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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 5, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

ONE-THIR- OF ALL CANCER D DEATHS BY CAN BE AVOIDED EARLY DETECTION AND PROMPT TREATMENT! Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, Volume No. 49 and The entire community county were grieved to learn of the death of Bruce Hays, native Letcher Coun-tiawho passed away in Detroit on Thursday, March 29th following coronary thrombosis. Mr. Hays had been employed n, in Detroit for the past Arrives Famed Choir To Sing In The Whitesburg Methodist Local Businessmen First BabyHospital at Tuesday Memorial In Meet, Again on Tuesday night the The first baby has arrived at Church; Thursday, April 12th Whitesburg Businesmen met at the new Memorial Hospital, a Official Dedication Bruce Hays Dies Suddenly in Detroit few-year- Of Miners' Hospitals Set for June 2nd Final arWashington, D. C. rangements have been approved by the Trustees of the United Mine Workers of America Welfare and Retirement Fund for the official dedication of the ten Memorial Hospitals in Kentucky, West Virginia,- and Virginia, now being operated as an integrated unit by the Miners Memorial Hospital Association, Josephine Roche, Director of the Fund, announced today. The dedication ceremony" will take place Saturday, June 2, 1956, at one o'clock on the grounds of the Beckley Memorial Hospital, Beckley, West ample space is available for the antcipated attendance of many thousands of miners and their friends from Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. The hospitals are located at the hub of the coal fields where some 400,000 Trust Fund beneficiaries miners and their dependents are eligible for Fund hospital and medical care benefits. John L. Lewis, as Chairman of the Board of Trustess of, the Fund, wll preside and make the dedication address. After Chairman Lewis has presented his Associate Trustees, Miss Josephine Roche and Mr. Charles A. Owen, he will call upon Doctor Warren F. Dar-peExecutive Medical Officer of the Fund, to introduce for brief speeches Doctor Frederirck D. Mott, Medical Administrator, Miners Memorial Hospital Assoc iation, Doctor Elmer Hes, President, American Medical Associ- tion, and Doctor Howard A. Rusk, Professor and Chairman, Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, New York University. Mr. Lewis will then close the program with a dedication ad dress and the presentation of bronze dedication plaque to each of the ten Memorial Hospitals. Mr. E. Todd Wheeler has been appointed Special Assistant to the Director of the Trust Fund for carrying out the detailed arrangements for the dedication. The nation-wid- e interest in the three-stat- e regional hospital sys tem of the M.M.H.A., inaugur ating a new era in hospital and medical care, is evidenced by the large number of distinguished members of the medical and hospital professions from all parts of the country who will be preseent at the dedication. the City Hall and further - Before going to Detroit he was employed at the Elkhom Coal Co., at Kona for a number of years as manager of the meat department. He was a veteran of World War n. He was the son of the late David Hays. His mother, Mrs. Belle Halcomb Hays survives him along with one daughter. Miss Betty Hays, student nurse at Dunham Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio; two brothers J. L. Hays and Astor Hays and one sister, Mrs. R. P. Price of Whitesburg. One sister, Mrs. Dalna Hays Hale, preceded him in death. Funeral services were conducted at Craft's Chapel Monday morning at 10:00 o'clock with Rev. Clel Rodgers and Rev. E. H. Barnette officiating. Active pallbearers were Ed Haddix, Gordan Barker, Bill Fields, Dr. Carl Pigman, Robert Day, Basil Hall. Honorary pallbearers included Dr. T. R. Collier, Dr. J. E. Crawford, Arthur Bastin, Russell Price, Herman Hale, Bill Kincer, Milburn Polly, George Nelson. Burial took place in the family plot at the Sandlick cemetery. Craft Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Announcement The first meeting of the Medical Staff of Whitesburg Memorial Hospital was held Thursday evening, March 22, at the invitation of J. Huston Westov-eM.D., the Hospital Chief of Clinical Services. Attendance was good, with only one member absent Staff organization was carried out prior to the scientific meeting of the evene ing. Members of the staff voted in and part-tim- e electing the following persons to positions of responsibility: President Dr. A. B". Carter Secretary Dr. Jean McGavran Dr. Ralph Gambrel Dr. . Huston Westover, Chief of Clinical Services Dr. A. B. Carter, President of the Staff Dr. Allyn Judd; Chief of the Department of Internal Medi cine Dr. E. G. Skaggs, Fleming Dr. E. S. Maxey, Jenkins Dr. John Weiksnar, Chief of the Department of Surgery Dr. Carl Pigman, Whitesburg Further committee assignments will be announced later after members are named by the Regional Medical Board. After a discussion of routine medical affairs, and methods of providing for smooth hospital function for the benefit of the patients, plans were made for ' tho next monthly business and scientific session. For the scientific part of the program Dr. Allyn Judd, Internist, presented a comprehensive and interesting review of current information regarding the clinical use of three new antibiotics; bacitracin, neomycin sulfate and polymyxyn B sul- fate. r, full-tim- Vice-Preside- nt Vir-whe- re The Barbourville, Ky. Union College A Cappella Choir will sing in the Whitesburg Methodist Church April 22, at 7:30. The Rev. E. H; Barnette, pastor has announced. The choral group under the direction of Professor Kenneth Huenink, head of the college music department, completes an annual tour each season. Recent tours include trips to Florida, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Virginia. They appear frequently for the weekly radio broadcasts, and the college chapel services. The sacred program will feature compositions by the modern composer Sateren; Beethoven's mo "Hallelujah;" the five-pa- tet by Sweelink; and the Union College, a Methodist senior institution under the auspices of the Kentucky Methodist Conference, is completing its 77th year of academic instruction. Having more than 650 students, the college will dedicate a new $500,000 dormitory for men this coming fall. Plans are underway for the construction of a $255,000 swimming pool. The following persons make up the Choir, directed by Prof. Huenink: Choir Roster Arthur Shaplan, Rue Wesley, Carl Wynn, v Paul Fitzstevens, Walter Hensley, Donald 'Holt, Bill Lombardi, David Jenkins, David Kouns, Keitz Haburay, Albert Layton, William Corley, Harold Johnson, John Smith, James Todd, George Butten, Harold Showaltez. Margie Stephens, Marijuna Golden, Joyce Holway, Mary Krebs, Lydia Middleton, Beverly Patrick, Marge Salmon, Linda Giles, Sandra Mason, Jane Ann Cawood, Toni Tipple, Delia Mills, Mitizie Rogers (Sec'y.), Kay Kundrat, Erma Barrows, Ruth Krebs, Phyllis Patricia Rice, Hilda Willis, Shan Wesley, Shirley Wojciechowski, Diane Murley, y Jane Squires, Inez Stratton, Asher. Trosper Receives Bid for Pro Ball Harold Day Family Letcher-co- . 40-voi- r, rt v , Miners in Holiday Monday was a holiday for thousands of miners in Letcher County. It is known as Contract Day, More are at work now in mines than for years. tradi-dition- al "Beautiful Savior." Now Reside In City Hall Building Mr. and Mrs. Harold Day and two young children have moved to the City Hall Building, Mr. Day recently being employed by the City Council as Fire Chief for Whitesburg. Harold has had extensive experience and training in fire prevention and fighting having been a guard at a DuPont plant for many months in Charleston, Ind. He was also trained in the operation of a Radio Station which is essential since Circus Coming to Whitesburg has such a system. Whitesburg Harold a cousin to Remous The big 1956 Miller Brothers Day, who recently resigned to Indoor Circus is coming to accept a position with KYVA Whitesburg, April 7, 1956; for Motor Co., was formerly contwo performances in the Whitesnected with the Letcher County burg Gymnasium, sponsored by Coach Ernest (Ernie) Tros- School Board working on heavy the Whitesburg Junior Cham per, head cage mentor of the rolling equipment for them and ber of Commerce, accordmg to Whitesburg High School therefore his ability to care for Estill Blair, President of the during the 1955-5the Whitesburg Fire Department Club. season, has recently been invit equipment is excellent The' show consists of Circus ed to visit m Peoria, Illinois to Rmious Day, 'our foihner animals, elephants and chimp- look over a position with a anzees with bicycle and tricycle large Peoria Producer of heavy Chief pledged his whole support riding. Also, the Miller Brothers 'equipment and play AAU in helping to keep our equippresent a ballet of Aerial Airt-is- .basketball as a member of the ment up to par, and is a volunn Peoria plus, featuring the Catipillar's, an AAU tary fireman. Act and Gordo of T. V. squad. All in all we would say Whitesfame, balancing act. Coach Trosper, a native of burg is fortunate to obtain the Don't forget, that's April 7, services of such a splendid at young man and being able to 2 and 8:00 p.m., so make your Harlan, Kentucky, starred plans to attend the big 1956 Union College at Barbourville keep Remious on the voluntary for four years. During his last Animal Circus. list to aid and assist us in times Proceeds will go to charity season of collegiate basketball of fire. 5 season), 6 2," 21 purposes, according to Estill (the year old star led the Kentucky Club. Blair, President of the College scoring pace in individ- other team in the EKMC, were runner-up- s to State Champions ual scoring. In addition to beSgt. Dowd Returns Carr Creek in 14th Regional ing a top cage star, Trosper From Texas Tournament play, placed 5 men Sgt Raymond Dowd recently also was a superior trackster. on the Squad, and returned to his job as AF Re- His events in track included the another on the Kenhigh jump, the broad jump, cruiter for this territory folConference tucky Mountain run, high hurdles, low from lowing his graduation squad. School for Recruiters at San hurdles, and numerous others. year in the Whatever Coach Trosper deDuring his first Antonio, Texas. Sgt Dowd will accept recruits at any time at coaching profession, Coach Tros- cides to do in his Athletic Fuhis office over the Quillen Drug, per and his swarm of Yellow-jacke- ture, I am sure the people of had a very successful Whitesburg wish that he would Main Street Sgt. and Mrs. Dowd occupy season as they took the 53rd stay in Whitesburg as a Coach, District Cage Crown, won more but if he does decide to leave, an apartment in Bowen games than any the best of luck to you, Ernie. conference two-wa- y , 6 I t, Tram-polio- 1954-195- Birthday Church Meeting for Aunt Lydia Adams There will be a birthday church meeting for Aunt Lydia Adams on Cram Creek at her home on Saturday night, April 14th. This will be her 88th birthday. She welcomes all of her friers and relatives. Number 48 April 5, 1956 All-Coun- All-Easte- 100-met- er ts Rob-bin- s, Mal-lone- Schools Achievement Day dis- cussed ways and means to better business relations among business people in Whitesburg and Letcher County. Presidentelect Jimmy Williams, presided and those present were Kermit Blaine Polly, Hill is Combs, Reedy, Eddie Williams, Harvey Spence, and Mitchell Davidson. Mr. Reedy, secretary of the club, read the minutes of the last meeting, and they were approved as read. Discussions then were made on ways and means of bettering relations among business people of our town and county and setting up information and statistics vital to the success of any community. At the adjournment of the meeting it was voted that the next one be held one week from now, Tuesday night, April 10th, at 7:30 p.m. The group made it plain that this organization was new and wanted the business men of the county to come out and give their information and ideas in order to help form a permanent organization that would be a lasting benefit to the county. This does not apply to Whitesburg merchants but any merchant who can anc will come and be a member. A credit Bureau, it seems is a must for the county of Letcher and this is one of the projects the new organization will sponsor. fast-growi- Report on Trip Wayne Blair and Harold Cook, two young students who were chosen to represent the local Rotary Club and schools of Letcher County, at the Annual World Affairs Institute in Cincinnati recently, reported to the club this week, each one giving an excellent talk telling of the things he saw and heard. Rotarians were well pleased with the report and are proud to have had a part in sponsoring On Tuesday, April 17, at 9:00 the trip. a.m., all Letcher County schools participating in the Annual Number Achievement Day will converge Services in Whitesburg for the purpose With the population of of friendly competition in all .Whitesburg 1340, a good part of areas of the school program. They will assemble at the Grade that number were present for Sunday School in the churches School building and the mass town on Easter morning. parade, led by the school bands, of the resent at tne i?irst baptist will start promptly at 9:5. The theme of this year's parade will Church were 313, Graham Mem be "Conservation." Prizes will orial Presbyterian Church 250, be awarded to the schools which Whitesburg Methodist, 173 display the best posters on "Con- Church of God, 68, making a grand total of 808. This is in- servation." I J ueeuJ a recoru to De proua ot At 9:45 the following conand this number should con-- ! tests will be held: tinue throughout the year. Spelling, Music, Dramatics, Written and Hand Work, Grade Co. Sponsors School rooms, Grade School Auditorium, High School Auditorium; Gymnasium. The Kentucky Power CompFrom 10:45 to 12:45, lunch any, at a meeting of appliance will be served in the School dealers and Power Company ofCafeteria. ficials, at the City Cafe on TuesBeginning at 1:00 p.m., Ath- day night outlined plans for an letic contests will be held on extensive promotion for the sale the football field, and Folk Game of hot water heaters, and other Demonstrations will take place type electrical appliances with in the gymnasium. the accent on the hot water Prizes to winners and heaters. will be awarded in the Mr. Newt Collier, after a dingymnasium at 2:30. ner of delicious fried chicken, Superintendent W. B. Hall hot biscuits, etc., introduced Mr. and Achievement Day Chairman, Herb Bonta, who in turn in a Jack M. Burkich are urging all brief manner gave the details of schools to participate in what the promotion to the dealers promises to be a very success- and pledged his company's supful program. .Parents and other port in the campaign. interested people are invited and Brochures passed out to the encouraged to be present to ob- crowd gave many good pointers serve the achievements of the on the advantages of electrical year. appliances, offering each merchant installation fees and other YOUTH COUNCIL WILL bonuses for all appliances sold HOLD OPEN MEETING during June. The On Wednesday night, April offer would hold good for new 18th, at 8:15 o'clock, the Youth homes the entire year. Council will meet in the recreDealers who were not at the ation room of the Methodist Church. All parents and other meeting are urged to get the adults who are interested in folder ytth all the information young people and their recrea- in it and be a participating tional needs are invited to be dealer. Places were laid for 30 represent. Mrs. W. B. Hall is pres tail dealers and their wive$. ident of the Youth Large Easter Attend S - T 1 Power Appliance Promotion run-ners-- April-May-an- d -- i little girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Varson of McRoberts. She arrived at 8:50 p.m. on Monday, April 2, 1956 and weighed seven pounds, one ounce at birth. Dr. Ralph Gambrel who has offices in the Quillen Building was the attending physician. Mother and baby are both doing fine. On Tuesday the baby was presented a lovely shower of gifts prepared by business people of Whitesburg for the frist baby-borat the hospital. The presentation of gifts was made L. Coffey cf Quillen Drug and Wodrow Dawahare, from Dawahare's Store. Others present were Sup. of Hospital J. J. Doney and several nurses. Merchants participating in the donation were Quillen Drug, Dawahare's, Mountain Eagle, Craft's Dept. Store, Boone Motor Co. Charlie Wright. Harry Caudill, H. B. and Heating, Brad-shaJewelry, Style Center, Collins Electric, West End Market, Whitesburg Bargain Store, Pigman Cleaners, Holstein Hardware, Salyer's Radio Co., City Cafe, Elmer's Market, Pine Mountain Hotel, Whitesburg Insurance Agency, Craft Funeral Home, Topper's, Messenger Florist, Williams Electric. n by-Fre- d Polly-Hardwar- Reedy-Plumbin- g w's Bank of Neon Moves To Its New Home The Bank of Neon has recent ly moved to the new quarters facing Main Street in Neon next door to Wright Jewelry Co. This lovely new building is constructed of brick, with terrazio floors and modern in every way. This is the latest addition to the long; line of permanent type build ings built by Dr. D. V. Bentley who is also president of tha bank. Athletic Banquet Scheduled for Friday Night The Athletic teams of Whites- burg High School will be hon- ored Friday night, April 6, at the Whitesburg VFW Post 5829. The fete ts scheduled to get underway at 6:30 p.m. Main speaker for the event will be C. H. White, coach of the Berea College basketballers-Guest- s of Coach White of Berea College will be Jimmie Crase, a former forward of the Yellowjackets and Darrell Crase, a Letcher County bov who play ed his high school ball at Kingdom Come. Both are currently cage stars at Berea College. Follace Fields Toastmaster Coaches Ed will recognize Moore, Ernest Trosper, and Walter Enlow, along with the participants in the various athletic events of Whitesburg High School. Dr. Lee Moore, President of the Whitesburg Athletic Association, will call the banquet to order and welcome the players and guests. After the invocation by Rev. C. A. Lingle, there will be special music by a local mu-scia- ns. Following the program, a film of one of the State Tournament games will be shown. Principal Kendall Boggs of Whitesburg High School says the film will be the one of the Wayland High. School games in the 1956 State Tournament Tickets to this banquet will be sold to the public in pairs only. A pair of tickets to the occasion will cost $3.00 with each person buying a pair of tickets having as his guest a member of one of the athletic teams of WHS. The menu will include a turkey dinner. Get your tickets to the big banquqet from any member of the Whitesburg Athletic Association, a coach or the Whitesburg High Schoo

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