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Image 1 of The Beattyville Enterprise July 21, 2011

Part of The Beattyville Enterprise

The Beattyville Enterprise Serving Lee County, Beattyville and the Three Forks area for 127 years Former prominent citizens die Jones sentences seven Judge referees for lawyers ?n a /ay !lle/ Di*; a**orney2 railinA aAain2* ea6; o*;er 42ee ! ?* 2*ar*e/ D;en M(/Ae Xo$ Mone2 6alle/ *;e 6a2e o? &a(ra Logan Thomas For$er &ee 'o(n*y E(2i- ne22$an &oAan X;o$a2< YH< /ie/ a* ;i2 &e@inA*on ;o$e ,(n/ayC Ue Da2 Eorn on Man(ary Z8< FHGZ a* ;i2 ?a$ily ?ar$ in ,*C Uelen2C Ue i2 2(rOiOe/ Ey ;i2 Di?e< 5arEaraP *Do 2on2< &oAan X;o$a2< MrC< 4Mane8 o? &e@inA*on an/ Mi6;ael ,*ep;en X;o$a2 4Dee8 o? 5ea**yOilleP *Do Aran/6;il/ren< Mo;n2 ,C X;o$a2 an/ ,op;ia Marie X;o$a2< Eo*; o? &e@inA*onP 2*ep-Aran/6;il/ren< Ma$e2 0C D(na;oo 4'arrie8 o? 5ea**yOille< Ro@anne QOan2 4Mi$$y8 o? 5ea**yOille< 'orinne< Alli2on an/ 3eil Mallory o? 5ea**yOille an/ Xony Xy2;yn< 2erOinA in *;e ]ni*e/ ,*a*e Marine 'orp2C Ue an/ ;i2 Di?e ?o(n/e/ X;o$a2 TnOe2*$en*2< an aDar/-DinninA 6;ain o? ,;ell Eran/e/ 6onOenien6e 2*ore2C Ue Da2 a lonA-*i$e $e$Eer o? *;e Eoar/ o? /ire6*or o? *;e People2 Q@6;anAe 5an7C OEi*(ary in?or$a*ion i2 on PaAe G in *;i2 Dee7W2 !"#$%'%()$* Neeley (Back) Alphin F or$er &ee 'o(n*y ,oli/ 0a 2 * e ' o o r / i n a * o r 3 e e l e y 45a678 Alp;in< =5 o? &e@inA*on< /ie/ ,(n/ay a* ;er ;o$e a?*er a 2;or* illne22C ,;e Da2 Eorn A(A(2* FG< FHI5 in Pen2a6ola< F& *o *;e la*e Leneral Ma$e2 0C &i**le an/ Mane NC &i**leC ,;e i2 2(rOiOe/ Ey ;er ;(2Ean/< An/y Alp;inP ;er 2on< Qri6 Qla$P ;er 2*ep-2on< Ri6;ar/ 5C 4Nen/ra8 Alp;inP an/ Aran/6;il/ren< Anna< M6Ninley< Q$elia an/ T2aEellaC Tn a//i*ion *o EeinA 2oli/ D a 2 * e 6 o o r / i n a * o r< 3 e e l e y al2o Da2 a Aran* Dri*er ?or &ee 'o(n*yC ,;e re6eiOe/ n($ero(2 aDar/2 ?or ;er Dor7 in enOiron$en*al pro*e6*ion< an/ Da2 in2*r($en*al in *;e $e*al applian6e E(y-Ea67 proAra$C Uer Dor7 Da2 Dell-7noDn *;ro(A;o(* *;e 2*a*e< a2 Da2 ;er 6on6ern ?or *;e enOiron$en*C OEi*(ary in?or$a*ion i2 on PaAe G o? *;i2 Dee7W2 !"#$%& '%()$* The 18th Annual -eadifest is set for Friday6 7uly 296 at :eattyville Elementary. ?t will be from 8:30 a. m. to 4 p. m.. Students at :eattyville Elementary and South Side Elementary Hgrades J-5M g e t f re e b a c O p a c O s 6 s h o e s and school supplies. Free food6 drinOs and face painting will be provided during the day. On Thursday6 7uly 286 orientation will be held at Qee County Sigh School. Freshmen and their parents may picO up class schedules6 meet teachers6 and rent locOers and teTtbooOs from 9 a. m. to 10 a. m. All students can taOe part from 10 a. m. until noon. rela*e/ 2*ory8< an/ an a66(2e/ Aree*inA *;e ^(/Ae a2 i? *;ey Dere *;e Ee2* o? ?rien/2< &ee 'ir6(i* M(/Ae Xo$ Mone2 2en*en6e/ 2eOen people Fri/ayC _ernon Loe< FH=H< Da2 2en*en6e/ *o *;ree year2 ?or !r2*/eAree po22e22ion o? a 6on*rolle/ 2(E2*an6e an/ per2i2*en* ?elony o??en/er in *;e 2e6on/ /eAreeC X;e *;ree year2 are *o Ee 6on2e6(*iOe *o F0 ;e $(2* 2erOe ?or a preOio(2 6onOi6*ionC LoeW2 6a2e ;a/ Aone *o *rial la2* O6*oEer an/ a $i2*rial Da2 /e6lare/C Ue ple/ *;i2 *i$eC ,;annon Par72< FH80< Da2 2en*en6e/ *o *;ree year2 ?or 6ri$inal po22e22ion o? a ?orAe/ in2*r($en* an/ per2i2*en* ?elony o??en/er in *;e 2e6on/ /eAreeC Mone2 6re/i*e/ ;i$ Di*; FHG /ay2 2erOe/C &e2lie ]rEan< FH8G< Da2 2en*en6e/ *o *;ree year2 ?or a22a(l* in *;e *;ir/ /eAree< in$a*e a22a(l* on a 6orre6*ion2 o?!6erC X;e *;ree year2 are *o Ee 6on2e6(*iOe Di*; a _er$on* 2en*en6eC RoEer* 5reDer< FH5H< Da2 2en*en6e/ *o *;ree year2 ?or ?a6ili*a*ion in $an(?a6*(rinA $e*;a$p;e*a$ineC 5reDer W2 a**orney< Moni6a &a6y< a27e/ ?or proEa*ionC M(/Ae Mone2 2ai/ ;e ;a/ 7noDn 5reDer 2in6e *;eir 6;il/;oo/C Ue 2ai/ ;e Da2 al2o ?a$iliar Di*; 5reDer W2 leAal ;i2*ory< D;i6; in6l(/e/ *Do prior in/i6*$en*2C Mone2 *ol/ ;i$ *;a* *;e 'o$$onDeal*;< a;a2 $a/e yo( a 2Dee*;ear* /ealCb Ue *;en a27e/ 5reDer< aco( /onW* really e@pe6* $e *o /o *;a* 4proEa*ion8 /o yo(db 5reDer 2ai/ no< E(* ;e *;o(A;* ;e Do(l/ *ryC 5reDer W2 Di?e< Q/na 5reDer< FH=Z< Da2 2en*en6e/ *o *Do year2 on *;e 2a$e 6;arAeC X;e 'o$$onDeal*; /i/ no* oppo2e /iOer2ion or proEa*ion ?or ;er< an/ ;er a**orney< Mona*;an Lay< ree(e2*e/ proEa*ionC Mone2< ;oDeOer< 6i*e/ *o prior /r(A 6;arAe2 *;a* ;a/ Eeen /i2$i22e/C 5e6a(2e o? *;a*< ;e 2ai/ ;e oppo2e/ proEa*ionC Mi$$y LiE2on< FH=8< Da2 2en*en6e/ *o *Do year2C Ue ;a/ Eeen 6;arAe/ Di*; pro$o*inA 6on*raEan/ in *;e !r2* /eAree< !r2*-/eAree po22e22ion o? a 6on*rolle/ 2(E2*an6e< 6on*rolle/ 2(E2*an6e pre26rip*ion no* in oriAinal 6on*ainer an/ p(Eli6 in*o@i6a*ion Di*; a 6on*rolle/ 2(E2*an6eC A22i2*an* 'o$$onDeal*;W2 A**orney Me?? ,*ile2 2ai/< *;o(A;< *;a* LiE2on ;a/ a pre26rip*ion ?or *;e pill2 *;a* Dere in ;i2 po22e22ionC Mere$y ,eale< FH8Z< ple/ A(il*y *o $ena6inA an/ re2i2*inA arre2*C Ue Da2 2en*en6e/ *o FZ $on*;2< an/ $(2* 2erOe 2i@ o? *;e$C X;e 2i@ $on*;2 are 6on/i*ionally /i26;arAe/C A proEa*ion reOo6a*ion ;earinA Da2 ;el/ ?or Pa(l Allen ,*aple*on< FH=0C T* Da2 alleAe/ *;a* ;e ;a/ Dri**en a fZ00 6;e67 on ;i2 /ea/ paren*W2 a66o(n*C UoDeOer< a Di*ne22 2ai/ *;a* Da2 no* *;e 6a2e< *;a* 2o$eone el2e ;a/ Dri**en *;e 6;e67C ,*ile2 2ai/ *;e 'o$$onDeal*; 6o(l/ no* $ee* i*2 E(r/en o? proo?< 2o Mone2 /i2$i22e/ *;e 6a2eC UoDeOer< ,*aple*on i2 (n/er 6o(r* or/er *o Ee o(* o? Nen*(67y Ee?ore A(A(2* ZC M(/Ae Mone2 i22(e/ a Een6; Darran* ?or ';ri2*op;er X;a67er< FH8Z< ?or a po22iEle 6on/i*ional /i26;arAe Oiola*ionC Ue i2 alleAe/ *o ;aOe 6o$$i**e/ an a22a(l* in AprilC A Een6; Darran* Da2 al2o i22(e/ ?or ,*ep;anie 'le$$on2< FHY5< ?or ?ail(re *o appearC Re2*i*(*ion Da2 *o Ee reOieDe/C A proEa*ion reOo6a*ion ;earinA i2 2e* A(A(2* FH ?or Lary 0C Allen< FHYHC Allen Da2 2en*en6e/ *o F0 year2 in De6e$Eer Z008< proEa*e/ ?or !Oe year2C ,in6e *;en< ;e ;a2 ple/ A(il*y in a Faye**e 'o(n*y 6a2eC UoDeOer< ;e arA(e2 *;a* *;e Faye**e 6ri$e an/ 6a2e o66(rre/ Ee?ore ;e Da2 pla6e/ on proEa*ionC &a(ra ';arle2 O2Eorne< FH8H< ;a2 a /iOer2ion reOo6a*ion 2e* ?or A(A(2* FHC Uer a**orney< 5r(6e Fran6i27y< !le/ a $o*ion *o Oa6a*e ;er 6onOi6*ion o? Dan*on en/anAer$en*C 4X;i2 6a2e Da2 *;e Ea2i2 o? *;e arA($en* Ee*Deen Fran6i27y an/ P(Eli6 De?en/er Miran/a ,*eOen2C X;a* arA($en* i2 in ano*;er 2*ory in *;i2 Dee7W2 Qn*erpri2eC8 Ma$e2 QC Dea*on< FH5I< pai/ in ?(llC Mi6;ael Q(Ean72< a**orney ?or 0illie 'ar2on< FHYH< !le/ a $o*ion *o 2(ppre22 eOi/en6e ?o(n/ ?ro$ a 2ear6; Darran*C Q(Ean72 arA(e/ *;a* *;e Darran* /oe2 no* 2*a*e D;o per?or$e/ O2Eorne ';arle2C X;e yo(nA Do$an ?a6e2 a po22iEle /iOer2ion reOo6a*ion Ee6a(2e 2;e ;a/ no* Eeen 2(66e22?(l in /r(A 6o(r*C ,;e Da2 oriAinally 6;arAe/ in April Z0F0 Di*; 2*ealinA 2o$e i*e$2 ?ro$ Ri*e Ai/< an/ D;ile *ryinA *o eOa/e a 2*ore e$ployee< p(2;inA *;a* e$ployee an/ 26ra*6;inA an/ *Di2*inA ;er ar$C X;ro(A; ;er p(Eli6 /e?en/er< Miran/a ,*eOen2< 2;e ple/ A(il*y *o Dan*on en/anAer$en* in *;e !r2* /eAree Ee6a(2e o? *;e 6on?ron*a*ion Di*; *;e Ri*e Ai/ e$ployeeC ,;e Da2 2en*en6e/< E(* *;e 2en*en6e Da2 /iOer*e/ 6on*inAen* on ;er 2(66e22?(lly 6o$ple*inA /r(A 6o(r*C ,(66e22?(l 6o$ple*ion an/ /iOer2ion $ean2 *;a* *;e 6;arAe Do(l/ ;aOe Eeen e@p(nAe/ ?ro$ ;er re6or/C 5r(6e Fran6i27y< a priOa*e a**orney ?ro$ 0in6;e2*er D;o (2e/ *o Dor7 ?or *;e p(Eli6 /e?en/er W2 o?!6e< *oo7 oOer &a(ra ';arle2 6a2eC Ue Da2 in 6o(r* Fri/ay *o !le a $o*ion *o Oa6a*e ;er 6onOi6*ionC Ue 6on*en/2< in a $o*ion o? 6on*e$p* !le/ M(ly FZ aAain2* ,*eOen2< *;a* ';arle2 a;a/ /one no*;inA *o $ani?e2* ge@*re$e in/i??eren6e *o ;($an li?eW< a2 *;a* 6;arAeW2 ele$en*2 ree(ireCb F(r*;er< ;e 2*a*e2< aM2C ,*eOen2 6oer6e/ M2C ';arle2 in*o a A(il*y plea *o *;e ?elony< Di*; !Oe year2 /iOer2ion in /r(A 6o(r*< Ee6a(2e M2C ';arle2 re?(2e/ *o Dor7 a2 a 6on!/en*ial in?or$an* ?or ]3TXQCb Fri/ay< Fran6i27y a27e/ M(/Ae Mone2 ?or a 6on*in(an6eC 5e?ore re2pon/inA *o *;a* ree(e2*< Mone2 6alle/ ,*eOen2 ?orDar/< an/ *ol/ Eo*; a**orney2 *;a* ;e ;a/ a 2ol(*ion *o *;eir 6a2eC aT ;aOe Eroa/ a(*;ori*y

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