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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., November 27, 1914

Part of The Big Sandy news.

inuluUon, ur" 0 ' J. . rn v" . . , ti j ; IO JitL A p. ru Al A fir- - ! I i"- 01 - :' Volume Numb.r fcX- - YMM U 4 ,t.i inveniam. vium,, COUPLE Ends Life of WERE MARRIED AT More THE BRUNSWICK HOTEL. Shortage -- .3 tan ' Scott's Emulsion ipular Young Physician! Mixs ln IK U ai. met The liiirKean weie well Where, If Ilia iiiotliei,. when.they olt'-lfilm wm Viailed. .,, Mian lliulii.ia Kiiwn, wan' a 1'UI'l! . fhe Aiii'tiin.v .HI tin; ill. M.ti.olili Hllli'K . ii latlM K of Hie luliVa.llilKe. M ,1 Mr erKUHoii iiinl "K a heii hi il'ul aiul lll'lvy,,opullll Kir). ..Solne yeal UKO Kile l" '. lame tin- '.wile ul 111" Kev. Mr..'V'ha piuem.-- i of In-- ill' kltMW taine. . Work Nearly Finished on II MATRIMONIAL. Castle (In Hit- lxih Inst. I 'leek, and. Alev i'ltelfrey, of ( s TO RUN were marrii'il' In Ihe Coiiltiy I'lerk C. A 0. EXPECTS hy the Hev. M. A. Hay. ollli-BREAKS TRAINS THROUGH tin the 24th, In the Clerk's utiles, by DECEMBER 1. Ihe Hev. M. A. Hay. Miss Kdith Hamilton' umi Herher.t Uli'liards, hoth of l.i'k'iin. (1. I.heiise has I n Issued for Ihe tnar- Advliea from the "hri'uka" of the riiiKe of W. M Hale tn Maudle Moore. Sandy May riuih work still lllg of Miss .lulia Also for the innrriai-ut'terlxes Ihe liiylnu of the steel mi the Itevnolils to Ijiwrenre, holh of Ihe C, C. & U. railroad throiiKli Ky.. I'lysses. "hreaka" ln'twi'iMi Kllilmru 1'ity. t).:s Hm the ti'l'lliliiua nf Ihe TO THE PEOPLE OF BLAINE Siimiy hiuiiiii, and liantei Vi., Ihirty-iv- e My sale Is advermiles dlalimt. Ily 1 lecenihei' If'th AND VICINITY: lis, but I i... iirui iniitiH will he runniiiK Ihi'oiiKh tised In close Saturday. Nov. letl iik the have decided to run the sale about HI e fninuua "hreaks" if yiiu want irt liniioiiiint oiinnertlnii made In days lunger. Therefore, I''nr nearly four years real bargains you must hurry. liny years. I that lead and others follow. tl I'olisll'llftloli work has heeu Ki'lnH do u There are 34 tunnels on tun J" I do tint follow nnybody. neither d any Mentions, rtl-of road, heliiK the heaviest fail-ri- l iinllnle with , My sale la. the work ln the Mouth In years. I'roni sales, as others do. u ml and tlmher standiiolnt . it will Olllv real sale. llI.AINi:.- IxV. .1. ISHA1.SKY, Important lino. ' ''...'. ''. v : hei F0-1E- , RESIDENT OF WAYNE UNTY DIES IN HUNTINGTON. Two m Kaillill' Toliey, Mouv nmht at her imeil -, honie in died' Wi-m- i Thousand Men To Co Back Work In Illinois Mills eaiie'er. Ihe "result yl' Illusion ShVas n resident of thai ''ilv l'"l nine irs, KolliK there from ILLINOIS STEEL MILL REOPEN .tihe was horn. She Will AND SOON WILL RUN TO ii. well I'avoriihlV" know hy her hiiHhunil, Xhei THEIR CAPACITY. '.I esse ,ey. formerly street I'nmtnis-slone- r i Ci'nlriil t'iiy. two "sisters-Mrs. 'I. Kazee, of Wayne. nl Mi's: t Italian ml . - Two Chicago, Nov. and lour I'lielsKVei'its, or Ohio, hrutlieil c. Ward, of Wayne iiiun- .1.- men, who were thrown nut of employ-to ment early Inst spring, returned ty; .lnir,v. Ward, "f ItiHiniike, S. Ward. i.:dwurd Ward, nt lluntlnti-tnh- . wink lit the South Chicago plant of the Illinois Hteol Company today, mills when the rail and structural Charle;,, ,,f lirve I'lUKier, had were reopened. Arthur 11. Yniing, Hiiperlilli'tiilent nf at Ashland a few days his led einpliiyed hy the Ha lea labor nt the mills, was authority, fur ligi'' ti llniiv'nslnicthiii fniripiiiiy ul' the statement that till) inlllii would he tn capacity within a few runniiiK ,0 lock ,am between I'aHellS-liui'iim rt 'i and w,i. AT POLLS. MATTERS C I Head's oil CASE WAS COMPROMISED. Ashland Indcpeit- '.nil! lor $.,,iii.iiiwho. had li.,ut;lu dellt. " Mis. 'I. iiia. Miioiiri--.v I'- Hallway i'oiii-pniinil au'innst the dantai-efiir the killitin i,i .if In-- llltle .dauKtiter home illolllliH nu. Men Hang December 19 the llillM'lll.V h!lS'''eiMl.rolllised 1i,:S'!il, 'I'll'- elul'l Was fi.i'r sunt of nol fin; I'l'i 'in I i s jtaiidliiK wi ihe trai-in Arizona Penitentiary irain In, me, yvlieii No. ltd. .trie r'niin 'Ash la tid. riiiinded a." eiirv'e nol lar fieiii the liiile one anil, heloie ii her, ...lillii he sloppeil II htrtii-GOVERNOR HUNT WILL NOT UP'.Injuries from yvhlrh it died in SET PEOPLE'S VERDICT hospital shortly "after. tht Is.ulsa New Road Through Breaks ; Ilradley was already Mr-.- wreln, ','..''.,'.'.' With the I'hoeiiix. Ariz., Nov. 21 sinteinent thai his heart hud been sadby the verdict of the people In dened refusing at the recent eleclioii tn abolJov. Hunt 'deish capital punishment clared that he would let fourteen conon the .gallows demned prisoners died on the dates originally set. December 19 has been designated as the execution date for eleven of them and then.' will he eleven hangings in Florence penitentiary on that day, to the tliivernor's statement. UNDERGOES OPERATION. On Wednesday afternoon Dr. L. II. irs. Hroinlcy and York, assisted by peiforuu'd :i very serious Wellmaii, operation upon Mrs, llert Shaiinnn, of this city. The operation was performed at Itiverview hospital and was successful, and .Mrs. Shannon is doing as well as ouuld he expected. DISEASE. has been reported to the NKWS that two cases of the Justly dreaded foot and mouth disease have appeared oil Rockcastle creek not far froin Inez. It could not be learned whose slock was infected.' FOOT AND MOUTH It COLD WEATHER. Therniometers hern Friday last 14 degi'I'i-sIn 4(1 . Ihe coldcsl d Novem- years. Conipared with ber day the 71) id the, previous Sunday, it was decidedly chiily. The Mrs. .lennle l.tolTe property on the coiner of Perry, unit Uiily Wash-Inglo- n streets Is being lepiilred and will he occupied by Mr. II. C. .Sullivan as a residence. Millard nf Keiiovn. drew the Fill's .Carnival Ashland last week. Jackson, ihe auloinohlle held In M. F. CONLEY, RETURNS FROM THE RECENT ELECTION. Groom )t 0 Nourish your system with 27, 1914; COMPLETE Reported-Fro- Jarriei 1 I'"' : avoid snuffs and vapor ant fw.iam. KENTUCKY, NOVEMBER LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY. 13. i J Catarrh ' urn ot I'nlulM-viltr'Vina the Ashland Bank nnHt iiopubir yrnuiK , ImtieH, w Jn M. t. Ihih licti rniivff at 'ho at Jiil(tnK for lilt' piiM Vcar, whh iiuii Ml A. Ittlrv. a $35,000 IN PAVING BONDS ALLEGrlnl .sulnnlav to 'h-DR. j. S. BURGESS COMMITTED 'I hi-WMj tliy hiimk man of .IcjiUiiih. fl ED MISSING FROM CITIZENS' wan pt'i fiiriiM'il liv Kv. H. SlCIDE AT WAYNE, W. VA. ;. l ' ) hi- ot t h- - I'.i'iins-vMii In II INSTITUTION. TUESDAY NltiHT. JkiicI,. Aiicr tlti WiMltlnm ihty wi-n- l mi a .Hh'ii t hiiiM" inonn to difN'i:-- ' . Ml p(inlH;iitnl will at home t' Hm-iI ley eiopllli li ts 111 'the lil'fall's ot ihe ItiNt. '1 In I (f M H.' IllM KrKM. auill Y.ti. a ;W.'ll frit'iitlH tit JriikniM I j V. duri'iiK the Tr'aat Cttii'.eiis lia-njoiiiH thuir friiMidrt in wjhIiImk ..iiiu1 '.... kntf ti iihVHlt'iiui. ntiniiiiittMl Hinrutt in N'KWS past week have mosl uiilaviH-nhl- e, avrn fit ft AM 'lui'miay thi-n- i imirh hapjtltii-MM- . at on Klkhnrti; .anil show addltiouiil losses to the J v iSpnullit, ly HlHM'link hiuiHflf Willi a a in, ul of $;Ui,.Uil(J, if Ihe ilaiuis nf New trtli-Hotii- u TO DISCUSS FOOT AND MOUTH t'lf re Cult H rcvolviT. 11m Viiik parties are siihstautiaied, rA tti nlmt wiih half mil hour at ft AT A LOUISVILLE MEETING. Hepulv siiiti' liaiikiiiK CoiumiKsiou- Clnirli-Ittissell, who is in i haiKf ul injur Mi tick I llv.liixeph It. kasile. I ilrector of the (he ufhnrs ol the t lll.eiis liaiik A.f orn' f Hi IIimk'HH a tnrriiln'!' Million. Is in lnilsvllle Co., uiiiier lis eourse of lliiiiida- umjy vul "jfllel tlliiL; fa in leu of lh ItlK w as elllled lo attend II llleel e II reeeiveil a letter Ihis week IJnlll i ..u ........ ,.r n.k, i i..iti.. i: n the State qua runt lie Mis. I'liinres Itnhiinlson limns, ilaiit-IIIK to M IIIMlll'T, Wuymv I'KfHH- ' iiKaiiist font anil mouth disease and the ter ol Ihe late William Hii nai nsnii, ni lr. ou'piI It. I hllHtdlllf. iiihI titri Wllf. Willi Ii . ii lliellliKls to he follow ed III I tie event of llol iiellsvilh , V. she wUliiK- f"i tin wiin Mih. Iilll l lilfl. Ml L mIiiidImih. the diKense heeoriuim epidemlr in this claiins Hint as exeeutrlx ot her fathers isuitly. Kurvnt- - linn I rust l o. Mr. J . Ah fur UH ronlil lt Ifllllu'd lli- raiiMf State. The lliiel iiik is hellitf llUellded estate the t llizi'lis Hank hy health ollleeis and vntennaria lis owe .her- far,. iinn. .Mrs. Hm'ns says she ti lh' ni l Ih mvnH'i'V. I 'i Hiu ut'HH. from all parts, of th State. holds' ri i eipt ot the t'ltixena ltniik. ,i inn Nu( l,i imm Iir clIl'lllllMl llVlT tl Wltltil td "'l,irMl Trust fii fur 7 ti shares pa viiik honds f 'cuuiili'V. I ii much I'VJ. C. THOMAS INJURED. of Ashland. In the amount of tin- '' ri- - i'iiilv. IimMiik niiuli I" Shi;. :i.ri,UUU. of Ml .1 c. Tliolll-as- ' ot (.'.nil nu ll .. lotallliK IiJk' "" '"(ripH fur Inl.i iln- - IiiIIk. ,1 The manv frh-nd.1 whiih SlaleK ni In! N't tel. In Ml. iiusself Unit will he sorry in iearn Hint when '"J,"","v't ttM.k lilin ! Hup. fi.i l v mi I.'k ,,, ,,n she hail iusi received word that the ,,. ., he Is roiupelleil to Mil" ',' ii. in. Itl'lll Hiu nvHra ui'i'N. In , the remill. of a hiul injnri. lo one of I'lii.e'is r.iinli iV Trust ( o. had heeu thai i ,;i u illlei'liliK the closed and she, asked Mr, Russell, lo Ins feel, leeelved while mliiiiti'x lii'f'Hi' (In- i.ruRi'ilv Mi ,'iiik fur t wnie her if Ihe luuids wen- - in Ins work ml the iiiun iimler eonHlrurlioii wi'limn Ktilict'HN tinil u had liven II, aini. if any ihi'iu-lie il III Mis. hiW l'n to Call mi III' HwlKi'KM llliilhiT, Itfl'ifH ill New III, I, 111. iua reitii n paid on t tieni. lr f tlt ,....( .K IiM Will- V, liti li'ilMlll Thi'iUiiH and the j li,,le'lter. Mr. K'ussell ( 'a lif, ,t' ii la fur lit answering this out rll' lll htlUM winter IliT III' W.iulli k'n I" to hi' I ol staled thai when In- - took Mihm AH ll"t IllH riH'ltl IIMli III' lI'iWll. (1M 111 the 'affairs of the Citizens linnk I.T pun h' i ivturu. Ali. rcnliiiK w i ll. Co. he was uiialile. lo llnd any Prominent Couple IturKi'HM lillii lirl illti'litl'm allriirti-'Hlreel p.ivini; liollds ill lis posm'ssiou. ! Ill 1'lllliil ll' H"" "f .1 'l"K wlil'li And that il Was slated hy .Mr. Head, t. tin- il"fl"lb rut mil lit (hi in Huntington cashier of Ihe hank.l'lliit the only street lltlll-Hllllil lli.M lil HH Hllf WIIM llUl MIpaVini.' hoods lleli'l h.V lllf Imlik nllll lili'.illi- ri)i-i- l it lii-to NI on Jia.iiini put up lis unilateral Will, Hi'lt' illll IllK, IIJH'iillMi l"US M Trust Co. what the CiliziMin liailk l.'iM H ' KiiiiKlit linnli'll.iliH. VlKl' owed the fourth National ilana al uli'l BRIDE WAS FROM WILLIAMSON mim in ln'iii-.illiii'iivcrt'il tliul Ihi-iClliclliliali. AND tht i'lld ri'llli I'rrtllly. THE GROOM LIVED .Mr. Ilussell further staled to the ili-illl'itl UtlilMUnK. Inn I lit lliilepellih-n- t today that there is im AT WAYNE, W. VA. Kri"'" In imr ul III" wi'll kii'.wn NV. evidence in the records of the bank I'liirlHi' m linnif. In- - Is aide to thai that will throw Unit mi'l liiti i 'Mill niiivi'd n tlir Hi'iHIiwiii am IikIii whatever on this .triuisaetiou. All.l l v A niiiirliiKf til lhf Ulllll" "f V HKlllllKtiHI- of extraordinary liiler-es- t dity valid, it will If ttiitiiilinir vi'iiri In llii' wi'nt, InWest make this chum is prnvi'ii In the people of Southern an additional llahlhty id 3&,OUO, i rmne to V lirvlinvt, in IIiik nlnlr. nil Vli mum linn l'.!ialern Kenuiuhv; iind hence will lessen the perretitaKt ri'turinfd t" Wiiyiif unir lust week at the home of. Mr. hy from tln-r-- r Just that amounl that the Deputy mnnlhii UK", wIktc hr mum up n and Mrs. J. 1'. Mit'losky. of Hiintin-j-liin- . had expected to puy delurrtitlvr iiriK'lUf. when Mr. K. .1. Wlh ox. of Wayne, Commissioner - Hti wan witlvly kiiiiwli and 'as widely and Miss Certrude Keyser, of William- positors As stated a hove, Mrs. HlKKS Is ll HIh fiuiiily, dii two niili'. in son, were united hy Iter. J. J, t'onk, of of late William Hlohanl-mii- i, iroltllllflH tlir.niKll'illt H'Mitlli-- l li Went Hie llaptist Churih. The leretnoiiy diuiKhtir wasthe formerly associated with who umi I'antirn Ki'tituoky. IIik was one of marked simplli'ity, hut none VlrKluta In the Ashland ' Hunte. wn wi ll Ihe less Impressive. The parlors of Mr. Shaulwas at one lime a Leather Co. father. JmlKf. . stockholder who known b mv iiltoniey ami iirniiiliieiil Ihe Mil'loskv home were pleiisiiully and the Cltt-.enIn ltank .V Trust Co. tu for lllllll) deeoraliil for the event, and a wedIII Went. VllKlIllil li"llllr The outcome of of $L'0.(IUili 'years. Ir. lturKi'en prior to the 1 im-h- ding hri'iikfast was served. The hi ule the extent claim attains! the hank will .the went is u hiKhly nlirsillve yoiinc woman, this new lift 'Went Vfruinla.-fohe Watched with interest by till the ' i'll'i-Ill WNH well know'li lit promlni'iit and popular In social rir-ele- depositors and others Interested tn (mil AkIi-lamand Is the dniiKltler of .IihIki J. llunHiiKton. 1,'iiiiitt-tliuiihis hank's affairs. related t" proinliient fuin-llleV.. Keyser. "f Williamson. Mr. Wilrox Cpou learning of the iilleKed Mfi.iuid s rousm, mid In Hi ll "f 'theae IMtlea.; who Is Mrs, horluKC in the account of the Citizens A '1'lle funil ill will I"' lit A Ktil.i ill! niiile well kiiown here, is a prosperous (Sank, W. I". Sparks, .1. S. tigileu, 1. A. ears'. .'and yoiiiiK iittnrney and (i leader In oli w ho died aoine MiMter. Dr. Salmon I'. were', hulled ul lu-s- . was witnessed Kelly, "J.the Coliver and The' eeremoiiy oilier near iiiiirt that they desired to I lis Sa "l KllaliailKti iiiapel " Ihe only hy .! r ,1: K I'lrismi. of I'ikeville, iioiilhd he relieved from the bond n f M. S. Head, I'd K ., a relative 'if Ihe hrnle, and hy .Mr. a few Illllen Bnllllr of (,' t let Is; now- .traveling, was ' ll. Mrs. Jr., who .Mr. .and lllllltlllKtoil Heliilil-HlNpill- i anil Mrs.. Met Sunday by. Sherilociiied al .aiM'-nlime a Ire- - Wile r' v iir. leave fur poiiils In North In-- . Itmin-s- s (leigi-rand he arranged, with S. M. w i .iroilna. wiier" they w ill remain for ff HUelit vl.Hltot 1" l.wiliea, w lu te lie lhaillcy. i.f, to make good 'I'liillet.l.l'l-lllM- nv known and. two '.Weeks. lilinlitlUliill the amount of the l7,illn. bond, which . i i'l wall -,. luiti'h. -- if Ink aiii.'i'ie Hie men withdrawing- - had signed fur. 9 To Correct ko dltj ...v-.L- . KENTUCKY. IN r- OUl) " J"" 1 WEEKLY EIGHT-PAG- ANDY N EWS. BIG MtM z,rz;: - . H V-- J thT filllb t"V " A8 BEST HOLDS FIRST PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION ,fw' In HeiiMley has sold his si'iicery C, Hlore to W. it. Huberts, of llurold, Ky, " '.'' X 1 .'..' ;..' V NO NEW Writes Interestingly tat Publish. LEGISLATION AT SHORT SESSION. rum complete nil the 'Congress will not do anything much His Own Wedding the State give .1. C. W. at Ihe coming session except to place 3 s4 over Itnckharn "a plurnlllv of appropriation-'- , bills." says Sneaker A. K. Wlllsoli for t nitl-States Senn-d,- r Clark. "It cannnt do very much more (long lertnl and .1. N. Camden a HAS A CHARACTER than that, as I see It. There isn't - lOHIO EDITOR plurality over William Marshall Hulgoing to he any extra session, I be u ISTIC DESCRIPTION OF HIS lill of 44 UNO for the short tci'in, lieve. votes than received RECENT MARRIAGE. Keekhaiii. tlioiigli lieckham led the COURT OFAPPjALS. ticket in 101 counties and Ciiiudei'i in Atkinson,, etc., vs. Lwretn-eetc., u ni IS. Hecklumi received ncOua, Judge alllrmed. F.ditor L. 11. Hullltt in the Uak Hill. Lawrence county, den 177.7S7, W'illsnn 144,7r,s. Progressive lor Ohio, Press, of which he Is the editor, Hannah not sitting. l;i.'l,l;i:i, Hurtmi Sauce. May, etc., vs. May, etc., Pike county.' Imig term, 14. IDS: t'.eorge iVicholas. has a characteristic description of his i' 11. recent marriage, which is. one of the alllrmed. I'roressive for short term. Uraillcy, etc., vs. P,ays, Carter conn " .1. Kiihersoli, .Socialist, fur Iiiiik term. besi lliings on marriage and as fine a t.HHll, K. Seeds, Socialist,: for tribute to the lady ot his choice, us ty, reversed. could he written. The article savs: short term 4.770. it isn t often thai the groom is call- MAN AND WOMAN SHOT ed upon to write a story nl his marIN BREATHITT COUNTY, SCOPE OF THE WAR. riage. Its a job tin; writer does not fiH like. Put readers ol the Press are enJackson, Ky., Nov. 23. When Dud There are eleven nations at war. per cent of the land surface of the titled to all the news, so her goes. It Strong tried to keep sheriff James Mcarms. ;if per cent ol Hie may be that our readers may get a intosh from arresting his son Sunday, earlh is under population of the globe Is belligerent. new insight hy rending this confession. Mcintosh shot and killed Strong. A Total surface of Ihe globe excludiiiij 'i confess that I um married; that stray shot killed Mcintosh's wife la her home near by. iinitihahitahle regions In the Arctic entered the double harness arrange.fiOO.oOO square miles, ment because I found the iinlv woniuu and Antarctic) LAST DAY WITHOUT PENALTY. une billion or the 1.800,000 human b- who was tilled to become my help ents ol Hie earth are directly involved meet; because I knew thai life was Some of us will do well to remember short mid lime was Heeling, und that that next Monday, Nov. 30th, is the ot the war. bachelors sooner or later became crusty lust duy for the payment of State and Individuals, souring the .lives of all county taxes without the addition uf FRANK MUST PAY PENALTY. with whom Ihey came in contact; that penalty. The Justice Lamar refused lo issue a writ I wits losing the better part uf life; fact so that it NKWS mentions this may reach the eyes of ot errur tu bring to the Supreme ( null that a man without a good wife was some who might have forgotten or for review the conviction of Leo M. in a measure like a good ship at sea neglected to settle. h.i- lor Hie murder ol .Mary , without a rudder. gun, a lactoiy girt, in Aiiaiuii, in. Sn. on Monday last, the womun liH3. frank: is under sentence ul mv heart, Miss Katherine Smvthe, a No Indemnity Wanted by 'lentil. graduate nurse of Lucusvillc, took her place on mv left in a room ut Ihe home ot Kev. John Wirt Dunning, ot United States From Mexico and placing her right hand in Ninth District Educational mine, we gave the correct answer lo the oueslioiiB of the. ring ceremony Association Holds Meeting that made us line. UNCLE SAM WILL NOT ASK THAT ( "Friends, it is a solemn occasion. COUNTRY TO HELP HIS OUT j (June often young and thoughtless couples Jest ami make merry at this IN PAYING LOSSES. DAYS' time. Ah! would Unit Ihey might real TEACHERS HAD THREE ize Die solemnity of the occasion that SESSION AT MT. STERLING bestows 'upon them the richest blessi, ing that Is within the power of the jov. .. ,'tLuiiaiiuii ui. WITH BIG ATTENDANCE. . aaioiiK ion, X.... 11 J",.... Vera Cruz, In reprlsul for Huerta's Almighty Lord lo grant. get? Friends, I got a insult to the Dag at Tumpieo, has cost "What did pure womanly woman. I did not get a the United States more than a score of I t The Ninth District Kdiicationiil As- - fashion plnte, neither did I obtain a lives, some In battle and some from I SOClUtJOU, CompriMlilK llilicteco Cuulilivn, "beautiful doll.' The woman who will disease, and, according to some esti- - 1 held a three-da- y session al Ml. SterlBut be my life partner forever is a girl I mates, as much as $10,000,000. ing last week, beginning Thursday have known for years; was horn and, Mexico will be asked to pay no indem-nltnight. About 000 teachers and dele- with the exception of at ew short years officials want Administration v gates were present. ,' was following my vocation as that fact to stand out as an added ev7 when One uf the features was the domesgraduate dence of the dlslntersted friendship a telegrapher and she of a i tic aclence exhibit in charge of Miss nurse, we have lived next door to each the United States for her Southertj. teacher of other. Florence Grant Hoverlo, neighbors. domestic science at the F.astern KenGen. Kunston has instructions to "1 have seen her early in the morn tucky Normal School at Richmond. Ing, at all hours of the day, and In the lUrnXllie VlLjv uw lu none uic.i- A bale of cotton was on display. It evening, avoid what I beheld her can and thereby and never have ot was bought by the sophomore class "jtrrmihlir' in a dirty, greasy, suck-lik- e kimona might be iinTrj-r- m "' the local school from an Alabama wihave seen her under trying times one of them. His ordei.fmply are t dow at a cost of $45.00. It weighed 461 and always' has she shown a smiling liring his troops away and leave th pound. face and a cheerful disposition. I have city to whichever faction takes pos The C'ynihiana High School Band seen her generosity tried under great seBsion. ' furnished the music Carranza's commander Agullar, Is handicaps and never has It failed. I A change was made in the have ate uf her cooking and never have nearest, but Currunza troops, which reducing the number of directors from I tasted more tempting vionds. have have swerved In their allegiance to to 2. 4fi4 teachers und sixty trustees seen her bend over the family wash Villa, are not far distant. There have were enrolled lint! representatives were tub and do a big washing without a been some. evidences that Carranza In present from every county except murmur. have seen and heard of her tended to move his capital to Vera Orccnup and Ureiithitt. A collection ministrations to the sick and alllicted Cruz upon the American evacuation. of $19. Mi was taken up for the Uelgian iind know that her capabilities of All those Mexicans who fear to cause. are Salyiim the pain of the unfortunate when the Americans leave The meet ing was presided over by sick or injured are great. seen sailing away with Gen. Funston. The have Mwis .Jessie O. Yancey, president of the her household work from kitchen to refugee priests and nuns have beeij nssociation. and i garret and always found everything given places on the transports, ollicei-were", 'elected neni and tidy. What more Could morThe follow-ili.i the Americans who remain uepenu ror for the ensuing year: I're.sident, It. I. tal man desire? upon guarantees given to their sufety Cord, t.'ynthiitna vice president. Walwoman who will share ihe United States by all the Mexiciin "Such is the Ml. Sterling secretin':.' my hie iiinens and do all within her factions and those American warships.'! ler ii. ilnpiM-rI. 11 and treasurer. .Powers. ilore-h":ipower to assist me in my work of pro which remain in the harbor. j' y The associal ion acccptcil the moting the good old tovyn of Otik Hill. invitation, to bold the !M r. meeting In Such is tile woman who. will ill a few KNOWN HERE. ii were: short days come to make her home Cynthiana. Mrectiu's elected invitation' to iV.e Jjiarriiige, county, and Miss with and iimong the good people of if Cards ofClay, W. I... .layiie, daughter of Mr."an'' Kdlth Leila Patrick,. Lewis county. Uak Hill. .Mrs. (lenrge Morris McClure, of Dan' "We have purchased a home in the ville, tn .Mr. Klhert Gary Sutcliffe, hin town and shall consecrate our energies been received in this city. The cereATTENDED MEETING. ihe furtherance of any and all things mony will take place at Centenai Miss Kiizabelh 'jester, .of. Louisa, in tending toward the betterment of our inn Miss Nancy O'Diiniel, of Fullers, .hoseii home. May we always remain Methodist Church, Lexington, Ky., i! ine evening ui ouuimiiy, uecemner i' are. two of the county's teachers who we may deserve annulled the meeting of Ihe Ninth Dis- true to our trust that undertakings, TWP Sll VCP TCi week .inir support in our trict Teachers' Association hist thank you." In Ml. Sterling. The Silver Tea given at the parsnt. I age or the M. K. Church South on Fr J day evening last was a very pteusat fy OPERATION FOR DROPSY. Frank James, One of the and Huccessful aflair. The winti ' (in Sunday Inst firs. York iind weather without did not prevent t re large consumption of llrotnley operated on .Mrs. Martha James Brothers, is Dying patrons were variously ices within. Th , fur dropsy. It was done at the eiiTertaljaiJ an,'-home of Mrs. Carrie Snyder- Hums, the affair was declared success. 'The Mrs. McClure's granddaughter, and the (iroceedswere (18.00. f very well. patient Is doing ONE OF THE LAST. SURVIVING FINE ADDRESS. MASON & DIXON LINE. OF THE NOTORMEMBERS .Major D. J, Hurchett, of Mt. SterP. ing, made an address of welcome tu the I IOUS BAND OF ROBBERS. tin page three of this issue will he Ninth District Association of Teacherf. found a readable article concerning at the convention which last week wail of Mason a the famous, held in the Montgomery, county seat. , V Dixon's line. Comparatively few peoFrank James, one of the James 1, ple know as much as they should uboiit mr brothers, notorious as highwaymen Oil this old boundary. .shortly after the civil war, was strick- Arrested on Charge of en; with heart disease and is reported dying at the James home near Fxcel-sio- r Old Citizen Dies at the Springs, Mo. He is 73 years old. Embezzling Lodge FuncTs James is one of the last surviving members of the band of robbers, made Advanced Age of 85 Years famous by, an almost unpnra hied career of crime during the days of re- FORMER SECRETARY OF MASON- - ? construction. He has been living the IC LODGE OF IRONTON NOW i more OF THIS life of an ordinary Turnier for RESIDENT FORMER than thirty years. UNDER INDICTMENT. ' PASSES AWAY AT COUNTY .. V ". ,.' Mr. und Mrs. J. .1. Johnson have re,W0W HIS HOME IN WAYNE. turned from M illersburii, ly., where .", Irntitoti. O., Nov. 23. Louis F, Selh they had gone to see their son, .lack, J yvhn is iiltendini! tlic military .School, a Well know n member nf th A'itsl,m I'raternity, and former dry gundy ,h;-The fUncral .of, William. Shannon, and to help him celebrate' the 14th chant, was arrested Saturdu)-- night at' ' iiiie of tile oldest residents ol' this anniversary of bis birth. his hoHidliig house ut Suptiriur, this', at his section;', w hose denllr'n'-cuiTecotnity, Where he has been holtliiig ii home in Wayne Saturday, took place William Mnrrs look the second clerical position for some time, iin ati Sunday afternoon. Mr, Shannon' was "trick" at Ihe passenger depot Insf by the grand jury Sti yeui-old. The funeral was Saturday evening, while the regular indictment returned ' lodge of Wuyne to man, D: L. Parsons, attended tu busi- Saturday, charging him with' timlinx ' hy the Masonic -' zleiut'iit of funds of lj(iw'rence; Lodgi which Mr. .Shannon had long belonged. ness in ('credo. No. H; K.' A.M.. to the amount ol - lliiiitlniiJiin I25. January 15, 1I4, .is tin dntf o If the NKWS Is not mistaken Mr George Kirk and family have moved Shannon was a luillVe of Wayne into the 'residence adjoining the Hen-- I ,i, an,,..,.,! ofipiiMe. Th indicted man was surnrlsed a Icounly, but for many years he lived In tti visit of the olllclals, hut hud vr of .Mr. slny store. Lawrence, lie was a " jllitle to say regarding the, char-- James Shannon Who lived ll long time 10, Club will iignlnst him. The indlclinent and Kentilson The Nora 'til (inlliip. He has relatives In Loii(in .Mnndiiy next, Nov. 30th, at rest of Mr. Sell) will become gen Isa, Mrs- llascom .Mnncy, Mrs, ilnrred meet d f Mrs. Mary Hortiui. A known with i Wilson and probably others, Hit wits the resident petident. j large (itlendljiK'ei is reitiestiul. u highly respected clUzen. ileturns cnuiities . in . Cinn-ile- l.lihi-mor- , . k 1 ( i'i I Purls-mout- A. -. i 1 1 - 1 m-u- 'T ,'i -- in 1 i : d . BRIDE-TO-B- I muck-talke- i d I y ' " . llernld-Dispati-- 4 j '."" ; Niirprlse.--Ashliui- "".'."" N' I s 1 t ''NL :"-- j

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