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1956-1957, 1957

Part of Benham Coal Company Records

A N 0 T H E I R _ Accident Report Circular No. M8 I January 19, 1956 TO ALL HARVESTER SUPERVISORY PERSONNEL: "And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel, thy brother? And he said, I know not, Am 1 my brother's keeper?" Genesis U:9 Without a doubt the closing quotation in Piesident McCaffrey's safety letter for 1956 "BE YOUR BROTHER*S KEEPER Q G U STOP ACC1DEKT# was prompted by the above bible quo- tation. Yes, we all have a job to do to fulfill this obligation. While our overall safety performance for 1955 has shown an improvement over recent years, this has been overshadowed by a bad start in our 1956 safety year. lt is hoped that every works will redouble its efforts in accident prevention activities during the coming months in order to overcome this setback and not only equal but improve on last year's per- formance. The following accidents should be reviewed with all concerned, checked for possible occurrence at your plant and then, together with their prevention, given wide publi- city so that similar incidents will not occur in the future. FATAL CASE Although most of you have heard of the fatality which occurred on the first day of out 1956 safety year, in order to make sure that all members of supervision are familiar with the facts we are including the report in this accident circular. T.P—"..~¤.T.@~iil@.>iri2s§ Etezaelcirziasies rbieh ar.e,veQ.cfaeal - Ge Deeemeee 27; 1955, e fereine eree e¤ ehe second shift (consisting of two hammermen, a heater and two helpers) were blocking, punching, forging and trimming large bevel gears from lO8—lb, billetsq Two of the crew (a hammerman and his helper with l2·years of forging experience) were operat- ing an SOOO-lbc hammer and a trimmer press, forging and trimming the gears. It was the helpers job to remove the finished forging from the edge of the die block with a pair of M—foot-long tongs suspended from an overhead trolley after the forging had been positioned there by the hammerman and he had stepped back out of the way for its removal, For some reason, however, the helper reached for the forging at the same time the hammerman was striking it, resulting in the ram hitting the tongs and forcing them back, one of the handles penetrating his abdomen, He was taken to the dispensary on a stretcher where he received first aid, then sent to the hospi- tal where he later diedo This type of accident is one which causes many of us to ask: Why would anyone be prompted to attempt such an act? Perhaps we shall never know, However, it does highlight the major problem in accident prevention: the human element. May we again remind you that greater emphasis must be placed by all of us on making sure that our employes realize their responsibility in thinking safety and working safely on whatever job assignments they may have¤l..HMH EP-135-8. A·9. Printed in United States of America

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