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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 2, 1911

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

!aglc. &hc ITttountam Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, February 2 1911 Volume 4 Number 22 The R.R. Depot Capital Gossip By Mountaineer. Washington, D.O. Editor Eagle. st Champ Clark appears to be not only the man of the hour, but the coming man also. He is the possessor of the most conspicuous Presidential boom in It Washington at the moment. fawas precipitated at the now mous harmony fest in Baltimore and has been nourished here around the Capitol ever since. The boom received new force in the Democratic caucus of last week. Whether conscious of his merits as a factor in the Presidential race for 1912 or not, Mr. Clark's actions at that caucus certainly did not prejudice any one or any faction against him. His conduct was conciliatory and soothing. He submitted to be shorn of practically all the powers of Speaker like a lamb. The power to appoint committees was taken from him with his approval. As Speaker he will be no Free from nearly all the Czar. responsibilities that attach to the present Speaker, and to all the Speakers that ever were, Mr. Clark cannot endanger his boom for President by making enemies in the House in the course of procedure. If there is any Czar-isthe Committee on rules will have to stand the responsibility, not the Speaker. It is distinctly m Sheriffs Sales For Taxes virtue of taxes due by Letcher County of $4.95, for the year 1910, I or one of my deputies will on the 6th day of February, 1911, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. at the Courthouse door of Letcher county, Ky., expose to the highest and best bidder for cash in hand the following property, or so much thereof as may be nec essary to satify the amount of taxes due aforesaid and costs, towit: By Union Coal & Coke Co. 1910 tax $440.28. A certain tract or parcel of land in Letcher Co.Ky. at mouth of King's Creek ' con- veyed to Union Coal & Coke Co. by Mineral DevelopmentCo. deed dated Dec 24 1908 recorded in deed book 37 d 370. L.C.C. clerk's office, containing 187.95 acres but more particularly described a in deed from Geo Hogg and Hogg to American Coal and Coking Co. dated Dec 20 3.905, same being recorded in L.C.C. clerk's office in deed book 32 page 364. Polly Stamper 1910 tax $26.33. A certain tract or parcel of land on Long branch of Linefork in Letcher Co. Ky. containing 634 acres more or less, same having beensold to Polly Stamper by John W Stamper, deed dated Dec 14 1908 and recorded in deed book 36 p 410 L. C. C. clerk's Ma-hal- . a Southern boom. The South so far as Congress is concerned stands by Clark, to a man. And the South will have the best of Congress. it in the sixty-firThe Ways and Means Committee will be headed by Mr. UnderThis and wood, of Alabama. other important committees are to be enlarged to a membership Only the Rules of twenty-onCommittee will not be enlarged. There are numerous candidates for the chairmanship of this committee with almost a moral certainty that it will go to a Southern man. Several Kentucky members are in for good committee places. The Ways and Means Committee will be organized on the adjournment of the present session, and will proceed at once to work on a new tariff bill. When Congress next meets it is proposed to have the bill well under way. e. o The Senate met last Sunday and performed the antiquated rite of delivering eulogies on dead Senators. Time was saved by doing this on Sunday and there is no evidence that the five or six departed statesmen objected. The one element in the Senate just now is time. Business is banked up to a discouragThey may get thru ing extent. by March 4, but it will require an accelerated pace and probably night and Sunday sessions. Little by Geo Hogg, deed dated Aug 23 1904 and recorded in deed book 30 p 343 L C C clerk's office. Louis Cook, Sheriff. By H.C.Boatright,D.Sr By A. M. Stamper. D.S. By W.E.Cook, D.S. NOTICE It develops of late that there ever been the gathering place of Oscaloosa Virginia typhoid. Alex Adkins and others will go Miss Maggie Stewart is visit to Alabama. ing at. Gate City. Bob Beech has gone to Letcher Henry Adams left Monday for county. Big Looney. Miss Dora Bridges has gone to Miss Mallie Brown visited Mrs. far away Puerto Rico to spend J.H.Adington. the winter. Miss Maggie Potter returned Caudle left for Knox-vill- e Garret from Hellier, to visit. Miss Romie Mullins visited her Ben S.Adington'and Miss Nora Hays were married at Inman. mother in Virginia. Wm. Harris, of Jane, and e May joy be theirs. Potter, of Pound, were here. Mifses Stella Robinette and Bruce Compton's baby i3 some Maxie Young went to Blackwood better. Sometimes Sunnyside Sunday. A Sensible A Mother's Seldom. Ger-om- The Eagle Has .Come to Stay Heart Wrung Little Letter LosTanos, N.Mex., Jan. 23 Dear Editor, Shall I be allowed space in the columns of your paper for a few words to my dear friends in old Letcher whom I so dearly love? We have been living here for more than three years and .have many nice little friends whom I love. But when I get to thinking back over my Letcher county friends it seems to me that they are much nearer and dearer to me than anyone elsewhere, I noticed in the Eagle that there had been quite a destruction by fire in Whitesburg and am sorry indeed for those who suffered loss. I am glad to learn that the railroad is being built. . I expect to visit up there this spring. Your little friend, Alpha J. Frazier, A few days ago the Angel of Death came into our home and took away Johnny, our dear litboy. He had suftle fered patiently "for' eight long years. iWe so much miss the prattle of his tongue and joys of his sweet smile. But we look up and feel sure that he is resting Oh, in the smiles of Jesus. Lord, comfort our hearts! Eliza Davis, Wright, Ky. Little Letter Whitesburg, Jan. 22 Dear Editor, I am seven years old. I go to school and Steve Jenkins is my teacher, I go in arithmetic and spelling, grammai and third I have five sisters and reader. The Courier-Journand the not a brother at all. This is all I Eagle, two of the great pa- have to say this time. pers of the State, offer a bargain Your little girl, in subscriptions on page 3. Esteva Webb. " al Eagle and Evening Post Post and Eagle 1 year " 6 mo $3.75 $2.25 .$2.75 Post 6 mo. and Eagle lyr. Address all orders- to Eagle, Whitesburg, Ky., and we will do the rest. - s This? V We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall s Catarrh Dure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made office. by his firm. C.J. Little 1910 tax $89.98. 400 Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O, white oak trees now standing on and, joining lands of Geo. Hogg, Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internear mouth of Kings fcreek and nally and acts directly on the blood and "Tolson creek in Letcher Co. Ky. mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials free. fin Kentucky river which is Sold by all druggists, 75 cents. ''"branded with letter "W" same Take Hall's Family Pills for having been conveyed to C J Harlan, Ky. Jan. 26 Dear Editor, I hand you herewith check for $1 for account, and wish .to. say that the copies of your paper I have received have impressed me with the fact that, whatever new enterprises and utilities may be necessary with the advent of the railroad to Whitesburg, the Eagle will not be supplanted, but will amply meet the necessity for a good clean county paper, which would be a credit to a town many times larger than Whitesburg now is. Wfshing you prosperity as one deserving, I remain, Yours truly, -- W. W. Lewis. $80.00 per month straight salary and expenses, to men with rig, to introduce our Poultry Remedies. Don't answer unless you mean business. Eureka Poultry Food Mfg. Co. (Incopor-ated- ) East St. Louis, 111. Colored Woman Dead The wife of Mallie Johnson, colored stable boss up at Camp No. 1, Doggett & Doughty Co., died a few days ago and was dissolved partnership but will continue to occupy the same office as in the past. Signed J. W. Hale, M. Cook. Praise Hiram Ison is railroading. This week ends our public school after a good year. Johnnie Brashears had a big corn shucking. Ison Bros.' sawmill is not so busy but has plenty to do. Drew Frazier is on Rockhouse logging. About 5,000 pounds of dynamite was hauled from Stonega by Kingdom Come citizens for the R.R. men. The public will taks notice that the law firm of Hale&Cook have J. is an apparent uncertainty on the our citizens many times during part of our citizens as to just the year. They from their own where the depot will be at pockets built the Courthouse and Whitesburg. The Eagle would the jail, both the equal, of any Pike County- Appalachia News arid Otherwise under no circumstances attempt buildings of the sort in Eastern J. G. Riddie and daughter and severai attended Federal Court to pull down one section of the Kentucky. This being true it D.J. Cox is with the surveyors county or one section or one end ought to be and it must be the nephew, MivTate, are all ill with at Big Stone Gap. this week. buried at Sandlick. ORGANIZE With the wheels of industry rolling rapidly toward our midst, with the eyes of the whole commercial world turned and centered right on us, is it not time to drop petty local and worthless differences and get down to real business? The very first thing we need Commercial Club made up of is a" good home-mad- e those who have the actual earnest good of the town and neighborhood at heart. A club like this will eventually be organized here and we ought 'not to wait for that to be done by those other than ourselves. The business of a commercial club is to bring trade and industries and business of all kinds. We need this. LET'S GET TOGETHER in a few days and try our hand at a proposition as indicated above. At least let's all get together some evening business talk it we do nothand have an ing else. Let's do something to build up old Whitesburg and thus make it old-fashi- A-NE- W WHITESBURG Easter Cards Free Not Cheap Trash But 10 Beautiful Ones. I want to send free to every reader of the Eagle 10 beautiful, imported, embossed, colored Easter Post cards, all different, without advertising on them whatever. I do this because I want the people to know the high grade cards I carry at manufacturers' prices. If yon prefer beautiful Valentine cards say so when you write. All I ask is that you send me 4 cents in one cent stamps to cover postoge. Address, C. T. Johnston, Pres., Dept., 71, Rochester, N. Y. DELIGHTS EVERY HOUSEWIFE. Any woman who makes a fair test of A-- l Purity flour is a convert. It does not make any difference what she tries first-bre- ad, biscuit, muffins, angel food or gems, the results will be so satisfactory that there will be no use in arguing with her. She has been looking for a flour that is good for all sorts of baking, for years, and A- -l Purity fills the bill. This flour is for sale by Lewis Bros, at 95c a bag or$7.7o per bbl. of the town in order to build up or enhance another end. What we want is a big, wide, intelligent and business Whitesburg and whatever will bring that we are in favor of. Now, some of our friends have said that in case the depot is not located at the upper end of town on the property bought of Ira Fields the town will be greatly damaged. On our part we think this is partly ttue. In other words, we believe that it will be better for the progress of the town, better for its growth and better for all concerned for the depot to be lo cated at the upper property. But, again, suppose it should be built on the Robert Blair place or lower down on the Watson Cau-di- ll farm it would enhance the value of property down there and thus make our city grow at that end instead of at the upper end. What is food for the goose is also food for the gander. The Eagle exercises partiality for or against no man. On its part it will be benefitted as much with the station one place as the other, but it wants the L. & E. people to do the very best it can for Whitesburg and all concerned. This old town will perhaps al ways be the county seat of Letcher county; it will likely as not always be the legal business center for all the citizens of the county. It will never be sur rounded by coke ovens or mining camps or be the the congregating place of that class of humanity that gathers around a mining town. Whitesburg will be for years the residence of a clean class of citizens including railroad officials, business managers of mining operations and the headquarters of business men of all sorts. In a few years it will be a new Whitesburg. tho' without the pool room, the billiard table or the saloon. That class of business will surely not be permitted We hear it often reto enter. marked that even big railroad corporations sometimes do things to spile people. Whether this is true or not we can't say. From the time that this railroad proposition was first started last August till now of our people have been as favorable as possible to the railroad. Till the railroad is finished and the trains running.and on afterward it will be more or less worry to our citizens. The railroad authorities know this and we feel certain that those who have the management of things in their hands will, in the location of a station at this, place, put it where it will be for the best interests of our people both in the country and in town, We want to see Whites' burg grow at both ends, on all sides and in the middle. It has pride of every good citizen to see the old town widen out in its borders. Therefore, citizens of Whitesburg and Letcher county, and railroad officials and what not, join hands and hearts, drop every spite, if you have any, and let's bend every energy to 'make Whitesburg the pride of the mountains. Little Letter Pine Top, Ky. Jan. 22 Dear Editor, I am a school girl 13 years old and have two sisters and three brothers, and all but two go to school. John Wes Reedy is my father and he takes the Eagle. Cousins, wake up and write. . . . Rose L. Reedy. Sends Feed Roda, Va. Jan. 25 Dear Editor, Enclosed find $1, feed for the bird that it may continue to fly across the Black mountain for I enjoy the message it brings 'me from old Letcher. . E.H.King NOTICE On February 4 at Mouth of Rockhouse the contract will be let for the building of a new church house. Persons desiring to bid on same can get plans and specifications on above date. Come, everybody. -- nine-tent- hs Equals Castorisu. Mallie, Ky. Jan. 21. Dear Editor, Let the Eagle soar in these regions a year. It is the best local paper in the mountains and my children cry for it worse than they do for Castoria. S.F.Day. ' Residence Burned The residence of Jordan of Line Fork, was destroyed by fire last Saturday night. The fire originated in the kitchen and from a defective flue. Almost nothing was saved from the building and the loss will" ap proach a thousand dollars. Hol-com- b, Big Tide T,he rain came down in sluices Sunday night and as a result Monday morning about the big gest tide in years was swishing r and swirling down by the burg.---Tcounty bridge was again tested with a great number of sawlogs but held its own. he " '-- EAGLE $1 A YEAR IN ADVANC1 . if"

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