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Image 9 of Polk's Lexington City Directory 1912

Part of Lexington City Directories

PO LK’ S LIITI €l‘ I €C Ol' T, L b D ° r t y OF THE UNITED STATES. D Numerous inquiries for a complete and reliable Directory of Q the Lumber Interests of the U. S. have induced us to utilize our unequaled facilities in the publication of the work. It is the most complete publication of the kind ever issued, and invaluable to all interested in Lumber and kindred lines. Among the more im- portant features are LIST OF ALL LUMBER MANUFACTURERS IN U. S. w' i Q POWER AND CAPACITY OF MILLS. LIST OF ALL WHOLESALE LUMBER DEALERS. LIST OF ALL RETAIL LUMBER DEALERS. 1 repi Furniture Manufacturers, mer Piano Manufacturers, wg Box Manufacturers, the A `cultural Implement Manufacturers gm S 1 Wagon Manufacturers, gat Car Builders, Planing Mills. Tefe Special Lists or Lumber Exporters and Importers. Shingles, Lath, Etc., Eu. mm gargwoog glaqufacturers. Ship Timber. EXP r3Lg`.Y§’,§’». ..3 Siam pass. M¤*·¤¤=·¤v· E¤<>¤v· ¤¤s WM- Hw- Rnurgad ·[]°s_ Saw Mill Machinery. 8d\ Timber La¤ds—PopIar, Oak, Hickory, Saw Mill Supplies. and E/tzlnrgic S1>r¤¤¤. Gum. ¤yvr¤¤¤» Boiler Manummm, mmm, Eu. The above are the most prominent features of the work. It Con ls replete with information valuable and of interest to all connect _ ed with Lumber Interests and alhed trades. hsb PRICE OF DIRECTORY, $10.00. 5; R. L. POLK 6: CO., Publishers, t° L CHICAGO, ILL. BALTIMORE, MD. DETROIT, HIGH. $1 IT. PAUL, mm!. PORTLAND, ORE. MEMPHIS, TEN! 3:* fran i

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