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Image 1 of Semi-weekly interior journal, August 14, 1888

Part of Semi-weekly interior journal

ttwciaiiiiwinimiHm1flmtlMMMIMUim -f- iimmiif ih,ii - i i) i n"1 ' ,f Interior Journal. Semi-Weekl- y STANFORD, KY., TUESDAY, AUGUST 44, 1888. VOL. XVI. GOD IS LDVR AND NOTHING Mary coal would "coke." The faint feared; the doubters doubted. He "stuck to his guns," he did to his battery at KLSH LANCASTER, GARRARD COUNTY. CHURCH AFFAIRS. Hev. Mr. NO. 53 S. O. DAVIS, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, j Tuttle will preach at the Long-Standi- ng Brick laying was begun on tho new Presbyterian church next Sunday. livery stable yesterday. Pittsburg Landing and Atlanta. First MT. VJCKXOJS', Tv V. (.'apt. M. Salter enjoyed the Dan- -' Blood Diseases aro cured by KldifJ. (.!. Livingston's meeting at IMlAlSlfl TICIO LOUD. t experiments looked gloomy; the d with III additions vllle fair more than anybody. Preachersville tho persevering use of Ayer's Office next door to Whitehead's Drug tore. was inferior. Hut he fought it out. And and a church limine will likely bo built. Special attention given to diieatei of children Sarsaparilla. Rev. C. M. Held 'filled' Bro. RanI.KTTKK KKOM (iKOUGKO. HAKNKS now, Glen Mary coke, like (Jleii May I lev. S. V. Peoples assisted Uev. dolph's pulpit at tho Presbyterian church Thla inedlclno Is An Alterative, and eoal, stands In market A 1. He ships it causes a radical change in tho system. Williams in a meeting in Hath county, Sunday. as faras Arizona, and tho demand fur ex(ii.i:s Mauy, Tknn., Auk. Ml., Tho process, in sotno cases, may not bo which resulted in H." additions to tho Prof. Smith, of Columbia, Ky., 1)i:ak IsTi:mon: A littlo morn of tho ceeds the supply, though ho runs (10 ovqnlto so rapid as in others ; but, with Methodist church. Lancaster News. preached at tho Christian church Sun- - persistence, tho result Is certain. wontlcni ( tills coal world wo arc nliout ens ulght and day. THE FURNISHER, Wo have received from Miss Mamie day night. head testimonials : I'll bo Continued ) to li'iivi-- , odor a vMt all loo brief: 11 uber, secretary of the Kentucky Sun- two years I suffered from a "For John II. Woodcock, wife nmt sou,' 513 4th St., Louisville. right Hide, anil had tlio"holeof tin pit wIihiico Not Fighting the Prohibitionists. day - School I'uioit, a Vopy of the pro- - William, are attending tho Barnes meet-- ) other pain In my troubles caused by a torpid liver The fashiom of the day in the Gents' Furnish, they wcrotliwl," thwo le.sctti'tl hoiiw, far A week or two ago, when Mr. K. C. ?r.unnioof the niintml convention, which lug at Danville. and dyspepsia. After Riving several ingline will always be found in my store. I am medicines a fair trial without a euro, I in real inefiiilnefW the puru Warren had an apMiiiitmout to address meets in Winchester August Tho Win. Weareu, of Kirksvillo, died! Iwgan to tuko Ayer's Sarsutuirillii. I agent lor the Indianapolis Steam Laundry, the carbon that fhwht-- on the hiiowv neck of the democratic club at McKinnev, he tie- - exercises will begin at .'! o'clock on tho suddenly on Sunday. He hail the conbest Laundry in the orld. was greatly benefited by the bottle, beauty, nro Biiutehwl at hi turn by two clined a proposal for a division of time evening of the llrst day with a service of sumption and fell from his feet, dying at! and after taking live liottles I was completely cured." John W. liunsou, 70 tiny but powerful locomotives ami whisk- with a prohibition speaker, practically prayer, appointment of committees and once. Lawrence St., Lowell, Mass. a iiuiirtor of on tho grounds set forth intlio subjoined an hour of social fellowship. ed away to tho Last May a lnrgo carbanelo broke out At night Pony Beazley was so utterly stunned MT. VERNON, KY. a mile or more, down the hill. Thcuo letter. Some of tho prohibitionists were an address of welcome will be delivered by beauty at the Danville fair that he on my arm. The usual remedies had no effect and I was confined to my bed for llttlw Hereuuuirn, ttiat ply a htmy trade be not satisfied, bunco the invitation to meet by I'r. Stewart, to bo responded to by left a very lino buggy and came homo in right weeks. A friend induced mo to try This old and Hotel Is still maintainLess than thrco Ayer's Sarsaparilla. tween the mine and shipping point, are Mr, llallou. Mr. Warren gives his rea- - President Fenner, of IuiiUvHli. A nurn- - a spring wagon. ing its fine reputation. Charges reasonable. Spebottles healed tho sore. In all my expeI "Chljror" and named "Utile sons for not wishing to debate against a her of eminent Sunday-schoo- l workers cial attention to the traveling publics Master Tonunie Miller, beside berience with medicine, I never saw woro the llrwt an imjiorteil cogno question which from a moral standpoint will deliver addresses during the. meet ing a model young gentleman, is also a M. P. NEWCOMn, Prop., Mt. Vernon, Ky. men; the h.ticr "to the m.inor bom." ho is in sympathy with, and they strike iugand a refreshing and instructing born mechanic. His skill as a worker in of tho use of this Another marked effect Watch that utrangcr from the back routi-tr- tho T of the position of the dem- time is assured. Miss lluher nsks us to wood is remarkable for one of his age. was the strengthening of my inedlclno Mrs. Carrie Adams, Holly sight." upell out tho name.t, iw he olwerven ocrats in this campaign: LOUIS SOHLEOEL, ttrce upon all schools the importance of The return of James G. Blaine to Springs, Texas. the line action of iho diminutive pull'i-rn- . sending delegates and in order that all tloso shores does not seem to have TrK.VKiisvii.i.K, Aug. 9, 'SS. had a "Isuffered dry scaly; humor for years, hiiAiiovliW't. "Little and, as my brothMil It. C. Waiiuk.v Dear Sir You may be provided with homes, a request the . backbone of the republican andnnt altftAi trrlblyatml1nlw nOlff.t.ut Twart . , , ehigger," and down goea bin right hand are respectfully invited to meet .Joseph is made that those who expect to attend pany , u" i. UICHMOKD ICY. "r is iioreuitary.. Jut iii mis county to any uisccrnanie i presume ttio malady to bin leg, or iutomh to hit left arm, fol- Itnllnti in a discussion on prohibition at will send their names at once to J. M. extent. winter, Dr. Tyron, (ot Fcrnondlna, Photographs in all styles and sues. Pictures in motion the Turuersville Flu., ) recommended me to take Ayer s lowed by a vigorous school. hou.'O next Sat lish, Winchester. The railroads have The following is part of the docket Sarsaparilla, and continue it for a year. India Ink, Crayon and Water Colors. New dethat kIiowh that the name lum produced urday evening at .'I o'clock. Time will agreed to carry delegates at full faro mouths I took it dally. I havo For live for tho approaching term of the Gnrrard signs In Kr.i nes and M lU at very lowtprices. not had a blemish upon my body for tho it ilrairod ritmlt. For tho inviniblo fare returning, provid- circuit court, commencing August 20th: be divided with you and you shall be T. E. Wiley, 145 last three months." of that name in the bane of the respect full v treated. ed a certificate is obtained from the Appearances Til. Rest of the docket not i Chambers st., New York City. mouutaliiH in Augut; and, until you get T. II. Lkwis, " Last fall and winter I was troubled agent at starting point ami afterward en- made out. LONDON, KENTUCKY, with n ilull. lmnvv n.iln in niv side. I W. II. Mfiti'iiv, need to them, the torment of a worn of dorsed by the secretary. Schools are Tom Robinson, although he had no did not notice it much at first, hut It W. U. Haiikv, under oiio'h cuticule is well them burled CAPT. FRANK B. RILEY, PROPRIETOR. further asked to send statistical reports opposition for sherill', polled almost the gradually grew worso until it became unbearable. During tho latter nigh uulteandtle. It Is nhno.t eipial to (kntlkmuv: Your note of the Mh and a contribution equal to ten cents for entire strength of the democratic party almost this time, disorders of tho stompart ot r that unmentionable malady that our Thoroughly Renovated and Refurnished. s liver iut. inviting mo to meet Klder .Joseph each teacher and two cents for each in this county. Tom i deservedly pop-- ! ach andtaking increased my troubles.and,I Ayer's Sarsaparilla, began well acquainted with; youth was l.ire and Reasonable Prices. Day and night scholar. sheriular and has made n very efficient Italloti in a discuMou on prohibition at after faithfully continuing tho use of Trains are met by Polite Portersjfof this Popular catching; uhiipiitoux; and only yielding Turnersville on the 11th Inst, received. this medicine for some months, the pain ff. Long may he prosper! House. DANVILLE, BOYLE COUNTY. disappeared and I was completely to "rod precipitate," pronounced I don't suppose Kentucky ever saw I thank jott for the courtesy of your Mrs. Augusta A. Furbush, cured." if by iin Juvenile vletinn, the time when there were better crops Haverhill, Mass invitation and for the assurance that I Mrs..!. W. Yerkes is ill with aright. Query: "Ik 'eliiggitr shall receive respectful treatment, but I Livery, rjecd and Sale table, than this year. The corn is strictly fine, fever. Choctaw for 'little, but Miiart?'" think the wheat never better and fruit of all am compelled to decline, for the follow Rev. G o. U. B trnos arrived Friday it likely. rnErAiieo or Iiik reiion: Neither I nor the patty to ami is the guest of Dr. J. C. Bogle. Ho kinds in abundance. Truly G rover CleveDr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. IV'm" goon down ami the The "Little I belong have any war to make land is a favorite of the gods. which preached Sunday evening at " o'clock Trice tl ; lx bottlei, $5. Worth f 5 a bottle. "C'higger" come up, or vice vermi, Mrs. A. II. Peacock and littledaugh- on the prohibition party in this and uiMin at night to large congregations zrj'-- Z a writhius train of loaded or empty pit r'fi7'aTTfl The chief and controlliuir issue He expects to re- tor, Verlin, of Fort Woith, Texas, aro Imixo; that, on the crooked road, look nt the November election is whether wo at tho visiting friends here. Several of Mr. i like a Imirt' blackxuake, with head of tire are to have an honest and economical main about two weeks. The remains of Win. D.iinilierty, who Barnes' friends went to Danville to hear. and Muokc, crawling around the jutting administration of the general governi".. . him Sunday afternoon. Miss Jennie .it. ..I ... i, W. H. JACKSON & CO., PRO'RS. :....! ii.. k?. ledges, or spanning the nairow gorges " into": V -t- urned from a protracted ' "' ment ami whether or not wo, the people rived here this ntorninV" were LONDON, KY , on its way down hill. prohibitionists, democrats and republi- rod in the cemetery. Tho cause of ,iH visit to Owensboro and Henderson. Jno. ! At TVO Good turnouts and saddle horses always lor hire is u very important cans, white and black The alike, are to be re- - death Wits tvphoid fever. He Was a SOU "ril"lllH lum wm' OI ICllIIlonit, Account! mint be paid at the clo.e of each month on reasonable terms, London Is the most convenient point on the railroad to reach places in the , nru.hin ruitomir ililttk loint. There nre three qualities of coal, Heveil (roin ruinous and unnecessary 0f ....-.-- . Daug'herty, about 0' visited II. C. Kauifman Sunday. R. E. HARROW. in the mountain section of the State. 10 tu lute Alex 9 block, nut ami (duck. Of course the ob- tanll taxation. While saying that Tom Robinson ist our party agrees with itieiru ilit.l iin iiiifinltt IllllliniliOU.' itl't tllt !inlitjtinit J get as much block as possible. us on this question ami this question is J Vl ;.. i .i .i. ... ..ii . ject is to i. njmiuii, ii iu miuiiui'ii iiuu nit ot our I It is all exactly the same, only dif- to be settled by a trial of strength be- VOIIII" mail, olllcials, from the county judge to the -- Miss .Mattie Snead, of .edalla, Mo., fering in size of pieces. A pssl miner is tween the democratic and republican is visiting Mi.-.Kmma Woi.segar. Miss' eonstablcs, aro gentlemen, capable itml I hae 40O acres, more or Ii", of Mountain, Coal STANFORD, KY., known by his skill in detaching thelarg-- r parties alone. Nora Mitter, of Louisville, is visiting "iways ready to go out of the way to do and Timbor Labds that will rl at a Ixrgain. I blocks, without shattering. The bluna store nimto rent lorn furniture and The most sanguine of your party I '""" a mvor- - A,ul w"l"n il comm to have K. Aw. Miss Marv Hodges, hardware or tmnir's esUblihment. E. H. BURNSIDE, PROPRIETOR. derer, or "greenhorn," makes an im- presume does not hope to elect your can- Mrs. W. ,K'iint-vtlR'-- "ro .von,u"r "1,L'iul "' The-- e are g nd f' r 40 days Forftrtlu-"'" of Lexington, is vi.sitin Ml Lillie Mos ' C W. M I'. ICAt.F mense proMrtioti of slack, or line hits, didates for president and any munty iirtniml. Who can compare 33 write U Harbours tile. Ky This old and Hotel still maintains To encourage this year. Hither a democrat or repub sick. Mrs. l'ieree Butler, of Lt.uisville, to with his awkward pick. r "'ualleyr' Who dare stand be- Its high reputation, and its Proprietor is determin. is with her siter.' Mrs. II. E. Woolfolk. . t nil t ou clean, skillful mining, our malinger, licau will control the next administra- il if ed that it shall be second to no conntry Hotel in i just can t oeat em. &o Sundav night about lO.KO o'clock a lore "ieg: the Stare in its V'are, Appointments, or AttenJohn, given double wages for the two ition. I his then is the only Inc-,, The boys played a cruel joke on ,atIy t tu, ,)luf Iiwltlllu tion to his Ouests. Ilaggaje conveyed to and McKINNKV, KV. better qualities, allowing nothing for can lie settieu in too approacniug eiec-- ! A- - "unwiilo at the Danville from depot free of charge' Special accommodahearing an unusual noise in thenar por - Mai- J'"M As n consequence, his men soon hlack. tion. All votes cast, all influence exert tion of what is known as the girls' build - di'mwratie convention. They pinned a Kor Dru)-- , Medicines, the famous Svrup ot Fis tions to Commercial Travelers. learn to be exKrts -- their Interests lying ed for an isntie which has not the ghot Harrison badge on him and ho did not anJ to net sour prescriptions promptly and corinvestigated found ini;, and at that way, and they prefer this method of of a chance this year, are to my mind threeipiietlyhad broken and While that discover the fact until he found every rectly filled fine all hours,Toilet to kU )'uur Staple w. R. DAVIS. Clsr tr. J. H. Illlms Articles, Jtc.Boto Oroceries, men in. the A. VIM.1A.1S Ur l.osd&Co,McKlnne remuneration. clearly thiown away and lost. one present giving him the cold shoul- will attend to ourdru deptrtmcrt; also attend to lady was watching them, one of the men Hut here conios a box full of all three & Due thing at a time. Let us llit ac- - Iil'IiIihI n iis:i t der and looking at him suspiciously. the wants of the ick niht or d.ij, in town or iiml hlie 4i' tlieir fiiei-3 country sort together. It runs tip to the edgeof complish our common ,,. DEALERS IN ,,:,,.., .,.. i.,,!,..,,,.,,,,. When his attention was called to m a cavity; a pair of projecting iron spikes rilieatiou of toe governiueiit ami tlie re""lv Fioiu-an I Rutlidge were Mnt for, and "'"" uv hold the tail board tip, as the car is tip- duction of taxes and thou it will be time NICE FARM FOR SALE, (tcr w,,,l, ,u' y,,",,,, il i"nooth Rutlidge was near one of the rear doors, ROWLAND. KV., ped; the contents go rattling down, over to debate the other tpicstion upon w Inch the iikui b.'co.niiu al.mii d, came ljLmmmmmmmmm.mmm.mmmmm of Men's and Hoys' Hascjust opened an Inclined screen, through which all .re may disagree. My humble ellort in Hainlioti;lit n fnrm in Washington county, I Clothing, Hats, a new stock Shoes. Dry Good, They rushed bv him to the street Cap, Hoots, In l.lnco'.i wish to Kelt the on unuh now nlack goes, sifted out before weighing. this canvass shall bo directed against the ' out. Notion, and Family Groceries. Abo dealers in Rowland, n mile- - from Stanford, countv, at mill :h tliev iliil mo Itntllilin. lireil :it tlmm Coal. Countrj produce taken in exchange for The other two qualities fall together into comn.on enemy of us all and I cannot good at highest Come ,iUt (,w.s ,0, know w,R,tll. tiu ! all, and learn the market price in trade. one, come 10S advantages a receptacle over which delicately tttereiote engage in a iruitiess ami or he struck any of them or not. They scales are suspended. As the It lies on both sides "f tiitfCnS Orihari p'ke dicussion with my piohibi-tio- are still at largi' ami unknown. and can lie diwdud to u:t pnrch iir. It U under 1871. 1888. man who docs it takes coal is tippetl, the friends. Kod fence, well wittered and in gnml repair Itnils:iw Pliillitis. Kli hives, '.hull It. N. WAIIK, Ky Mill, 45 from a hook, Inside the box, a brass I cannot I say friends, because while Kuox Anh C()ok) iU.Iiry Cavp'enterand W fROYAL rSSHI ISO. !. rKWHINS t heck, with a number on it. This slides with mv nresuut llL'lit eiiiloi.-- e their lioorge Barks were tried before countv R. i. MAKTIN. I'lRODHBAO, k ., M.W, iSS; down a gtoove to tho weigher, by the ,,,1,, ,euitily concur in the object Judge G. P. Li'o Saturday, on the charge Albright V Martin bc t inform their man; H0Llkltlll t.xtiri:ition of tho coal is in its place for weighing. time lcy friends and customers of the change in linn nar.i of trying to force an old man named Nat He enters the number of the check in to vice and crime, Crockett to vote when he didn't want box his book opposite the weight of tho MARTIN & PERKINS, Aplj, tilllnn; yo' for t),e jmlitencss to. All are negroes and all live near full of coal; passes It across to anotner; ()f vuu. im,m,iri,tioii, The new firm hope not oi,ly to sustain the repul'arksville. The testimony dicocd the I am very truly your.- man to enter on his book, in the kiiiio tation of the old, out 1'iieiius to nuke mm) im fact that Nat concluded to stay at homo ulinh provementsm the mimuai.tur of R. C. W.lllltKN. wav, as he siicaksout the weight; and ill will be to the mtLMt of our customers. We on election day, when the above parties ou a devote special mention tn nur Natural Lent this latter person tiles the check MT. VERNON, ROCKCASTLE COUNTY. brands of Kentucky's best leaf. IhanL'uij jou wont to his homo mid tried to mike him board above his head, filled with little forpatt favor and a';iii fir a continuation oi A. OFKUTT, Proprietor,. LEBANON, KY. your trade, vc renuiii RrsnectfulW vours, Brodhead is building a new church. vote the grand national union republichooks. I'KKKINS MARTIN 5.6m Doors, Sash, Blinds, Frames, Casing Ilase Moldforced him to the polls, Teachers Institute convened hero an ticket. They Then a lever is moved. The weighed ings Mantle., ((rackets, Cornices, Stairs, Newels, when ho threw himself on the protection " Hamsters, erandas, Store TI another inclined screen, coal runs over irrTTTT VTAIj ri"S ffXTTCT1 Counters. Floori.ii;, Siding, rronts, Shelving, Shingles, Laths, 111 Hi Republican majority in the county of some white men, who dispersed his Koujh and Dressed Lumber. accurately adjusted to let the nut coal arSend for prices before buyin j elsewhere. assailants and afterward had them through, while the block goes down an- only i:;o. ' LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY. The proposition to reduce tho poll rested.' All were held for further trial in other chute, rndemeutli nro two the sum of $100 each. Spencer Holmes, 3STOTXC3S 1 earn standing on parallel tracks. In- tax of tho county to $1 was voted upon charged jointly with them was dischargTHE LARGEST AND FINEST TO THE to one falls the nut; the block into the at tho late election and received I,:iSS CITIZENS OF LINCOLN COUNTY. ed. other. These cars have been weighed, votes favorable to it; ll!l against. HOTEL IN THE CITY. Having recently equipped a fine Roller Mill Iin Mrs. Lucy Nield was here Sunday. empty, as they moved up into position. Caiid ot' Thanks. Wo can never the town of Stanford that we defy any Mill to equal in quality of flour, we think the citizens ol laden, thoy aro weighed, full, as Dr. Benton, of Brodhead, is down with thank the good people of Stanford suffiWhen This powder never vane.. A marsel ol purity the county should have county pride enough to More they inovo along over the same place, by hem t troubles. Mrs. Belle Burnside, of ciently for tlieir groat kindness and at- strength and wh.lesoineness. cannot economicalin RATES S2.5C TO $4 PES DAY. ACCORD-IM- S patronise and sustain the same, we wish to be sold than the ordinary kinJs, and form whom it may concern that we are In the very powerful scales. The number of Lancaster, and Miss Allie Moore, of tention during the illness of our darling competition with the multitude of low test, short market to buy your wheat and corn and will al TO rooms; only weight ways give tne nignest market price tor same, we its weight of coal go into an- I'ayno's Depot, aro visiting friends in boy. May tlod bless each and every one cans alum or phosphate powders. Sold Co., In the car and Rovst. IIskini, i'imsm have added some new machinery to our corn meal re106 Wall Street, New York. department and can now make meal to suit any is our prayer. other book; the cars go down a gently in- tlds county. Miss Alma Carson has of them RUSSIAN BATHS IN HOTEL. person. it cannot ue equaueu oy any other milt TURKISH clined track to the main lino of tho C, turned from an extended trip to Mam We solicit a trial in our Hour and Mu. and Mas. J. I). Swain. in this vicinity TUB NEW meal departmeut. All having grain in our line N. O. & T. 1 11. R. and off to market, moth Cave, Louisville ami Lexington, Mill, where for sale will To the Farmers of We3t Lincoln, agent will beplease callallat the who willgive our times, found at the when n train is made up. All perfectly linn. Samuel Wanl is in town. James An Elegant Substitute best prices for same, Ilran and shlpstuu always Casey and Elsewhere. Spilmnn, of Garrard, the proprietor of r County-FaiHyBtemutic and beautiful, because of perW. N. POTTS. in stock. kinds of bitter, Supt., Stanford Holler Mill Co 151 If. Having been author fd by Mr C C VinArs. fect adujstments. Each miner has his tho largo orchard near town, is hero for For oils, salts, pills, and all nf II iltlililt lilt tl. fur the purchase of wheat ktllllr MiIN. as hi. nauseous medicines, is tho very agreeable ASSOCIATION his account a few days. number and the checks keep iu tni lection of agent Hon. M. J. Cook tiled nt his home at liquid fruit remedy, Syrup of Figs. RecTHE FLORENCE country, I call wifi c:mtiJiMn.eoii my old and tried of coal mined most accurately. When Will hold Its regular annual eshibitton on Tuesday, friends of the farming public to icy me before en Cooks, this county, Sunday evening, of ommended by leading Physicians. ManuWednesday, Thursday and Friday, gaging their crop. eUeurhere, Ilawig been in! payday comes the Hcalo "books nro openam fami'iar with tho trade about twenty ji'.iri, California Fig Syrup ed," and eifch receives "according as his inflammation of the bladder. Mr. Cook factured only by the thcbuklnes., I feel warranted, therefore, in the! of the foremost citizens of tho Company, San Franolsco, Cal, able to taciliinte the August, 14, 15, 16 & 17, '88, declaration that I will bethe adsantuce of ull con- I base bought the right to sell the Florence works have been." All can read this was one For sale by A. 11. Penny, Stanford. Washing Machine and am now prepared to furnish cerned, J. II. C1RKEN jl solemn lesaon. Dear God! may we all county, a prominent farmer and politiull who may wish to save their clothes from the mm cian. He represented this and rubbing and tearing incident to the old process of gathered from tho deep, dark pit ulike RICHMOND, - - KENTUCKY. Syrup of Figs washing. Take one and try It and bn convinced. all bo counted "block" In that "great county in the Legislature u few years WANTED. I'll not worry you about buying unless you are ful- ' lis menu, ly taimicu ; day." Tho parable is perfect. The "first Bince. While a member he secured the Is Nature's own truo laxative. It is tbe The undersigned have purchased the Florence a resident of Stanford, Kv, I'ejton number of bills quality" holds Its own; the second is put passago of a in the mountain iclativo to most easily taken, and the most effect! vo Purses and Premiums, $5,000. died on theEinbree, of May, 1J88, lcaing consul- Washing machine and after a thorough trial, wo day 4th counties, prohibition erable estate lor ditribution among hislieir. The take pleasure in adding our testimony to Its worth, to inferior uses. The "slack" must pass lie was found nt the head of nil under- romedy known to Cleanso tho System Trotlin; and Running decedent had three kUter. Klltubeth, Mary and i nnd without hesitation pronounce it a success in HeadDolly, who lelt this county about the iSij every particular, dotn? all that Is claimed for it: takings looking to tho advancement of when Bilious or Coativo j to dispel Habit-uatho furnace beforo it can be used. of were liv- ' Win, Daugherty, J W. Wallace. Ur. Bourne, Elizabeth und Marv when last l aches, Colds, and Fevers; to Cure RACES EACH DAY. For out af this slack the precious coke the interests ot his county and Ing in this State and In tint portion known as Mrs S, I. Salter. A. C. Sine, Bill Perkins, Lewis Ills counsel during tho turbulent Constipation, Indigestion, Files, etc. The Purchase " Do'.jy heard of was a Dudderar, J. E. Lynn, L. L, Dawson, C. Vanoy, is made. Tho "big money" is in good resident of Kansas Anyper.on hiving any in- - Mrs. Amanda Peak, Oeorge Peyton, Alex Holti. times of Rockcastle had to pass through Spec al Trains and low fare on all railroais. all coal will make coke. Here some time since was eagerly sou lit and Manufactured only by tbe California Fig formation as to the pre. cm residence of the alnne claw, C. C. Fields, Albert Camden, Sim Raines, R. coke. Not aim many uiucr. named... urtles or tlieir lieit. Will incite wrilC IU t. 'lairuw, n, .n. t f V ELKIN. "our John" came out tho man- acted upon. In his death Rockcastle Syrup Company, San Francisco, Cal. I. II. CHENAULT, President. is where n n, i, lnfnnl- Lincoln countv Kv. Headquarters at S, S. Myers' store. T. J. COVINGTON, Sec j. M. HAIL, Executor, citizens. JOHN For sale by A. It. Penny, Stanford. ager he is. He always Insisted that Glen loses one of bur most valued out-pu- clo-o- f. '. WOOD WALLACE, GEMS' I j se-vc-ro ' V I out-vyiii- jt L'l-l- M. "tip-houmj,- NEWCOMB " HOTEL. well-kno- W Wonderful Results. Sj-tt- . y key-not- e still-ene- il IW .. . i PHOTOGRAPHER, . o.m-"..- .j in-w- et one-thir- d JACKSON HOUSE. ; llltsl-ONS- ten-tie- First-clas- ao;-t- f. 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