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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, March 1, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

j KEN T UC KEG .SATURDAY, Extiafb from the journals of a convention be-fju- n of Kentucky at held for the dift-'tcDanville in the county of Mercer on the 17th day of September 1787. and t ESOLVED by the reprercntatives of the ?,ood people of the dilliict of Kentucky in convention aflembletl. (hat it is expedient for and the will of the same, that the said district be x J into a fepcrate and independent state, on the eim and cond.tiotis speci: ed in the two afls of.iTeub'y oneemitled " A n, aft concerning the erection of the d.iruft of Kentucky into an mde-peother cntitleJ '' An aft making 'en farther piovifknforthe e.efting ot the 'district of Kcti'c1 y into an independent state." RESOLVED (hit th is convention do six the thi-'list d. y of December one thou and seven hun.'icd and eghty eiht, to be the time i.n which the authority of the commonwealth of Virginia and ofi's laws over tne diftr ft of Kentucky thall ce. e und dc cminofo- eve, under the exception's spec ''ed in the aft, inn'ed "an afl concerning the cicction of the dithift of Kentucky into an "ini'epcn 'em (Inc." P:."Oi.VFD that an add:ers to the congress ef ire UniteJStates of Amenta beprepaicd. ttat-in- p hich the convention the 'crding rcalcms foi have udfed a reparation of this dift!ri6t fiom the fta eof V. to be expedient, nd lenitc'lmg iha- the diiti ift n.ay be adm'ttcd into the re e un cnaciceab'etonnadt of the geneia. aliem-b'.of Vi.ginia in that caie made and p ovi'd-c- d T si ', e p e WHEREAS this coven on hath adjudge it that this d.fluft fliould be lenaratcd fro.n thc ft. 'to of Vi e, nia and e'ecled into an 1" d n ftaie and hath deteim ned that theau th iv of the commonwealth of Viiuinia and of he. oer th s d'fn i6l (Tiall cease and forever i'e e 01 ne on ihcthi tv fi'ft day of Deccmbei one d rev en hun.hcd and e'ghty eight. And to thou thueni that no pei oi of sna.chy may arue to th j ci ; eo 'e of ise piopo.'ed state, .1 i'SO'.VEO a? ;he op of th s convention iK t a coi.veni'O'i fliall be e'efted full pcwei and a'rhopty to frame and cftab'iflia f government ior ihe pro-p- i. co ift'tinio' t i P He and to dcJ ;e what laws ftiaii be in so te the e n until t! e aire h H be alvngated or alte.el by' the legifh'.'ve anthou'ty aft big urder the (.'..vl.tut.on so to be dt'tneiand eftabliflied. T. OLVED that i the month April next, on th.' 'c peft'vc court days of the corn' ec within th: 'i l uillnft and at the places of ic 'ing co u n theie n, re,'ie'"entative toconnnue in ;on'inent untiM the th rty fuft d. y of Decern', r ore ihoufand even lmndied ard cphty ei.v to compose the sat J convent 'on fliall bee-Ic- e uitnn 'he fa'd d'ftrM. by the fiee ma'c inii.i) ir.'; of each county, in ihe lie manner a 'he 'e'e'ares of the general alien lily have lie .''elected, in the ptoporions fr 1'owmg; in the cuimy of JefTei nn lhall be e'eetel five i tivc ; in the u unty of Nelfontivc reprc-fe- t e ; In the coun y of Fayette liie nc-ferta- i vcs: in the Cuii.iiy of Rci'ibon 'ie reVvc-fen- : tus; in the county of Lincoln "ivc i(,'t'ie-fe- r .t vc ; 111 the county of Madtfon Jve repre-fc,'.- .! ev ; an I in theco.'nty of Meicet five iepie fenia es That fu'i opportunity may be given to 'r; food people "f exeicifiiig their tight of on an occ. fton 10 in.eiefting to them, caeh the officers so holding e'ect ons fliail lop-tie i'ic me dav 10 day, for'ie days inch r : the ;.ft day, and fliall Ciu'c ihefe refnlu-tioi'' ciC'd mmc ' e ' v preceed'ng the o c 'It 0 tel on at thedoo of the court hoafc, vep em pi, ' c. nd that Mr Biadford 01 u c , be 'v.i 'icfel to ub, fli ;he !atnc in his Kentucky Ca t ;:e, fx week iWceluveiy,' imniediaiely pre laid elections. Each cec l.ii thotimeofho'd n, of 'be laid oilkers 1I1..II doiiver to each person, d..w c'cr;ed a repie emative, a certificate o; his cle'iKin. The said Convention fliall be held at T)?-- ) 'c. on 'he fourth Monday in July next, as e'shtcen members have convened, and a ihe lTir'l mil may pioceedto the choice ofaPre-- v - ii, ulA other proper officers; and settling pio- - cxe'.ent in-t- 'e 5 1 . i re-p- n en-i.- if , i ', v March THB n.jmb. XXVII. e MARCH ZET i, 1788. 1" E. 1, 1788. per rules of proceedings; to confidcr, and by a majority of votes, eftabliih a fundamental Confti-tutiongovernment, foi the piopofcd state; and dcclaie what laws fliall be tn force therin, until they are abiogated or altered by the leg.flativc authority, acting under the Conllitution so to be framed and eftabliflied. RESOLVED, that three members of the said convention aftembled, fliall be a sufficient number to adjourn from day to day, and so itlucwrits for supplying vacancies which may happen from deaths those people? but not to difpurc about words let us conflder the e'ect on, the piopottional num-bei- s, and the powcis of this fcnatonal oody. And full, theyaie to bechofen by the 'eg fkt ve bodies of the several dates icl'pict! 'ely : whar propoition these leg. flative bodies may bear to their conftitucnts, O' the people at laige, is to me unceitain; but I will fuppoleit as one to two hundred ; it is plain, that it they repre ent any bo- tiyat all, it can be only those who have elected them, viz. one part of the people: bodies, having been chosen only or let; flauvo relignationsor rcfufal to aft. RESOLVED, that in case there fliall be no purposes, and election, and legislation, being powers wholly diffeient, and indeed too important to flienif within counties of thediftrict be both committed to thf same set of men, at the of Kentucke, at the time the several elections arc same limc can invert them with no diiected to be held for the election of the said right to delegate repiefentatives for any body but members of Convention, that any two acting who may be picfent on the day of themselves : bur I cornel's this argument is s, holding the said elections, be appointed commili-oner- s thisfconftuijtt.on having info m.'ny words, fepaiated the veiy Idea or character ofa lenator, to iuperintend and conduct the (aid electifrom that of a lepieientative. on, and to male retuins. in the lame mannci as Again, as to their the fhenffs aic dnecieJ to Jo. numbers, there are to be two senators fiom each Mate; is notjhis vifib!y lubveifive of the greatp-riginA tiue copy fium iht nv antes. '1HOMAS TODD, C. C. right of equality V does it not tend to the very idea? To demonftrace this, on!y that we compaie the icpreientationof the Rates of Rhode-ifian- d and Providence planta. tions, with that of Virginia; thcfoimer horn heir True liberty m.mbeis, ate intitled to have only one repicfcn. Always right reafbn dyvellf tattve in Congiefs; the latter, on the same e, Twitm'd, and from h:r lath no dividual beiag. and for the faac rea.on, a;e to have ten Milton' It Virginia, fiom her ntmbets, has a right to ten of political happiness, "Phcrc is but o"c,f'Mi'-c1 viz. libcity," our ' :'y is sounded on our t.mes the influence of Rhode Island, in the lover houfc of Congreis, why not in the senate? I see rcafon, which is the g ifr .u' j,ven : thu proves its no leaTonable anfwei to this, but that the lower excellence; but man;, so' es of enhappinefs, and houfc consists of the iepie, entatives of the people, h, owes its ext'ftciKeto llaveiy : every ne oi " consequently are a egulat , vel ticned body, theabufe of some paft'o,, 01 appetite of mankind. the senate an and aibitrary Ambitious peifons, rl.e dy raised to a pitch of d of theusFeten: legifiatuies , qnd of confequencea eminence, dif;raceful o ha.nan nature ; not vaffa'a-zbody irregular, defamed, and difpiopoi tionatc. wirh-t- he ol'ihoulands, who have But again, is wc consider this powei, it contains given them elves up to the vilest fubjeflion, even avt. y confideiable and eileiitia! fliaie of the electo be bought or sold Lie ..lies or Twine; too oftive, lcgtflanve, executive, cijudiciary department, ten, merely to gratify wanton lust of dominatiand in all these, they aic independent on thepeo-pion, employ those veiy wctches, in the infernal nor i.i any inftancc rcfpcrfiblc to them :fiont business of fubjeciinp, otheis, befoie happy and whence can their light to such power arise? It free; this constitutes external flaveiy ; of fuchan was never de'eitated t.o them fiom the people, attempt wc hae had a iccei.ttiial; but there is anwho alone weie ji ftly polled, of it; nocxtcitor other foit of flaveiy, vh'.h fiom the modesty of its appearance, and genilerefs of its approachpower had authonty to confer it; it appears therefoie t es, is not so alainrng, and therefoie the moie entity ;or rathe, s com heated, dangerous; of which v e eight continually tobe-waiufuipation of power wnitout right: and therefore to ce rejected : and yet, extraordinary as it may viz. intern I, that 15. when a people already seem, th s senatorial dignity, is to continue in the ficc, mpiicitly mtruft, or pe mit, any (t of men same hands undeven at the end of that to :otm cunllitutions ofgoveinment orcnactlaws for them; without inquuing, whether (uch teim, they aic aj,an eligible, and so on a th id, have for the:-- dj!is, the true principles a fouith, a time, to peipettiity. But of hbeity, and equal light. Of those piinciples long to have them ofF my hands, ai 1 would any 1 have, in a sound pipei, attempted a veiy ufelcfs or dangeious commodity, ard can only confidei their inflituton, as a leivile and invcftifiation : I iiali in this, examire some d imitation of the house of loids in the Bri- pans ns rhe frxJe al const tution, (now held out tifli pa'liamcnt , wfccic (though theieappeais now to thele fiatesl accord ng to those piinciples, and :,nd then a virtuous chaiacter) d.ffipat.on, venalileave the public, imnaitiaily to udge for them-feity, and cbriuption, ate alternately, and imcffant-l- y And here, I am happy in rinding myself anticbrooding, giowing, and triumphing; have ofipate!, and the work partly done 'o my hand, by the ten didractcd the kingdom, and in some degic, go now to Art. 2 Sec. inilaved the nation. pub cat on of a letter from a gentelnian, whole! sit nation lets his sentiments in a very '.ed the fupieme continental executive po'nt of view; and whole veil known power in apresident: in oider to the choice of ab'.li: c and in'ep'ity ma'c every obreivation of whom, the legislative body of each date, is his, tne. it the hi Jbeft le.iecof attention, Iiliall to point out to their condi lciks, fomo the cib e pais over 'hoe things hehas almode of choice, or (tofavc trouble; may choofo ready done in so mafterlv a manner, and confine themlelves, a certain number of e'ectors, who myielftoafew poinb, which he has cither (lightfliall meet in their refpjcuve dates, and vote by ly touched upon, or has been vvholy 'ilent. ballot, for two pcrfons, one of whom, at lead; fliall not be an inh; b.iant of the same ftae with Article I. Section I. " AlLlcgtflative power heem granted, fliall be veiled a Congiefs of themselves. Or in other woids, they finiil vote-fothe united dates which fliall consist of a senate two, one or both of whom they know nothing and houfu of reprci'cntatives. An extraordinary refinement this, on the of. The absurdity of twojioufes of legifiaturc, has plain Ample business of election; and of which sorme: ly been totc;'d upon 011 the luppofition of the giand convention have certainly the honour their being both our repie entatives ; but that of being the fiid inventors; and that for an offiobservation becomes here unneceftary ; this appears cer too, of so much importance as a piefident; without a m.ik : they (the icnate; aie not e enihe inverted with legislative and executive powers-wh- o d supposed iep.e entatives of any body; but is to be commander in chief of the army, navy, fiom them, m as cxpiefs as englilh militia, &c. grant reprieves and pardons, have a words can do it; how then is this a Congress that temporary negative on all bills and rc'olvcs, conis a mectng of the un'ted States ; when such meet vene and adjourn both houlcs of congtel's, be fu ing, does ne'ther condft of the whole peopieof preme conservator of laws, commifllon all officers,, these ftatcs, nor wholly of the icptcfentatives of jnalic treaties, &c. $c, and who is to conuntlej fuper-iluou- al :th pim-cip.- 11 con-teive- e, c: s, , er fuc-cin- ill-ju- dg 1 us 111 diitin-guillie-

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