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Image 22 of The '07 Kentuckain

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

MISS MARTHA RIPPERDAN WHITE, M. S., Assistant in Mathematics. M. S., 1903, at Kentucky State College; Assistant in Mathematics since 1903; Teacher in Bay View Summer School. WILLIAM SNYDER WEBB, M. S., Assistant in Physics. B. S., 1901, and M. S., 1902, at Kentucky State College; Eellow Assistant in Physics and Normal School. RICHARD EVANS WARREN, A. B. * Assistant in the Academy. LOFIS EDWARD NOLLAU, B. M. E.. Assistant in Drawing and IVood Shop. B. M. E., 1904, at Kentucky State College; Tau Beta Pi; M. I.: Instructor in Photography, Woodshop and Drawing. CLARENCE WALKER HAM, B. M. E., Assistant in Drawing and Shop Work. B. M. E., 1905, at Kentucky State College; Tau Beta Pi: Assistant Instructor in Drawing and Machine Shop. JA1UES THOMAS COTTON NOE, A. M., Assistant in the Normal School. A. B., 1887, A. M., 1890, at Franklin College; Graduate Student Cornell University. 1892; Principal Hartsville Masonic Institute. 1901; Professor of English and History in Lincoln Memorial Fniversity. 190-1 to 1900: Professor in Normal Department at Kentucky State College, 1905—. RALPH NELSON MAXSON, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B. S., 1902, Rhode Island State College; Ph. D., Yale University, 1905; Yale Chapter, Sigma Xi; Assistant in Organic Chemistry, Yale College, 1903; Assistant in General Chemistry. Yale College, 1904; Instructor in General Chemistry, Pennsylvania State College, 1905; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Kentucky State College, 1906—. W. J. CARREL, B. S., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. B. S., Michigan State College, 1903; Student Classics in Alma College, Michigan; Instructor in Mathematics and Civil Engineering. Michigan State College. 1903-04; Engineer for Slinchmal Iron Work's. Detroit. Mich.. 1905: Structural Engineer, Kahn Reinforced Concrete Co., Chicago, 1906; Assistant Professor Civil Engineering, 1906—. ARTHUR C. PLESHMAN, A. M., . Issistant in the Normal School. Superintendent 0'f Schools in Winchester. Ky., 1889-96; University of Chicago, 1896-97; University of Illinois, 1898-99; New York University, 1899-1900; Pedagogy and Psychology. Central Normal College, Danville. Indiana. 1900-02; A. M.,' Columbian University, 1903; Pedagogy, State Normal School, Slippery Rock, Penn., 1903-07; Department of Pedagogy, Kentucky State College, 1907. •Died October 8, 1906. L6

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