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Page 193 of The galax gatherers : the gospel among the highlanders.

SKETCHES OE T H E AMERICAN HIGHLANDERS. 1 93 f illed a ll the road. The sun rose at 9 o'clock, and I n ever saw a lovelier morning, beneath the g reat forest trees a nd vines. O n the top of Shoulder Blade M o u n tain, I t ook a picture of the miles and miles of beautiful m ountains. A t Miss E llen C allahan's school, on Shoulder B lade, we saws lots of nice children all dressed in red a nd b lue, jumping a grapevine rope. They were as h appy as the children in Lexington, but had no church o r p reacher. I was sorry for them. W e l l , we had a long, hot ride up the river to Canoe. A t M r . Sam. Callahan's we got a good dinner and sent o ur horses back to Elkatawa. Charley Callahan got an o ld m ule and a little wagon and drove us up to Crockettsville, about eight miles, along the beautiful Kentucky R iver. C rockettsville is only a post-office. Here I had t o stop for want of a horse, but papa went on over the m ountain t o Buckhorn to preach that night. I know he was tired enough after such a ride. H e sent for me t he next morning. W e had to climb a mountain called B unker H i l l , w hich was the worst I ever saw. At 9 o 'clock I reached the L o g College, and it is beautiful. I t sets o n a mountain brow, opposite the church on L aurel P oint, with a lovely valley between. M r . and M r s . M u r d o c h and M r s . Gordon live nearby, and D r . a nd M r s . Saunders occupy a room i n the college. I w ish y ou could see those H i g h l a n d b oys a nd girls. They c ome jumping out of the bushes and crowd the chapel a nd s ing for all they are worth. Y o u couldn't hear me at all. They have a ctually learned to play croquet and b aseball and swing on a flying Dutchman. P apa preached every morning at 8 o 'clock i n the c ollege c hapel, and at night i n the church. Y o u never saw

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