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Image 1 of 1977 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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‘ MINUTES OF THE`MEETING.OF THE BOARD OFQREGENTS MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY November 19, 1976 1 The Board of Regents of Murray State University met November 19, 1976, at 1:30 p.m., C.S.T., in the Board Room of Harry M. Sparks Hall on the campus of the University. The following members were present: Mr. William Carneal, Dr. Mark Cunningham, Mr. James A. Davis, Mr. Bob T. Long, Mr. Jere McCuiston, Mr. A. B. Mitchell, Mr. O. B. Springer, Mr. Tim Langford, and Dr. Charles E. Howard, Chairman, presiding. Absent was Mr. Frank A. Stubblefield. Also present were Dr. Constantine W. Curris, President; Mrs. Patsy R. Dyer, Secretary of the Board; Dr. Thomas B. Hogancamp, Vice-President for Administration and Finance and Treasurer of the Board; Vice—Presidents Bartholomy, Julian and Read; members of the news media and visitors. Chairman Howard called the meeting to order and Dr. Hogancamp led in prayer. Agenda President Curris presented the following agenda: _ _, AGENDA for_Meeting of the Board of Regents ' ” ' "` ` ·‘ " ` ‘ Murray State University November 19, 1976 1. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Regents held on August 6, 1976 2. President's Report 3, Faculty Personnel/Payroll Items A. Resignations, Retirements Name Assignment Effective Jack V. Hough, Jr. Asst. Prof., Pol. Science 7-22-76 James B. Robertson Visit. Lec., Biological Sci. 8-1-76 Joan K. Stranahan Asst. Prof., Inst. 8 Learning 7-30-76 Leonard T. Elzie Asst. Prof., Economics 7-1-76 Michael J. Kenney Asst. Prof., Inst. S Learning 7-31-76 *Guy A. Battle Chairman 5 Prof., Dept. of English 6-30-76 *H. L. Oakley Dean S Prof., College of Industry E Tech. 6-30-77 Joyce H. Fortenbery Inst. 8 Coord., Emerg. Medical Tech. Prog., 11-17-76 Cont. Ed. W. Hunt Smock Instructor, English 12-31-76 Geneva L. Cooper Clinical Inst., Nursing 12-31-76 *retirement B. Leave of Absence (without pay) Name 5 Assignment Effective Bernard Segal Professor S Director, Psy. Center, Psychology 1-1-77--5-31-77 C. Adjustments in salary Name Assignment Change/Explanation Peter P. Smith Visit. Lec., Chem. 8 Geology Salary from $12,500 (acad) to $1s,000 (mad) 8-1-76; completed Ph.D. Burton W. Folsom Asst. Prof., History Salary from $12,200 (acad) to $12,700 (acad) 8-1-76; completed Ph.D. Robert H. McGaughey Co-Advisor for 1977 Shield $500 extra salary for period 8-1-76--6-30-77 Owen B. Moseley Asst. Prof., Acct. 8 Fin. Salary increased $50/mo. effective 10-1-76; doctorate completed. James B. Sickel Asst. Prof., Biology Salary from $13,350 (acad) to $13,650 (acad) effective 8-1-76; promoted from Inst. to Asst. Prof. Paul Lyons Assoc. Prof., Voc.-Tech. Ed. $1,020 extra for Project Director of Competency-Based Curriculum Workshop, VTE 583-76, effective 10-18-76-- 12-23-76 LaVerne C. Ryan Asst. Prof., Bus. Ed. £ Adm. Salary increased $150/mo Mgt- effective November 1, 1976. (Academic rate from $13,HOO to · S

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