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Image 433 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

(continued from pg. 430) thinned and the missing students could often be found at the race track. When weekends arrived the UK student became more venturesome and left Lexington. Home, whether in the city or not, often proved to be welcome hideout. Large cities within reasonable driving distance, such as Louisville and Cincinnati, provided a better variety of entertainment for the pleasure seeking college student. Some students found escape by just not thinking about their pressures. They relieved the tension by watching television or sleeping long hours. Others smoked the forbid-ded weed as a means of relaxation. The newest form of escape this year was when students shed their clothes and streaked across the campus lawn to a place of safety. The escape has become a thrilling adventure. A strenuous way of escaping can be found in popular sports. Tennis buffs became numerous striving to become another Billy jean King or Bobby Riggs hero. Eating was another popular sport enjoyed by almost everyone. Church is one of the more quieter places to escape. 7637 99999999^

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