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Image 9 of Annual report. 1900

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

( · xamrncxv AcarcULrt·RAr. rcxpnamranr srarroiw ix ENTOMOLOGICAL ANI`) i;oTANICAL DIVISION. Prof. Garnian has given attention this year to a study of insects and fungi injurious to cucumbers, and related plants; to potato scab: to insects affecting seeds and stored grains; to the study of tobacco insects, and of lettuce diseases. Under , a state law Prof Garman has inspected all the nurseries. In I two or three instances he has ordered trees destroyed on ac- count of the diseased condition of the nurseries. Prof. Gar- man teaches a class in advaiiced entomology during the winter term, and has been called upon by the Commissioner of Agri- culture to assist in a number of institutes during the year. IIOIt’rIct‘t ¢.‘i:Ai. I>I\‘IsION. I The work of the year hm. as heretofore, been limited only to a few subjects in the way of experiments, and mainly with grapes, strawberries and y ttatoes. Ataitiy l.'=`i`l{.\l, DI\‘IsiON. Under the direction Klr. Harper, experiments have been n continued in testing gtrtilizers on wheat, hemp, tobacco, corn, oats, potatoes, z ~tl meadow, and variety tests of wheat and oats. Some forty varieties of wheat were tested and thirty varieties of t» :—·. Some experiments are being con- ducted to see if the ~ nxen content can be increased in wheat. 1 : The dairy experimt have been continued, and a pig feed— I ing experiment has -1 been completed. The results of ex~ j periments with ferti . on hemp show conclusively that the i Hber is improved by » use of a potash fertilizer-~—-even where j _ the yield is not Ill{li< Xly increased. _ T 1 THE srttizetz comraot wom. { The work under Division is increasing. During the V f year 553 analyses wi; nade and over tnji r,o·.·‘v tags were issued 5 to irianufaeturers, a _ Tn. rOOD CONTROL WORK. j I An i\ct Regniatii. ‘he Sale and Klanufacture of l·`oods, I and placing the · ~inent of its provisions in the Station, , became a law in 1 init not ninch could be accomplished E ` A ll J

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