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Image 7 of Bourbon News, April 21, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

A tHE v iiimww WiNm It I i BEST I derangement malnutrition i I j Earth purifier makes especially useful as a spring medicine This grand aitrative tonic is sold under 60 Special JoHn w u 11l LINE OF I I I 10 f I We Are Sole Agents For Pares and BurbonCounlIy Car BIN R I Ii It It 60foot Bcnii Ky ParisThursday May They Want Assurance I ExPresident Grover Cleveland say our people need est and peace and Yes especially reas Reassurance surance They vant to be again as ¬ sure d that the tariff barons shall not crush competition and raise rrices on the necessities of life thit the money of policyholders in insurance com ¬ panies shall not be used to buy legisla ¬ tion or as a corruption fund in the in teres of a certain Presidential candi date that the burdens of laboring people shall not increase that graft in public places will no longer be tolerat ¬ ed and that gross abuses of power that prevail uncle Republican rule shall be stopped r it Nearly a Century Under One Manaem generaldebility Reqciirieg it guarantee at Oberdorfers drugstore 50 cents apr Surrounded by an Open Casting A Heater of Great Durability CALL AND EXAMINE ONE J Kidney op Bests Grandest Show on 4 favorite everywhere It gives quick relief in dyspepsia liver is Substantially a Small Furnace WE CARRY A No E D Charles of Harbor speaking of Electric Bitters favoritehere Heator UNQUESTIONABLY THE Biggest Neighborhood Favorite I Mrs Main Air Tight Moor s i BOtTKBOir NEWS PARIS XENTITCKY A BIL Sir 1908 t I snows i Expense Daily 350000 I300 Thoroughbred BIG < IN ONE f 1000000 in New Features and Animals Horses 100 Miniature Posies Suffering and Dollars Saved E S Loper of Marilla NY says I am a carpenter and have had many severe cuts healed by Bucklens Arnica Savle It has saved me suffer- ¬ ing and dollars It is by far the best healing salve I have ever found Heals burns sores ulcersfever sores 5c at Obderfers eczema and piles apr 3S the druggists I Stoves Ranges Furnaces Oil and GasoSine 51 o Grates Pumps Tin Bron and Steel Ceilings Fire Brick Sewer Pipe Lurnb and Steam Fitting and Hot Water Heating 5 Mechanics As President Repairs Promptly Attended to I ci I E PHILLIPS Perry Successor to the late Ben TeSephonelNo 78 WrwmJ JJa YMMWHeJ YH WlWWNJ Professional 17 AARON CASSITY Over Bowling Alley Paris Ky Main Street ll If LADIES 11 1 m GARMENTS DRY CLEANER I BENZOL PROCESS FRENCH < I1 ti t the ONLY house in the country using the Benzol method for dry cleaning This exclusive process keeps as those cleaned all garments clean three times as other processes Neither odor shrinkage fading nor in ¬ jury to Benzol cleaned fabrics We are lf it t 4ro g Ff6R6ti Benzol Dry Gleaning Go TH6 Hats Cleaned and Blocked while you I I Cards DUDLEY wait Phone No 43 aster Flowers I HOn i = All Agent J C F Room 8 State of Ohio City of Toledo ATTOENEYrATLAW Elks Builder Home Phone 72 DR J T BROWN DrugStore Tenn Home Phone E 258 gaum u m n u Iii c uiui i u mi riiim i Eu x111 w tt McCarthy V 1 s Thomas i d = E Insurance Agents HepTosenflng J l V Paris St Phones Main near Fifth Jacturi g Jeweler and Importer No 135 w Main Street x6n 20 Sensational Acts 12 Manege Acts 10 Brother Acts i Flying and Horizontal Bar Acl r High Divers < 30 Tumbling and Leaping Acts Host of High Wire and Sensational Acts f GLENS FALLS AMERICAN I HAMBURG BREMEN H I OFFICE AT Deposit BanK r I Phone 97o ither I 25 I ¬ Corn Will Be Higher Corn will sell 20 cents per bushel higher thar wheat within the next ten years and stay there is the view expressed by H D Wetm ire a grain man and globe trotter who has given Enormous menageries in One s 3 1500 Rare and Costly Animals 2 Herd of Monster Ele phants Herd of Camels and Water Buffaloes Rhinocerous Hippopotamus Horned Horses X Tigers Lions Zebras African Antilopes Leopards Black Tigers PumasWhite c Black and Russian Bears Birds Reptiles COMPLETE WILD WEST Ever Known Wild West Sport and Pastime KneeHanging Horse Chief 1 Stage Coach Robbery 50 Cow Boys and Indians I Company o Ex = U S CavalryTroupe 10 Femaie Bicycle Riders The Great Kiser Aerial Troupe Troups of 10 Japanese and Arabs3 Heads o f Educated Elephants limitedThe only reason that corn has always sold lower than wheat is be ¬ cause from the inception of the trade in this country the foreigner was un ¬ familiar with its uses and value and Descending from 60 Foot Incline at an at ligtningS Of 45 we had always grown more than we rapidity At the bottom man and bicycle are thrown throuhg Space country has could use at home This topward 35 feet man catching trapeze bar and now come to the point where it does bicycle falling to net below not need to export corn andthe grain therefore is rapidly assuming its right ¬ ful position among the cereals U- H eo One Touch o f Nature Makes the Whole World Kin 300000 Free Street Parade When a rooster finds a big fat worm 300 Horses 19 Tableau Wagons 50 Cages and Dens 100 Ponies he calls all the hens in the farm yard 2 Herds of Elephants 2 Steam Calliopes Steam Organ A similar trait to come and share it Company e U S West 4 Bands Drove of Camels of human nature is to be observed Battleships of Past and Present Soldiers when a man discovers something ex ¬ Gold he wants all his ceptionally See Winston s Wonderful Educated Seals friends and neighbors to share the 1 benefits of his discovery This is touch of nature that makes the whole why people This world kin who have been cured by Chamberlains Cough Remedy write letters to the Open at 1 and 7 p m Rain or Shine manufacturers for publication that r others similarly ailing may also use it Hot and cold biths t all hours Behind every one of obtain Polite Everything neat and lean warm hearted wish of on the these letters is aof use to someone else ready tow barbers tfie writer to be waits You aim next This remedy is for sale by W T trade i un all Railroads Entering Paris you need no other guaran- ¬ Brooks > apr i> r ctl > ti > tee J J BAT win i in i urn 11 1 1 1 1 ors Kentucky House J3ntSlclsBeIp rain M Harris corner R Fourth and Pleasant Std in unmii i uiii iniu raw Tuesday May 12th 1 08 Non KAHAL BROS i Battle of WouncIecL Bicycle Ride to the Moon s R i Corn is the subject much study very rapidly coming into its own E which means that it is worth more than wheat as meat S- pound for pound The he said and fat producer area of land world has but a adaptable to raising corn as it can hardly be produced at certain latitudes while the wheat area is practically un ¬ c Special jCiness Guarantee and Indemnity Bond E Plate Glass and Acrident J ss J J Lucas County Frank J Cheney makes oath that he is senior partner of the firm of F J doing business in the Co Cheney City of Toledo County and State afore ¬ said and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Halls FRANK CHENEY Catarrh Cure Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this 6th day of Decem- ¬ ber A D 1886 A W GLEASON Notary Public Seal Halls Catarrh Cure is taken inter nally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system Send for testimonials free CO Toledo 0 F J CHENEY Sold by all Druggists 75c Take Halls Family Pills for consti ¬ pation Hot and gR ItnUQrting ETNA GEORGIA HOME r j E KNOCSE I Dr Louis H Landman VICTOR BOGAERT r At the Residence of Mrs 1an BOG M NOBajH BRITISH CONTINENTAL i Both ROYAL I ISIy Male Riders him BARNES a BRUtE HOUABAT 10 a mj pm a orders given prompt attention 300 Circus Artises 10 Female Riders 20 Percale Feature Acts 20 Trained Horses 300 Circus Acts I J S k6f thft Florist 4 Big Rings I DR = E Bruce Holladay I 4 Big Circuses In changing the senetnce of the negro OFFICE HOURS from hanging to that of spending his life in Boston Governor Jeff Davis of in PHONES 136 Arkansas patterned mething after the case of the darkey in Woodford county when Ed Marshall the famous A Ha KELLER lawyer told the court that the worst PRACTICING PHYSICIAN Offices in Agricultural Building punishment that could be inflicted L Paris Kentucky would be neither to send the prisoner to the penitentiary orhang him but to send him back to his master old Bill WrLLJAMS Higgins to spend his days as that ATTORNEYATLAW would be nearer hell on earth than Zoom 1 Elks Building any punishment that might be given f S to 93o j 130 to 3 X 7 to 8 p 1- Order Your Easter Flowers From M The Worst Punishment Office Opp Fordham Hotel- Anything from a pair of gloves to ball or opera gowns made and from draperies to oriental rugs will cleaned by our exclusive JUST LIKE HE II 0 Drs Kenney < Dudley CHAS CASSITY i1 L WK WM KENNEY CA55ITY BROS I American politics is a queer thing When we look over the list of Presi ¬ dents we find the names of Andrew Jackson who begun life as a helper in a saddlers shop Abe Lincoln who was in early life a backwoods rail split ¬ ter Andrew Johnson a tailors ap ¬ prentice Ulysses S Grant a tanner Now we have as prospective candi ¬ dates for the chief magistracy John A Johnson once printers devil and William L Douglas a shoemaker These older men made good saddles rails coats and leather and the new ones are of the same like Johnson a good printer and Douglas a good shoe maker Each has risen by reason of good work in his line Each has the respect and confidence of aH good men Friends of Mr Douglas claim that he can carry New York New Jersey Ohio and the solid Massachusetts South Two < ors cIli5iP r Jt Shows EXCUjR lttN r DailyDo- RATES 4 i

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