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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., April 7, 1905

Part of The Big Sandy news.

1. I - J i. ID)" 3 I ANDY NEW f u invenicun viam, aut factum, LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, APRIL 7, VOL.XX NO 31. 1905. Packinf The Soil. THE NEWS OF THE WEEK. A Daily Resume of Important Happenings. April 1. The will of Mr. Stanford was admitted to probate Id Baa June. California. It leaves 4,000,OUU to relative, l..uug to several charitable Instttu-tliin- . and th residue of ber fortune to Lelsnd Stanford. Jr., I'nlveralty. HUly aulu against the Standard Oil Company and sis agalnat lb Evens-til- l Oil Company were filed la the bailees Circuit Court, th SKKregat fine aaked Mm $0C.oo0. These are the tint flM In the Stale axalnat the Standard Oil company, the art-km- a In other counties having been Indictments. Sentence la th enss of Orulrr tltm-arelb convicted dynamiter, was New IndeflulUtly postponed by th court yesterday, pending an Inquiry Into hi aanliy and antecedents Iloweau elated that be never Intended to take life. Ill attursey told th court that be bad learned that RisMean aufferrd sunstroke In New severe Orlran In ISDt, and that mental depression bad followed. Subpoena were served on Judge James Hargta and Sheriff Callahan U appear atosday In the Clark Circuit Court at Wlnrbeator to testify for the defena In th cues of the Common wealth against B. Y. French and others and Fell I H. Feltner and other charged wl'h having aplrlted away wit snare for the plaintiff during the trial of the dsnisre suit of Mrs. Marrum against James llsrtle. Alex, tlargta. Ed Callahaa and U. K. French for th death of her hutnd. James B. Marrum. that account rioting waa expected in cities. The United the principal States cruiser Brooklyn has proceeded to Port au Prince under Instructions following the recommendation of the Miuiater to Hsytl, who believed the presence of tbe marines desirable. April 3. Secretary of State Hay arrived at Naples yesterday snd said bis health had been greatly Improved by bis ocean voyage. He will arrive at Ge noa today snd will then go to tbe Riviera. The race question Is being agltat- In New Turk to some extent since the sppointment of the negro, Ander son, as Internal Revenue Collector. Auderson, It is said, has msde him gathself conspicuous at Republk-aerings since his appointment and was recently served st tbe cafe of a hotel which la patronited by the Republican lesders of New York. A serious conflict occurred In War- Poland, between a Jewish Bor-- lalist society and a military and police patrol. Tbe patrol fired III Li the crowd, kilting four person and wounding forty others. Other disturbance of a serious nature have occurred at Warsaw and In other cit ies of Poland. In some of the industrial centers there Is a renewal strike troubles. Good Health to the ehildren Children especially are fond of dainties, and the housekeeper must look carefully to their food. As good cake can be made only with good eggs, so also a cake that is healthful as well as dainty must be raised with a pure and perfect baking powder. Royal Baking Powder is indispensable in the preparation of the highest quality of food. It imparts that peculiar lightness, sweetness and flavor noticed in the finest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc, and what is more important, renders the food wholesome and agreeable to young and old. novsi asaiM eowDt co.. new vosk. SAVED (Written for tbe Epltomist) Thoughtlessness snd to plant early In the season has led man farmer Into tbe Injurious practice of plowing so early that the furrow slices glisten In the sun and when a handful of the upturned soli can be compressed In the palm of the band like patty. Ia this way very good clay uplands are so badly injured in a slrfele season that years of clover seeding are needed to restore their friability and value for cultivation. Tramping land by stock in winter Is a practice far too common. It Is the ciutum of some farmers to allow their stock to range over the field aa soon as the latest crops are gathered, and even during winter without regard to the condition of the ground, whether It la water soaked or not There la no practice more general and none which destroy the very life of tbe land more quickly than packing clay soil when it Is wet, converting it inMmont ilk. ..M.t.nM with it. fertlliilng element rendered almost wholly Imperative. The grazing of anl mala In wet Oelds and plowing when tbe ground la too wet are practiced almost universal among tenants, who sre often careless and Indifferent If not Ignorant aa to tbe result upon tbe land which la far more Injurious than excessive cropping without fertilizing which Is quite common throughout the western and southern states. . "1 have used Chamberlain' M Sloru-ac- h and Liver tablets with most satisfactory results," says Mrs. F. L. Phelps, Houston, Texas. For indi gestion biliousness and constipation these unlets are most excellent Sold by A. M. Hughes. A Whole FROM CRIP. ONLY ONE CHANCE Family Escapes a Horrible by Using Epidemic r a. 'I W aT k ra. P. CONLEY, Publisher. IN A YEAR . To buy fresh, clean suits and Overcoats for' less in price than the first cost of manufacturing. te Wisora, Stabs: Co, Ihd. the winter I and my fant were taken with la Kippa aiz Th disease was very prevalent at thai time In the Tillage where I resided, During Uy of Handsome Suits $4.98, 5.98, G.98, 7.98 and 9.98. but were very unsuccessful in tbe treat. rk1,ekinTtoW' bonght nix bottle of md w w tout, it KcoruiuK to mo uirecuuot . ... . to lent m the outaet, yet our recovery was prompt, and We were all well much sooner than those who were treated by tbe regular physicians. Many people died of this la grippe dor log tbis epidemic, and few It any, wen alck so short a time as myself ant) family. After we were all well we hie a one bottie of left. Overcoats long with' SPledid belt baaks or medium lentrths or Too Coats for $6.98, 7.98, 9.98 and ) H.98 Ycu never saw such Goods sold at such Prices. Other Suits and C.T.Hatfield. Send for a free copy of "Winter Ca tarrh." Address Dr. Hsrtman, Col am bus, Ohio. Overcoats Nasal Underwear, CATARRH mi Shirts Dr. Washington Gladden, who has In all tu stsvrea Ura vigorously opposed the acceptance poultiy Pickings. Former price ThooMBd Havr Kidney Trouble Reduced to riKMid be cleuuutaV a gift of lioo.otio from John O. and Don't Know it. EIji Cream Coin Cleaa, dry quarter are needed for missionary purpose. Rurkieller for dcMMs, aontbe awl bra'a WEBBVILLE. ow te Via Oat. j CTS. FOR eslerdsy preached a sermon, in which health In summer a well aa la winter. Fil a bottle or comraot glass with your No fowl or lot of fowls will eat or Your writer teturned from Olive Itt.ratfrrtar.'l0T'T Dtrpatrh front Si. Petersburg aies-tlo- a a declared that th great problem wsler snd let H stand twenty-fou- r hours: a awif a ou-- l in Um al today Is th Cbristlanitatlon of require tbe same amount of food each sediment or set- - ill, I where he bad a good time. President Boosevelt sad Foroick:y. tling Indies! es an L. T. Webb, of the Merchant Ex France, as industry and traffic. He declared that' meal. eign Minister of Cream Bitlm W rUvrH !ntn tbe na!T. a, tpreifift Visit our Store During the Special Sale. unhealthy condiInsect depredstlons are like weeds change, went to Cincinnati to buy onr ih mmtrai and la i.norbod. Be e' ia tnv la a divine Institution and taking a hand In tbe pears movement he Slate tion of the kid.'- hry can be kept In check by pre Mllata and a enrv fo'knra. It i iH drr'.r. hat all Its various official are ay but there la no of final confirmation neys: U It stairs goods. Sue, U centa at I''-- .- j twit iirodace incczlD your linen It bt Jim Boggs, of Equal Fork, wen! gist or rr mill; Trial Six, n ccota dj kz:i. la Washington, and Pari. Varloua much ministers and aa much bound venting their getting a start good of the florle rmos evidence of kidFor th to .Ashland and back today. other reports emanate from St Pet- by the rule of Christian conduct as he. ney trouble: too say fowl thst show any signs of be Two drummers and two lumber men Japan ersburg. Including on that frequent desire to President Roosevelt will leave Wash ing sick, even If the ailment Is alight rejected RuMla'stenn pass it or pain In came up today. and anC. Ington at o'clock this morning over the back b slao Owen Saylers came from Denton. other to the effect that no anunt ne- he Pennsylvania railroad for bis long Tbe first step In starling with poul try should be to make sure of an eorrvlndnf proof that the kidney and bladJudge Webb is better today. DENTIST. gotiation have taken place, The trip to the Southwest, and will be ample supply of green feed for every der ars nut of order. Judge Vinson is here Interviewing oew from the seat o? war Indicates Wast ta Do, In Bank Block over O'Neal & tbeent from Washington about two year. Titer bt comfort In the knowledra so the boys. that Field Marahal Oyama. ha begun seeks. Tbe first stop will be In Lou day In the Carter's Law Office. The strictly healthy fowl doe not often espresssd. thst Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Roo- t, Charley Holbrook came down from general advance of his main army to have bowel complaint; the gres! kidney remedy fulfills every Blaine today on his way drumming. isville, on Tuesday. Tbe trsln Permanently located in Louisa. looseness of with wing far attended. expected to arrived at a. m., and the bovrel la fowls I simply an Indi wish In curing rheumstiam, pain la th Ec Berry and wife came up from back, kidneys, liver, bladder III remain until II o'clock. Tbe cation of Indigestion or derangement of th urinary passage. It snd every part Ashland and went to their home at BEST COL'GH The murh herlld visit of Emperor MEDICINE FOR corrects Inability by a camp of of the digestive organs. to bold water and scalding pain In passing Blaine. William, of Germany, to Tangier, waa President, escorted CHILDREN. ALICE BtATO, BOLD HEXC k. or bad effects following us of liquor, IKrilASIAH HEKK, rut abort, and be remained on ihore Confederate veterans, and clt liens In Shut up tbe hen bouse occasionally wins or beer, and overcomes When you buy a cough medicine Your writer went to Blaine today PmlaUTllta, (r. rateutUle, Ir. thst unpleasant CatktUbaff. Ky. barely two hours. i was officially carriages, will proceed to the Court as tight as possible and bum some necessity of being compelled to go often bought a yoke of cattle enroute and for small children you want one in eiplalned that this was due to th house, where be will deliver an ad- - sulphur In It The fumes will reach during tbe day, snd tu get up many tuns took them on his farm. confiwhich you can place implicit Z. MEEK & CO, Proprietors, roughness of th sea, but after the de Jrcea, after which the Louisville com- every crack and crevice, and be death during ths night The mild snd the extraAdd Skeens, candidate for clerk, is dence. You want one that not only ordinary effect of Swamp-Ro- ot Is soon Hamburg It was staled mittee will present him with some to vermin hidden there. parlur of the here entertaining the boy and girls relieves but cures. You want one that m It stands th highest for It wonrealized. oa good authority that the Kmperoi nementnes of his visit There Is no food or corrective. In derful cure of the most distressing cases. Jerome Dean, Insurance agent Is is unquestionably harmless. You wan' WUSeala and BaU Deatan h had beard there was a possibility ol the way of a digestive, thst equals If you need a medicine you should have tbe here doing a land office business. one that is pleasant to take. Chambest. Sold by druggists ioSUc.snd$l. sizes. A TKIED AND TIll'E FRIEND. demonstration and de charcoal. It Is easily bad, because ss is here. Also, one berlain's Coui:h Remedy meets all of Mr. Brewster You may hav a sample bonis ef this Ileal, Feed. Hay, Farm Seeds, Corn. Flour, sired to avoid urh an Incident An One Minute Cough Cure contains not varloua forma of the article may be wotMerful these conditions. There Is nothing Mr. Yates, who professes to be a hip discovery other repert, which was not official m atom of any harmful drug, and It made by the poultry raiser himself. snd a book that tells not 1st and would make us believe he so good for the coughs and scolds IJme, Cement, Patent Plaster, Brick, Etc, ly confirmed. Was to the effect that ras been curing Coughs, Colds, Croup The swill barrel and often slop pall I more about It both sent can do anything with us. Would you Incident to childhood. It is also a Inform tnd Whooping Cough so long thst K.V. nnwMt war.rv tnv. foe mitnv absolutely free by mslL HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS FARM SEEDS. lb German Hgatlon bad been like to see him make me do what I certain preventive and cure for croup, I address Dr. Mlmer flc . v has proven Itself to be a tried and s une cnics-co- Ters ed of an anarchist plot and adtlsed over imrm -- M and there is no danger whatever from did not want to. I would. nt When writing Bmrmton. N.Y. - KENTUCKY. CATLETTSBURG, that the Emperor be dissuaded from jtis friend to the many who use it ih's moreover, covered bar- - tioo reading this generous offer hi this paper. Mr. Roberts, spoke man for Greenup whooping cough when it is given. lauding. Th visit, however, wai Villi by Louisa Drug Co. It has been used in many epidemics Is here. without unpleasant Incident. In die uncovered ones. Mrs. Monroe Walter has gone to of that disease with perfect success. Our Mottoi Oood OoodS, Hamat Wwlahvaa. Pstlr " Clean Up. hi4 N In the cussing Special ClubbinOffe r. Moroccan affairs Do not over feed your fowls that Washington to visit her son, Luther For sale by A. 'M. PRICES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. French Senste, Foreign Minister have free range, they will pick up the Walter. (Written tor tbe Epitomist) Have ycu seen three oratmeatal arrangement applause brought out vigorous haa bees an.le larger part of their living from weed Aa Mrs. Adams and family, of Magof Probably nine out of ten farm have 'umbrella stunds at CodW'i stjre? ' by declaring that resistance In Inter NEWd by which, for a Itmit- - scattered grain and hugs. This give 17 th fin, are moving to Greenup. comers wblch their would not cause ted quarter tlm. we can furnish th Ctucin- - them exercise, tbe best possible ra-Jess Cyrus is here with Segraves a;! Weekly Enquirer and this paei Hon and will oroduce the largest Dos- - " made ,he dumping ground for boy on way to Louisa with hint for Franc to modify her pollry. I all kinds of rubbish. Old fence posts Taps ...i, wanilh. for ,1.60. bm year robbing Jasper Evans postoffice. uead ,or nlch " ng to take advantage of this offer April 1 The everdsv welfare of the hen Is L. Lester, of Cat Is over here tradfuel; Drusn irom snaae trees or trim The Capitol Commission having ap should do so as smn aa possible, as a matter of method, every streak of ing today. lung th arrange ill luck that baa assailed your ambi- mings from the orchard, odds and do not know how Mr. Brown, Schnapps Tobacco man, proved tbe abatract of title of the tions can be traced to something neg- ends of lumber, sticks, stones, tin is here. Hunt alU.upon which to buld the new meat will laast cans and old rags. In short every will al lected, and that streak of III luck can Th weekly Courier-Journ- al Mr. Blair, of Bath county. Is visitcapltol, the property was formally accumu be traced to ourselves, but we do not thing useless, ia allowed to ing his folks here. taken over by tbe commission for the io b furnished at th Sam price. large piles, becoming a harbor late in Dully ilk to admit It Also, we wlU furnish Ui Commonwealth. There was a big excursion to Greenfor rata, mice, snakes and all kinds nndnnntl Fost and the liig S. ml) up chapter and eight of our boys A DAREDEVIL RIDE preabh-n- t of Insects and unhealthy germs. 8ucb of Saws, bota on year, for 1.5". Theodore P. Shonla, went, and report a fine time. often end In a Bad accident To heal things are also very unsightly and th Toledo. 8t Louis and Western L. J. Webb has returned from Cin CHEATED DEATH. Why do we allow accidental Injuries, use Bucklen'l Ar- - often irad, has been aelerted by Presl rail goods. Kidney trouble often ends fatally. nlce Salve. "A deep wound in my such a state of things to exist when. I cinnati with a big lot of bead the new lath dent Roosevelt to Burg Klnner was here last week. bul by rhoslng the rlqht medlctne. foot, from an accident" writes Theowith such a small amount of trouble rnian Canal Commission. Mr. Shonts If you are industrious and capable you can make money there. Tbe big rancnes Mr. Edwards is here. Also, Mr. II. Wolfe, of Dear Grove. Iowa, dore Schuele, of Columbus, O.. "caused we mignt remeay me evu oy dumping S. workers has accepted the appointment are breaking up into small farm that need morebecause) to care for the increased Sterling, saddle and Nimby, from Mt. were Into heated death. He says: "Two years mem great pain. Physicians the country h prosperous. clear place end every now and product The towns and cities are prosperous The visit of Emperor William, of ago I had kidney trouble, which caus- helpless, but Bucklen'l Arnica Salve then applying the match. Metal rub- harness man. There are great yalleys of the richest soil in America waiting for you. If you Mr. Clayton, grocery man. of MoreGermany, to Morocco, Is the absorb ed me great pain, suffering and anx quickly healed It" Soothes and heals' bish may be consigned to the ditch have a little capital you can own one of these small farms yourself, or yow can ing question of the day In France. iety, but I took Electric Hitters, which uurns Uk magic. I c at A. at Hughes generally not far away, where It will head Is here . years. rent one on shares and pay for it out of the product m a fewabout the We will Mr. Newell, for Hagen, Ratdiff A matter iffected a complete cure. I have al money, Officials while discussing the sous rust away, or to a distant locadruggist send you descriptive booklets and folders giving full information Is here In place of McCullough. with outward calmness are Irritated io found them of great benefit In tion. Again, these rubbish piles some- Ca, making opportunities for every member of the family. sorry to give up Mr. McCul We are at the turn of affairs. At ilerlln It general debility and nerve trouble; OLIOVILLE. times become a menace to the dwelYou want to see what the country is really like; you can go there, work a ' only desire and keep constantly on band, since. earn Is stated that Germany' Several girls were seen fishing re ling or other buildings during pro- lough. few months, enjoy the delightful climate, the flowers, fruit and scenery, and Charley Osborn. storekeeper and In the matter Is to preserve the open I find they have no equal." A. cently. tracted dry spells, when the small mem enough to pop your expenses both Ways by taking advantage of the gauger. Is here on his way to Clarke door to trade In Morocco. 4. Hughes, druggist, guarantees them There was a large attendance al ber of the family may be tempted to county. church at Uranham Gap Sunday. t50c. try Itia hand with a match and start W. J. rtryan spoke at the Jefferson Doc Hillman, of East Fork, was here We are expecting a wedding on our a fire which with the abundant maDay dinner of Iowa Democrats at Dee OSIB. to Elliot county. creek soon. Some of the boys are terial to burn, soon becomes nnmanagi going waa Moines last Bight HI subject There will be church here the Snd James Sparks, of Ashland, went to already getting up their bells able. Other portions too, of the farm "Bark to th People'whlch phrase, Sunday In thlr month by Rev. A. H. to stay until after the farm Frank Thompson is doing a big bus will probably need looking after. If Elliot he declared, expressed the present Miller. ing. Things are getting hot in mat iness cutting hickory. the farm be near or adjoining a large tendency In politics. The Democrat county among the uemocrais. Jeff Gillian purchased a fine horse Every Day March 1 to May 15 Gipsy Comb has been on the sick tract of limber with rail fencing Ic position has been vindicated, be recently. of Floyd, passed Mr. Barnett around It H Is well to bum a fire list for some time, but Is Improving said, by tbe present attitude of the pssaed down our Charlie Spark through with fifty head of nice cat slowly. around It Then you may leave home country and the party was now more Sunday. tie. Jamea Jordan was on Utile Blaine without fear that some one wlllstart united and stronger than It had been Several of the young folks, of Dan L. J. Webb went to Willord on bus- a disastrous fire. Large patches ol last week. since 189 J. tela creek attended church here Sun Large la visiting at her lister weeds or tall grass adjoining the ness. Vlrgte dsy. John Waughs father is here on a dwelling or buildings, should, for the A copy of the declalon tof the Vene- on Catt Mrs. Jennie Prince Is on the sick visit to his daughter, Mrs. McKlnney. me and other reasons, be cleaned Marvin Wright la wielding the yard tuelao Court rejecting the motion to al rsdWeJ rates from atmoat sirr point Kaaf. He Is a nice old man although list Foe M-ra- T th- -,k rfcw up nicely. Many harmful Insects that dismiss the case against the New York at Olioville. "L tb. Rock IsU-- d. Two route. cWcrUbr V are thick and getting nick moet blind. He. as well as we, I U Candidate and Ber mudes Asphalt Co.npe.ny haa Menifee Hunter ha returned from wt jld otherwise live over winter and Meiico, the other through Colorado. proud of our attorney, John Waugh. thicker. via El Paso quicker than any other Hne, Double W. Vs.. where he ha been woikiug do serious damage, may In this way been received In Washington. hTe Through tourist csra-ho- ura' Frank Wltten has returned from Orion 1'rlnce.who is attending school snd free reclmmf chair csra, both routes. thedlrect charge be destroyed; besides, one has the some tlmnie. decision embrace throughout the Usited soon. for ha. asphalt at Fallsburg, Is expected home doing good busl- - pleasure of keeping a neat looking Ashland. top L'tTT that President Green, of the S. W. Graham Is ttaaataaj. can have their assistance hi srrangvoc the CJrfonus book front Fred llenslev csme home Will Chatfln. Malum. W. Vs. Sr-uiTyfor our CJdonu. rJkket .gent or writ, to tb. place. company, aided the revolutionist Us nnsa telling goods at TuscoU. oT Ohio. got hta foot badly mashed last week. Sleeper. implies and Speaking of keeping down Insects, Charley Brainard and brldd are ex os. with money and folder "Acroaa th Continent in a Tourist Miss Cella Pittren, Miss Emma Adum ft. Webb, our mcrchauts, are 1 1 . .1 n 1.1 n un CaKrwaia tsan ear etswa reminds us of trees, especially ever equipped a vessel tor the revolution pected horn In a lew day. Thompson, Miss Dora Wood and Mrs. doing fine. ni th. UiMl ealtvm. wits wid window. mm4 Uvahwr see u... --I ik. ary campaign. Will Woods has purchased a nut green. These are an aid in tnts line iv Woods gave us a very pleas We are expecting a wedding on our Kougl KidJra. by affording cosy retreats and hornet tlallie at, HI Is n irae, Cat cat tbia aer. ant call and chat this evening. llurkskln Dee. Eleven hundred Ice and coal wagon creek soon. for the birds, which, as all know, art JOHN SEBASTIAN, A. J. Pennington. T. J. Webb and Kindly take notice that Ely's li- the natural drivers are on strike at Bt lxul; FORGET AUOL r VUUH STOMACH. enemies of the In . FaasaaM Traffic Maaeter. Rack Uaed visited Greenup Chapter are out five hundred bricklayer CHICAGO, the quid Cream Balm Is of great benefit sect world. Missouri Farmer. John Kitchen If you forget Indigestion Is bad a A. M. Wednesday. There wer sear nil all I Cleveland; four hundred Ironworkers vital organ of your body are not ted to those sufferer from nasal catrrh to CaMataU aa Ha UUa-a- ke PImm aaad bm rata of ! They present Calsoraa. boaa. aa fa iatanaalaaa aacat seer aaw service. about 83 member truck at Cincinnati; three hundred and nourished as they should be. who r&nnot Inhale freely through the SERIOUS STOMACH TROUBLE great time and one of the ' reported CURED. and fifty brewery cooper quit work at They grow weak and Invite disease. nose, but must treat themselves by eeoet laapcctlelaeiefwCWerale Balm differs Milwaukee, two hundred carpenter "f was troubled with a distress In nicest banquets ever given In North Kodol Dyspepsia Cttr digests what spraying. Liquid Cream PA30 ( medicinally from the my atonmrh, sour stomach and vomit-tn- g Eastern Kentucky. The banquet was threw down tlielr tools at Portsmouth you eat, cure Indigestion and all Mom In form but not spells and can truthfully say that given by the ladies of the Presby 0., and all the plumbers at Mrmlng ach trouble. . You forget you have Cream Balm that has stood for years Stomach and Liver terian Church. The flower girls pro ham. Ala., struck, and all because of stomach from the very day you beRln at the head of remedies tor catarrh. Chamberlain' member with a beautiful Aesre difference over waRe. I gets a It may be used In any nasal atomiser Tablet cured me. Mr. T. V. Wil- wnted each because II taking It Thi High Priest of grows Th price. Including a spraying tube. liams, Lalngsburg, Mich. These tub- - honuet The Grand gradually Ot- Tbe decree of the Ilnyllnn Oevern rest recuperate and present and mall lets are guaranteed to cure every raw Kentucky I 75 cts. Sold by druggist w) strong sad healthy that It troumen providing tor the expulsion Your writer weut to Olive Hill Sat' by Ely Brothers. 66 Warren Street, of stomach trouble of this character. bles you no more. Sold by Louisa tbe Syrian from the Inland wa I'll, urday. New York, For sal by A. M. Hughe. Co, have been enforced April Land on Drug 60c, 35 !, tu i Dr. Elbert Jen us, 25c, 33c, 38c, 48c. A.J.Brumbei Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher fronton, Ohio. QOOOC0O0OO0GOOO0000C0000 3 ' GATE CITY FEED STORE, ; V? 0 . 0 0 3 3 3 Prica. i "J Make Mney In Califoif nia Bargain Rates From Chicago &CbTt From St Louis rJlr fRUl.ld Z InEL 'r'"Km reprints, under! W U V.

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