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Image 1 of The Paducah evening sun, August 29, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

J l tAj 1tuing sun abniixjj iJi r- > f k VOJJXXV J PADUCAIL KY MONDAY EVENING AUGUST 291910 NO 43 Names ot Illinois Legislators TAFTS CAMPAIGN COL A J TEN CENTSPER WEEK Roosevelt Says State Control ot DECKER TENTH ST CHURCH I Who Traveled on Illinois Central LETTER IS GIVEN I fib t Passes Disclosed to Prosecutor TO PUBLIC TODAY i Water Power Sites is Desired by People Who Have Designs On Then FALLS VICTIM TO BRIGHTS DISEASE WILL BUILD NEW HOUSE IN SPRING I tMl rr f Presidents Views on Tariff Lee ONeal Browne Case Leads lo Railroad and Pull man Car Interest More Scares for Stale Officials t Parly Pledges and Per formances Set Forth Was Written to + Ito I Chicago Aug 29Slates Attor ney Waynran today declared that the names of almost ovory Illinois legis later will foe brought Into tho trialI HOOK of Leo ONeal Browne nt having ac opted passes lIssued by tho Illinois Central railroad Uu tho order o r Judge torsion tho Illinois Cen r If INTO RUPUHLIOAX 44j I Citizen Passes Speech at Denver Concerned With Conservaton of Natio I Away at Home of Ills nal Resources Greeted by Daughter Hundred Thousand Prominent LINCOLN FLOODED Lincoln Neb Aug 29Aw a result of floods East Lincoln today Is cut oft from tho main city Tho water hero Is five feet deep Tho flooded section Is two blocks long and six wide Congressman McKinley doH8 i e salo tJIIbo Now York Aug local luxwlquartern of the Republican con Commuted Arllel latldr from following paseeIssued t I I > Identified With PducaUs dustries enjoy the tho some rights In Korea as before Japanese will appropriate funds for tho maintenance of tho emperor of Korea and other morn here of the royal family Tho Jap snare emperor will roofer honors upon all Koreans regarded as deserve Ing and will retain all Koreans In public service who accept the new regime In good faith > FOLLOWS WIFE TO TilE GRAVE Albert Jackson Decker diedI this morning at 220 oclock at the home of his daughter Mrs Patton McElrath in tho Sans Soucl apart meats attar an Illness of a few months The body will bo llaid toI rest at Oak Grove tomorrow after noon at 4 oclock Tbo funeral will bo held at tho Episcopal church the Rev David Cady Wright officiating at 4 oclock The burial will be in Oak Grove cem- etery Tho pallbearers win be W J Hills George C Wallace John Bonds George Langstaff J C Gilbert and Edwin J Paxton Colonel Decker was born at Canal Ohio November 26 Winchester 1863 For many years ho was in the grain business at Columbus afterwards moving to Indianapolis Ho came to Paducah sixteen or seventeen years ago and organized tho McKInrilo Veneer and Lumbecompany with some friends In Pltts burgb as his associates and had a big successful plant In Mechanics burg which was however destroyed by flro four years ago and never re- until recently built Afterwards Colonel Decker was in tho insurance Col I wno toI 1 No Responses to Baseball Team rI Irhe 11 J i exclusivelyfor Wheeling W Va Aug 29 The report that Henry Gassa way Davis former senator and Democratic nominee for vice president la critically ill was denied at hla homo hero today ee I to Accomodate Con g lion s Two Additional Lola Will be 1o byh e Secured to do this effectively and It is for t this reason that you will find thoso COXSUIT corporations which wish to gain 1Im JWILh AROlUTEurS4 proper advantage and to bo free d from efficient control on tho part the public doing all that they can t secure the substitution of state fo DSteps national action ent site at Tenth and Ohio Coal lands Tho same principle applies wit peculiar force to the coal lands an I It was especially to the coal lands 1 agreed to consult in several Alaska whose protection and owner- and have plans prepared architects i for a new ship by the federal government are building that will scat about 7 BO so necessary both for full and freeI Industrial development in tho west l and for the needs of our fleet in tho ground The present building to in adequate ore account of the rapidly The coal mines should bo leased growing membership and will seat not sold and those who mine the ilees than 300 people The lot on the coal should pay back a part of tho northeast corner of Tenth and profit to the people It is the right tOhio streets fronts 416 feet and the and duty of tho people to demand adjoining lot of the samo width the most vigilant trusteeship on thatt probably will line purchased No part of that branch of tho federalI specific plans have over ibeen congovernment In charge of the fuel re sidered I sources of tho United States If thero Is ono thing which IIsII moro unwise than another it is thoIIboard expects over 100 eubscrlptlona creation by legislative by executive Iat 100 each to be paid within 30 or by judicial action of a nuctral Imonths Then an additional amount ground in which neither the state1wUJ bo secured nor tho nation has power and which Under the leaaersnup of the Rev can servo as a place of refuge for t I shouldP 9i 1 > TenthI J t 116U00including PoclficI I I 1 amongtho torithoUteIchurch J I InI JlIIS + 1 InbuildIng streetst Dr I theirr L r Denver Col Aug 29Wba Cheyenne left undone for Colonel Eboscvelt In tho way of strenuoslty was supplied by Denver with a good measure of overflow when he arrived this morning He Is to remain over for 24 hours It Is estimated I that fully 100000 persons the bgseat crowd that has yet greeted him were on hand to welcome him this morning Governor Shafroth and Mayor Spoor and civic and state organizations welcomed him on his arrival and a salute of 24 guns am nounccd his coming In the course of his speech Mr Roosevelt said This country has shown definite signs of waking up to tho absolute necessity of handling Its natural re soUrces with foresight and common sense Tho conservation question has three sides In tho first place the needless waste of tho natural reo sources must bo stopped It is rap Idly becoming a well settled policy of this people that we of this gcner atlon hold tho land In part for theI Present Edifice is Too Small IS WELL I gsvo out th President Tuft A wltnow to toll of Representative to Wm n MuKlnloy rtmlrmnn of Whites life In SprlngfloldRiawne a counsel priilxUiljt willI the lUptiultOttii congressional com e mittee ask That on Investigation of Way mans office bo made try tho Ilvverlyv Mint Aug 2tt 1910 special grand Jury Mv Dear Mr MeKlnleySaturday when tho states attor At the ehnlnrian of tho national 1 roiiRroMtonHt Roiiublloan committee fey wont to tho Pullman office t I fort lour staked me to gtv tho roo secure some documents to be until eons vfctrh should Ilead voters In lh earning November oicrtloa to allt- Informed by an official of tho com Ulelr ballou for Republican ttindi puny that by order of his superiors ho would not willingly surrender data for congress any evidence that could bo linedI I 1 atiMDia that when this letter I Is I Thor too against Ieo ONeal Browne will apcpal of tho directors of t green pUKMly lilt llnra drawn the party omtdfcUto will tho states attorney secured sub the Paducah baseball club to tho ponaos dotes tocum for several offi have boom wbvUxl and U o qunUon inns of Paducah for a subscrip r for decision will olin whether we shall cials and clerks for tho purpose of thou amounting to not less than securing the necessary documents t have Hi Ike IMMIBP of ropratathctl f b44 has mot with no response Conservation docs not mean do a lttifiwMI M or a I nwcrnttc rune 11 also wax announced that tho rea to far The money will be needTore jtiMilnn Jorltji then w11 bo son why tho Pullman company Is In ed by Thursday September Inatural rights In tho natural renot what tfflIttthoxlon of iHepubllcan terested In Urownes welfare will bo to meet tho cxpeniwa and paysources of tho land urn one trrefer tat whether it I Inquired Intle tho association rolls and All it means Is that we of this rountry lo tiavo Iho bllttr for the through The Evening Sun asks generation shall so use our rights as HepUMIntn party control the that tbe local supporters of tho not to deprive those who come after lation for the next two year oORIPPEN COWARD game give the matter prompt us of their natural rights In theIrt further redeem Its proinlw or toL j turn attention The Sun started a owvblw a Unmeeratk majority In These resources must bo kept for building a oltbnr to IntorpoM a veto to I hours AFRAID TO JUM t advise him how to keep his abld modern church with a large seating to businessColonel Republican nWCIt11t or to farmutato was a man of flno the whole people and not handed Iing place equally distant from the capacity The present building Decker over for follow Immediately Jo save tho a and pare 3411s to carry out Demo personal appearance aid charming vlduals exploitation to single Indl uncertain frontiers of both state andl frame and the new ono probably nHl Promlneneu has cratic vrlnrlplon Indiana from falling out of tho manners Ho was a man ot deep power be of brick national The construction will We tteen given during the prHnUniry of tho Kitty league All fUbscrlptlons sympathies and made friends easily dividual aro for the libertybeyond not be begun nmttt the spring of up to and not ranvaw jest milled to the differ IMiAVIJS IlvTi 8AYIXO Jm W1M will bo received by The Sun and the and quickly He was devoted to his point where 19H Progressives In Control m it becomes inconsistent Uolwoeu Ropiiltlknnsj ttyt IpIIU11 INllili turned orer to Treasurer W E Ol family and his homo life was beauti with tho welfare of tho community Topeka Kan Aug 29PTOgree ttt1loettoa Iueh dlffrcncUu IIlJlhiMCochran forthwith Rot in tho 1 > IT Tho death of his wife tOlir ful l tlKHicvtlon Dlfferoncos wltJiln the list years ago saddened him deeply and Thus our consistent aim is to favor sires will control the Kansas Re rarty were intnlfcslol In fro two oI publican council hero tomorrow and NI Tbo Sun ry i 125 bo never fully recovered from t t n It ton iona Qf tlip prtoent trngres anda conservative e shock Ills death was duo to Bright- as ho himself can cultivate and it W predicted 1t never in lla lilntory tts n the Rfl f obdoZAifgt cant stand K sirs fiJ HmlKlnKM Ho had been ill for some there makes n permanent homo for progressive platform will be adopt disease publican party Ipnfvfri sod i oiom the horror I hays gone through and kept It his children who come after him ed Tbo Taft administration will bo Jnckmn Tenn Aug S time but characteristically NO rtyionnriA for M touch u efitl4 apdI I have made up my wind to jump endorsed The Democrats Socialists J K Hudglngs aged US years died from his family and friends and it Dut we are against the man no and Prohibitionists will also assam progre MvllsUon wbN overboard tonight So This was writ yesterday of typhoidmalarial I I Mfooi fever was only a few weeks ago that come matter what his ability who tries ble here tomorrow will d iHbiloM arltu twlwoen tenon ono of Dr Cripptna buejnow member of a ltelMItJllr4n majority icards found oa him when ho was Deceased loaves a husband and POT Ing hero on a visit his true condo to monopolize largo masses of pub lion was learned and everything oral children a f to HM dotntte of further I WILL BE NAMED JJV OO3IMIS 1118I according to tho testimony I lion the party M n whole will tttftw arrested are points in which this I SJO ERS SOME TLME inspector hew in the now police Last In the future M In tho past of t EXPRESS RATES Token tuxxl aid can beat be renWEEK patriotic In sutordlnat court today when Crlppon and MIw iNvrUml sad William 0 Atwood I dered by the states of Cadiz that Is whore IHK IndlvMwil opinion tn order to LOSOVP wero formally arraigned Con Trlgg county who was declared to be tho exercise of state rights helps to I Boruro real progress Henr It lIs tlnuliiK Crlpixn said I I can leeIof sound mind in tho county court secure popular rights and as to OUT IN ILLINOIS nothing ahead of mo My money has Saturday was taken I Important that after Ittipirblkan conI theso I believe In state rights ThTce new firemen and a captain to his homo thlI cretMuMl cumulates Imvu Leon duly run out I know I havo spoiled aIafternoon by his brother Charles But thero are largo classes of for No 5 fire station on Broadway AtI and fairly chosen all Ropubllcaci IHfc but I hope someday you wiH for- wood of iMayfield who arrived this the city only tho and Fountain avenue wlfl be chosen family cases where government authority of Ho had no immediate ttttn txllev In the purl principle give mo My last words aro of ouI tho national will secure week by the board of ponce end aside from his two daughters In Us national I platform Yours II a > deflated I rights of tho people and where Also Patrolmen commissioners and Mrs Calhoun tho is Patton McElrath of 90S should Rive the mndldatrv Tko prisoners wore remanded until I itchell Scott and George this the case I am a convinced who loyal BAd offrellvo support If this September C when they wilt be and a thoroughgoing believer in the elected interim and Fire- Deputy Clerk Missing I U dOM there will bo no doubt of oaNed for trial men JIushmojcr Joe Cross Riley rights of the national government a return of a Republican majority Edwardevllle III Aug 29John Stewart and L A Tyre will be electtako the question of the control I f Blacthner deputy counts clerk is L DrliHKnitlct llciilllnl i ed hawing been appointed to fill Corrn Annrxnlof the water power sites The enor FEUDIST GATHER Springfield 111 Aug 28SweOIlv ToWo Aug 29Tlio formal an Jmissing today and cannot botound mous Importance of water power There are a many appli The only nttior slternathu IIIA ing reductions In express rates witha FitranolalI difficulties but so tar as it can be anti nexatlon of Qoroa was affected at 10 Iby relatives sites to tho future Industrial dowel jIn tho country has j former Captain Glenn will of oclock this morning Tho name aro sold to account for his dis IN BREATHITT CO dpincntrealizedthiswithin a very onlh mad captain again and placed tn been few Coma was changed to Province of railroad end warehouse commission years Unfortunately tho realization of Xo 5 and George Clio Son appearanceThe Continued on Pago Four I rown Charles Boll Keehan has come too late as regards many Uxkting Korean Bchoduloa covermany Instances and on small will too added to theand Joe Henry Baseball Game force I TO SOLICIT IUMIN FOIL Ing Imports tram foreign countries OF VIOLENCE ISIImain with which our hands are freo packages tho reduction is in excess Bailey and C H Gentry probably TIII 1h1114RAL KAcroitv and regulations governing the coast Owln the old reliable Is on the OUTHRBAK per coatwill be elected operators of the lira I t We should mako It our of 50 to deal KKARKI AT JACKSON DUIU Mcsxra II C Rhodes I W lion I lag trade will bt continued for ten Imound for Paducah this afternoon Discussing tho community of in tower INQ TRIAL duty to see that hereafter the power nolmrgor and Georgo McCandloss yrnra The halted States Is acquaint and Hlgglnbotham brother of the sites are kept under the control ot torests tho commission says hao loon appointed by the Com ed with the fart that the copyright crack American Association twirler I the general government for the use i As a proof of tho community of inurrhit club as chairmen of commit sad patent laws of Japan will be ex- Is opposing him Block Is doing I terests existingamong cxpressI the tern to solicit funds to moot tho rfo tended to Korea will tback atop work Foreigners I LIBERTY SHORT Special j K Jackson 1 y Aug 29 The fee should remain with tho companies tho records show quovt of too Kndoral Crate and has Thorn IB danger of n clash between Ipeople as a whole while tho use is Adams owns 100000 par value in hut factory They will moot tomorre American 050000 in the factions now la this city attending I ow morning at 0 oclock to outline FOR 906000 in tho STEWART and the trial of Tom and John Combs an ample reward to the lessees Southern plans for tho work United charged with the murder of John which shall encourage tho develop- owns States that tho American the National entirely and Abner Tho trial of the Planton ment and use of the water power 1440004 in too United States tho murder of Moss No brothers for the Southern owns = 111800 in RELEASED OX HABEAS CORPUS THREE P ANDS FOR l It la rebio comes up tomorrow BUT IMMEDIATELY RE118500 in tho Ameri velopmont to bo antisocial to bo Int1 Adams ported that Ed Callahan is en route ARRESTED any respect hostile to tho public cars and 70000 In the United to Jackson with on armed posse but States and that tho United States LABOR DAY HERE- A The Jocal militia Is not credited Paducah firm secured four of nlshcs plans for a standard to which It The nation alone has tho power wns 61200 In the io11s Far go was called out but later tho order who dominated E H Harrrlman t tho contracts for concrete bridges In nil school buildings must conform = Following his release this morningcountermanded tho Union Pacific Railway company Those bridges are to bo of rein was Masuac county III according to of 40 per coot of tho Pacific on a writ of habeas corpus granted forced concrete They must be i i WOMAN HOLDS In It IIARIIHCUK WILL HI IINTUR Iplans submitted by tho state high stock was at the time of by County Judge Alben Barkley Will I IY commission six bridges will is death chairmen of the board of Stewart a young negro was rearrestKSTINO IlUTURU Ol e built costing 30000 All thedirectors of tho WellsFargo com ed on a breach of the peace charge by CIILEliII Tho moat Important as tar as Pa I ridges are to bo of standard size Is probably the most Influential Patrolman Rickman P Ifo gavo 30 ALL WHO PASS BY of+ nY the express companies ducah is concerned Is that ono over High Close Low Those secured by Ynncy Johnson Sept all bond to appear in pollqe court Wedare the big ones over the lake on the lake An Iron bridge was lost Wheat 99 4 1OOH 99H fey Following llt table of tho now nesday morning Stewart was ar- 34Vfe 3331 3H irogrnms for tho Labor nay celottbo Unlonvlllo road opposite the about two years ago and since then ICorn tariffs established by tho railroad rested by Patrolmen RJckman and lorry landing two over Mnssac creek farmers for ninny miles back of the brntlon hero September G will bof and warehouse commission Boavers Saturday night and It was lakes have PARISH TERRORIZED luucd from tho press this weokrand ono over Black Slough near ferry oven beena unable to reach the Merchandise tariff Maximum ex found that ho was wanted at Jackson at moderate stage 48 pages of print- Holknnp complete tho list A Belle They will contain Ill STRANGE CREATURE IX ress rates on intrastate shipments Tonn on a charge of bootlegging This bridge will bo ofIOHIO VALLEY vlllo firm secured thoso contracts the river ed matter and a handsome coverT points In Illinois forwarded Being held by the police Stewart he completion of tho bridges will only one ovor the slough from Now The committees In charge by one express company over one Attorney John 0 Miller Jr every Important highway In Liberty to IlrooUport and will give roroUratlou are acxlous for Ideal sire lino of railroad or a system of ranw asked for a writ of habeas cor- county good Substantial access to the Paducah ferry at nil IS STARTED TODAY woathcr noxt Monday In order that Massac ownership pus on tho grounds that Stewart was under one tbe day may ho nu big a auccosa as ridges All bridges in Illinois now stages of tho river management or control for 1 M > being held Illegally there being no must conform up to n cot nln stand- today are searching for a woman arranged for Practically all of the against him The writ was 6 teat 3 Inches tall who Is terrorlz concessions at Wallace park huvo ard and tho state highway commis SAYS j IMPROVEMENTS and in the meantime a war furnishes plans frw just as Ing Tammany parish holding up Lean granted and many forms of TAFT PUSHES BUT- I IMtKSIDENT charging him with breach of vehicles and automoblllsts in tho tortalnmont will bo on hand at thotthe state school department turTON THAT GIVES SIGNAL AT JUSTIFY TilE INCREASE peace was sworn out Officers ot f vicinity of a health resort She is park during the afternoon A feat CINCY hollered to bo Georgia Wren once fire of tho celebration will bo a big 0 11 Tenn have peon notified I nd will send after him if there is a In tho pen who Is notorious for her barbecue at tho park prepared by Chicago Aug 29 President E THE WEATHER C P Herold and Dilly Kelly ex strength in the southwest C Rlploy of tho Santa Fe railroad Tho Up to 3iO 110 warrant against him as alleged pert cooks Three bands will fur springs from her hiding Up to 300 miles testified that permanent i 125 Improve Kills Wife and Self along roads of the plno forest Up to 360 miles nish music for the parado Deals ments justified the proposed freight 140 11 McKinney Ky Aug 29 Special band of Paducah tho Metropolis levels a gun and demands valu Up to 400 miles rate increase mt tho rate hearing toCr 150 f A man named Crump a farmhand bles Saturday she horsewhipped a UItO 940 miles band and another ontoftown band 160 Vo more candidates for Goddess of 175 shot his wife and killed himself this p to 50 tulles I Labor have been announced 200 morning No cause assigned JOver 500 miles til l Ck In- DAVIS winhe domais t 9Irs FIRioR > mm 6 I 1 hlslsUlforlngs JandI TnlSi 1101110I t bOIlIever commorclalllclub morningI 1 Rloker il MTOO s clhere C1Existing dlffJUIt1ver i tRULUOAD fiCmmUNITY IrsI Itof Inof y t- l 4 c thleased That Mean Much to This City 7Jriddes T Tt- t 1 TIONb WE ftnent goodo completedby Tlllib Chicago r UPh Market > na EXPOJ enI i jel1lllernluro pogotear i 1 Iforo p = 1> d PIlI rNew wUp gUp nUp tIUp JjUp alUp of < mesn 11ono thoiaohio CincinnatiI ged UIIG sak ktt e e < c enga-

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