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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 2, 1911

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE .WWtesburg, Letcher County, Ky. .. .Editor Hilliard And Neighborhood Fads for Weak Women s of all the sickness of women is due to some derangement or dis ease of the organs distinctly feminine. Such sickness can be cured is cured every day by Nine-tenth- Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Publisher KARL E. DAVIS, Thursday. Published Every Entered as matter Aug. second-clas- s at the postoffice at Whites bunr, Kentucky, under the Act of Congress of Aupr. 9. 1873. 28, 1907. IN ADVANCE SUBSCRIPTION, Oie Year fix Thre $1-0- 0 Months, Months 25 LETCHER COUNTY LIKE THE BLUE COVERS CANOPY. It Makes Weak Women Strong, Sick Women Well. Fields. tive tonic for the whole system. It cures female complaint right in the privacy of home. It makes unnecessary the disagreeable questioning, examinations and local treatment so universally insisted upon by doctors, and so abhorrent to every modest woman. We shall not particularize here as to the symptoms of those peculiar affections incident to women, but those wanting full information as to their symptoms and means of positive cure are referred to the People's Common Sense Medical Adviser 1008 pages, newly revised and Edition, sent free on receipt of 21 one-cestamps to cover cost of mailing only; or, in cloth binding for 31 stamps. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. Lines Sold. ADVERTISING RATES 10c N. Starkey, of Pikeville, man Display ads. per inch " column. ..$2.50 ager of the Eastern Kentucky "half Home Telephone Co., this week Local Notices will be charged purchased the Whitesburg Telefor at the rate of five cents per phone Co.'s lines in this county line for first insertion and three and also the Letcher Co. Home cents a line for each succeeding Telephone Co.'s line up the river insertion. to Baker. Mr. Starkey informed us that he will proceed at once to put the lines and business in ThIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR FOREIGF ADVERTISING BY THE first class condition, he having already placed an order for a new HP and and modern switch-boarGENERAL OFFICIOS NEW YORK AND CHiOAGO good quarters for the exchange BRANCHES Ji ALU THE PR1':C.PAL CITIE here will be arranged at once. A night service will also be inaugurated, a double line to Stonega is to be built, and in fact when d, Editorially the whole matter is As To Whitesburg s, oo Baker of Whitesburg want the town to be a respectable town now or in the future. they must see. to it that the depot is in the town. If they want a long, slow, thriftless grower, Willie Quillen's school is doing build the depot a mile or so nicely. away. Mrs. Maryland Johason was oo here and says all are well in her It is better to make one dollar neighborhood, while your neighbor is making Biilie Reynolds will attend ten than to make no money at all. school at Democrat. oo W.W.Quillen smiles the smile Supposa someone was to at that won't come off it's a girl. Roy Venters and Miss Nettie tempt to raise funds for the purpublishing a "booming Bentley were' happily married pose of directory" for Whitesburg, how Saturday. Much joy to them. Henry Hall has been very ill much money do you guess that Our busi with heart trouble. would get? someone ness men might be afraid to B.F. Wright and Joe Ramsey, publish Whitesburg to the world photographers, were here this Azil lest it help someone else. Isn't hweek. it time to .stop doing business on Falls Victim to Thieves such a small scale? oo S.W.Bends, of Coal City, Ala., Whitesburg can never expect has a justifiable grievance. Two to be a business place, no matter thieves stole his health for 12 where the depot is located, unless years. They were a liver and property owners come down to kidney trouble. Then Dr. King's earth on town lot prices. Let New Life Pills throttled them, us all pull together. He's well now. Unrivaled for oo constipation, malaria, headache, Just a very few people own dyspepsia. 25c at whitesburg most of the property that would drugstore. be required to make Whitesburg grow. If they refuse or fail to lead the van for a Commercial Club why should us little "fry" people A Sad Affair big-blas- And Neighborhood Eagle and Evening Post Millstone And Vicinity Abbott Adams, an intelligent young man of Magoffin county, is visiting here. Mrs. Rosa Adams has located down on the river. John Q. Holbrook's little son fell against a hot grate and burned himself badly. M.D. Bates has returned from Kings Creek. B. E. Craft and Lee Johnson are all whistle two girls dance to the music, E.F.Bentley had business on Elkhorn. Mrs. Polly A. Franklin visited her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Blue Jay E.A.Craft. Tortured for 15 Years by a cure-defyin- g stomach troub- le that baffled doctors and resisted all remedies he tried, John W Modders, of Moddersville, Mich., seemed doomed. He had to sell his farm and give up work, His neighbors said, "he can't live much longer" "Whatever I ate distressed me" he wrote "until I. tried Electric Bitters, which worked such wonders for me that I can now eat things I could not take for years. Its surely a trougrand remedy for ble." Just as good for the liver and kidneys. Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50c at whitesburg Drugstore. Thanks have property to sell could be .most benefitted by bringing peo- Post and Eagle 1 year " 6 mo ple and industries to this place. $3.75 $2.25 Dear Editor, Post 6 mo. and Eagle lyr .$2.75 Please find enclosed $1 for the Address all orders to Eagle, Eagle one year in advance. A few minutes delay in treatL.F.Adkins. ing some cases of croup, even the Whitesburg, Ky., and we will do length of time it takes to go for the rest. Cham-bealain- Wife Got Tip Top Advice NOTICE Cough Remedy in the house and at the first indication On February 4' at Mouth of of croup give the child a dose. Rockhouse the contract will be Pleasant to take and always cures let ior the bunding oi a new Sold by all dealers. church house. Persons desiring to bid on same can get plans and An advertisement in the Ea- specifications on above date. gle speaks to a thousand right Come, everybody. out from the shoulder and five AL $1 A. YEAR IN ADVANCE mouth of Leatherwood. "My wife wanted me to take our boy to the doctor to cure an ugly boil" writes D. Frankel, of Stroud, Okla. !i"I said 'just put Bucklen's 'Arnica Salve on it.' fane am so ana it cured the boil in a short time." Quickest healer of burns, Scalds, cuts, corns, bruises, sprains.swellings. Best pile cqre on earth. Try it. Only 25c at whitesburg drug store. 1 LOANS ESTATE, Eight INSURANCE AND WHITESBURG, KY. Many rusty mattocks and old additions reported. hoes have been brought into use. Miss Susie Smith is attending in the last few days and our far- - school on "Linefork. mers are beginning to start work 1 o' the 4 Sisters. on their crops. (The thing to do right now. Crafts Colly appar- - ft . Lester Budget C.H.Crase is ill. James Kiser visited here as did Blaine Collins, E. B. Lucas is improving the road here. Misses Cora and Rachel Hampton visited J.M.Crase's. Nameless Special Representative The National Wuhington, D. Realty Co. C Sight too Valuable To be neglected. Sutherland's Eagle Eye Salve will cure any case of sore eyes, granulated lids ophthalmia or any inflamed con-- , dition of the eyes. Painless and harmless. 25c a tube at all dealers. Notice ld writes W.R.Patterson, of Wellington, Tex., as when a frightful cough and lung troughble pulled me down to 100 pounds, in time of doctor's treatment for two years. My father, mother and two sisters died of consumption and that I am alive today is due solely to Dr. King s New Discovery, which completely cured me. Now I weigh 187 pounds and have been well and strong for years." Quick, safe, sure, its the best remedy on earth for coughs, colds, lagrippe, asthma, croup and all throat and lung troubles.- - 59c & $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by Whitesburg Drug Co. attempt to do so? Those who a doctor often proves dangerous. 's The safest way i3 to keep j REAL ts at this distance. ently manages to step aneaa generally in starting farm work. Let our farmers proceed at once to follow the example set, Get busy! Ed.) Drummer Henry Combs was Millstone, Ky. Jan. 31 Last calling on our merchants. Thursday morning Mayo HampFarmerjohn. ton, a citizen of our neighborHelp wanted hood, while fooling with some For that cough. Get a bottle of blasting powder in his home Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey. Its picked up a few grains and the best. threw them into the fire. The little explosion let off the larger The Eaerle wants you to know quantity near with the result that it prints letter heads, envel son, Joe, opes, note heads, statements, that his was so badly burned that it. died hand bills, scrip, time cards and rolls, contractor's blanks of the next day. The father is also nav every description, timher, land, badly burned but the chances coal and mineral contracts, and are that he will recover, everything else that printers can print and at right prices. three-year-o- B. E. CAUDILL J.G.Stamper and wife are the Say, how will we ever know owners of a fine girl, when it thunders up here? It Miss Minnie Logan fell from a will be hard to distinguish be- mule and broke her arm. tween the and thunder Many attended church at the Life Saved at Death's Door adjust "I never felt so near my grave," ed it will be a new business entirely. Mr. Starkey will also proceed at once to have franchise for his lines granted by the city government, a thing which has never yet been done. With all of the above improvements we Pungent Para- anticipate much better service Pertinent and graphs for Our People's than at any time in the past. Miss Hannah CaudiU'will be rePerusal tained as hello girl at this place. If our citizens want little vilIf troubled with indigestion, lages and hamlets to spring up at constipation, no appetite or feel the mouth of every hollow and bilious, give Chamberlain's Stomth'ey must ach and at every cross-roadLiver Tablets a irial and put property entirely out of sight you will be pleased with the reandcontinue to keep up factional sult. These tablets invigorate differences. Little fish are con- the stomach and liver and strengstantly fighting and jabbing and then the digestion. Sold by all quarreling with each other. The dealers. big fish help each other or pursue their own course, If the " It acts directly on the organs affected and is at the same time a general restora- Telephone Items There are no births or deaths Mra.JoeSmith is'ill. to report this week. Saturday Riley Sturgill and Daw Adams will locate in the Miss Alice Young were happily property vacated by Floyd married. nt .50 Banks 1 : : WHITESBURG : : : : MARKET HOUSE All persons are hereby warned under penalty of law not to cut, destroy or remove any timber or other thing of value from the land of Susan M. Walters, on Schoolhouse branch near Whitesburg, Ky., bounded by the land formerly owned by N. R. Day, Cowan Ridge, the lands of W.G. Caudill, J. P. Lewis and W. W. Long. A reward of $25 will be paid for evidence to convict any person or persons guilty of the offense indicated above. W.M.Walters. U.S.Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C. COLLINS & WILLIAMS, Proprietors, Will pay the following prices for country produce until further notice : Eggs, per dozen Chickens v . T. isc r... Butter ' Turkeys Hogs, net ? Hogs, gross Cattle, on foot, per lb. . . Green Apples, bu Dried Apples, bu Soup beans, colored 2c lb., white 2c. not buy sheep at any price. 15c to 25c 15c to 20c 50c to 75c gc 7 ". i2c 2Ac 85c 90c c-- Bring your produce to us and get the cash. Located in the Minerva Brashears house, Main St Sutherland's Eagle Eye Salve Is the best eye remedy ever offered the public. It is a snow white ointment painless, harmless and absolutely guaranteed to cure. At all dealers. 25c a tube. Whitesburg Market House Opposite Eagle's Nest Ready for A Cough Is a danger signal and should not be neglected. Take Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey at once. It allays inflamation. stops the cough and Dr. George M.Adams, Dentist, heals the membranes. from Hindman, is now located here and is ready to enter upon Evening Post, daily 3 months, the practice of his profession. Home and Farm, monthly 1 year, Dr. Adams requests us to state Uncle Remus' Home Magazine, that he intends to permanently monthly 1 year, Good Housekeep- locate in our town and shall be ing, monthly 1 year price $4.25. glad for all his friends and the Now, if you are a paid-u- p Eagle public generally to cafl and see subscriber you get the four first him. His office is present in at nam9d for onlv, $1.25. If you the bank building. want to pay for the Eagle a year addjl to the amount. Send to A Beautiful woman the Eagle, not to the Post. Must have a beautiful skin. Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve removes Asthma pimples, blackheads, chaps and Is a distresssing disease. Dr. roughness, leaving the skin Bell's Pine Tar Honey relieves smooth. Try it on our guarantee. almost instantly, We guarantee it to give satisfaction. Business. If you ever expect to subscribe for a daily newspaper, and one that for nearly fifty years has stood in the iront rank as a newspaper, you had better hand your subscription to us for the Courier-Journa- l. Only through us can you get it at the price, $1 for four months, $2 for eight months. Croup Causes uneasy nights but if you will use Dr. Bell's Pine-Ta- r Honey it will reljeve in a few minutes. There is nothing better. Guaranteed by all dealers. j j Get your letter heads, envel opes, bill heads, statements, circulars, and anything else in the printers' line done at the Eagle office. No limit to the stock on hand and of the very best grades of material. Satisfaction is the word or no pay. fc. AND HIDES HIGHEST MARKET PRICE PAID Mf john WHmco.5K5E5?. WW Wool on Commission. Writs for price list mentioning IM ad. L.M. HALL CONTRACTOR Call On US! IN STONE, GRAN0LYTH1G AND GBMENT BLOGKS Box47,WISD, - VIRGINIA All Skin Troubles Are overcome by using Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve. It is as pleasant to use as pure cream and is guaranteed to give satifaction. 25c a box. Failed in Health "My mother died six years ago," writes Miss Ruth 111., and left me to care for six children. I had never been strong; and this, with the shock of her deat'f., was too much for me. "1 failed in health. I was tired all the time and did not want to go anywhere, nor care for company. I had the headache all the time and such bearing-dow-n pains. "A very dear friend advised me to take Cardui, as it had done her so much good, so I commenced to use it and now I am in good health." "Ward, of Jerseyville, Take jBJf P Eclipse" Machinery MANUFACTURED FRIC B" OMPANY K-- C Incorporated WAYNESBORO,;FRANKLIN I AXVHHgTgawij . fill. itOi ..'9-i- t Center-Cran- k Portable Engines Stationery Engines and Fire-Bo- x Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dept. Chattanooa. Medicine Co.. Chalfanoota. Tenn. for Special Instructions. and book. "Home Treatment for Women." sent free. Boilers. 4 to 40 H. P. Simple, Durable, Economical The Woman's Tonic Women's pains are relieved or prevented and women's strength is quickly restored, by Cardui, the woman's tonic. You yourself know best if you need it, or not If you do need it, do not delay, but commence to use it at once. Every day of delay, only lets you slide further down the hill. Don't wait, then, but begin to take Cardui todav, for its use, no matter how prolonged, cannot harm you and will surely do you good. CO., PA. Friction-Fee- d Saw Mills FIVE SIZES Capacity 2M to 20M Ft. Daily NO BELTS, NO COMPLICATED " MECHANISM PRICES RIfiHT TPDiic cacv LiTlJl Send for free Illustrated Catalog, Addres j Home office or WT-lk- J FRICK CO., Charleston W. Va.

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