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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 10, 1961

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Kentucky Press ASsn Univsity of Ke&ucky e MOUNTAIN EAGLE Lexington, Ky. Whitesburg, Kentucky, Thursday, August 10, 1961 IT SCREAMS Ten Cents Vol. 54, No. 13 Housing unit construction start set Whitesburg can expect to start construction next spring on 60 units of low rent housing, a federal official indicated this week after a personal 'inspection of housing needs in this area. The official, Walton W. Rose, came to Whitesburg from Atlanta, Ga., to inspect the city's need for low rent housing. Rose said that when he gets back to Atlanta he will make a formal recommendation that Whitesburg tentatively be allocated 60 housing units, and indicated that formal allocation of the units can be expected in the near future. Rose said he expects Whitesburg to receive an advance of $12, 000 to make detailed surveys and plans for the housing, and added that results of this study could either increase or decrease the number of units. Rose indicated that once of the new Whitesburg Municipal Airport is well under way. Airport Board landing strip in use by Oct. 1. Frazier said blacktopping Chairman Jim Frazier reports the board hopes to have the 2, of the strip will be delayed until next spring, however, so that dirt in a large fill made during the course of construction can settle over the winter. The state is putting $40, 000 into the project, in addition to substantial local donations of money, labor and equipment. The airport is located near Deane. (Eagle photo1). WHERE PLANES MAY LAND THIS 700-fo- ot white way gets Jenkins coming Oct. 1 of Hindman became acting principal of Jenkins High School this week. He had been employed as a teacher at Hindman. Supt. of Schools Lee Johnson said he would recommend to the board of education that it employ Davidson at its meeting Monday night. Johnson also announced that school will open in Jenkins on Friday, Aug. 25. Students registered last spring and will run through an entire day's schedule the first day of school, he said. fcldon Davidson "Man gets its housing ing applications Davidson school job Whitesburg Tax proposal okayed Kerinii Combs, president of the Whitesburg Community Development Association, said this week installation of Whitesburg's new "whlteway" Is expected to start Oct. 1. Combs said the Kentucky Power Co. , informed him it has purchased the new lights and metal poles, but must wait until Oct. 1 to start the installation. On that date, the telephone company is expected to begin clearing Main Street of telephone lines and poles. The Letcher Fiscal Court tills week gave final approval to the proposal calling for a special tax levy to finance a new county health center. County voters will be asked to say in the November general election whether they favor a special levy for the 10-ce- nt health center. Funds would be used to match state and federal contribution toward construction costs, with the county putting up 25 per cent, the state 25 per cent and the federal government 50 per The tax levy also would provide some $9 630 in annual local funds to be matched by $85, 881 in state funds for operation of the expanded health center. The total $95, 000 budget would allow the health department to hire additional nurses. "I think this is a golden opportunity for Letcher County," County Judge Arthur Dixon commented. He added the expanded for program would provide for people health services throughout the county. . from prospect- ive tenants It will be a relatively simple matter for the city to obtain additional units should the demand exceed the supply. Rose emphasized that the local Whitesburg Municipal Housing Commission will have complete responsibility for planning, building, maintaining operating and supervising the project. The local commission, he said, will be the agency to hire architects, decide where the units will be located, determine what type of units, set the amount of rent, and select tenants. The housing projects are financed by long-terloans guaranteed by the federal Housing m (Continued on Page 12) of year" dinner Tuesday The Whitesburg Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual banquet Tuesday night at the City Cafe, honoring the town's "man of the year." CossieQuillen will be Installed as chamber president, succeedThe ing Martin Dawahare. name of the winner of the "man of the year" award has not been made public. artist's conception of the way the new First Security Bank building will look when it is completed. construction on Main Street in Whitesburg, directly across from the Letcher County courthouse. Perkins, The building Threadgill and Associates of Harlan are the architects. The bank building will sit back from the street and will have a planted area aluminum. in front. The screen in front is of NEW BANK BUILDING is an is now under gold-color- ed pro- ject underway and starts accept-

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