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Image 56 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 38, No. 2, Autumn 1962

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

ll 52 Fnouwmn Nunsme smnvicm I few weeks. As we go to press we are expecting Kate back for a few days and another old courier, Libby Bradford, for the month of December. Mrs. Leslie Cundle of Liverpool, England, returned to the I Kentucky mountains in October, to our joy. "Mum" has two daughters on the staff but she has kindly adopted all the rest of us! We have enjoyed entertaining the families and friends of J5 a number of the staff this autumn, including Mrs. Breckinridges lg, cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carson of Milwaukee, and her old friends, Mr. and Mrs. David Williams of Camden, South Carolina. Mary Breckinridge Day brought several old friends to see V, us in September. Among them were Vanda Summers, who drove E down from Milford, Pennsylvania, to spend ten days at Wen- I dover; Dr. John H. Kooser, who brought his daughter, Nancy (Mrs. Robert Muhlbach) and his daughter-in-law, Patty (Mrs. _ John H. Kooser, Jr.) from Irwin, Pennsylvania for that week end; and Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Massie who drove up from Lexington for the day but could not give us the pleasure of hav- ing them "take the night." 2 It is always lovely to have Mrs. Charles H. Moorman of Louisville at Wendover, and we were grateful to her for bringing { Mrs. W. S. Brooks to see us for a few days in October. Dr. and _ i Mrs. Robert A. Kimbrough of Chicago spent the night of October . 26th at Wendover when Dr. Kimbrough was the guest speaker . at the annual meeting of the American Association of Nurse- J Midwives. Another Chicago guest during October was Mr. C. H. ; Hardenbrook of the Abbott Laboratories. C Our professional guests have included Miss Marie Lochore, a nurse-midwife from New Zealand; Miss Mary Stephens and I; Miss Elsie Coe, English nurse-midwives who were returning home after several years with the Grenfell Mission in Labrador; Dr. ` John Githens, Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the ?_ University of Kentucky Medical School, who brought with him A Dr. Jacqueline A. Noonan, Miss Julia High, and Mr. Mike Fagan; . Dr. and Mrs. Doane Fisher and two nurses from the Harlan J Memorial Hospital; and Dr. Pratibha R. Dutt from New Delhi, i? India. "

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