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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 4, 1947

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

PAGE SIX THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHTTESBURG, KENTUCKY We are sorry to learn that Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor of the Wheaton Hollow section are moving to Beckley, Lee Sizemore W. Va. They will be greatly Quite a few familiar faces missed by all their friends in JENKINS NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Sexton were seen in Jenkins over the are the proud parents of a week end. Charles McDonald was home from Bowling Green baby boy. Business School this week Hi. and Mrs. Jim Anderson end. spent the week-en- d in Blue-fielW. Va., visiting Mr. and Paul Varson and Jimmy Mullins were home from Mrs. Giles Craig. this week end. Mr. "Curly" Hooper, spent Mrs. Ky., is visiting Miss Joe Brown Thanksgiving in Richmond Esmont. visiting her daughter, Nancy Mr. Ronny Bevins has acwho attends Eastern. cepted a job with C&O. On Nov. 25, Mrs. Van Bates, Miss Ella Bevins was the Mrs. Leah Brummett, Mrs. dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Logan Arnette and Miss Elsie George Brennen, Thursday in Johnson honored Mrs. Greg Bates with a bridal shower at Pikeville. Many the Masonic Hall. Mr. George Brennen and beautiful gifts were received Mr. Dick Jones of Pikeville and a delightful evening was were business callers in Jen-- enjoyed by all. d, V-P.- Jenkins. - I Mr. uari jfitzpatriCK is and daughter, Helenne, and Mr. Mr. Frank King iam been Lenoid Pendleton motored lo confined to his home for the Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. past two weeksdue to in- They visited Mrs. Wheeler's daughter, Mrs. J. P. Hanley. fected tonsils. - Mr- V. C. Edwards, Pike Miss Thelma Hidvegi and ville was visiting in Jenkins brother, Steve, and Mr. Raymond Lifts spent ThanksgivSaturday. ing in Montgomery, W. Va. The Jenkins Cavaliers play ed Hellier last Tuesday with "Fire Prevention" Hellier being the victor 7 The onset of winter increasIt was a good game even tho es fire hazards by more than the Cavaliers did lose. a third. Winter means heated homes and barns and also an The Y. W. AVof Jenkins increase in fire hazards, a 34 Baptist church had' a slum per cent increase. Cracked mering party at the home that chimneys, corroded flues, dewas formerly occupied by Rex fective furnaces and improper Lawrence, last Wednesday ly discarded hot ashes are night. All the girls old a the villains- Make sure that wonderful time, although hot your heating plant is in good much sleep was had by liny working condition. of them. On Thursday morning they adjourned dowfi to An annual farm loss of over the Baptist Church and cook- $90,000,000 is more than any ed a delightful breakfast in country can afford, especially the basement of the church. during the present food crisis. Those attending were Misses Fire prevention on the farm Mae aeue waiien, Jttosie wii is only half the job for com liams, Johnnie Arrington, El plete fire safety. A farmer otse Lawrence; Norma Row-lett- e, must make provisions (to pro Maxine Adams, Norma tect his farm if he wants to and Billie Dotson, Mrs. J. W. keep it. He must take the time to instruct his family and his farm hands in the use of fire- fighting equipment. A farmer must see to it that a sufficient number of approved fire extinguishers are on his property and that they are placed in strategic locations. The first five minutes of a fire are the most important. You can do more to control l fire in the first five minutes than can be done in the next five hours. Fight that fire the minute you discover it. Make Quillen Drug your headquarters for your Xmas shopping. We have a complete line of the most popular cosmetics, candies, Jewelry and Sundries. Shop early and while stocks are still complete. - 36-2- Miss Peggy Mullins spent with Miss Betty Lynch and the week-en- d were visitors in Arnette of JenkinsCumberland, Thursday. - - Mr. W. E. Lester has been confined to the Jenkins Hos- pital with an infected hand. Miss Nellie Bailey spent Thanksgiving Day in Cincinnati, visiting friends. Mr. Nick Jurich is in the Jenkins Hospital While working, a piece of slate got in his eye and infection has set in. I Ruth Bradley were visiting in m Wise, Sunday. the Jenkins Hospital due to a very severe cold. MrsPete Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daniels SSSSBSSs9sSSSSSSSSSSSSSsSSlSSSSSflsSlBBS? Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ellenburg and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daniels were shopping in Bristol, Saturday. Mr. Bruce Spears fell off Mr. and Mrs. Clesten Savior 5 Ramp Saturday aiK spent the week end in Har injured his back and broke a lanfew ribs. He is confined to the Jenkins Hospital. Mrs. Van Bates and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bates Mr. and Mrs. George Selfe spent Thanksgiving with Mrs were visiting friends in Lynch Bates' parents in Paintsville, burg, Va., oyer the week end. Ky. - Jessee, Mrs. James McTonsh and Priscilla James. the No. kins, Monday. Tike Jenkins Band was honored with an invitation from the City of Norton to help celebrate the coming of Santa Claus to town last Friday. The Norton streets really showed up under all the colored lights that were strung up from street post to street post, and the J. H- S. Band was also very colorful under the Christmas lights. THURSDAY, DEC. 4 1M7 I QUILLEN DRUG j Wliitesbiirg. Kentucky I BULOVA m i 'JEEP Wflys-Ovtrlo- PICK-U-P TWO Makes Trade History with Two Great Lines nd of 'Jeep' Tracks Designed for Economy and Long Life See them now postwar-mod"Jeep" Trucks, with completely new chassis and bodies, by the men who build the tough, rugged Universal "Jeep el truck-engineer- Two great lines regular Drive aid a sensational Drive, created by the world's largest maker of vehicles. Feature by feature, both lines are designed ghe yn everything you want in a truck Lower weight for operating economy : ; ; vehicle weights of 4,700 to 5,300 lbs. with nal payloads of to 1 ton. r The fty d "Jeep" Sngiae, s for long life and low upkeep. Functional bodies, protected lights, e hood, comfortable cab. Two-Whe- el Four-Whe- el tt Willys-Overlan- gas-th- world-famou- extra-wid- SEE FOURTEEN I0DY THEM NOW AND Search the wide world over. i AND GET YOUR ORDBt IN! 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