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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

5 I. Appointment of Dean of School of Social Professions (PR 5b) At the request of Dr. Kirwaia, Dr. Cochran called attention to the back- ground material on Dr. Ernest F. Witte in PR 5b and said that the University was very fortunate in securing the services of a man of Dr. Witte's stature to assume the leadership of the School of Social Professions during the period of its beginning. He added that Dr. Witte had served as a consultant at the time the University was studying the feasibility of establishing such a school and is, therefore, familiar with the situation. Dr. Kirwan recommended approval of Dr. Witte's appointment as Pro- fessor of Social Work and Dean of the School of Social Professions, effective July 1, 1969. It was so moved by Mr. Cooper, seconded by Dr. Denham, and passed without dissent. (See PR 5b at the end of the Minutes.) J. Appointment of Director of Jefferson Community College Approved (PR 5c) Dr. Kirwan commented that it was most unusual to receive such com- plete unanimity from all individuals concerned on an appointment as was the case with the recommendation that Dr. John T. Smith be appointed to the directorship of the Jefferson Community College, effective July 1, 1969. He recommended approval of the appointment and, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, he was so named. (See PR 5c at the end of the Minutes. ) K. Appointment of Director of the Madisonville Community College (PR, 5d) Dr. Kirwan called attention to PR Sd and recommended that approval be given to the appointment of Dr. G. Harold Massey to the directorship of the Madisonville Community College, effective July 1, 1969, or as soon thereafter as possible. Mr. Cooper so moved. His motion was seconded by Dr. Denham and all present voted aye. (See PR 5d at the end of the Minutes.) L. Organizational Changes Approved for the College of Agriculture (PR's 6a, 6b, 6c, and 6d) Although each individual was treated in separate PR's, the four adminis- trative appointments and/or changes recommended were being made by Dr. Barnhart as part of a reorganization of the administrative structure and personnel of-the College of Agriculture. Dr. Kirwan said that he. Dr. Albright and Dr. Cochran had discussed these changes with Dr. Barnhart and concurred in his recommendations, On motion, seconded, and carried, the following appointments were approved:

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