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Bush (Edward Ellis) Collection, n.d.

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Bush (Edward Ellis) Collection




University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open for research

Preferred Citation Note

[Identification of item], Edward Ellis Bush Collection, RG131,University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville.

User Restrictions

Copyright has been transferred to the University of Louisville and there are no additional restrictions.

Collection Inventory

RG 131 Photographs: Edward Ellis Bush
11 boxes of lantern slides (by Maddox and Pearse, 610 Fourth Ave. Louisville, Ky.), approx
8 slides per box.
(8 slides) These show men and women doing stretching exercises
[box: 1]
(9 slides) Some more people doing stretching exercises
[box: 2]
(5 slides) Still more individuals doing stetching exercises
[box: 3]
(10 slides) Men and women doing particular stretching exercises
[box: 4]
(9 slides) These include a handicapped man playing golf assisted by a black man in a bowler hat; illustrations of a brace in which a person is suspended; a youngster in a "walker" constructed of wood; a surprised baby, etc
[box: 5]
(7 slides) These include children on crutches; a little boy beside a riding contraption; several seated individuals, etc
[box: 6]
(8 slides) These include slides which show individuals demonstrating correct and incorrect postures
[box: 7]
-- 11 loose slides- The majority of these slides show a seated individual twisting with arms above his head (to show the twist of spine)
[box: 7]
-- 2 bizarre slides showing a man with a bow tie helping? the individual with raised arms to twist (great shadows)
[box: 7]
(8 slides) Several show individuals with slouching problems; several show a handicapped? individual walking with crutches or with the aid of another individual
[box: 8]
(6 slides) These include a young man strapped in a wooden wheelchair; a handicapped youth playing golf with the assistance of a black man with bowler hat (same slide as in Box 5); * a terrified looking baby in a strange swinging chair, etc
[box: 9]
(8 slides) These include slides of a young man with crutches assisted by a black man; various diagrams of exercises? showing foot patterns
[box: 10]
(6 slides) Includes three pairs of slides marked NO. 1 and NO. 2 which show the backs of three individuals with spine problems before and after exercise program (hand colored)
[box: 11]

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