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Image 1 of The Adair County news., November 13, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

1IIri II t It J 1 it im 1 y 4 t VOLUME fT i COLUMBIA 11 jhe j ADAIR COUNTY polled in There were 3101 votes lovers of astronomy may enjoy Adair county last Tuseday VlijBeyiBral meteoric showers during Nov r S VOLUME TEN CLOSED r On the 14th T to the 19th of rember The Misses Trabue forbid any hunt Av the month the great shower of Leonids ing or passing on their farm midnight > may be looked for v few minutes a after moving I have a sow good stock and four 7 swiftly t Every v E W Reed pigs for sale meteor will be seen to dart out Coy E Dudgeon sold hishouse and lbluiSh the constellation Leo in the North move across the sky leaving a lotin Cane Valley to W R Hutchinfaint luminous trail behind it Besides son for 700 1 the Leonides there are five others well Born to the wife of RevT JL Hulse r > marked showers during the month all Nov 51007a son are bright and move slowly across the 4 evening sky leaving a streak behind Union Thankgiveng services will be them It is probable that nearly every I shooting star which the observer may held in the Methodist church A pro ¬ Ctgee will be of this class Careful gram will appear la er r V obseryatious of the appearance of these The stock law won in fhe Milltowns mystic lights and of their paths through Grady ville and Keltner precincts and value to us in utter space are of j j learning somethingmuch the nature of lot in Harmony and Elroy of v i Persons who have not laid in their these sterams of particles with which Z our earth periodically collides and we Winter wood should do so before ex¬ valsb gain a glimpse of glory uncon treme cold weather sets in j I 1 I fyfSamuel v T ceiyedl Rev A R Kasey is conducting se ries of meetings at Jamestown j Rus copy of the first issue of the Tay flor County Enquire under the New sell county people should hear him Si management has reached this office It is not generally known but is a > Itis it six column eight page sheet and fact all the same that there are three fv rand makes a fine impression mechanicwholesale establishments in Columbia ally It is full of well written news Turkeys that do not want to be And editorial matter wand if the initial number is a fair sample of what is to enjoyed on Thanksgiving day had better x r follow the people of Taylor county be making their arrangements to roost should not hesitate in sending in their high ¬ fA f it I I subscriptions The business men of The brick work on Mr N M Tutts tJ r Cambellsviile should also keep up the residence is completed The carpen libjijra fp tronage indicated by the firstters e1JQl rapidly pushing their 4lssue Mr W Owen McIntyre is the work Auditor and publisher a newspaper man The Standard Hardwood Mill CQm ¬ of long experience pany is closed for a week or ten days t Mr Lawrence Wilkerson is erecting a some necessary repairs to I be made on V iK resi SBce Glenville v Robert Wil the engine f burn has about finished t a comfortable The minutes of the United Bretheren home in the s me town The Blair Gar Conference held in Boling Chapel Han- ¬ 1 te in house will be cock county are now being printed in haye removed from Monticello to Glen the News office ¬ T Just ten years ago The New made its initial bow fx the pub ¬ lic and pledged ao faithful con¬ sistent and determined effort to better public conditions in tins part pf theState It also pledgedi existence and devotion to the principles of the Democratic ar- ¬ tY believing honestly that it was a duty as truly as it was a privilege So to do At that time the political pot was boiling over the Democratic party existed in two pieces and the balance of power swung to and fro as a > Pendulum supremacy rns and a struggle for nt bitte- ¬ for more than was continued half of the intervening period and to say that the birth of The News and its guidance in its in fancY were surrounded and con ¬ fronted with the most obstinate and determiriei resistance to i keep it from fulfilling its mission and measuring up to its open and avowed pledges is only mildly stating facts It is not necessa- ¬ ry and not expedient that its history should here Jbe reviewed but to say the least it has passed through manY chilly periods and its striking down has been de-¬ liberately sought and determined by those whose partisan passion j w J I Jo I V WEDNESDAY KENTUCKY J I led beyond the 1 botderof indUis NOVEMBER > > Y t tr v < y 13 > 1907 NUMBER + f 1 61s 1 good will of our people rallied to its support and have helped to make it what it is That mis- ¬ takes nave been made in many ways j all along is but natural but its editor has never know ¬ ingly antagonized any effort Ito advance this section of the State nor has never dwelt in an at- ¬ mosphere purely political He has tried to aid in a forward movement accepting good from any and every source band deal- ¬ Ing fairly and squarely with ev ¬ ery one vHe has not been rigid ¬ ly partisan but has tried to do justice in the various campaigns through whi h the News has Coming from a crippled passed and incomplete outfit ten years ago with only a few readers and Singer Prohi ATTORNEY GENERAL Jt tJ ji James Breathitt J K Hendricks Cooper Prohi >1 1681 1307 61 > AUDITOR F P Jamek T H M Bosworth Wallace ProhI r 168I ll3 TREASURER x I fi < fiarly Prohi 61 V Ed Farley Ruby Laffobn < 1684 M305J i I 63 COMMISSIONER Rankin J W Newman > Carpenter Prohi 1680 1 v JL308i v < 63 SUPERINTENDENT JC M Crabbe 7 i295 Prohi Haynes a job department barely large enough to meet the demand of only a few the News now prides in its equipments and ability to vineet the necessities and please the tastes of the people in South- ¬ ern Kentucky in any thing de t siredjfrom a country office In keeping with what we have preached the News office has tried to be consistent The News has had its pleasures and profits its disappointments and reverses and figures on the same game in the future 1688 0 0 Winfrey 62 CLERK OF COURT APPEALS Napier Adams v 1679 John B Chenault 13Q8 k COMI RAILROAD I s I Tarlton i it > ar 1684t 13101 McChord REPRESENTATIVE j J G L Periyman L C Wmfrey 1688 lM V I AMENIJMEHTjTQcbN rvr Ti lr764 No f i 2 96 Yes The Laborcandidates feveive A 3 votes each iIf s I v iIj There will be singing at Glen firstSunday afternoon in December our purpose to continue the same policy to work for this part of the State as we havein the past to do all we can in bet- ¬ tering public conditions to live beyond a harrow partisan sphere recognizing good and condemning wrong whether in or tout of our immediate baillewick For the support and the many manifesta- ¬ tions of esteelIWe tender our thanks to the thousands who have It is conducted byiR Turner 0 Cabell and Wesley N Every body invited to come J trial advancement As a matter and bring their song books Windows of fact they fa led and as evi- ¬ of Heaven No 3 dence of that failure Te News i Mr J C VanPelt who for many is still on deck and more people yearswas a wellknown traveling man reading it than at tany other time making Columbia regularly died in f mt Mr Marvin Traylor who visited Geo W Staples manifested more Louisville last week At the time of hI in the Glenf ork neighborhood ha s return real enjoyment as the returns came in in its entire existence To day his death he was Secretary of the Mr N B Kei ed his home in Indiana than any other man in reach of the it is regularly mailed to twenty Louisville Commercial Clud He was say who has Been iri Campbellsville telephone exchange four hundred and the list stead ¬ well known here where he had many has returned with his family to Glenville ily increasing Just why it Money Found In the town of Colum friends The above items were given in by Mr owner should have overcome the storm so liberally patronizedjthis office t bia last county court day The tfLC Hudson higher nor We often receive obituary notices so can have it by paying for this notice of fcantisan passion oust how it We can not pledge a badly written that we are compelled to TThornton Yates the twelveyearold Apply toff W Richards was able to daso and continue nobler purpose in our w rkbut leave out of the Hews from the fact we son of Mr J C Yates of Bradfords I J go canrtiotihe charged up to feel safe in promising better ser have not the titiletJewrite them We ville had his leg broken by being lack 9 Quite a number of Republicans of to j The this place have already expressed their derelict of duty in support of the vice and fuller and rounder values are perfectly willing to insert short 4 ed by a horse Tuesday morning t boy hitched the old family horse to a intention of being present at the inaug ¬ principles and the policies for as it is our purpose to keep up death notices provided they are written in an intelligent manner spry wagon and left part of the bar- ¬ uration of Governor elect Willson which it was establised but must equipments for so doing nes Unfastened and as he went own a Mr W C Grider one of the best With this issue of the News a large be measured by its efforts and Ten years have passed and The V sin i rade the wagon ran upon the number of our subscribers enter upon v accomplished in News is still young end vigorous citizens in Russ ll county ife likely to what it has and run a new year It is the beginningr of the standing for honest convictions When ten more shall 7i have been become a resident of Columbia He v resulting in the above injury The j Thursday with the view eleventh year of the papers existence and advocating progressive mea swept from the calendar of time was here last wound was promptly dressed and is re of purchasing a residence or a lot uppn Since Mr C S Harris return from sires portedvtp be healing nicely Lebanon we trust that it will still be on Without boastin and with no deck with the same pride ambi which tq build Mr Grider and his ex teen a b sym n Virginia he has Falcon cellent family would be valuable acquiBesides looking after his duties in the desire to parade advancement tion and purposes that have sitions to this community andwe LjJphn R Stone who died recently in e News office he has built a flue to the the News can truthfully state actuated it throufh the de ¬ would be glad to have them with us r Sti Josph Mo was 78 years old and a moon I native of Adair county He was a broth that it has come from only six cade just closed and that its Mr Grider is enterprising the charac ¬ Prof P D Nelson has commenced hundred faithful subscribers many patrons will sill be in the ter of citizens we want eHof Mr Albert Stone and the late Jesse > his residence It is locatedyit the top I pledged before its first issue to land of the living with the same FOR SALE < a sung man locating at El wood He- ot the hillon the street leading to the the full r > number of twentyfour good will for its welfare iwia man of honor and Bad filled many Lindsey Wilson It will be a handsome hundred within ten years it has > l fp ntions of trust When taken sick he cottage piano in good con x One secondhand The Official Yotev I L G Dohoney passed over the borderland dition a visiting his son C 0 Stone St Joi I There has been a great deal of malaJ fcr4j c > 2t i Funeral services were held atEl doubt and suspicion as to its ex- ¬ rial fever about town anaat several diff r and the interment was in Belmont The following is the official V A FINE FARM FOR SALE- V erent points in this county but at this istence established itself in the emeteryr writing so far as we can learn the pa confidence and good will of the oteofAdalrcounty in the re ¬ Ji faM J W Richards has taken the con tients have about recovered entire people of this section re- cent election i M 207 acres situated in farm of to build a seven room dyellingfogardless of political ties or t FOR and Marvin Young have bought GOVERNOR i Bethel neighborhood 3Jmiles south of ri ProfP D Neilson near the Lindsay EK Jackmans stock of groceries prejudices it has made an h nA E Willsbnv x 1708 Campbellsville on Meadow Creek road ¬ ndwill continue the buisness at the est determined effort to better > L 1329 well improved hi high state of cult va J S W Hager same f tend Mr Jackman will go to public conditions to aid in the tion Good nine room dwelling house willbe one of the most attractive his farm near Cane Valley with soft andhard water in kitchen sup moral and intellectual advance ¬ homes that adorns the heights of Col plied by windmill Earn 60x70 feet With lumbia It is the purpose to have it The Republicans of Columbia were dent of this part of the State lt 1686 mater tank inside hogpen with cementf t w H Cox J naturally proud of the election of their- and the response to its efforts fi completed by the first of January < 1306- floor grameryand wagon shed wood s ticket but as soon as the I lias never been beaknor uncerover nececsa h4nhous Mr TR Stults has been a great ri el s P rohl < i tq61 hwee buildhigs and all liimCp s J j to busineea tain PartJan biu1 nor other 4 Three ry out Msufferer with a severe Boil on hiss neck l tj E ARYISf were no manifMti prejudices hazel not blocked its and fruit of allkuwUr Write or call on < showed signs of opening Tuesday By Thurs4 y there me for further infdnnitibn the > intolli morning and by the time the retttrna tionifm the affairs of mea indicating main p ti r fJ > jtliit titl tfcnn adb4entiliela J T ilfcf JB a CoppSjtf Hatcbtr Ky tlre and the Hubert Vxeeland Were all ihiTqm wag feeling Very well o t JtL L ii J i< i 1 2 i f o familyi r v I > I v 1 L I f R + > mock 1 I 1 ¬ Iiii 1 quiteJ El r v < 1f orywaatoldn f J 7 F 61Pic vv 11atB t Ft ¬ ERNERI xr STrimbler st- 1f > 1 f f t- r iI r ioe f > ti ebut io1 rf t 1l806 i v s I I + i y y ocl L I x- s 7 i c < J vJ of 1rrh ± 1r I i upIt I T 1 buildingt ColumbiaKys a < f r 7 i ¬ IfP ftact vti c j j F SR irQ I r l

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