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1946-1947, 1947

Part of Benham Coal Company Records

GOAL MINES, Bonham, Ky. November 22, 1946 J. 5. Burns, Asst. Gen. Supt. o Confirming my oonvereatlon with you last W•dne¤day_ VA,i é' morning, it will be ull right to forego the hotel rent for the month of October on the basis that the manager will only have about $54. left for herself after paying all the expenses including rent. Ae I previously otnted, n careful monthly chock of her accounts ehould be the basis on which rent ls to be charged, and you ehould eee that she oleore eomewhere in the nelghborhood of $100. per month for herself. I agree with your suggestion that the hotel rates should be carefully revlewed to the end of making this operation come out a little more even. I wish you would go over this matter carefully and advise me what you intend to do about lt, if anything, and when would be the most opportune time. ` H. O. BEHUHER General Manager co - Hp, R, E. Gelbreath Mr. J. G. Ballurd~»**'"-———_-—*_-i Fir. J. B. Parker l ,\ of yl glp I . M IN if I /v ' \ k/

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