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Page 304 of Novels, stories, sketches, and poems of Thomas Nelson Page (vol. 6)

GORDON KEITH chuckled as he told him that he had had an indirect offer from Wickersham for his land, much larger than he had expected. It had only confirmed him in his determination to hold on. "If it's worth that to him," he said, "it's worth that to me. We'll hold on awhile, and let him open a track for us. You look up the lines and keep your eye on 'em. Draw me some pic- tures of the lands. I reckon Phrony will have a pretty good patrimony before I'm through." He gave Keith a shrewd glance which, however, that young man did not see. Not long afterwards Gordon received an in- vitation to Norman's wedding. He was to marry Miss Caldwell. When Gordon read the account of the wed- ding, with the church "banked with flowers," and the bridal couple preceded by choristers, chanting, he was as interested as if it had been his brother's marriage. He tried to picture Alice Yorke in her bridesmaid's dress, "with the old lace draped over it and the rosebuds festooned about her." He glanced around his little room with grim amusement as he thought of the difference it might make to him if he had what Mrs. Yorke 304

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