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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Finance Committee Report June 17, 1969 Members, Executive Committee, Board of Trustees: APPROPRIATION FROM PARKING ACCOUNT Recommendation: that $460, 000 be appropriated from the parking account for construction of parking lots and the extension of bus service through 1969-70. Background: Parking is one of the major problems on the University campus. A critical shortage of parking spaces exists on the perimeter of the campus. This appropriation will permit the surfacing of existing gravel lots to give better utilization of parking space and the construction of additional spaces. The added black topped area will provide approximately 1, 400 parking spaces. Also included will be funds for razing old houses in the areas planned for parking lots. Since space in the core area is not available for parking, it is necessary to construct lots on the perimeter of the campus. These lots necessitate a campus transit system. Thus, an extension of the campus bus service through 1969-70 as was provided in 1968-69 is proposed. This service increases the utilization of perimeter lots and reduces the internal traffic on the campus. Action: Approved X Disapproved _ Other Date: June 17 , 1969

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