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Image 28 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 5, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN BLACKEY NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Cramer Mullis and family of Richmond, Ky.,! her home on Little Leatherwood and a friend. All is in poor health. She is the Greensburg, Ind. daughter of the late Asa Riddle. Rus-sellvill- e, visited with their parents here, Ark., visited with Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Caudill and and Mrs. R. B. Caudill last Mrs. Bertha Mullis, during East-- j week-end- . He is a great grandt. er' Sunday. son of the late Judge Joe Cor-net- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frazier and Jill, Miss Elma and Tom Dixon of Louisville, visited with Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Dixon here and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Collins at Tillie, Ky., for Easter Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Dix- were from Watts at Jenkins. and Mrs. Ishmale Charles, and Thelma Jean, all from Michigan, were visiting with Mr. and over the week-enMrs. Don Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Combs, Glessie Maggard, Edward and Polly Maggard. They returned home on Sunday. Mr. Elder Victor Phillips of Noah Eldridge of Bull Creek, Mag-gar- d, d is confined in a Lexington hos- d d - -- T-S- gt d T T Hol-broo- is the. THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1956 gallon Home Supply; One-hawhite enamel Holstein Hardware. Mrs. Pearl Dixon and Bernice Bowling of Blackey, Ky., made blouses for the girls and shirts for the boys. They had some help from their neighbors. All people who were concerned with this project will be mentioned next week. Mrs. Ernie Frisby of Caney, Ky., is doing a wonderful job helping us with our spring house cleaning. There are others rallying to the support of the Home too numerous to mention. The following people brought eggs and had an egg hunt for the children Easter Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Holbrook, Kona, Ky., and Jesse HI; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hooker Hall and son, Neon, Ky.; Ir. and Mrs. Kenneth Bentley, and son, Millstone, Ky.; Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Bentley, Millstone, Ky. The children had a wonderful time. lf Visiting from Grundy, Va., Saturday night were Mr. and Mrs. Hense Eversole. They spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Anzil Ison and visited Mr. and Mrs. Jr. Thomas, Sunday. Mountain Haven CHILDREN'S HOME Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jesse pital for the removing of an was Hatton over the week-eningrowing goiter. their son, Herby Hatton, from We were sorry to hear of the Cincinnati, Ohio; Miss Kathleen on returned home at Louisville sudden death of our friend, Neice has returned back to Cinwith them. Green Hall, on Fort Branch, cinnati with Herby. She has Perry county, fast week, while been here visiting relatives for a while. Mr. and Mrs. Ola Blevins of working in his potato patch. Cumberland, Ky., visited here Mr. and Mrs. Edd Cook have with their many relatives and Wade Whitehead is improving friends over the week-end- . from the effects of a train ac- left for Lincoln County where cident near his home on John- they will spend a week's vacaAunt Sallie Combs has re- ny Branch. He had three brok- tion with relatives. turned from the hospital to her en ribs and other minor injurMrs. Lee Smith has returned home on Bull Creek, very little ies. home after a vacation with relimproved in health. We were sorry, to hear of the atives in Tiffon, Ohio. Mrs. Allie D. Collins and W. death of Mrs. Harden Griffie, Our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. H. Dixon and Nancy of India-- J at her home on Leatherwood, Sunday. Her son, Charlie Adams are remodeling napolis, Ind., were here visiting burial last their sister, Aunt Sallie Brown, Ralph, a Marine, stationed at their home. who has returned home from a Norfolk, Va., was home for the Pvt. and Mrs. Roland Trent Hazard hospital, where she had funeral. spent Saturday night with his been confined from the effects Gideon Ison, of Pikeville was parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hager of a fall she had while visiting to visit his Trent. Roland left Monday Elder G. M. Caudill, a patient in here this week-enthe hospital. She fell down a mother, Mrs. Margaret Ison. to return to his base in Granite flight of stairs on her way out While here, he and his mother City, HI. visited at T. A. Dixon's. of the hospital Rev. Robert Wilson is feeling The regular monthly meeting better at this writing. Cramer Mullis, Mrs. C. B. Caudill and R. B. Caudill visited time at the Old Indian Bottom at Joe Begley's at Boldman, Ky., Regular Baptist Church will, be Mr. and Mrs. Bob Breeding to see Mrs. Begley who is very Sunday, April 8. This date will are leaving this week for Wash be the 79th birthday of R. B. ington, D. C, where they will ill this week. and Mrs. Caudill, who has been clerk of meet Elder G. M. Caudill of Doty this old church for the past 23 H. Blair and two sons, Hager Jr., and Donald Lee in New Creek, has returned home from years. York, May 1, who have been in hospital slightly ima Hazard Mr. and Mrs. James Eldridge England for the past three proved in health. have returned to their home on years. Mrs. Breeding will ac Linza Griffie, is suffering Bull Creek, from Winchester, company them to their Air Base from the effects of a nail in Kv.. where Mr. Eldridge has in California. Mr. Breeding will his foot been employed for several remain in Washington, D. C, un years. Mrs. Eldridge was a form- til she returns. Thirty-fiv- e of Elder and Mrs. er post mistress at Carcassonne, and Mrs. Mel Celor and W. C. Campbell's friends and Ky. two sons have been transferred neighbors met at their home at from Great Falls, Montana to the Mason's Creek, on Good Friday WHITCO NEWS state of Maine. Mrs. Celor was evening, for services, by Elders Minnie Sue Ison of Whitesburg. Jim and Wayne Back, Bro. Mrs. Jr. Thomas Campbell is gradually improvMr. and Mrs. Jim Short and Mr. Hagen Trent was home ing in health. Among those pres visiting his Ernestine, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Campbell's bro- - for the week-enent were Mrs. ther, Preston Brashears, fromj wife, Edna and children. After- Breeding, motored to Norton, Milan, Ind, who had been away ' wards he will return back to Va., Sunday and also visited r 1J i TK iruxu uie uiu uuluc iicxc u vi- Greensburg, Indiana, where he Mr. and Mrs. Don Gilliam of Wise, Va. per, for 26 years. He was very went to work on Monday. note the many must interested to Mr. and Mrs. Gilliam, are alMrs. Bennie Thomas, Mrs. 'changes that have taken place and Robin, ways glad to see their old during the fourth of a century Robert Westfall have returned to their home in friends. he has been away. After the close of the services Cleveland, Ohio. They have Mr. Sam Banks visited Mrs. we were all served with coffee, been here for the past week visEtta Toler, recently. cold drinks and cakes, the kind iting relatives. made with our grandmothers Miss Shirley Absher and Mr. Visiting with Mr. and Mrs. sweet bread or stack cake, and Carthy Niece were married Sat week-en-d Dan Thomas over the also apple moccasine pie. was their son, Culbert Thomas, urday at the home of Mr.v and We have learned that Aunt Mr. and Mrs. Gay Thomas, Rich- Mrs. Elbert Halton by Mr. the magistrate. A good Mary Huff, 94 years of age, at ard Thomas, Shelby Thomas, dinner was served to both families and a few close friends by Mrs. Hatton. We hope Shirley and Carthy lots of good luck. Shirley is the daughter of Mr. 2252 and Mrs. Edgar Absher, and Carthy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Neice. 1 EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY The children had a fine East er. The ladies from the Jenkins Woman's Civic Club furnished Easter baskets, cakes, Easter clothes, etc. Our children were so thrilled with what these la dies did for them.. Our girls had a regular Easter parade with their beautiful dresses, shoes, etc., made possible by the Jenk ins Club, Mrs. Bob Stansberry and Mrs. Earl Profitt, Seco, Ky. These children are fortunate in having such wonderful foster mothers. It must be a great source of satisfaction to these ladies bringing the rays of sunshine to these homeless children. May God bountifully bless each and everyone who contributed to their Easter joys. Miss Clara Shaw, Pres., Woman's Civic Club, Jenkins, Ky., Mrs. Preston and Mrs. Home visited our home one night list week. Miss Shaw showed the slides that were taken at the Christmas party that was given for the children the past Christmas by the Civic Club at Jenk ins. We sure thank Miss Shaw for her untiring efforts in our behalf, along with the other ladies. The following have purchased memberships within the past week: H & M Service Station, Isom, Ky.; Woman's Civic Club of Jenkins, Ky. We trust the other civic clubs throughout the country will follow in the footsteps of the Jenkins Club and buy a membership. We are indeed grateful to the following for their help in various ways: CLOTHING Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Duncil, Mayking, Ky.; Mrs. Griffie, Jenkins, Ky.; Mrs. Earl Profitt, Cromona, Ky.; Mrs. N. H. Tate, Hazard, Ky.; Mr. and Mrs. Paris Bartley, n Ky.; Mrs. Ina Potter, City, Ky.; Mrs. Hattie Sterling, Elkhorn City, Ky.; Mrs. Naomi Ratcliffe, Pikeville, Ky.; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bentley, Millstone, Ky. Gallon porch and floor enamel Sensational Southern States makes yon this extraordinary guarantee your baby chicks' must live or we will repay you m full for every one you lose. This guarantee applies U the first six weeks of life and covers all chicks fed a Southern States Starting & Growing Mash with eoccidiostat. Southern States can make this remarkable guarantee because of over 30 years experience and" know-hoin Producing top quality Open Formula feeds. Starting and Growing Mash contains 'everything needed to grow althy, vigorous chicks that live and develop into 7 nagged pullets. AINT GOT TIME I w Ain't got time to go Ain't got time to relax Ain't got time to sit uot to pay my income tax. Ask Us For Compltle Information and Written Guarante Ain't got time for my family Hardly know the children's WHITESBURG FARM SERVICE names ( Ain't got time to sit and listen To their tales of childish games. I Rock-Hous- e, Elk-hor- Ain't got time to romp and , play Got to work 14 hours every day Can't leave my business in the lurch. Ain't got time laughter Ain't got time Ain't got time Ain't got time WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY for mirth or to take a drink. prrrrJrJrdrJrJnlrJfJrJrJrJrir for the hereafter to sit and think. a Got to give my very all To keep the wolf from my hut. EUGENE PURVIS E Ain't got time to hit a golf ball Ain't got time to sink a putt. Sign Painting a Specialty i n Ain't got time for a vacation PRINTING i i Ain't no one can take my place Ain't got time for story or fable, Think I'll have to step up my POUND, vm. Telephone 2396 Envelopes Form Letters Sale Bills Business Cards Statements Programs Reproductions Typewriters Rubber Stamps Tickets Adding Machines THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Whitesburg, Kentucky llllililnlilnllnlililtliJrlili. pace Got to make it while I'm able. Advertising is the servant of Experience is rarely valued those who know how to use by those who need it most. Ain't Got The wise merchant is the man Three of a kind Golfers, who put the "ad" in trade. fishermen and proud parents. it GOOD MORNING, GABRIEL. Chevrolet's got three Air, and 'Two-Te- n" .. Be! "One-fifty- ." With 20 sassy-style- d models to pick from, there's one just made for you! The Bel Air Series brings you luxuries and conveniences you won't find in many models of higher priced cars. You also get g Chevrolet's performance, with horsepower ranging up to 225! record-breakin- Bel Air Sport Sedan YOUR "TWO-TEN- n" s Mr. Ralph Day visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Day, Sunday. "ONE-FIFT- Jr. Profit spent Easter with her daughter, Luther Sergent and family. It was reported they had a good time. Mrs. Profit's brother, Pvt. Jesse Sergent, was home for a Mr. and Mrs. "Two-Te- n" Mr. and Mrs. Jr. Profit visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vance at Thornton. Oma, Glauda, Glauda Ware, and Charles Adams, visited Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Adams and Elizabeth Lee, Sunday. spent Easter with Tommy and Parrot Sedan "One-Fifl- y Sedan air conditioning-tempe- ra- TURES MADE TO ORDERAT NEW LOW COST. LET US DEMONSTRATE! 123 GLAMOROUS PRIZES IN THE U.S.A. IN YOUR CHEVROLET ENTER AT NOW-- FILL YOUR BILL? There's no lack of chrome trim in Chevrolet's lowest priced series. And you can pick your power V8 or 6. Come on in and see which one of Chevy's 20 new beauties suits you best! LINE ? pass from his base in Missouri. He spent Easter with his family, then he visited his sister, Renova Neice at the Memorial Hospital where Mrs. Neice's son is very ill. Junior, Lula Mae and Hover Darrell's father. Hover Neice also visited Darrell at the hospital. TO YOUR TASTE? " The "Two-Tehas its own sassy new styling and colorful new interiors. Body by Fisher, of course. And you get the stability and the sureness of control that make driving safer and sweeter in a Chevy! Deaf. She had been spending a vacation with her paents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Anzil Ison n ARE YOU A BEL AIR BUYER? three-da- y Catalogs a ROUTE 1 BOX 252 after 6:00 o'clock p.m. k, Monroe Reed and Buck Hens-le- y from Knott County, visited Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hensley, Sunday. two-week- 0 n WHAT S On Monday Linda Faye Wilson Office Supplies i H That's all foolishness anyway. I can get my recreation Doing things that bring in pay. left for Kentucky School for the Letterheads 1 TELL THE WORLD "WITH SIGN NUMBER To call for QUALITY WEBB AVE. PHONE 2440 Ain't got time to go to church "SEE THE CONTEST. YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER'S. 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