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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 16, 1906

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

Jo dinxofkeno oSOIORoeoeoeoUoeoeoeofioeolto S 080BCBOBOBOH090MOBOBOBOBOB0V BEREA PUBLISHING CO o 2 r NextWeek I Daniel Boone n S I 0 VOL VIII Five Cents WEATHER REPORT ilgust oljflorvations from Monday 0 to Sunday Aug 12 gives tho fol lowing figures Temperature Ilalnfall III Inrlim Highest Lowest no no ono Monday e0 Turulnr 009011Oad Wnhlrulny 00 oa nK Thursday DO HO 0 Friday 70 Ill HO III nu 07 07 437 sight Tho Widow Well yo want tote git tint out ob sight anfogit ill Mali last husband had dat same hallucina tion but do lady who promised toh lub houeh an olwy him postivoly refiiHod fob Ixj do laundryl Puck Tho modern city noels the strength and vitality of the country boy But that country toy who thinks of escap ing tho supposed isolation and toil of tho farm by plunging Into tho awful whirl of our congested centers entertains tho wildest sort of a dream ¬ ¬ mightUy can with ono or two exceptions the Republican candidate is quito sure of election In 1001 tho Democratic candidate received 13200 votes and tho Republican 31310 Tho can didates for this nomination are Ed wards Hurd and White Wo have hoard that tho principal objection to White is that ho has boon too clean and straight a man for tho politicians to use ns they wished If that is true it is a good recommendation for him So far as the Republican par ty of Kentucky stands for justice and righteousness a man who will bolt iho parly when it is going wrong is in reality more loyal to it than ono who voice with it right or wrong Let every Republican of tho eleventh district go to tho polls OH Saturday and voto for tho candi date whom he thinks to bo most hon est and upright no matter how truo or false ho has boon to tho party ma chino in tho past Tim trial of French Abnor and toward them must ho blunt the side toward their neighbor must have a razorfinish J Marvin Nichols ¬ FROM THE WIDE WORLD At present children in tho public schools in England are taught tho doc trlntw of tho Episcopalian church at public expense whether they bo tho children of members of that church Methodist or others RJCatdool Otis laws many members of other paytnlM churchoa laving gone to prison for n few days ago tho IIouso of Commons pM80Ilbill Common ¬ a ¬ BO that from January 1008 such nectar rem ¬ r j Carried about in your pocket you may Lose it and you are constantly tempted to Spend it for some thing you do not need News from Everywhere Recent 1t News PAUK FIVE The Farm and Onrden Sunday School lesson Temperance Notes SIX Tim Ilnmiv Healthful hats The School Lewis Practical Arithmetic Tim Fnrm Points on the Peach Orcluinl- Ord Loiter from President Frost Woods Hole Mass Aug 400 Dear Headers of The CiUzon1 wish I could know what each ono of you is doing thin morning Perhaps you would to knoWwhat wo aro doing this summer i Hidden away about the house it may be destroyedby Fire or Stolen by thieves College Items News In a Nutshell Latest Market Koports FOUIl Hero is the abuse of the school Some teachers like to show that they can teach the so called higher branches They spend their time teaching Algebra to one or two big roar pupils The younger children are neglected And the big pupils do not get their Algebra so well as they would at a higher school lly Pruf Mural Eighth Kentucky History The big pupils ought to go away to school where they Telegraph News from State end World PAOE SEVEN will meet the bright young people from other districts and lluslnes and the Larger LttaUy Edwin can have the library the scientific apparatus the lectures Blnrkhnm Thin Vntue oft SoulHy flew Win Ilurand general advantages of a large school Let the free school gens teach the children and teach them well Let every boy an ilers The Single Bottle girl finish the free school at 15 and then take a few terms PAGE KIQIIT Eastern Kentucky Correspondence at some large school away from home Iso got n good job as nmnageh ob a laundry of Baptist PAGE TIIIEEE finish the common school Let every teacher give I O Idle Money does not Grow and it may be Lostr tern and Vicinity out to NO Money Idle Trent for Ilorcnn FAOn TWO mAn Unconscious Benefactor Serial The Cl rafter his first attention to the younger children rightdown pronpocsTho Or Ono Dollar a Year Bereft Sunday ffphool Convention letter from President Frost Ulttten Announcements The proper school age is from 6 to 15 Then children can learn but they cant earn Let theta go to school every day See that they have clothes and books That is the time for you to get your benefit from the public free IDEAS Thoollior day Senator Elkins said A man way chase dollars atul got schoolAnd let every child set hnppincm but the troublo oomon when dollars begins to chano him studies at 15 years of age That explains much of tho worlds unrest In KENTUCKY AUGUST 10 1000 dont attend On9 90 Total BEREA MADISON COUNTY Chief Contents of This Number THE USE AND THE ABUSE OF THE DISTRICT SCHOOL PAGE ONE ¬ The Government wisely provides a school for every dis iVonther Report trict This gives a chance for every family to get Ilene education How arc things going in your district Re ¬ From the Wide World In Oar Own Country 3ommanwcnlth of Kentucky member the school cant benefit children who dltarlalTho District School Mr Flanorys roport of weather Hatnrday Hunday Average n Copy One Dollar deposited in our Savings Department and left there for one year will earn cents IS will earn twentycents 25 will earn one dollar 3 50 will earn 202 100 will earn 404 j WHY NOT BEGIN NOW e Good Things for Rrndera of thin Citizen I Concluding chapters of tho His tory of tho 8th Kentucky Regiment II Letters from Prof Mason from California President Frost from Now York Miss Robinson from Europe and other summer travelers III Short practical articles on health by Dr Cowley several pro grams for exhibition for rural schools nine but good friends persuaded mo etc etc that I might livo longer and preach Those Seventyfive Cent Knives more in tho end if I took some rest aro going like hot cakes at this time As soon as wo toga to rest wo found wo were very tired On tho way wo visited Mr Nollin Buffalo and saw Niagara Falls In fact they were going so fast we Then wo spent a day at Riga near telegraphed an order to a largo fact Rochester N Y whom my father ory for a now lot and they sent us was born and where four generations all they had and said it would take of my family lived and died Then tho factory about thrco weeks to make wo spent two days in New York with up enough knives to flU our orderStanley anti Mr Cady Stanley s working on tho Now York Tribune and ia not so fortunate aa Beroa pee pocket knives with two strong blades plo in tho matter of vacation Ho of razor steel Ono dollar will bring only has two weeks and loses his you tho knife and tho Citizen for pay during that time And just now ono carOnly for now subscribers it seems probable that ho cannot over ONE DOLLAR ¬ Berea Banking Co spendtbo Assets over 10000000 Capital 2500000 wereg nThey quickif WILL OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT J J MOORE Pres W H PORTER Cashier pp 9 ISPEOIAL t BARGAINS THIS WEEK tan teaching at public expense is to bo no more This bill must first bo acted upon by tho house of Loris Short and long sleeves They are regular 150 however and it is quito certain tha Roosevelt end Boone they would defeat it if they dared Boallyvillo all marked for quick On Tuesday tho 1ith I It remains to bo soon if thoy dare tho defendants with Jim and Alex They would make a great comb in Con 125 yardwide strictly all Silk Black Taffeta Hargis and Ed Callahan wore all on necticut upon relatives of my mother I nation or fighters wouldnt they Next week wo print the presidents to wear per tho stand and denied all accusations living in a house 200 years old tho government will not allow any It had been thought that Smith whom the great grandmother cast own story of Daniel Boone and tho You will news to bo sent out of the country would make a clean breast of his bullets for her husband to use at tho Founding of Kentucky white and black Wash Silk which it doc not approve and the knowledge of affairs as he bad boon battlotf Bunker Hill I wont to cut that out and save it 100 per yard Silk Pongee will sell while they Toll your friends about it and that news which would otherwise como to do it is said b his rein out in swell that it does not wish Trapper knife and they will bo at to bo known others only his memory was worse harbors The government has a Fish sending in their subscriptions if they Goods 200 to 30C Dotted Swiss Commission Station hero and there aro wise IN OUR OWN COUNTRY Coal Production of Kntlucky In 1005 is a famous Summer School of Sci close per yard Tho Democrats in lllinoisnro about Each year since 1800 tho coal pro ones hero with teachers from nil people died Over fifteen to have an interesting fight in their duction of Kentucky has shown TIP parts of the country studying and of this disease in Kentucky last year Slate Convention in Peoria Some increase in quantity until in 1005 working in tho laboratories Every morning at three oclock weeks ago Bryan wroto a letter from the output was two and n half times Europo asking Roger C Sullivan a that of amounted to 8 132523 fleet of sumo twenty fishing member of the Democratic National short tons which had a valuo on the puts out two men in each They This return before night Some days two Cominitto and very cunning boss spot of 3335532Kentuckys coal product is drown given by our Stato Board of Health from two groat coal fields ono in tho Just now there is a remarkable Every ono should road them care appointed to it and did not repre eastern and ono in the western part KY soul tho party Sullivan refused of tho State Tho total area under fog upon tho const so that vessel- fully cut them out and help to and now six hundred of his pledged lain by coal in tho eastern counties arc in groat danger of running int adherents are on the way to tho stale of tho State is estimated at 11180 each other or into tho shore For Convention nt Peoria whore ho has square miles Tho coalbearing arena two days tho fog boll has boon toll Ilerea Sunday School Convention engaged nil tho IxSt hotel accomoda In the western part of the ore KokokokokakokokokokokoKorokokokokokokokokokokokokoko Tho Annual Sunday School Con- ¬ a lion in advance There will doubt estimated to contain 5800 square o Icmbo a lively fight in the convention miles or somewhat more than ono out from anything soon in our mount vention of tho Glade District will be- 0O hold at tho Baptist Church of Boras Ono of tho most boated campaigns half of that of the eastern part of the Saturday August 18 10002 p m and 0 over conducted within tho Republi State 1004 the Up to tho close of can party of town has just boon western district however produced from a boat his gathering of tho fish ¬ 730 pm The following program has 0 closed by tho State convention of considerably more than halt the total ermen all that Is said in tho Psalms boon arranged 200 Song Service o led by W C Gamble 21D Devotionthat state It has mado some dec output of the State but the recent about winds and waves Every day wo bathe in the salt al Exorcises Rev T A Kitchen 230 larations in its platform which show developments in Pike Johnson and progress in the right direction It other counties of tho eastern portion water and Edith and Cleveland have Tho Bible School a Its Work Dr Cook ll Its Opportunities Mrs both learned to swim declares in favor of a primary oleo We often think of our friends in Thomson c Address Miss C Fox lion law and of election of United States senators by direct voto of tho district will soon exceed that of tho Kentucky especially tho dear boys Song Mr and Mrs Gamble 820 0 and girls of tho Regiment of the Somo Information Concerning the western 0 Wo General Makeup of tho Bible Rev Tho data horo given are taken from Kings Sons and Daughters tics and government and says Wo a forthcoming report of Mr E W hope they nro all well happy and Amos Stout 840 Tho Pastors Rela Wo tion to tho School Rev C A Van pledge ourselves to the enactment of Parker statistician of limo United faithful in prayer and service want to see them all again at the be Winkle 400 Tho Parents Relation such laws ns will render it unprofit to tho School Prof Lewis 420 ginning of tho Fall term The dangers and trials of tho sea What tho Scholar Expects From His aro liko tho dangers and trials of Teacher MrFlanoryj Evening Ses ¬ Nominated for CongreM o Song Service 780 DeCedar Rapids la Aug 10 Robert lifo Those who are not In boats tective system but favors such O BUrton of MonUcollo was nom havo their fogs and waves and votional Exercises T J Osborue < reasonable and timely changes as bated for congress Tuesday by Un storms And wo must all learn to Song Mr and Mrs Gamble 745 Democrats of the Fifth Iowa district bo calm and happy trusting in God Address Valuo of Systematic Bible will keep tho tariff in harmony with Wo have just learned by heart this Study Prof Rumold 815 Address out industrial and commercial prog RARE TREAT FOR BEREANS beautiful song How to Keep tho Young Mon intho rose x 0 Bible School C S Mason Cincin COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY c S Mason Religious Secretary of the nail 0 Collection taken for District Will Give a Cincinnati Y M C teat upon the wave Secure I Work Tho Republican Primary Election Nor Thou O Lord hast power 1s navel ForeignCountdesPubllc I for nomination candidate for United States Congressman for tho Bonaparte to Visit Oyster say On Friday evening nt 780 oclockeleventh Congressional district will C S Mason LL B will give a And such the trust that still were mine bo hold this week Saturday This reading entitled Notes of a Trip to Secretary Bonaparte will leave district comprises the following Europe Asia and Africa with Peeps Washington Thursday for Lonox and 0 will bo absent from tho department into Palestine It will boa semi The germ of Immortality about throo weeks On September I humorous account of his personal And calm the peaceful tamp Heel Rocked in cradle of the calfe Owsloy Perry Pulaski trop to tho public All It is soil Wayno and Whitloy As invited at 780 Friday August 17V yoursWml3oodolf board the Mayflower and roviow the strongly RopublU West parlor Ladies Hall theeo counties are Frost ewoOMOIIOOMo1iOl101ll0MO0II oItOWGMoJilotlOllOllOow North Atlantic Hoot comingrrom i- murdert thet ¬ yearOno ¬ iwarranted C CapoCod followingo ¬ Improasiootlmt Im toW t J5c gggJ Tofl Quit Business I I ¬ ¬ ¬ corporationsto production Will offer for sale in any way to dispose of stock quickest my entire stock of merchandise at a bargain Will also offer for my business and dwelling ¬ slon71 Rust brineAnd IIhloIIIthlIn I iao oO RY osale IeepI sleepRockal mlIor ora ClayClinton 59c theyR ina daythey comess publish thingsin campaignsIt w w yard89c75- KWhite IT7rhohllenr nightThis corruptIng Esswaists selling99c ¬ tat position White Lawn Shirt Waists ¬ I OysterDay It Ae P SETTLE Jr I i

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