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Image 12 of Polk's Lexington City Directory 1912

Part of Lexington City Directories

{nvm ·.r;;X.r • - R. L. POLK & CO.’S 1912-13 MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION STATE GOVERNMENT. Governor-]ames B. McCreary. Lieutenant Governor-Edward A. McDermott. . Secretary of State-Dr. C. F. Crecelius. Auditor-Henry M. Bosworth. Treasurer-Thomas S. Rhea. Attorney General-]ames Garnett. Supt Public Instruction-Barksdale Hamlett. Commissioner of Agriculture-]. NV. Newman. Adjutant General-]. Tandy Ellis (acting). State Librarian-Frank E. Kavanaugh. Insurance Commissioner-M. C. Clay. Fire Marshal-C. C. Bosworth. FAYETTE COUNTY OFFICERS. Court House, W. Main, between Upper and Cheapside. Senator-]. T. Tunis. County Representative--Charles B. Nichols. City Representative-]ohn G. Stole. ]udge Circuit Court-Charless Kerr. Commonwealth Attorney-]ohn R. Allen. Clerk Circuit Court-]. C. Rogers. Sheriff-D. XV. Scott. County ]udge-]. Percy Scott. County Clerk-Theo Lewis. County Auditor-C. M. Mathews. County Attorney-D. Gray Falconer. County Assessor-T. C. Bradley. County ]ailor-W. T. Ballenger. County School Superintendent-Nannie G. Faulconer. County Surveyor-]. W'. Gunn. County Treasurer-]. VV. Rodes. County Supervisor of Roads-C. F. Estill. 3 \ ` (

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