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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), May 9, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY V Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday May 9, 1912 ol. 5. No. 46 0K0L0NA. DEAREST SPOT May 8. Misses Mattie Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year W0RTHINGT0N. SURPRISE FERN CREEK. May ti. and Mar- Schmeizer, of guerite Ireland entertained the Louisville, was the week-enguest Sans Souci Club Wednesday after- Happenings Of Interest From Parties And Other Prestonia of friends here. noon at their home, Meadow Hill Miss Nellie Claxon returned home News Death Of Mrs. End Of Bardstown Road Among those present were Misses st week aHter a stay of several Edna Heeler, Sarah Mills and Mist unths with her .sister, Mrs. Roy Hite Electric Line. Helm. Pernell, in Louisville. Miss ELECTRIC Lor.-n- a d Is Jeffersontown, But Likes Florida. i Metdames Emma Gilmore, Belle Ireland and Lula Helle Thorne ami daughter, Julia Belle, were enterJ. S. Funk Advises Mr. Moremen tained by Mrs. Ollie Cooper Wed- 'Fern Creek. May G. W. (Cheek, pastor of Beulah church, nesday. To See More Of Sunny State preached his farewell sermonSunday 1(1 re II Ur'l mile Timing anil 1 tie lieuian people nan were guests of H. Brown's fami rmorninir. Before Making Decision. become greatly attached to M r. Cheek Wednesday. he having been their pastor for a Mrs. Staodiford Beeler and daugh- number of years. He leaves many ter spent Saturday and Sunday In friends behind him. The Beulah Lake City, Fla., May I Editor of Louisville with her sister, Miss Ger- session has employed the Rev. Mr. The Jeffrrsonian: In tlie iasoe of April trude Krautb. Ramsay, n ho will occupy their manse, 11 I see Florida as seen by Mr. B. M. J. B. Walker left last week for his to preach for them every Sunday. Moremen. Well, he came, he saw, home in Kansas. He has been kept Prof. Ernest Ewers, who is visiting and a Florida Cracker heat hiin. His here for some time on account of the his aunt. Mis. Abby Matthews, gave a very interesting talk on China to knowledge of t he state and its ad- h igh water. Dr. I). A. Hates, wife and son were the Beulah congregation Sunday evevantages is limiled. I came here from Kentucky thirty entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Hiram ning. Jooper Sunday. r. and Mrs. Oscar Hawes will years ago: found the people hospit Misses Grace and Uuth Quick moXe troin the manse to .Mr. able, theVlimate excellent and the tiler's house near the Fair possibilities wonderful. We fertilize spent Sunday with Miss Goldie Mae ground station, this week. Gilmore. our crops as they do in Kentucky and the people who work succeed. There Mrs. Malcolm Brown, who has been The house of Mr. Jacob Shaffer is is little to grumble at, and much to sick for several months, spent Satur- now completed. Mr. Pearl Borders enjoy. In this section of Florida the day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs and family, with Mr. Shaffer, will occupy it. people live by farming and can grow Quince Wheeler. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler have nearly every kind of crop and hae Miss Nellie Young, of Louisville, is moved from Louisville to their home vegetables nearly every monthin the with her parents for several weeks. near Fern Creek. year. We have good weather and Mrs. W. B. rtwme and children Miss Sadie Skiles was the guest of very little sickness and are not spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M. Miss Flora Miller Friday. very much by insects. M. Thorne. troubled Mr. aud Mrs. Moses Bates, of LouLand is cheap, considering Miss Minnie 1'ohlman is on the isville, were guests of Mr. Nelson I canwhat it will produce. Johnson and family Sunday. not help thinking Mr. Moremen did sick list this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Williams enterP. H. Brown sold a tine cow Friday not try very hard to find the best to Mr. Troutwiue, of Shepherdsville. tained Mr. and Mrs. George O'Breil h, places, and see the advantages. Here of Louisville, Sunday. we can sell at good prices every Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Wheeler and LONG RUN. thing we raise. Make our own bacon; children and Mr. and Mrs. Joe King have cold storage. Florida holds the May Mary Thomas Morris and baby dined with Mr. and Mrs. blue ribbon on the velyet bean. was the guest of Miss Helen Fulker-so- Luke R. Wheeler Sunday. Now, I think if Mr. Moremen would Mr. Bennie Williams, of Louisville, Monday. come down and try a lone hand in Mrs. W.C. Childshas relumed home visited his parents. Mr. aud Mrs. the potato line, he would rrot come from a Frank Williams, Sunday. out so far behind. Last week five ville. visit with relatives in LouisMr. and M rs. Fred Johnson entercarloads of Irish potatoes were shipMrs. Flora Tutt. of Simsonville, tained Mr. Charles Bates and family, ped from Hastings, the place he talkspent several days with Mrs. Leeoni-da- s Mr, Mose Johnson. Mrs. H. Gratiu, ed so much about, and netted the Mr. and Mrs. N. Braithwaite, of Mt. Webb. grower 17.50 per barrel and have the Miss Eva Bell Clubb, of Louisville, Washington, at dinner Sunday. same land to make a sweet potato Mr. and Mis. Lou f'arrott and son crop on. which will pay better than visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. the Irish potato crops. I think Mr. Barton A. Clubb. Mr. John Harris, who isnnder treat- - Henry Berry. Moremen will have to get up early Miss Florence I'ierson visited her and work late, and do lots of fertili.-- ment at Deaconess Hospital Louis- sister, Mrs. Emma Nicholson, in ville, is improving. ing and spraying to beat Florida. Saturday. I will agree with Mr. Moremen. Mrs. Marv E. Fulkerson and daughMiss Maud Berry had as her guests there are lots of people that are like ter aie guests of Mrs. Burg in Louis- Tuesday Misses Nettie Stout and "Mutt and Jeff. " They go to new ville. Edith Wheeler. to just Miss Marshall Humphrey, of Louis-yillplaces. expecting Mr. and Mrs. El wood Baker enter is spending some days with reach up in trees and pull oil money tained at dinner Sunday M r. and Mrs. by the handfull. After finding t heir Miss Bernice Grady. Price Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Dillard mistake they are ready to give it a Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Justice and Pierson and daughter, Nellie, and black eye. I will admit that old Ken- daughter were recent guests of Mr. others. tucky is a grand old state, but the and Mrs. Ross Cochran. Mrs. Ella Ow ens. of Louisville, deaiest spot to me is Jeffersontown, Miss Anna Hardin spent Saturday spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. F. the place of my boyhood davs. But with her sister, Mrs. W. M. Lyle. J. Risinger. if a stranger should go to Kentucky Mr. Mr. and Mrs. I. Hunley entertained Fulton Wilson was the guestof and settle dvwn on any of that land Mrs. George Haag and children and from the po0r house farm to Middle-tow- the Misses and Messrs. Wilson. Mrs. Lula Seabold and children SunMr. and Mrs. F. D. Childs and little (without fie wanted to raise day afternoon. blackberries), or down in the western daughter, of Louisville, were guests Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore had as part of Jefferson, on the knobs, where of Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Childs. their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. it would be impossible for a horse to Rev. and Mrs. Duucan, spent Sun" T. Moore and children, of Louisville, pull a plow boots or no boots -- and nay i auu Ml S d C. ,J USClCe. and Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Seabold and wake up in the morning on April 19 Miss Motile Harris is spending daughter. with ice and a big frost and thethei-momete- r several days with her brother, Mr. Abby and Earl Bates were guests dropped to 32, he would say, Will Harris. fo Arthur and Samuel McKeag Sun"My my! this is the poorest county Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson, of Lou day night. Mrs. Martha Priest is visiting her on God s green earth, and leave at isville, were recent guests of Mrs. once, and give the whole state a Nettie Hardin. son. Mr. Wm. Priest, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ash spent black eye. aud on the other hand, if Mr. and Mrs James Dixon and little he was settled down on some of those daughter spent last Sunday with Mrs. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Hawes Miss Laura Davis has returned beautiful garden spots between Jeff- William Middletou. ersontown aud Louisville and on the home from Scottsburg. Mr. Frank Bohannon spent WednesDr and Mrs. C M. Fryer and son Bardstown pike, aud some one to get day in Shelby ville. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. coal and feed the stock from DecK. Frver. ember 1st to April 1st, if he is a man A Wedding Shower. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Parrott enterof means and likes to stay up in the At the residence of Theo. B. Hard-ma- tained Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Miller house, but, if he is a poor man, he on Friday, May 3rd, from 2 to 6 and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest will say as Mutt aud Jeff, "let's go to p.m. Mr. aud Mrs. Hardman enter- Miller and baby Sunday. Florida where we can live easy and A delightful birthday party was play out in the open air every day in tained a number of friends and relatives at a shower given in honor of given Master Forest Williams in the 3'ear." If Kentucky had Florida climate their daughter, Mrs. Geo. Seibert. nonor of his twelfth birthday Thursthen Mr. Moremen might think he who was married April 29th. The af- day evening. A number of his friends lived in the land that flowed with ternoon was delightfully spent, music were present and all had an enjoymilk and honey. As far as living is was furnished and refreshments able time. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bates and concerned we get the best of bacon served. All had a very enjoyable afcents and hams for 18 cents ternoon. The bride was the recipient children and Mr. and Mrs. Walter for 12i and every thing in proportion. Of of many beautilul, as well as useful Williams were guests of Mr. and course we can't boast of as line barns presents, and had many good wishes Mrs. M. L. Hawes Sunday. Kentucky, for we haven't as fine and congratulations extended to her Escapes Ad Awful ate. Among those present were 9x:k. but our schools and colleges by all. A thousand tongues could not exThat is Florida's Mrs. Sim Hardman, Mrs. Lucy Casey. cannot be beat. Mrs. Maud Bravard, Mrs. Thomas, press the gratitude of Mrs. J. E.Cox, pride. Now, Mr. Editor, I hope Mr. More-me- Mrs. Bezold, Mrs.. Will Harrigau, of Joliet, III., for her wonderful dewill make us another visit and Mrs. Mary Chowning, Mrs. Wachett, liverance from an awful fate. take in more of Florida, and maybe Mrs. Lila Reid, Mrs. Joe McKroclin, "Typhoid pneumonia had left me he will haye a better opinion of our Mrs. Leathermau. Mrs. Medcalf,Mrs. with a dreadful cough," she writes. M land of flowers and sunshine. Will Shad, rs. John Ruff, Mrs. Boswell, "Sometices I had such awful coughMisses Ada Caldwell, Elsie Reid, ing spells I thought I would die. 1 close with best wishes to The JefferLouisville, and could ret no help from doctor's treatsonian and fiiends. Lonr may she Christa Bezold, all of Miss Annie Reid and Mrs. Roy Reid, ment or other medicines till I used live! Respectfully, But I owe of Seatonville. Dr. King's New Discovery. J. S. Funk my life to this wonderful remedy for Entertained. I scarcely cough at all now." Quick Lake City, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick en- and safe, it's the most reliable of all Every ON tertained at dinner last Wednesday throat and lung medicines. SUNDAY Mr. C. H. Pate aud son, Hollis, and bottle guaranteed. 50c and $1.00. Trial BRC8. SALE AT FANELLt bottle free at all druggists. WELFORD ALOOCK, Aotnt. Mrs. Rosen, all of Louisville. ti.-- Rev. 1 Sher-manl- ti-- n 1 e, . Mrs. Belle Rossen I n COURIER-JOURNA- L and Miss Annie Broyles,of Harrod'sCreek, are guests Prestonia, May 6 Mrs. Charles of M.s. Lucy Chamberlain. Commercial Club Still At Work Payne and Mrs. S. J. Lewis, of LouMiss Rosa Rothenburger spent last isville, were visitors at Newstead week with Miss Lydia Hardy at On PropositionMeeting the past week. Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Night Changed. W. H. Johnson, of Mr. Bruce Sims was the guest of and relatives near Harrod's Creek last Mrs. J. W. Gilmore Sunday. week. Mr. Joseph Levi, Jr., of Louisville. Mr. Charles Pernell is spending is spending a while with Mr. R. L. some time with relatives in LouisDurrett. ville. I. P. Barnard, President of the Miss Alberta Netherton, who was Louisville Tobacco Co., has sold his operated on last night for appendibeautiful home here consisting of 240 citis at St. Anthony's Infirmary, is acres, to Cincinnati interests. The resting easy this morning. ttacl is to be sub divided into buildMr. and Mrs. H. H. Simcoe entering lots. Mr. Barnard will have tained at dinner Suntlav Mr. and until April of next year and Mrs. J. H. Eckard, Mr, and Mrs. .1. will continue to reside here for the W7. Eckard and son, Carl, of Louispresent. ville, and Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Baisch. Mrs, James Bennett and sons, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Maddux had Joseph and Shelburn, of Louisville, several of their friends and relatives and Miss Lillian Thompson were guests of Mrs. J. R. Jones Thursday. as guests at dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Herr andchild-reOn the second Sunday afternoon in and Mr. James Herr were guests May the annual meeting of the W. of Mr. R. W. Maddox and family M. S. of Cooper Memorial church meets at 3 p. m. An unusual program Sunday. Mrs. Lewis Thomas, of near will be rendered. All are cordially entertained the members of invited. Louisville, were guests of .Mr. - po-sesi- The Jeffersontown Commercial Club held its regular meeting Thuisday rnght of last week, with - R. B. Smith, in the chair. large number of the residents of A the town was prest-n- t terest shown the proposition that in and much in- came up. The committee working in the in terest of electric lights for the com munity reported little accomplished sirce the last meeting, as the peopie seem to think the Louisville Lighting Company will extend its lines to Jeffersontown. even if no more con tracts are secured. Mr. Wigge. of the Lighting Company, was present and assured the members that at least fifty more contracts w ould hae to be signed before his Comt-anwould extend the service to this place. The committee was ordered the C. S. W. Thursday at dinner and to contiuue its work and report at Miss Tessie Schoeniug entertained the next meeting. them in the afternoon. Town Signs For Lights. Rev. Jorgensou will commence his At a meeting of the Town Board of singing class Saturday night, May 18 at the Christian church. Everyone Trustees of Jeflersontown Tuesday night a contract was made with Mr. is invited. This will continue indefinitely ou the nights before the first Wigge, of the Louisville Lighting Company, for street lights in the aud third Sundays of the month. There will be a play given by the event that the service is extended teachers and pupils of the Buckeye to this place. school Monday May 13 at theirschool Want Fir Engine. house followed by an ice cream supper The question of securing fire pro in the yard. Tickets 25 cents, which tection for leffersontown came up both the play and supper. include n Jefter-ontow- Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw and children spent several days in Bullitt county the past week. Hughes Jacksoit, of Lexington, yisited tfis aunt, Mrs. L. J. Stivers, who continues quite ill, several days this week. v Miss Joseph Hujo was givena surprise handkerchief shower Thursday evening in honor of her birthday. Quite a number of her friends were present and a bountiful supply of nice handkerchiefs received. Refreshments were served and all present report a good time. Mrs. Johu Kalmer was airreeahlv .surprised SumJay afternoon by a DEMONSTRATION number of her friends from the city coming out to her home, the occasion being her birthday anniversary. Mrs. H. C. Ireland, Mrs. J. W. Gil Of Fire Engine Will Take Place more and Mrs. M. M. Thorne ami At Middletown Tomorrow daughter were guests of Mrs. H. D. Cooper Wednesday. Night at 7:30. Mrs. Hite died at her heme near here Sunday morning after a short illness of tuberculosis. R. E. Daugh-erty- , of F. St. church, of which she A demonstration of the new fire was a member, preached the funeral engine and apparatus recently purdiscourse, after which her remains chased by the Middletown Commerwere taken to Henry county for in cial Club will take place at Middle-tovvntomorro- (Friday) night at 7:30 Hite leaves her husband and two bright little boys aged o'clock. three and five years, who have the The new engine arrived last Satsympathy of the entire community urday and everything will be in shape and all regret the passing away of for work by tomorrow night. Capt. one so young and beautiful and with Bender, of the No. 12 Engine Company so much, it seems, to live for, but of Louisyille, will be out to operate Thy will be done." the engine and explain how to run it. The Jeffersontown Commercial Southern Agriculturist. Club at its meeting last Thursday The Southern Agriculturist, the appointed a committee to attend the leading farm paper of the South, demonstration and report to the Club. and The Jeffersonian, will be sent If it proves satisfactory an effort for one whole yearon receiptof $1.10. will be made to getone for this place. Mail subscriptions at once to thit Call The Jeffersonian. Cumb. phone office. tf. when n need of printing. printers; prices right. Subscribe for the Jeffersonian. terment. Mrs. Ex-e- 6-- 3 rt aud created a great deal of discussion. A committee. coouDosed of W. J. Semonin, Geo. Bridwell, J. C. Bowles, J. C. Bruce and J. C. Alcock, was named to go to Middletown tomorrow night and wituess the dt of the engine recent! purchased by the citizens of that place and report to the Club. j Meeting Night Changed. Upon a vote of the members pres- ent the time for holding the regular meetings of the Club was changed from the first Thursday night in each month to the first Friday night in each month. The Club has been meeting every two weeks since it has been working on the lighting proposition, anil an open meeting will be held Friday of next week, May 17, at 8 o'clock. The public is invited and urged to be present. Pur- - Food. Well seasoned and well cooked combined with good service is oftr rule. Vegetables, fish, sausage, roast beef and pastries of every kind, and the best of coffee. Once a customer, always a customer at the Blue Grass Dairy Lunch s: W. Jefferson, opposite interurbaq station. AHLBRAND n I Lights For Streets Ordered By Trustees. 4;-t- i. QOOfslaE ARE Built To Wear ..We Sell Them. AND 9U0 t We want your patronage and have the goods and prices that will get it. Buggies $40.00 Surreys $75.00 HALL SEED CO. Preston and Jefferson Sts. Incubators Cream Separators. Wire Fence INCORPORATED. Fertilizers LOUISVILLE, KY.

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