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Page 29 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.2 n.1

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(c) No teacher should secure an offer elsewhere for the sole purpose of using it as a means to obtain an increase of salary in -his present position. VI. Contract Obligations A teacher should never violate a contract. Unless the consent of the employing body is obtained releasing the obligation, the con- tract should -be fulfilled. On the other hand, when a teacher is of- fered a (hetter position elsewhere it is against the best interest of the schools to stand in the way of the teacher's advancement by arbi- trary insistence upon the terms of a needlessly rigid contract, when the place can be satisfac- torily filled. VII. Relations Between ,Suaer- visory Officers and Teachers (a) Co-operation, loyalty, and sincerity should characterize all relations between supervisory of- ficers and teachers. (b) Each teacher is entitled from time to time to statements of his professional record, whether favorable or unfavorable, and may properly make requests for such statements. Moreover, e v e r y teacher whose re-employment is not intended should be given time- ly notice. (c) A supervisor of classroom work should observe the following ethical 1principles in relation to the teachers whose work he ob- serves professionally. 1. He should express an op- inion upon the work observed fol- lowing each professional visit. 2. He should recommend ways to remove every fault pointed out, and allow reasonable opportunity for improvement. 3. He should not criticize a 29 teacher before other teachers or before pu~pils. 4. He should just as certainly and just as unfailingly point out the excellence as the faults of the work observed. 5. He should give ample op- portunity for conference previous to observation of the teacher's work. (d) A superintendent or other supervisory officer should be ready and willing at the time to write to any interested party, at the request of a teacher, giving a statement of the teacher's iprofes- sional record under him; but evasive or equivocal letters of recommendation should not be given. VIII. Relations to,. Parents (a) Teachers should maintain co-operative relations with par- ents, and should meet criticism with open-mindedness and cour- tesy. (b) Teachers should not dis- cuss the physical, mental, moral or financial limitations of their pupils in such a way as to em- barrass the pupils or parents un- necessarily. Information con- cerning the home conditions of the pupils should be held in con- fidence by the teachers. IX. Loyalty to School Boards (a) It is the duty of every member of the profession in a schoiol system to recognize the legal authority of the school board, and to be loyal to its policies established in accordance therewith. (bf) The superintendent should be recognized as the professional leader of the school system. Each member of the system should be given opportunity to collaborate

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