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Image 23 of The '07 Kentuckain

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

A. G, McGREGOR, A. R., Assistant in the Academy. Northern Indiana Normal School, 1893; Indiana State Normal School, 1895; A. B., Indiana University, 1897; A. B., Harvard University, 1900; Superintendent of Schools, Corydon, Ky., 1904-1906; Assistant in English and Academy, Kentucky State College, 1906—. KNOX JAMESON, B. S., Assistant in the Academy. B. S., Hanover (Indiana) University, 1906; Principal Deputy (Indiana) High School, 1906; Instructor in Academy, Kentucky State College, 1906—. X LESDI K Pl'RDOM, A. I'... Assistant in the Academy. A. B., Central University of Kentucky. 1906; Instructor in Latin, Central University, 1905-06; Assistant Kentucky State College Academy, 1906—. ALBERT NEWTON WHITLOCK, A. B., Assistant in the Academy. Principal Caldwell High School. Richmond. Kv., 1906; Assistant in Academy. Kentucky State College, 1906-1907; Assistant ' in Kentucky State Summer School, 1907. MISS SUE DOBYNS McCANN, M. S., Fellow Assistant in Zoology. Geology, and Entomology. LUCY KELLER HUTCHCRAFT, A. B, Fellow Assistant in Anatomy and Physiology. ALFRED HOLLEY GILBERT. B. S., Instructor in Horticulture and Botany. B. S., University of Vermont, 1904; Special Agent Seed Division Department of Agriculture, 1904-05; Instructor in Agriculture, Boston Farm School. 190.i; Instructor in Horticulture and Botany, Kentucky State College, 1906—. ROBERT C. TERRELL. B. C. Iv. Fellow Assistant in Civil Engineering. JOSEPH DICKER, Assistant in Blacksmith Shop ami Foundry. Instructor in Machine Shop, Blacksmith Shop and Foundry at Kentucky State College since 1892. MURRAY RANEY, Assistant in the Mechanical Laboratory. fTTTTTTl

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