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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 26, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Make Your liens Lay IMPRESSIONS STATE-WID- E Conference to Be Held in Louis- 3c per pound. Prof. Jas. Speed to Begin tures Saturday Stereopticcn Country Traversed, The People Part. "Show nmch-t.i!ked-- Warning. r, ; a reason you should let me sell There's vou vail paper. I handle tie best; have a large liue to select from and the prices are right. I guarantee all work. Paper hanging given prompt attention. iZ-- G. A. HOKE, deffersontown Dr. E. L. Floore, possible. Jefferson county, which had the consolidated school movement indorsed by a referendum vote at the last election, will take the lead in the campaign. If au act authorizing couuties to bond themselves for school improvements is enacted by the Legislature it will likely at once take steps to get a vote on a bond issue to build almost half a hundred new consolidated grade and high schools in the rural districts of the county at a cost of $000,000. VALLEY STATION. and Mrs Robert MilJan. ler, of Shiely, spent Sunday with Mr. John Miller and family. Miss Bessie Deinply spent Saturday with her sister, Mis L. Clark, of office over PUBLIC The Jeffebsonia JEFFERSONTOWN. KY. Louisville. Mrs. Mary Swindler and children were the guests of Mrs. T. J. Swind ler Sunday. The Second Quarterly meeting of the Louisville Circuit will be held at Mill Creek. Feb. Rev. F. T. Thomas will preside. Mr. anu Mrs. J. O. Hart, of Depoy, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mis. Am brose Hagei man. Mrs. R. H. Stonestreet. who has oeen very 111 tne past week, is im proving slowly. Mr. J. S. Piper, of Lebanon, spent several days last week with his daughter, Mrs. Ernest Dodge. Miss Maud Hagerman is in Bullitt county. 11-1- Warning! We wiii prosecute to the fullest extent nf the law any or all persons found hunting, snaring, trapping, tresspassing, wive fence cutting or destroying property in any way upon our premises. Dr. Joseph A. Sweeny, Horace Brown. up SOUTHERN AGRICULTURIST NASHVILLE, TENN. v State and Good Hunting. Me" Editor Jeffersonian I have just returned from a trip to N. E. Missouri, and thought I would tell you and my tnends through 1 lie .lefTersonian oi the impressions of that Western country. We left Louisville Jan. 4 on the Indiana Union Traction line for Indianapolis. There we took the train for Keokuk, Iowa, via Chicago aud Burlington. From Chicago through Western Illinois I saw some of the finest country in the United States: just miles and miles of level prairie, where grow the corn, wheat and oats for which the country is famous. We reached Keokuk on friday morning and spent the day with friends, tak ing in the sights. They are building a big dam across the Mississippi river just above the city which will cost $27,000,000. It will be about thirty six feet at the base and slope to six teen feet at the top and will twenty-sevefeet high. It will take about five years to finish it, but when completed it will be of inestimable value to the cities and towns and the entire country for miles along the n ver almost to tsuriington. it was a sight to me to see the ponderou machinery, and other engineering devices, used in this mighty under taking. further down the river they were harvesting ice. This was something new to me. The ice at this point was fourteen inches thick, and they mark it off in blocks twenty-twinches square with a horse and mark er just as we do corn rows. 1 laughed and said it was the first time I ever saw people cultivate ice. After it is marked men go with saws and cut it aud with long hooks place it on an endless carrier which carries it into twice a month. cents a year three years Louie Coe enjoyed an immense ice house. Friday night we took the train for 'Va viand, Mo., where we were the guests of Mr. Lee Coe. the son of Mr. S. Coe, of Tucker. Talk about Kentucky hospitality! Say, you ought to go to Missouri if you want them to 'show you." We visited a number of old friends of Mr. Louie Coe. my traveling companion, and every where were lavishly entertained. This is certainly a fine country The Mississippi bottom at this place is nine miles wide, and as it is of a warm sandy loam is very productive. his trip the thousands of bottles and always proved its merits. You should keep i; in the house. Pre pared only by us. W0RTHINGT0N. Jan. 21. Miss Ruth Pernell was guest of Miss Laura the week-enMay Hardin. Mr. and Mrs. Collius Maddox and d family and Miss Mabel Maddox were guests of Mrs. Harry Mitchell Friday. Miss Clara May Netherton and brother. William, spent the weekend with Mrs. O.T Ilerr at Warwick For 45 Cents kinds. ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, TIGHTNESS OF THE CUEST, COUGHS and all sorentss of throat and lungs quickly relieved with our pleasant Cough Balsam STUART'S LUNG BALSAM- 25c and 50c Bottle, - For people who know good liquor we offer REX NELSON, full quart, straight and high quality 75c bars Laundry Soap. 3 10c BOTTLE boxes Blue Tip Searchlight Matches 10c Rex Compound Tasteless Ccd Liver Oil For old people, puny children, weak and run-dopeople. Unlike oi), onr compound is palatable, agreeable to oldfasbioned the weakest stomach. Should be taken when the blood is poor, when more llesh is needed, when the weak neetl strength, when the throat and lungs are diseased. Put up in pint bottles, sold at 60c bottle cod-liv- er THEO. RECTANUS, Preston and Market Sts. Incorporated LOUISVILLE'S BEST DRl'O STORE FURS ! -:- FURS ! - -:- FURS ! - HIGHEST CASH PRICES FOR FURS. Consignments Solicited. Remit same day goods are received. At the old stand Sam'l Dink!- Sons. 124 126 S. Brr.ok St., Between Mkt. aud Main, Louirville, Ky. L S. DinkelspieL Villa. W. V. HALL. Miss Rosa Maddox entertained the following friends Wednesday: Misses Mabel and Leola Maddox. Edith Col lier, Kosa and Usie Hothenbur er and Fanny Klein. Mr. Charles Hite and nephew Douglas Littrcll. left Tuesday lor St. Cloud, Fla., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Joe uarnin. ir. uscar j avior leit aiso for Deland, Fla. The newly orgarized lodge of I. O. F will give an oyster supper at Sims Hall next Saturday night, Jan. 28 beginning at 730 o'clock. Everyone spiel of & JOHN MANNING. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. EMBALMING DONE ON NOTICE. All SHORT Work In FirstClass Style. JEFFERSONTOWN, Prices Reasonable. Cumb. Phone 71-- KY. 2 cordially invited. Catarrh Cannot be Cared With LUt; U .Al'l'LiU-- I lUiNft. they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure E. R. SPROWL as is not a quack medicine. prescribed by one of the best ft physicians in this country for years and is a regular prescription. It is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous sur faces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients is what produces such wondeiful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials free. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props., Tole- was melons, cucumbers and corn. One man showed me a forty-acr- e field that has been in corn for thirty-fivsuccessive years, and this tall he cn'bed eighty bushels to the acre. rhe game is plentiful and I enjoyed lo. Ohio. the hunting very much. The rabbits Sold by Druggists, price 75c. are larger than ours and the quail Take Hall's Familv Pills for consti pation. are in big droves, so that the hunter Down in the is in his element. swamps are wild ducks and geese, and in the thickets along the streams are said to be wolves, but as I haven't the daring of a Roosevelt I didn't go in for big game. The biggest thing I killed was an old horned (?) owl. which measured five feet from tip to tip. Of course, this isnt ail I could tell but will stop new. e THE GRIP out West fine, but says the game out there is not to be compared to the game in Kentucky. You see, he left aderhere and was anxious to get Uni le Rube. back. 1 o mentholated oil of pine is an sure and swift reuu dy for grip and colds of all Have you seen Ben Yates since he came back from Missouri? He's all broken out in spots with the "West ern fever," and just moans continually, "You'll have to show me; I'm from Missouri." n Real Estate Auctioneer NOTARY PUBLIC tf vou have a s lie to make, property to sell, or want to buy prop- ertv, call on or address me at JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. Cumb Phone 36-- 3 AUCTION OF REAL ESTATE A SPECIALTY unday Courier-Journ- al ...ON SALE AT FANELLI BROS.. BARQA N Bun Yates. FALRM0UNT f red u atson has returned home, after visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Spencer, of Millwood. Mrs. Clayton Davis, of Bullitt coun ty, is visiting Mrs. J. B. Neal. Miss Hallie Barnett. of Kosrnos- dale, was the guest of Mrs. J. H. Na pier last week. M iss Daisy Carter, of Louisville, is . visiting her sister, Mrs. S. A. Mrs. More-men- Rev. Anderson, of Lexington, will hold services at the Sunday, Jan. 22, 11 a. m. and 7 .Mis. S. E. Dodge entertained the ladies of the Methodist church with meeting at her home last an Thursday. Those present were Mrs J. W. Knadler. Mrs. Joe Dodge, Mrs. Anna Fenley, Mrs. Frank Dodge. Mrs. S. J. Groom, Mrs. E. R. McCal-listeMrs. G. E. Blakely, of Louisville. Mrs. Robert Miller, of Shively. Misses Luella Groom, Clara Knadler, Rachel and Marjory Moremen, Myrtle Birdwell and Virginia May and Jan. Miss Blanche Thomas was guest of Mrs. a recent over-nigWilliam Farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hart have returned from a visit to relatives and friends in Louisville. R. W. Hawkins and J. P. Hawkins, of Louisville, visited their sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Dean and Miss Nettie Hawkins, this week. 21. ht Mr. and Mrs. H. Collins dined with Mrs. James Bates yesterday. Mrs. Everett Brentlinger will enter tain at dinner on Sunday Rev. B. F. Adkins, Miss Nettie Hawkins, Mrs. Lizzie Dean and Master Trevor Lee Hawkins. of The young people of the communi ty surprised Mrs. Howard Lyons with a pound party on iuesday evening. Twenty-fou- r Mr. and Mrs. George .1. Long are rejoicing over the arrival of a daugh ter at their home. or 50 The stork visited Mrs. Louis Haag this week and left a fine girl. for $1.00. The telephone exchange is about completed and ready for the installHenrietta Lutille McCallister. Mr. Oscar Robison, thirty years of ment of the plant. The question of age, died Thursday, Jan. 12, at the an operator is still undecided. SAMPLE COPY SENT FREE home of his mother, Mrs. Blanche Moved Away. Robison. hear here. He had been DO Y0D WANT ONE? Mr. Geo. Edelen, who has beha Besides his sick only one week. mother he is survived by one sister resident of Spencer county for soore and four brothers. The funeral ser- time, has removed with his family to Mr. Edelen has been vices were held Saturday morning at Jeffersontown. Remember we club with the city good citizen and we dislike to give Beechland Baptist church and burial papers and save subscribers money was in South Jefferson cemetery. him up. Spencer Courier. on all orders. pages It has been sold by STOP visitin-friend- pm. For forty years the friend and counselor Southern farmers. Rock and rye, glycerine and wild cherry We came very nearly having a serious accident in the 'patch' last Saturday. Mr. Drake and Mr. and Mrs. Goose and the little "'goosie" liked to have had their perch burned from under thtm. It seems that Mr. Goose wasn't at home, and when the fire broke out Mrs. Goose took the baby goose under her wing and just flew, leaving Mr. Drake to be roasted unless he could get awaj-- . But he was fortunate in having a sea (Henry Sea), near, and it wasn't long until the fire was subdued, but not until some of his feathers were singed. the of It is especially adapted to water lfi.-- Mr. DENTIST to Mr. Ben Yates Writes of the Scenery, the Lec- March ?0 has been fixed as the date State-wid- e for the rural school conference, which is Bardstown Road and Bonnycastle, expected to lie one oi the most im Louisville, Ky. portant, if not the most important meetings ever held in Kentucky in S the interests of school reform in the country 1 this effectdistricts. Information to has been sent to Louis vilie by Ellsworth Regenstein. State Superintendent of Public Instruction ana cnaii man oi the committee in We. the undersigned, will prose- charge of arrangements. The con cute to the fullest extent of the law ference will be held in Louisville. any or all persons found hunting, The matter of supreme importance snaring, trapping or trespassing upon to oe considered in the conference is our premises: that of urging upon the coming Gen J. T. Markwell, Willie Lamaster, eral Assembly the enactment of : W. B. Paris, Lee Harris, new school law authorizing anycoun N. H. Harris, S. P. Frederick, ty in the State to bond itself in a sum not to exceed $500,000 for the purpose O. II. Paris, Elizabeth I. of establihing a county system of W. J. Paris, rural consolidated schools. Not only .1. ti. Boston. L. W. McMahan, the leading educators, but the lead Burdine Bridwell John Lamaster, ing business and professional men who are interested in educational Alex Roberts, J. D. Holloway, movements will lie invited from every C. W. Twomey. R. L. Reid. part or tne state to take part in E. D. Bridwell, F. G. Smith. this conference. Owen Burdon. Erva Paris, Prof. James Speed, a member of ). T. Carpenter, '. A. Gaunt, the general committee. began a E. A. Lashbrook. series of educati ve stereopticon lecJ. B. Heady, tures in the interest of the move A. II. Gregg. J. L. Walters, ment at Lexington last Saturday C. L. Weller, J. A. Beard, afternoon. On January 28 he will A. Genovely, J. B. Mathis, speak before the Henderson Com Mrs. Catherine mercial Club and February 4 at the II. H. Mathis. Eastern State Normal, at Richmond J. A. Pounds. bnvder. Prof. Cra'obe. of the Eastern Normal C. Braun. Additional names, to run to March is a member of the general commit 1st, will be added to this column upon tee which has charge of the cam umerous other lecture en paign. payment of 2oc. gagements are being arranged and Prof. Speed will speak in as many of the larger cities of the State as WALL PAPER. Journey Missouri. Jefferson County to Take Leading SCHLANGE & YENNER Cumb. phone An Interesting Of ville March 29. Sausage casings and spices for making sausage. New sorghum and New Orleans molasses. We pay top prices for calyes, eggs and poultry.' I I TRUCK PATCH with Green Ground Bone i 1 all-da- y FFER SUB FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY THE LOUISVILLE DAILY HERALD and THE JEFFERSONIAN - - - BOTH ONE YEAR $2.15 This is absolutely the best subscription offer ever made-savyou $1.25 on each subscription. The above offer is good until Jan. 30, 1911. Address all orders to es r, THE JEFFERSONIAN, Jeffersontown, Ky. la

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