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Image 31 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 5, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN KIWANIS Weekly Bulletin of Kiwants Club of Jenkins, Inc. MARCH This Week HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH COACHES TO SERVE AT PIKEVILLE REGIONAL SPEECH FESTIVAL Jjetcher in SPIRIT Detroit . . 29, 1956 March 29th: by Rev. Byrd Adams Fred Pack is Program Chairman with "THE MEANING OF EASTER" as his suggested program. Let's observe Easter in the proper manner by attending the Church of your choice at least twice during the week. When Otis Sexton arrived in in somehow unnoticed. Mr.. Hale, Detroit last June he was on a whose address is: Fasron 6 Box vacation from working in the 33, 1st Lt. Depot, Jacksonville, coal mines. While taking in the Florida, recently married and Detroit scenery he decided to lives with his wife in a little try his luck at seeking a new house, 'with a garden, near job here. As a result he landed where he is stationed. Next Week April 5th: His father is the Rev. ThQmas appoint in a commercial bakery which President Hale is to. employs about 500 people and B. Hale, formerly a resident of a special committee for the guarantees them 40 hours each Whitesburg. program which is CLEAN-UP- , FIX-UPAINT-UThis could week. Bristol Adams, one of the well be a big spring project With a job like that Otis deClean cided he might like to stick writer's brothers, and his wife, with our Club sponsoring week-envisiting Up Week and carrying the ball around for awhile. In July he Joyce, spent a home town, Harbor pre- returned for the rest of the in her to see that our community sents a clean wholesome ap- family and moved to' Detroit. Beach, Mich., recently. Bristol is a baker. Joyce is a' pearance. Otis, who is a son of the late typist with the Michigan AAA Steve Sexton of Rock House, Last Week March 22nd: helps put out about 60,000 loaves Automobile Club. s Ted Brummitt came through of bread a day at the with an excellent program. C. V. Baking Company, one of a chain Dick. Combs of Whitesburg, Snapp commented on legislation of Continental Baking Company, who recently returned to De pertenent to school districts Inc., plants located in major troit after serving with the U. S. Army, has enrollpd in colRonald Polly,' a Jenkins High cities throughout the U. S. lege at the Wayne University in School Senior, gave an address "The dough mixers beat up on "Desegregation." over a half ton of dough, at a Detroit. He works nights at time," Otis said. This amount Chryslers and goes to school Attendance Prize: of dough, which makes more days. This is not an easy task; John Stauffer won the prize than 800 loaves of white bread, We hope you much success in Shafter Davidson brings a prize is turned out every 15 minutes. your studies, Dick. this week. About 3,300 loaves of bread is turned out in an hour by one REPUBLICANS NAME Key Club: machine, which rolls and pans COMMITTEEMEN IN pERRY attends Key each loaf mechanically. Otis Dick Halbert Club this week. Date, Wednes was taught to operate this maHazard, Ky., March 30, day, March 28th. 12:30. chine, set the dials for the propRepublican precinct commit er weights of the loaves, etc. teemen met at the Perry CounNew Member: There are five flour bins on ty Court House Saturday to We welcome Cecil Holtsclaw the third floor which hold about choose a chairman to succeed into our Club. 50 ton of flour each. It is esti- Dr. Elmer E. Gabbard of Buck-hor- n mated that about 300 ton of whose term had expired. Guests: flour is used each week, what Named to head the county Mrs. Arnold Mattox, with pastry, cakes and other GOP organization was Dr. Clyde Robert Shubert Key Club baking that also goes on in this Wooton, Hazard optometrist and Ronald Polly former state representative. medium sized Detroit bakery. Otis' wife, Rosetta, is a daughOthers elected were William C. E. Witt, guest of J. L. Witt ter of Mr. Henry Diamond, a D. Gorman as treasurer, Miss E. M. Arentezen Letcher county coal mine invest- Claudean Petrey as secretary Harry Fitzgerald or. Mr. and Mrs. Sexton have and Miss Edith Napier was rethree children, all girls, ages elected as county chairwoman. Laugh Lines: Dewey Daniel, state GOP to eight years. A British scientist discloses five The Sextons recently returned leader, addressed the group that a man can have 3,155,760,-00- 0 from a trip to Letcher in their briefly on party enthusiasm and ideas. Which disproves what patriotism. most girls think when their '55 Mercury. Mr. Sexton, who lives on West date claims the car is out of There is nothing wrong with Willis Street a mile from his gas. bakery job, has a brother, Rob- the motion picture industry that o ? an- good pictures will not correct, A visitor ert Sexton, who lives in NOT SPEAKING: other apartment at the same from across the mountain leanFOR ATHLETES FOOT ed on the rail fence, watching Use for 3 to 5 days. his old friend plow. "I don't like I wish to apologize to Mr. Watch the old fainted skin to butt in," he finally said, "but George healthy, R. Hale SN (USN), of slough off leaving you could save yourself a lot of Jacksonville, Florida. In this hardy skin. If not pleased with work by saying "gee" and "haw" instant-dryin1, his name powerful, to that mule instead of just tug- column on March was reported as George Hall, your 40c back at any drug store. ging on those lines." Quillen Drug Store, pulled a big This was an error that slipped Today at The handkerchief from his pocket MiiimiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiip and mopped his brow. "Yep, I know that." he agreed, "but this mule kicked me six years aeo. and I haven't spoken to him since." P P. THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1956 EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY members to serve as chairmen of all groups as in the past,. Dr. A. A. Page, college president and festival manager, said today. Two Pikeville instructors will be available to preside over some of the sessions, which will go on simultaneously in five rooms of the new educational building of the First Methodist Church of Pikeville. Pikeville, Ky., March 21 Mrs. Ruby B. Allen of Napier High School and Mrs. Miriam P. Dobyns of Hazard are among the 12 high school speech coaches who have been asked to "double in brass" as chairmen of various sessions of the Nobody seems to testify in Pikeville Regional Speech Fescommunist trials but liars tival Friday and Saturday. Record enrollments and new and third-yea- r classes at Pikeville College, which sponsors the anWisdom comes to individuals nual speech meet, make it im- in broken doses and a few hupossible for Pikeville faculty man beings have much of it. ex-liar- s. decorate with It's an American Custo- m- d . HARM ON Y WALLPAPER I NOW IN STOCK! NEWS with a cup of good coffee And when you think oi good coffee, you can't help thinking, of JFG SpedaL With every sip it's new because it has that unmistakable flavor character that comes only from its 100 Premium flavored coffees. We Have A Large Supply of Hall-Mill- .the Come in today and choose the style and color of your choice . . . That's at low as 25c Double Roll PRICES-- As H. B. REEDY PLUMBING & HEATING "Your Building Contractor" Pittsburgh Paints WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY L g old-tim- L, er -- THE GREAT AWAKENING: "So Jane is sore at her husband. I always thought he was perfect. In their 10 vears of married life. xiaail L lie axwajo luiitcu iiu check over to her the first of every month?" ' "Yes, but she has suddenly discovered that he gets a payday on the fifteenth too." A USEFUL ADVERTISING: fisherman was hauled into court for catching 10 more black bass than the law allowed. "Guilty or not guilty?" asked the judge. "Guilty," said the sportsman "Ten dollars and costs," said the judge. After paying the fine cheer fully, the defendant asked: "And now, your honor, I'd like several copies of the court records to show my friends." "Nothing is denied rected labor; nothing be attained without (Sir Joshua to well diis ever to it." Reynolds) m m feja ji H 5S Pi ji m YOUR FINGERS? Hi if Remember ! iff DOES MONEY SLIP THROUGH A. Little acation In Every Day .. THE FUTURE STARTS TODAY! ( ii iti The time to start preparing for a happy and secure future j is now . . . TODAY! Instead of letting your money slipjjjf Leaves Fort Sill For Germany away, unaccounted for, open a savings account with ustj Specialist iti today and add to it regularly. As the total grows, earn-- j Fort Sill, Okla. Third Class Farmer Engle, 37, ing our regular interest, you'll be on your way to a well-lj- i son of Mrs. Susan E. Engle, planned future! Whitesburg, Ky., left Fort Sill, N m Okla., for Germany, March 27, Open Your Savings Today! jjj as part of Operation Gyroscope, the Army's unit rotation plan. J; Specialist Engle's unit, the m 267th Armored Field Artillery THE BACK WHITESBURG Battalion, is replacing the 597th Field Artillery Battalion in EurMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. fjf ope. Engle, a cook in the battalion's Battery A, entered the Army in as April in 1941 and has been fits awarded the Bronze Star Med- gy". llIMlipillllllll1lljlll al. Account Of What's it like to take the wheel of a 1956 Cadillac? If you don't already know, then we hope you'll come with us now on a little imaginary journey in the "car of cars". Suppose, if you will, that you're in the driver's You simply lean back and. enjoy the ride. We've heard it said that a drive in a new. Cadillac isn't really a drive at all, in the normal sense of the word. It's a time for rest and pleasure and relaxation. seat. How wonderful you feel. Those deep, luxurious cushions hold you in perfect comfort your hands rest naturally on the slender wheel and all about you are vision . . . and beauty . . . and luxury. And how quiet and restful it isl The car is so smooth and silent in operation that your only sense of motion comes from the sound of the wind and from the passing landscape. .. . stopping turning all are regutouch of toe and hand. lated with the lightest Starting .. Belter come in or a visit some day soon. IJ you should decide to move up to a Cadillac,-iwill be our purpose to make you as pleased with your relationship with us, as your dealer, as you are certain to be with the car itself. The Cadillac name has tony been a symbol of automotive integrity and honesty oj purpose and we make every effort to have our own business reflect the same ideals in our dealings with owners. t It would be a pleasure to see you at any time. BOONE MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. Whitesburg, Kentucky Whitesburg, Kentucky i

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