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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 12, 1962

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Students Borrow $100:000 Bradshaw To Set Up Staff Soon ' By JOE MILLS Kernel Staff Writer Newly appointed football coach Charlie Bradshaw, who was named to the post by the UK Athletics Board Wednesday afternoon, left the campus yesterday for an American Coaches Association meeting in Chicago, and will return within a week to organize a staff. At this time it is not known how many of the presrnt football staff members Bradshaw Hill keep but word out of Chihad it that cago yesterday Howie Schnellcnberger and Pat two members of the pre- James, ent Alabama staff, will join Bradshaw here. The new coach indicated at a press conference Wednesday that Homer Rice cf Highlands High School and Pauline Miller of Louisville Flaget might Join the UK ranks. . When it was released that Bradshaw had been hired, terms of the contract were not disclosed but it has since been learned that he got a four;year contract at $15,000 yearly. Debaters ' FinalBout In Atlanta The UK debaters take their last trip this semester as they go to Atlanta, Ga. and Agnes Scott Col- -' Interlege for the collegiate Debate Tournament. Last year UK wen the tournament. This is the second time Kentucky has entered. Dr. Gifford Blyton, debate coach, said, "We ought to take it especially after winning all of the 12 debates last week at Georgetown." Bettye Choate and Warren Sroville will take the affirmative side while Phil Grogan and Deno Curris debate the negative. This is the same team that won last weekend at Georgetown. In Other schools participating the tournament are the University, o'f South Carolina, the University of Georgia, and Mercer University at Macon, Ga. Oilier Commitments f f nil - mm CHARLIE BRADSHAW Dr. Elbert W. Ockerman, director of the Student Loan I'rograrn, said that by June of 1962, the Student Loan Office mil will have approved more than $300,000 in. loans. University of Vol. LI II, No. 55 LEXINGTON, K eit "The disappointing fact is that we receive more applications for loans than we can fill," Dr. Ocker- man commented. "As of November 10, 1961, 725 applications had been received but only 447 approved." Thg director pointed out that students who were refused loans tucky KV., FRIDAY, JAN.. 12, 19fi2 Eight Pages, ' For Winter Drama theater, said that other members the cast include Peggy Kelly the Good Angel, Diane Eisaman the Evil Angel, and Jim Slone of Roger Auge, and Rosemary Boyer. as Mr. Briggs said rehersals would as as begin Jan. 29, and principle characters would be expected to Mephistopheles, the devil. remain here through the semestThe cast also includes Alan er break. Todd, Bill Hayes, Paul Huddle-stoCharles Dickens, instructor of "This should be one of the most Wyatt Howard, Alvin Polk, English, has been cast in the ' Kent Gravitt, Sonia Smith, Em-me- tt exciting shows of this and many title role of the doctor who sells Moore, Kay Smith, Mike seasons." the director added. "We his soul to the devil for 20 years , Walters. Richard Deats, Phyllis are looking forward to having the of earthly pleasure. Dickens was Haddix, and Sandra Funkhouser. same success with 'Doctor Faustus' recently seen in "The MadwoCarol Stephens, Janice Lowery, that we had last year with Shakeman of Chaillot" and in the sum 'Richard III,." mer Opera Workshop presentaMack Bailey, Boh Edwards, George speare's tion of "Oklahoma!" Mr. Briggs believes this to b Warren, Walter Duvall, Judy Wallace Briggs, director of the Buckley, Nene Carr, Gene Derr, the premiere performance of the Elizabethean drama in Kentucky. It is also the first drama from that period other than Shakespearean plays to be done in Guignol for several years. Casting has been completed for Guignol Theatre's winter production of Christopher Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus," which opens a four'day run Feb. 28. Moon Visit In 1972 Predicts Astronomer "In the next 10 years man will set foot on the moon," pre dieted Dr. I. M. Levitt, an astronomer at the Franklin Ob servatory in Philadelphia. surroundings. Using the materials on the moon, the first settlers Dr. Levitt spoke Wednesday night at Memorial Coliseum in a will produce synthetic oil, deter- and even cos- - . lecture sponsored by the Central gents, either did not aualifv academically. did not need the loan,, or .needed financial hfp beyoncthe resources of the program Average single loans at l"K each semester are, $230 and ap proximately 4."0 students cVn be accommodated .each semester it with funds now available. Thi. 0 means students 'will be denied loans 'each semester, Dr. Orkrrman said. . He said that many students now, are' turning to this program for financing all ofthfir education, while it Is designed only as one type of aid. Other types of aid are Jobs? borrscholarships, part-tim- e owing from other sources, and . family help. . Dr. Ockeinian gave two other reasons whioh show that some stu dents do not undei stand thje loan . . program? . I. Failure to realize that I'K has a big financial stake 1n the , loan program-'- - The school must match SJ to each $9 appropriated hv th'm I.. .n ...... l fey the I'.'S. Office of Educa-tk- n. ..::.., .. 'It's Doctor Faustus Guignol Selects Cast Preference Card Tomorrow is (he deadline for students to fill out fraternity preference cards which are avail- able in the dean of men's of- -' fice, Haggin, Donovan, and Bow- -' man Halls. Those who do no fill out cards will not be eligible to pledge spring .semester. 11 University students have borrowed more tlTan $1(M),(K)() through the National Defense Student Loan Program for the fall semester The new National Defense e Loans are available to students In science, mathematics, engineering, modern foreign lanand guages, related fields. Students must be American citizens or have declared the intention to become one. There will be a cast meeting at 7 p.m. Monday in the Green Room of the Fine Arts Building for discussion of the production and rehearsal schedule. Briggs said that all members of the cast should be present. '2. Lack of concern 'over amount of money student requests. Dr. Ockerman said that in the fall semester 1961 approximately 83 percent of the applicants asked for the maximum amount allowed, $500 a semester regardless of whether they needed It. The National "Defense Student Loan Program began the second semester of 1958 and is now in its .third full year of operation. Each student may apply for a maximum of $5,000 during his or her educa tional career. .. No interest accrues or is repayment required until one year after the student has ceased to be- - a full-tim- e student. The student. then has 10 years to repay the loan with an interest rate of three percent. '. Dr. Ockerman said that fewer married students apply for loans than single . students, because many of them have military vet erans Deneius ana irequentiy have working wives. Last year among the borrowers were 108 seniors, 115 juniors, B2 sophomores, and 100 freshmen. Dr. Ockerman said that the intent of Title II of the National Defense Education Act is to assist talented students to enter and remain in college. "Once they get here, we don't want to see them drop out, so we try to balance the money between old and new e, Kentucky Conceit and Lecture Series. "Once man reaches the moon, he will be able to manufacture many of his necessities from his metics," Dr. Levitt said. i Colonies, "visualized by 1980," will be established in underground caves. They will be surrounded by airtight gas balloons which will " ."control atmosphere. , . Man's assault on the moon is . comprised of four stages, all of " which may be completed within the next 20. years. The first stage is an orbital around the moon. It was fligl m achieved by the Russian Lunik II, All Peace Corps applicants must which succeeded in photographing s, complete the training program potions never seen before. , cessfully before they are accepted yhe second step is the landing for work in foreign countries. of "something" on the moon In a During the year, Dr. Abby Mar "soft landing." In thjt type of latt, director of the School of Home landing, rocket power breaks the Economics, has received letters S)pl.ccj 0 jnc jajj iroin I'eace corps oiuciais Keening 'JJ'hwthird stage is actual manhome economists for work in Brazil. Venezuela, Niger, and India. ned reconnaisance of the moon, Dr. Marlatt said some 500 home possibly using the $40,000,000 economics graduates were needed Saturn rocket. The man in space as home demonstration agents, may make an orbital flight either leaders, dietitions, and dearound the moon or more likely signers. around the earth. The American Home Economics Upon landing, the first man on Association in 1961 passed a resolution endorsing the Peace Corps. the moon will install instruments to record conditions on the sur. Since the organization of the face. He will also bring back minPeace Corps, representatives have eral samples when he returns to been on campus twice seeking re- rendezvous with tht mother ship. cruits. Dr. John E. Burrows, ExThe fourth, and last, step is the tended Programs, suiil represent earth. Peihaps the five would be heie this spring but return-t- o no definite date had been set for st.i je Nov i rocket may be used Instead of . the smaller Saturn. interviews. V ' te Peace Corps Signs Coed Bui'. ... Shcjusl Can't Go At least one UK student has boen accepted to serve in the Peace but Kris Rmnsey. a senior home economics major, had to decline because cf previous committments. Miss Ramsey wan offpred a position under the supervisor of extension education in El Salvador. Notice from the Peace Corps, which she received in December, came too late for her to accept the Job. The home economics senior said 8he had already tinned a contract to teach at a school here in Lexington. "However, I am interested In working in the Peace Corps later. My application will be kept on file bo they can call me If I am needed," Miss Ramsey said. Had she accepted the position, Miss Ramsey would have gone to Puerto Rico for a month's trumin;; p.uyium, then to Mexico for two more months cf study. It's Fun, llut I It is amazing how un one can be elated over this sub zero weather, but this week's Kernel sweetheart, Cialc Shuit, It having a ball in the snow. Ga le, a freshman ini.lih major, is an Alpha !JU l'U. from Louisville.

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