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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, August 23, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

THE T' TJ E. G K "C August 23, 1788. SATURDAY, LEXINGTON: Printed JOHN BRADFORD received and ET A' ' AUGUST a 1788. '. at his Office in Main Street; where Subscriptions,' Advcrtifcmcnts, in its different branches done with Care and Expedition. Printing EXTRACTS from the Journals of a CONVENTION held at Danville the Twenty eighth day of July, 1788. Nelson county,1 The fubferiber has for E.ESOLVED, his sale$ ALT- !S ''SVTrlEREAS it appears to the mernbers of this' . W Convention, that. Jhe United States fn'eorjf grefs Affemblcd, have'Tor the present declined to With two hundred acres of second rate ratify the compact entered into between the well timbered land ; twelve acres cleared,, Virginia and the people of this Did 161 of and a g od cabbin rWeon. rerpectinq the e e.ion of the Difrrirt into an in ie pcndentStatc; in consequence of whicji the powers 51 BENJAMIN FRYE. 'tfc. for this R AW August 9, 1788k creek, Long-lit- k a-- c EipeclfiillV informs the public, that he has opened private entertainment or man and he-- e on the road eadmcr from Lexington to Bourbon Court hou those Gentlemen who will savor him wih their custom may depend on having every attention paid them. . REWARD CTrayedawa from the proceedings and refolvesot Congiefs by him laid before; this Convention, also such of the proceedings of this Convention as the President shall think proper, and in particular that the P, inter continue to publish weekly until thetiift of October next ti c recommendation for electing another Convention and the feveial reiblutions iclametheicto. C. C. A true copy. THOMAS TODD TT is expected that a will mee f.t the Crab-Orcha- large company on the 12th of September, in readinels to move earl the next nlorning for the old rd nt. nduguft, 1788 -- g' on Hinjftons fmk of Licking, near Buuibon Court-iiouabout the middle of April last. A bay mare about thirteen" hands and an inch high, nine years old with foal, a l'mall bit cut off' her lest ear, dockt but not branded, had on a small b . of rope, also a chefnut bell tied with f rrel yeaning mire colt with a blaze face neither dockt nor branded, whoever takes up laid creatures and delivers them to he 'h ve ret r 'ubicnber thai! THOMAS MECHEN. ward. Auvjl 13. 5i 52 1 TVfOtice is hereby given, that on 'the L'' rirrt monday in September next, will be dra-- ' n the' balance of the lotts, of the town of B n.nsborough, and that deeds will be nude at that time for the same ; alio for the lotts already arawn. 'All trofe owning lotts in t.iid town are hereby requeued to a und, as they may expedl ,,ie time allowed tor building thereon . . f:n 'hat mmenc dit' By orderofthe Board, WILLIAM OREAR C. Wilt be necejj'ary for thoje who intend to take out deeds to come provided, as there will be a small expence on each deed for Jutveying sc. May 19 1 - ' subscriber-livin- fe s, the laid clecr ons ORDERED that the President do rcqucft the Pnntei of the KentucKe Gazette to publish the dollars toUit i, 5 T Hereby foitv.urn all persons from an aflignment on a bond palled me tojofeph Blacks- rd, in the year from 1776, for the ium of 4 Us he hath sailed complying with Lis engagements to A. me, for which he obtain fnd ROBERT M'KAY. Mgujl 5,1 jSB. 52 ta-ki- ng cotv-fidere- RepTe-Tcntative- paper, are thankfully LEIGH CHINN J, dillblved, and whatveiled in this convention d ever order or resolution they pais, cannot be as having any lesal foice or obligation.: but bejng anxious for tbe fafcry and piorper:ty of ourselves and Condiments, do eameftly lecom-men- d to the good people inhabiting the federal counties within the Dilrift each toeleft live times f holding thc! Courts in the month of Oeltober next, to meet at Danville on the firfr. monday in November following, to continue in Office until the firfr. day of January I790, and that they delegate to their said full powers to 'ale such mcafurcs.for obtaining admiflion of the Difrriet as a separate an ! independent member of the United States of Ameuca, and '.he navigation of the Hivjei as may apoear moll conducive to 'hofb important nurpose: and also to form a ConlHtu-tin- n of Government for the Difrricr., and organize the same when they shall judse it necelaiy, or to do and accompl'fh whatever on aconfideiation of the State of the Dittrift may in their opinion promote its interests RKSOI VKD, that the elections direfied by the preceeding resolution be held at ihb Court-hotif- c of each County, and continued fiomday to day' for five days including the first day RESOLVED that the iheriff within the refpec-tiv- e counties of this Difl icl be lequefted to hold the said e'eftions mdmake return thereof to the Clerk of the lupreme Court immediately aster tbe same are flniihed, and also deliver to each Reprefentat've so elected a Certificate of his e lccron, and in case the c should be no sheriff in either of ;he said counties 01 he should refuse to act, that any two acting IVagiftrntes then superintend and conduct the f&id elections and maKe icturns and grant Certificates in the same m inner the the riffs are requeued to do. RESOLVED that eveiy free maid Inhabitant of each county within the said Diftiict has a lisht to vote at the said e'ections within their yefpcctive count'es. RESOLVE, 'that a majority Of the members' foe'ectedbea QUORUM to proceed to business. RESOLVED, that is the fai.i Convention ihould not make a houfeon the said first monday in November, any th'ee or moie membeis then alTembled may adjoin n fio'm day to day for five days next eufuing, arid is a Convention should not then be formed at the end of the fifth day, that, they may then adjourn 0 any day they think proper not exceedng one month RESOLVED, trm thethcriff sof each county, or tbe said magistrates, as the ca.c may be, read, or cause to be read the aforesaid relbhitions on each day immediately preceeding the open;ng T E5 786. - FOUR DOLLARS REWARD "ORoke out of Bairds town jail the In tt 7th a negroe tellow named lfaac, he is tniall and, pale coloured, d lias lost the tdes off one of his feet, is very talkative plausible, and iniinuating ; he was lately the property of col. John Campbell is JefferiOn count, and for meny belonged' to capt. H. Pawning of Lincoln, who sold him to law)et Brown of this place, he is well acquaints iri hook-nole- the neighbourhood ; Whoever apprehends and secures' him lo that the lublcriber gets him, shall receive v n above r ..rd. THO. Danville, July 30 1788: BARBEE. 495 hereby forewarn all pviions from taking an alignment of a Bond, given b me to John Hjghes, of Lexington, for the sum of 60. dated the twelfth day of May 1788, as tne said Jonn Hughes has obtained the aforelaid Bond by unlawful m sins. tf JOHN SMITH. T Lexington, jiugufl r. 1788. EDWARD theWEST that tfpedfnlly informs he lown of public has oDened a shop in the Lexington, on high fireet and carries on the clock and watch making business in .its different branches, all those who shall think propef to oblige him with their ctifiom may depend on being faithfully fered, and lheir business compleated in the best manner and on the shortest notice he hasjuft rec ived a quantity of excellent watch TWO DOLLARS REWARD. fubferiber iving near UnrftA nUnnf IIU1I1-- I lCXHlgH)ll, l """" "" about fourteen .hands years old last spring, the b'h'od, trots and canters, high, has a small sore about the middle and of his back : Whoever takt s up said horse and contrives him to the owner shall receive the above reward.' . them at Mr. Thomas Youngs tavern on Tueldoy the 9h of in Lexington September, it being court d?, in order ; A'! hose who to pay up their sail 'o comply, need not anv faraca-mpt- ther indulgence. Aug. 19th 1788- - EDWARD PAVNE. THOMAS LEWIS- - s QTraved from r I b there are a number, ot perlons. in debted to the fubferibers, for goods sold when they kept their store in Lexington, they requft all such to meet rv LEXINGTON, Augufi the 23. Estraft of. a letter from George Lovclefs to his father at Limeflone dated Mouth August the 3, 1788. ot Muf-liingui- n, e 1.1 LMUV-I- ,,1 S fhc-w- s DAVID NOBLE. ' "Dear Father, RETURNED frim Detroit yejlerdqy, with 9 'hd:n's; and from my bwwleise of Indian of"-fairs I hope you will take great care pf jcurfettef, as the I Hnni threaten to co'me and take that plan " "A7 B. I hate leen out with the ineJTtngers from Congress, ever fnce the 1411 of December last, in ; G.L, order to bring them ';." , w

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