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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky; Tuesday, June 17, 1969 The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees met on call of the Chairman on Tuesday: June 17. 1969, in the Board Room of the Administration Building on the University campus at 1:30 p m. , Eastern Daylight Time, with the following members present. Mr. Albert Clay, Chairman, Mr. Richard Cooper, and Dr. Harry Denham. Absent were Mrs. Rexford Blazer and Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer. Professor Paul Obe-rst, non-voting faculty member of the Board, also-attended. In addition to the Board members, Dr. A. D. Kirwan, President, and Vice Presidents A. D. Albright, Robert F. Kerley, Lewis W. Cochran, Glenwood L. Creech and G. J. Ruschell were present as were repre- sentatives of the various news media. A. Pre-Session Dtscuss'-on The members of the Board and the Vice Presid:nts were present in the Board Room at 1:20 p. m. but the representatives of the news media had not arrived at that time. It was, therefore, decided to have Dr. Kirwan make his president's report on activities prior to the: opening of the meeting which had been called for 1:30 P. m. Dr. Kirwan discusksed the admission applications which have been received for the fall semester, po:ntlng out that applications from out-of-state students showed a decrease of 2. 7 percent from 1968 but that applications from Kentucky students wxis,1hing to enter the freshman class showed an increase of 33. 5 percent. He reported that the Unwversity had just received a grant from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in the amount of $54, 500 to assist in establishing a regional Soclal Welfare Research Institute at the University of Kentucky. In conclusion, he mentioned that the University had suffered a tragic loss through an automobile accident In Thailand .which took the life of Professor Richard-Amick, his wife and twco sons. A third son survived the accident and will be brought back to the Unsted States by representatives of the University of Kentucky and the Agency for International Development who are being sent there to take care of Professor Amicks affairs. Professor Amick was an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics on assignment with the University of Kentucky's team in Thailand. B. Meeting Opened The hour of 1:30 p. m. having arrived, Mr. Clay called the meeting to order and gave the invocation. Mr. Co.opkr was naimed Acting Secretar.y and reported a quorum present. Mr. Cla.v then declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of business at I 32 p. m.

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