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Woodcock Society, 1920 - present, 1920

Part of Woodcock Society, 1920 - present

klgar20siInventory of the Woodcock Society Collection, ca. 1920-presentArchives StaffUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292 USAPhone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: Archives and Records Centern.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the Woodcock Society Collection, ca. 1920-presentContact InformationUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292Phone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 University of Louisville. All Rights Reserved.Woodcock Society, 1920 - present20SItwo boxesWoodcock SocietyNo online items. Must visit contributing institution. University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292Open to researchersThe copyright interests in the Woodcock Society Collection, ca. 1920-present, are owned by the University of Louisville. For further information, see the section on copyright in the regulations and Procedures of the Special Collections Library or consult a reference archivist.[Identification of item], Woodcock Society Collection, ca. 1920-present, 20SI, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville.The files contain documents and correspondence related to the Woodcock Society. Reverend Charles E. Woodcock, as a memorial to his son, first offered the Woodcock medal to U of L students in 1910 with the intention of representing something "that will inspire (youth) to great effort" and that would "be forever a memorial to the high qualities of youth." It was awarded to those students who "attained the highest standing in scholarship and who possessed the qualifications considered by the faculty essential to the recipient of this high honor."The Society began in 1920 with an aim towards securing a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for the University. The original members consisted of the ten U of L students who had received the Woodcock medal from the years 1910-1920.From 1920 to the present, this had been an honorary society whose members consist of no more than ten percent of each year's graduating class who have shown constent scholarship (a minimum of a 2.2 grade point average), leadership, and character of high quality. The functions of the group have expanded to include offering medals to non-senior undergraduate maintaining a loan fund for graduate students. The Woodcock Society is the oldest honorary society on the U of L Campus.Container List11. Invitations to Woodcock Society's yearly banquets, 1945-1965.Includes a skit given for the 1945 banquets.12. Various bulletings which include announcement of meetings, speakers, and other Woodcock Society functions - 1932-1944.13. "The Cardinal," miscellaneous copies; 1954, 1964.14. Woodcock Society bylaws - Revised 1935.15. Various correspondences: 1934-1953. Includes the 1934 president's report.16. "A short history of the Woodcock Society 1920-1940." (unauthored).17. Financial Statements: 1934-1945.21. Two boxes each containing six gold Woodcock medals (1948).22. Loan Fund documents 1932-1964. Includes 1936 revised loan fund rules23. Newspaper clipping - 1939-1967.24. Gradepoint Standings of Woodcock Society Nominees - 1955-1958.25. "Recommendations of the Committee to Formulate Standards" for Woodcock Society - 1933.26. Woodcock Society Officers - 1933-1956.27. Address given at Woodcock dinner in 1962 by William Ekstrom entitled, "Poetic Faith and Academic Credit."28. 1935 Woodcock Society Constitution and bylaws.29. Historical information: 1923-1949.210. Active members of Woodcock Society as of April 1, 1969.211. Directories of Woodcock Society members: 1921-1954; 1921-1962; 1921-1971; 1955-1959.212. Woodcock Society Minutes: 1920-1935 (included in the serials).213. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings: 1931-1939.

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