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Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 64, no. 2, 1994

Part of Kentucky alumnus

1 1 l Hazard Leads way enhance and encourage further average of $2.61 in benefits for every 4 gg _ _ gggggg gggg g g ggggg scholarly research. The professors are . dollar invested, but that UK’s gener- Hazard Community College’s excused from teaching duties for a ates $3.88. Learning Center was featured in the year to concentrate on full-time r —m january 28 issue of Innovation research. Ellgillééfillg °II Tv Abstracts, a publication of the Blee, who joined the faculty at UK ”W*y"‘— ""‘ National Institute for Staff and in 1981, is a graduate of Indiana Television spots featuring outstanding Organizational Development, for its University and the University of alumni and faculty of the UK College l innovative after-school tutoring pro- Wisconsin. Brill, at UK since 1979, is a of Engineering are being broadcast { gram. Three sessions are offered graduate of Columbia and Stanford. on Cincinnati’s WSTR-TV. The televi- 1 throughout the year under the coor- Turco, at UK since 1978, is a graduate sion spots are sponsored by Ralph dination of Lisa Helf. of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Anderson, chief executive officer of r r c r‘r"rr*m r‘ MTW The University of Pittsburgh School the Belcan Corporation. RBSGGIICII PI‘0'I¢S$0I‘$ of Medicine and MIT. IL rrrrrrc l ——- Seniors Leave Mark Three University of Kentucky faculty M¢|iGI‘ Il|\|)¤¢'I' i members have been named Uni- c c s or nrrmrrrnrrsrc sm The senior class at UK has announced versity Research Professors for 1994- A survey of small business develop- ~ plans to raise funds for historical 95. They are Kathleen M. Blee, sociol— ment centers around the country markers to be placed around campus, i ogy; joseph W. Brill, physics and shows that the economic impact of ensuring that future students and visi- astronomy; and Salvatore Turco, the Kentucky Small Business De- tors will know about the university`s biochemistry. velopment Center, located at UK, is rich history. Each member of the class The professorships, which were nearly 50 percent higher than the of 1994 will be asked to contribute established in 1977, recognize out- national average. The suryey revealed $19.94 toward the Senior Challenge standing research achievement, and that centers nationwide generate an project. Don’t play phone tag, keep in touch with good _ . , . on one with CELLULAR ONE. ‘ Right now, UK Alumni in Central Kentucky _ c _ _ can get one month FREE access I - ·· , »' `\ with a new activation from 9 _ CELLULAR ONE/Contel of Lexington. M, { Making it easy to say hello... t . A · it’s CELLULAR ONE...simply your best call. {M l~“‘°“ CELLU LARONE Lexington 606-268-2355 Lexington Retail Stores: Fayette Mall, new section • 175 East Main Street • 112 Mt. Tabor Road • Lexington Mall Frankfort Retail Store: 1389 U.S. Highway 127, Franklin West • (502) 875-2284 Offt·r_s;ood only with Cvllnlar Onv/Conlvl of Lvxlngtun with one yvur sw·zvin· ronlnirt. Curtain n·slrirtio»rs apply. Good llmvugli lnly.10, 1994. Summer 1994 Kentucky Alumnus 3

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