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Bush (Edward Ellis) Collection, n.d.

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Bush (Edward Ellis) Collection




University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open for research

Preferred Citation Note

[Identification of item], Edward Ellis Bush Collection, RG131,University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville.

Collection Inventory

RG 131 Photographs: Edward Ellis Bush
11 boxes of lantern slides (by Maddox and Pearse, 610 Fourth Ave. Louisville, Ky.), approx
8 slides per box.
(8 slides) These show men and women doing stretching exercises
[box: 1]
(9 slides) Some more people doing stretching exercises
[box: 2]
(5 slides) Still more individuals doing stetching exercises
[box: 3]
(10 slides) Men and women doing particular stretching exercises
[box: 4]
(9 slides) These include a handicapped man playing golf assisted by a black man in a bowler hat; illustrations of a brace in which a person is suspended; a youngster in a "walker" constructed of wood; a surprised baby, etc
[box: 5]
(7 slides) These include children on crutches; a little boy beside a riding contraption; several seated individuals, etc
[box: 6]
(8 slides) These include slides which show individuals demonstrating correct and incorrect postures
[box: 7]
-- 11 loose slides- The majority of these slides show a seated individual twisting with arms above his head (to show the twist of spine)
[box: 7]
-- 2 bizarre slides showing a man with a bow tie helping? the individual with raised arms to twist (great shadows)
[box: 7]
(8 slides) Several show individuals with slouching problems; several show a handicapped? individual walking with crutches or with the aid of another individual
[box: 8]
(6 slides) These include a young man strapped in a wooden wheelchair; a handicapped youth playing golf with the assistance of a black man with bowler hat (same slide as in Box 5); * a terrified looking baby in a strange swinging chair, etc
[box: 9]
(8 slides) These include slides of a young man with crutches assisted by a black man; various diagrams of exercises? showing foot patterns
[box: 10]
(6 slides) Includes three pairs of slides marked NO. 1 and NO. 2 which show the backs of three individuals with spine problems before and after exercise program (hand colored)
[box: 11]

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