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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, November 20, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

THE SINGLE NEWSPAPER CAN YOU HAVE BUSINESS. TAKE. : : If USE mi - mt ii KEN' RJCKY MOUNTAINEER im:m ummm is ike best blood MY CMMTY REMEDY WHEN MAGOFFIN. COUNTY IN : HO MASCmX CCUXU SirPLY IS COKFlltE TUCKY RCAOINC TABLE'S I1KCUI THE : MOUNTAINEER. KEN- ! Our Motto: Publish Every Item of News and Preach the Gospel of Salycrsville. VOLUME .2 NUMBER 42. SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNT.Y. KENTUCKY, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20. Why Is It So? - Mountaineer, Crazy Sheet. Eh Rule Johnson. WHOLE NUMBER 95. ,191.". RePort November 1 ' 1913 Kentucky I ItlAil rAILo HhK J Hurruh for Breathitt, county! Turn the elephant down nn al- -t , . Good info. matin., comes to r Vy and .nova the whole Wnmef 8110 United StatfiS. JENNI"PRocTon. that its rooster died Tuesday of 'circus out of town whoop I here il ' Ruroau of Statistic in with Weather P.ureau, United Tin f W'U ernnaa nml ilia Wnn.,T1J. nmi. aa Pilin Tnlinann f Tin nlrT.f tlrn. State Department of Agriculture. '0l must chooso between me anA cans are sitting in the log cabin In Hire, the -t- iib nun." a father stood before. .1 door smoking the pipe of peace. I Ruio without a bashful of ego daughter, black-brol cd. unyieldlns. U. S. KENTUCKY "0u. I cannot, father. .1 cannot." KENTIlnKY MnnvTitMrpn lilfn rhut ivl.n w.u m.isi. 11 una mail nils scouil- 1m ' THE MOUNTAINEER Ciaiy. nobbed up and stuck hmjicad crt- -i to bo your husband, i win mm ii2 ima !' totn The Republicans aro smoking', thru the Firat page of THE MoUN - nave tiolhlni: more to do with you. '? ,5n!"; A',,y," but it h just a little curl of smoke TAINEER and proclaimed hfirisolf ob, father, pleasol I love Corn : from thelonf some log cabin. We n dean of jurisdiction and the nlmtalhei, bu1 Yield per ncro 20.C 23.0 il0.4 licked them to a frazze, losing but lord of American letters. Now, Hut tim father hail closed tho door 29.2 71.5;58: 109,440 2402017 312474(5 Production . .k. .. thousand " d one office, that of jailer. Your and ancient tnari - l,e?lnrt l'ln- - Ha , " Old, on farina Nov. 1 5,472 3,089 137.972 G4.7CI Amy iiuminer, fcoiuen mured, younc, Republican brethren in Breathitt ne.s, just a phrase or two phrases beuuUful, headstrong. umii her choice 71' Quality 91 82.2 . .per cent1 85.5 are anything but peaceful. They of Duke s Mixturo phraseology she left her father's homo and maru, ,"a 8,h rrii him Potatoes : have blood in their eyes ane enn to conglomerate a definition of J" ", w! 89.21 101 tit mivi ivuiuii ni tv juntivu .' iliu Yield ier nere H3.4 .bll I re When lfer baby tests in thci- - htarts, neither of deafening "het-mouth- .' 5,151 .'528.550 420. G47 u boiu, Atny'n hairii Production .thousand j 2.450 which will avail them anything. plied once to that impertinent, nesa was almost complete. I'bt nno Quality 92 70 text-boo- k 00.6 Mahaffey has gone back to his pill uertineut and pert nen boss who flaw van llialtnher father had not. yet .. Law the way we find it too often? pockets and Adams to the prac ice roared and bsllerod lilie a stalled faff.!... Tobacco : A UcceKfm man. i.aK0. What is a homo where there is of law and Bailey tu the Legisla- freight engine with a bad of livinc in iho mldt of luxury, ho wan 7(i0! Yield peracre., Ilxl 780 7f).o 785.5 ' 'l''1 Production. .thousand onid,eaf ,1!lU llaus,'t"''; no newspaper, daily or weekly, ture maybe. Jackson Times. 271.472 tramps, but . my cousin-in-la903.875 9G2.855 Urn parental ajMlntt her , Quality percenq 82i 88 81.7' Poor disgruntled thing I For my wife i s de, one of those do- - unj ,ra f0ri.,cr, 87.4 magazino or Action? We imagjeara ine that such life is a peipetual your take we are sorry awful- feated G. 0, Pcrs in the Morgan 0,11When her babv lrl wan tno ll0,l,,,' Apples : 3torm 50. "vor AlJI'" 70 ly that the races were so cl ss bailiwick, fad that 1 would have (;)i0 Production per cent roundelay of indifference, dugust hold. Sho never Inew iiulte hnw 11 7!) BS' 70.2! n to coma down and do some of my Quality as to afford our "brethren" . 83.0 ,ml llfl,ri.ncd. Hhe hud i!een,o busy and family trouble. to have "contests in their dirty woil: for him. I went and ivitu imi iMyn. Her houkosoid Clover seed : And there is another sort of -- hearts." We'll wager dollar to every voter's child in the ,Iea hBl1 J,'"1,eJ 'ry vnrant hour. Yield peracre a.oj .. T She had so little llnic'tn eo what wh , 2.0 mi ... iu o0 20 doughnuts that ".'Smoky" is sor tuuuij-awe do not know what to call it evurvuiifs wuo i on about her. IV, i,al)li she hud percent Production.. . 75) 74 80.5, 74.5 ry he over labored to "clean upl could get to. IlnriPO mv lll'.nv; nnplnrlr.l Will V mi but, for instance, a good m ny Mas too tired to nnljee Will anbequce : i rices to prouUCCrS.NOV people in Kentucky, especially Breathitt county's jail house and Now I'm on for keep. or hid vliorcabouta. Wheat. . . ,.C0litri pT bll 77.0 8:5.8 yard" as a campaign trick, too. I am so fervently and holly Hut otio iiionilns the seale dropped '& B in the mountains, are extravaCorn 70.7 r,8.4 ?S Shake hand-- , Mr Gnllllh, and; and passionately delightfully glad from her eyes, tier Inby was taken OhU ... r.fl ::::?i" f;! 33.0 gant enough to throw away a tell tlu Times and its "brethren" that theaccursed and from her and slio mm eebt ndrlft upo.iPotatoes. I", " 45.5 Antho a quarter for some wetern Vve. i 20: i3.t;oi The Mountaineer won't go selling seasoi. has come and gono ntl.or vrotld ntnrndlvoiced rn.twomun. that . .n.f Hay.... 10 20 n.i.l 1180 ttrimmi . . ... !n l.nt- ill, rrrui'1 T . !uct made up from a daily without t ire bughouse unless c didenm- t rices to produc-v-- " Ucl l. : had dno expense and also makes the pub- e.i 0 thi'tn. We the Times tho eastern hemisphere of my MreJ for the child ami Pi.! tin 1 lmr I Iocs 7'iiu, 7.70 7.C0! i:i i" 7.50 dollars per JUII Hi umi wuti.! uuior iimi ouldn': send us wrongfully, be- - heart and sets in . . fmnlrtVPit Ami llirtnu tutlfilni tati lisher rich for the adve.tsing, (!.0f 5.30 G.20, Beef cattle. 5.70' portion thereof. I am also glad Amy cculd do. They luld her that th C1.3 75' Aapples 85.C cents per bu 00; but does the subscriber not an UjJ 1,0 3ocidod ihinB. and that the Democrats lost in Mu 71.H '.51 Sweet potatoes. 801 78.0 a m ta Kuew r.oiiuni; or mo law. of good, and arc arc too ecoiota county won UareiUliy WatCnen. In desperation, tlm cast-ofwent to nomic, or rather "tight," to pay in M.ora" "" ,That'a a friend to boriuw Iho money to ii" to Brother and Sister. u dollar for the home paper, and in public .places wc 3f tnc wa a wenr. anu wny not another city. Often i,ho wan hungry . tn Wu. 8'ad Ot it: mid bur cloUini w.'ro raBReil, thra.l-ra tti which is .everlastingly working vennrlpf if thi.v In'mw thn huninotc Says a ne wjj.Jle-- .from" Lon.are. I here Mas no work for tho In HW-' The Kentucky don. Ontario : therrtw.ln'pV Vlee-l-n ySDWWr tflKrfcnecd hand. At last. ;t "Wndly and toiling for them ar.d trying men '" niiecHnti! tint hud lis origia won " i."u","i 'i "Alice ami Carl Jaqobson, bro.rj bank ntore ami office there tfi' . . ,.,..., mesltc sirvant. 1'or seven yrais rln tfnuch good Whit u u" " ther ami sister, lost to each. other lived thw. tiuknonn and unmolested, Literary Pasture geod does the Kansas City Star, Will S on UC.1 place for a b.y to win,is 011 forever thru Mor - j ciossins a busy utreet one day, an , fill. Th.ise who have the man-jt!lrsJ in(e childhood, learned of their Yellow Jacket, Rip Saw, etc., do aovment of afTniru of lm!inp an COUIlty while I was mtllemo - uutomobllo dashed aiound Iho comer Isi true relationshipnfter a ccturtship HJ bhrlll siren utarlied the nervous ,0lllm lel"rf "rs ,lnr .my v.omaii. She dodged find one you, citizens of Magoffin county Will eeltet cms of these boys ; own that was about to develop into then tan other. 'Iho ldg ear passm! "' "'" inain'age. The story, as told by and Eastern Kentucky? Whit thev Mil nut select Umi for Most Likaly. stl'Mck a nome whcre lhu lml)' over hir; then It stopped; sh.i was the young people, is that many do they care about what you get ity to swear, smole or tap a beer j1 lifted Into tho timueau nnd hunted to 1'Vwtrari will be shod ove" the yearH ago, in Devonshire, Kng-lunbnoAmi thn c, ,.fn,v ,,.ii ,i,,. was so gitu'somely Iwrnely that tho ucaiiist hospfial. for your produce? What do they When tho v.omaii opened her oyeg defeat of Tammany in New York. Carl was adopted by a famis dtift about littie social flln(.. U couiur. t nave Kl setl IC wltn my care if you die after they get ti News. fchut L3 tiKht as llcath- ,hei "lu,y, wl.l!d upon ii clil. ily named Siuilhtoii, and shortly ms and U happy fn the conceit cowntd, It was tho sainn your money? Are they trying to that he is "jnst the article" the wif? threw a jar of spoiled pick-- , nftf rwaid caino to America. He bidden tho ehaulfeur stop Sull Mcosc Rook! 1,1 ,u 14,13 vvne" 1 "'cnuunuu tho machlno that Itn victim ihIbIi'. bo do anything for you? lived in Naw York nnd Detroit youngladlcslmdindiaponsableon!"-Miss Mflbelle Scntt will enter-- . all occasions is also given the osculation to her tlle M ,nan eared for. try :,i. ii t.. for ,, !....!. .tu- - ... several . years, and finally, left ... .. .... "Don'l to talk, mother u. i.i ii... la, , i r iwuix Man. A Far-Seeiglassy stare quite as often as the told n, there WM n"i'n.' girl. "They aro biinIm; erandl'nther wnen l ratt'eti my tainted money here. I want you to aavu your ktren(r,,!i uriluv ;itleriiiiun tit her home. this city, lit 'wju residing in We do not know who "A Dem- (Qther) "worthies?" boys. Carlisle Mercury. York street here, vyjifii i lev. men have a few loose- hab- under his no?e, the hired man le-- j for him." you and ocrat" is, but we appreciate this together?" "liut fattier to taste my kill-m- e quick mouths ago a young woman nanf Wlio feeds 'Em. "Ye. I ran away from my father's man and are thankful f r its thems Ives, but they are look-ii- i: 1fusad type of ooze :nd the dog bit mo on the home. I couldn't blued it, mid r Knglaiid o. b ys who mm as .mar the compliment of th author to1 news- - ed .lucobaon came from for Sale-- 2 (out: mo lu. Von vee. craridftLd corner of my ge torn in tve-- se'i.s. of the upper the following communicmi n : ('liases, good as lieW, cost to live here. Com in f fom snnte you jx'sstsiiions Do you call ther failed raiddly after td ow. went JKipi'l awar. seldom leav hu price S10. Write to Cnrl E. country, and both being lonely, a Saiaersvilije, Kv , Nov. 17, '11. v'ura t . .hep tan ti .d, m.d they .that nn incident? jt tuuuuti tiuiu strong friendship grew up beare anle to give tno character of rJ ilia iu i;'t. rit niut Davis, Newt--- Wliitesbuit', Ky. Emin Elaw, Editor, Salyersville. pvarv tween them and ripened Into hoi in ?:il . prr.vill Tlivl Mr. Editor, that wes a hling- - just hoUUng mjrfurliand. Vor yart wh you. And now ou My Dear Sir : It would d your h:iu ec;irche(I love. Long conversatioiir abotif CrossiExamiriation. not l.mki- e lor vwrlipB. flanged good editorial last we.-good to know what I tlink ar heart , cramiuihw need When a boy applies for one of' 011 Magoffin county's fistula af-- t0 tav Wonder, hnw much khih' of Devonshire brought the fact that of our county newspaper. The it.-- . .1, ,. i,.,.., fa,rs' ah" 1 45 Com,any want IV nT,,, Kentucky Mountaineer. If ev- th.8epace8.nn is refused they tired i yes lifted up progressive (?), Mnraan COUIlly l1LJ ltU .(.CII .Ulll ill 4. IW4II" The young woman, hi may no'. tll Mm ihe reason they'uu tu '"" wonderfully Had fhe went to sleep citizens would lake to lei the! town. ." " ery man, even the recently vic"Hp needs me; ho nee d county murmuring: di. not wa t him. but th hov or Slate build a good writing to licr parents, encioseti torious Republicans, appreciat d mo." ph'turc of Carl and told of her yeu and ypur valuable paper as I nm depend Ui.ou it that he has etieir uiipreceuenteu promises. a road alongside their premises V lly a ble bay window overlooklns Wc want the landlord to build pari;. Amy I'lumniei l'aso- and her engagement. J no parents were do I am quite snre you would we bcim lattd according fo his West Liberty Courier, the 500 new subscribers by Jan of the opinion lhat it was tho Boys cannot afford to better roads and bridges so we daughter v.cro shindlnp. "Molhor. I wish you wouldn't maku usry 1, and even more. to tho better school long-loWc Prefer tlie Ten. son, ami an investiga- adopi the habits and conversa- can travel We were beaten to a "frazzle" house, the pedagog is going to. me liurn to earn my ifwn IIvIiib. We ic loaders at Wash- - tion was conducted which. rcveal- election, but both partus tions of tho loa'. rs and he iow-- d build. Then we will have an ain havft money, and in the -Every eiil hou bo ubio to makn j,1(,lon cannot agree on a banking 'ed the fact that tho lovcra wcro e if they r want to be c II could not win, and I feel conf. nor own way inin. worm, miaiuea ,..,. lim,hp,. :md nister." that such as wo deserve. we will have a good c to rtsp nsibl p sitions. ident that - ,(1 . .c . ., overy woman, ror nono knows wiiai: i t vi ui u ui ruuiuQiuii i administration, anyhow. I don't ,uii.i jay sho will bo thrown upon her owtijcus on tlie matter. President blame .you for righting you to.tell the denizen- - of Magollm resources. I nont to teach you to tare WiUon and tho Senate committee Did You Know These ? Getting Back. battle I would do the tame. county that The Mountaineer fr oure!f. The ihim: wo women- differ as to what kind of bill L You can easily estimate weights i must leurn Is to put our trust In ourBut you must allow me th- - pri.i-lag- e i.e u C'n I aders are be one of the best ...... m getting Fleming Gazette. not ... ..,. need. of thinking it would : without scales by following these to he oio in Allen count,) at u neIiapers this side of the mid- - I'm een by tho two women, a broken been better Democratic. TYo' the recent instructions: evidence dlo "treii th room, wis Fxasperating Editor! novel. By cracky, "The! M IDun are at liberty to think to.-E- D. Soft butter the iiizc of an egg. wrinkled hand imtcd on his daujlith' the Bui Moose party has 'i The election is over and what e Contine t is so uood I ,cl.-- arlll We have received a beautiful one ounce. u lg ti g r- c in want is a good newspaper. d I ease hav- - re id the first two install- ,.Vou aro rizhu is uaushter. W poem that in, wo imagine it Ten eggs, one pound. know Magoffin county is goi g tu t: cn. . oi suj the mj sue leu t iimus, iviui. men fall our women, but our woran l,t.atjfi, -- the first line of which have that consolation. W but r eit o- the, 'e tior , Onu. pint chopped meat, ono love in my heirt, I am, never fait ui. It has always been to. sal t : .i here are the belt wishes or th he t ,'ui- em hi;, f Yours until next week, It will always bo so. Vou aro right; testis poucd. 'nienuturnnlcsveiarcrallinK'lown paper and the county fr- m our women must learn to stand alone." o lee or! y Ruie Johnson. jevery nom. abet One pint of sugar, 12 ounces. Dauchtur and Kranddaughter ten-- . We didn't lead any further, for A Democrat, 'the lirgest maj'. iti b vver '.iven ... . man In the room's , d.rly placed Iho old in the v,,.. nf viinrii.iw. ' One pint of liquid, OI1C poutKl. This ws mad ' Stick to Your Town. most couifortnblo chair, with cushions fjno ,,jt 0f nncalMo . li, t... (Ko T)..ll Rl- SUgrr. 13 Turkeys Galore. or man, we have never ioeri one brouEht him hi. returning to 'he G. O. P. i a Standby your town. Nit t do'- -' and footstool, The other selected ou favorito drink. tho leaves fall up. Therefore, if. owcea. Ip.letllV: 111 Happy will be the celebration body.-- - 'What'- - Dong Among lar i ve.tod theru but pome good nf l 1I,.VK Ihil hn llt.r.1 TlVd f flf SOtt llllttei'. anil m. :iw r ....... -- inn'o m" iii. iiiieiii ot tne gtaa Thanksgiving roiiticianv Lo.ii3'Ml- - ime 7, comeoi ll mere is no lamiiy lW1a to i,m until ho slept. Thcvbc-l7 one noiind at Allegheny, min ng 1'ilce one' j o n family, there is perfectly still watchluK over him, truthful as tho first line, there is sat camp in Pike countv T, J M lwo ieacup3tui tievei; j,ranu- Tfijy aiv rlitojjiiju;- wie lik : one's uvn wile; ther- - lest somethlnK should como to disturb hell, superintenden. of t e Al Shou d La m to vn lik OUb'howh Ida comfort. friith lhan noplrv A tioetn eon- - 'tet' SUi'ar, one . JiOUIlll...,l r t. I gheny CoaJ Companr, h s o d Ti e e ar ny AW" ' ho to Chi I O . whose etrw ts derly up Into hi. face, and .ked what ' tabling all trilth ulld 110 poetry j ,n . " at his own expen c that a xpect ib . d'to o p.r ou uno '",u no business in this office. 'sua supply of turkeys be dU' ibuted f "use o t i n t cu- - in i h "oro mti toulu uu lu u"K'lu , u bain s pl'y. and where wo .r sniyersviuu aim fiusooui tuun-t- y indiscriminately to eve y am i b 3, nVAH IMf.l.a . oca o toe iuivsac'-i- ' may som day sleep, i ne news housewives will find it helpful (1 by m tne camp, inis is U - the s onge t i posit or., n dt tho town, and let ui paper3 tu Bo sure to subscribe for your Aro you getting your paper to clip the above and preserve it. ward of 200 families will iovouslv rnnliv t. .thh i.,,.inp m r. .1,1' il... hn ii.. thn celebrate the occasion at !'. port by hieh a ne - nw pape s. nc panil mao our home homo paper and the Paintsvillet regularly and on time? If not, jfCJierous gcntleraun's bouni.y. ' notify us at once, Tako your county paper. Herald for $1.50. Green H'rald. 'per can live. C.ay C.t, TimwS. frt.nouo.-tta- zel There are hundreds, yea, even thousands, we believe, of homes in this (bmain we call, fair and beautiful Kentucky in which not o newspaper or magazine of any description goes. What kind of disease do we call this? The physicians are wasting time and money "exterminating" hook worm, pellagra, etc., when they rould be doing: 13 more beneficial service by eradicating this plague. What is a home where there is nothing to read but the dusty and only I r 1 1 ' i ' tlioficry-moutheuRui- . n deorly-belove- non-readi- . - owd-iim- j j : . w I I i 11 iv.a-so- .', 1 V vote-buyin- g ' y, r'o - . IIin f EpiiiiiiiiiiiiPEiii! i ,.,. I ' 1 i 1 "l'' j - d, -- r.oidcn-hali'o- - ,, '. " ,, ieiei ' Bus-ine- ts grand-futhu- - lett-han- 11 1 , jon-ho- mu. i.- -,i ,..,,..,.,, .. jioi-.t-- h-- ,. -- 1111(1 ' . j - . coo-ity- Iy l.r-.- ' I ... ..... ' 15- r-- -- . ..r-e- - a-- i i 'l" i'" ,

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