ate enable congresH with exactness managers have acqulcived In the fair Iborlf clivroh and an Increase In some 230 while Tariff Uoanl DlslntcmJcil It thorough when she started The 11SO remained unchanged The bill Perhaps more Important than any o regulate Itr Income to Its neccp ness ot the present bill and propose Xorlmer scandal and Its developwas amended Ini the senate but the one feature of the operative part of wry expenditures More than this loyally to comedy with Its useful pro ments are all the state had in mind Ifendrlck is Popular proportion of Increases to decreases the tariff law IIs that section which t furnishes an Indirect but effective visions It was supported by tho beginning of the prosecutions at the lion John K Hendrtck of Padu was maintained I signed the In Chicago The developments are cah has announced his candidacy bill I accompaniedWhenapproval with enables the executive to appoint a nethod of keeping the government whole Republican party In congress my tariff commission or board to secure idvlted ns to the kind of business and that party Is entitled to credit becoming the most Interesting phase for the Democratic nomination for the following memorandum At the Slier Theater It IIs one for Ifs passage Tho whole Imo the needed Information for the prop lone by all corporation the situation Her whole house is governor of Mr Hendrick has many I have signed the Payne tariff This weokH vaudHvlHo bill at 11111 er amendment and perfection of the if the mostt useful and Important cratic strength was exhibited against dirty from cellar to cupalo The friends in the First district and will bill because I believe It to bo the 91iw theater will IJt a little bit higher taw The difficulty In fixing the prop hinges in our revenue laws as the It In both houses spider and fly game Is played In every be a strong factor In the fight It was a perform In spite of tho ance of u pedRo of the platform nod Oran the standard good uola iteiivraUy er tariff rates In accord with the future win show dark corner the nol elei9 carpets of Lyon County Times p principle stated In the Republican rltlcisms heaped upon It at Its pass- only needs tlmo to vindicate tho wis loon nt tIe popular i iny hnnio10f her political ways are full of filth UaMard and Alberta are awa above platform IIs In securing reliable evi age no party rospoiulbllo for reva- dom of Its enactment A Sixth Canl1ldather walls are mouldering and decay the average artiste and much Is exeNotwithstanding the fact that we they have been generally under dence as to the difference between lues or anxious to retain every lestnl Savings hanks and dust have laid hold everywhere The postal cavlngu bank bill has pected of then In tho swy of rinKlng development of the Lee have five candidates for governor stood and as I Interpreted them In the cost of production at homo and means of legitimate supervision of The first comedy The reports of this l tho cost of production abroad The corporations wilt repeat It a similar history ONeal Browne case was the expos- already announced It Is stated that the campaign before election It Is ono of tho and see of act seeking the Amend lucrMnti OHMIIIPITP great congressional enactments ure of a corrupt Jury system by a sixth one from western Kentucky Tho bill Is not a l erfect tariff bias of the manufacturer p It ceive a hearty bait and they will reThe next moat Important work of creates an epoch wolcomo at the Star which criminal lawyers tampered will declare his candidacy pretty bill or a complete compliance with protection and of the Importer opIt Institutes a eye Jacobs and Snide twli clover con This business of bringing out the promises made strictly Inter- posing It weakens the weight of their the present congress was tho passage loin which will work effectively to soon will Our constituwith the panel at Moreover when we un of the amendment to tho Interstate promote thrift among the poor by til y acrobats claim they do panne tion makes careful provision for the candidates for strategetlc purposes preted but a fulfilment free from testimony > crltlcKm In respect to a subject derstand that the cost of production commerce bill Tho Republican plat- providing a depository for their Hav groat stunts that aro wonderful and protection of the rights of an accuse to a fair trial It has been difficult would sayKentucky State Journal matter thourands of articles could differs In one country abroad from form favored amendment to the inter- ings which they properly may con not be expected It suffices to say that In another and that It changes state commerce act with a view to HIder absolutely safe and will also pictured for the states attorney to secure a jthaat except with regard to whisky from year to year and from month giving greater power to tho Interstate turn Into tho channels of trade and for Frank fair trial Hacks McCrcnry liquors and wines and In regard tq to month wo must realize that the commerce commission In regulating commerce and a large volume of money Long will complete n pleasing The latest significant development There are now five candidates silks and as to somo high classes or- precise difference In cost of produc the operation of railroads and the fixAdmission which otherwise would bo hoarded onoyablo entertainment came Saturday when an official of the seeking the Democratic nomination oottonsall of which may t o rooted 10 cents ahtidren fl cents not capable of ing of traffic rate and olio favoring Uy specific provision It will Pullman Car company announced to for governor of Kentucky John K as luxuries and proper subjects of a tion sought for i s stimulate and all that such national legislation and super- time Investment of savings In govern- the states attorney that by orders of Hendrlck of Paducah being candl revenue tariff there have been very definite ascertainment scientific person can vision as would prevent thei future ment bonds of small denomination his superiors he would not divulge date No6 As yet however no few Increases In rates There have even the mot l Laa do In his Investigation Is after con oerI sue of stocks and bondS by Inv for which the bill provides facts which would be hurtfuMo Rep candidate has appeared who com been a great number of real de Llbe tho 10 ho torteate carriers nanny facts which After the adjourn- tariff bill and the railroad bill this resentative Browned who wan minor- blues the degree of fitness and avail creases In rates and they constitute sideration of Why ability that are presented In the a sufficient amount to Justify the learns to exercise hIt best Judgment ment ofthe congress at its extra roe was put through each house of con Ity leader In the legislature Woon J Invited two of my cabinet and largest and finest lloaUns this big concern should be foO inter candidacy of Hon James B Me statement that this bill la a sub In reaching a conclusion commission however a ready a member of the Interstate commerce Creary The theater In the world at thu rlvfr The entry of so many IIn Btantlal downward revkion and a Continued on Page Six ested In the welfare of Representa conIs a commis commission and Monday August 29 tare Browne who three legislators the race may tend to muddy the i reduction of excessive rates This Is selected nnd at work persons who gress to make a member of as recommendations OWIT A K to vote for Sena water to some extent but Me not a freetrade bill It was not in- sion of dlsnterested tr rislton Meauaebe trar111w- Plll swear bribed them Corn Liver Jailer James Clark and turn Crearys chances do not seem to beeP tended to be The Republlcaan iparty will ascertain the ffltf not In a tor to the needed amendments to tho by Wh7 cure thllt ta enta QuaraaU tor Lorlmer IP not yet disclosed f examination and- toratate commerce act Tho gentle willall druggists ily returned today from Chicago by Now Jt Is stated that the states endangered In the least since be hP did not promise to make a freetrade mel hearing by attorney THE PADlJCAHEVENNqSUNFlIlNOON HEAT MAKES CHILDREN ILL will subpoena IThe Weather 1 I AndersonI necesisary I TIlE KyI foreignI thanlany 3500Suits I ten1Itars an 16682 26701 56710 66702 76707 86109 186687 196692 19216GS6 226699 256102 26C 1785 IIltrlchandllo 136693 S9rC713 93166G9 1001 166712 Heard the Lobby rCULLEYS TAFTS oo InterssateIcomrneree c betlerII 1912t > 1 IereohIjecta HIlt I I I I 1 or ordinaryoperalone thelexecuUve 1 Allenc willIbe IThe proml corpl IqIntlrltatu + > ot14merJeIl11 Kentucky Kernels t ElkslJexlngtoD legislationIenacted > > downIin r jJohn DenverI lne News of Theatre I 1Iart10f ald friendt tImeI i > WAITKvary rlsotSold errwhir IJJhe i IIty > s- Y J Z 1 a s t Y e

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