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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 21, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

I V 1- j r < s L 7 5 > J 1r THE BOURBON NEWS w Hr I PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR OLU IE XXTJII PAEIS KENTUCKY TUESDAY APRIL Templar Observe Easter Knights Turnpike Improvements I L Last year the Fiscal Courts of Bourter Sunday was fittingly observes bon Commanaery and Fayette counties reconstructelL de Lion Lexington pjk lar of this city at the f ed the Maysville t t k hts 1 i111 r like road in be unapproachp by c the world Thi y r the BourbE Fiscal Court w remodel the road Eleven Big Companies from Paris to the Nicholas county lOne making this stretch of road from McCarthy Thomas fire and wind C M Thoma and Chaplain C n while the choir rendered Lexington to that point a distance of insurance We represent 11 big comA Onward Dutiful processional panies milesThe t and North Middletown and n Soldiers r and Little Thomas and rt Commanae pied the chairs Parisimproved in Rock turnpikes will NEW CE81ENT MAN be like manner The oin McMillan o r county last year expended the sum of he rostrum and the religious See the new cement man before hav ¬ der were conducte- 35000 upon her 325 miles of turn s of V16 e Cement walks n impressive manner pikes and this year will only expend ing your work done L tter n dt ti foundations and all kinds of cement a little less than 30000 r ton services work First class work at low prices numbers were rendered J U Chorus W M SHORT of Voluntary Food Display oran Pure 829 West St Paris Ky 17 2t erg i On April the 28th and 29th there Christ The Lord is Risen An them will be a full pure food display in the by Dudley Buck nay Look for the old Christian church ijkcia Ressurrection by Harry erndell display V CO C P COOK 212t rvvoSheeley with violin obligato BOURBON CIRCUIT COURT by Re hold the Risen King r Carrie I Fisher Admv etc Plaintiff KY Rooms for Rent V Notice to Creditors Ortm Affertory locality on Pleasant street Joseph Good All Saints K c ssioaal Defendant Fisher etc It jii Knight Rev Jos S Malone Call Home phone 4862 rings ed the sermon taking for his t ea and his All persons having claims against Calvin Morgan Found Dying tri The Resurrection the estate of Thos Fisher deceased was highly appreciated and encV present them that One of the most startling tragedies are hereby notified v e i iy the large congregation shocked the people It was an clc which has many years occurred of Lex ¬ proven as required by law to the un- ¬ > d the church rnv Sunday ington in master commissioner of F t strong and forceful sermon the evening when Calvin Morgan nephew dersigned Circuit Court on or before the the Bourbon singing by the choir under Tv H Morgan and one of 10th day of May 1908 and all claims Hn of Sir Knight Dr Frank of Gen John r best known young Ftrin was pronounced by all present the wealthiest and was found lying in not so proven and presented by said in cur city by men of Lexington date shall be barredRUSSELL le ih best ever h t MANN The solo mentioned bed at his home with a bullet hole in church choir smoking pistol lay Master Commissioner Bourbon Circuit his hsad while a hr was sung by Mrs Fanniebelle on the pillow beside him 216t Court aher and and her birdlike soprana onIt has been Mr Morgans custom e never sounded sweeter than to keep the pistol under his pillow t is nccaison The violin obligate was and it is not known whether the shot I iiilrVjly played by Miss Lucille Price Eyes was fired with suicidal intent or the You Cannot Set New i s an artist upon this instrument viv at the pistol was accidentally discharged dur Ms France Johnson nig Mr Morgans attempt to place it masses ran in her usual artistic manner pillow before going to sleep But You Can Get New rr the most delightful program under hisnight He was unconscious nished the large audience was for the tra when found by his mother the only sed by Rev Dr E H Ruther n other person in the house and was with the benediction f Do your eyes blur attracted by the sound of the pistol Mr Morgan died two hours later with Does your head aohe The Wheat Market out regaining consciousness Do your eyes feel tired ¬ Morgan was 35 years of age Calvin Douth in some of the principal sec tions o the wheat belt caused the mar ¬ and was a son of Col Calvin Morgan Then save jour eyes by haying go up last week but this was a brother of Gen John H Morgan and ftt cuaateracteu by reports by the Gqvern who himself served with distinction them examined and getting m rt to the effect that the wheat has throughout the war in the famous com- ¬ they need rJt t been injured and the crop can mand of his distinguished brother His tar even another week of n6 rain rather died many years ago from whom The market opened young Morgan inherited an ample for ¬ without injury tune which enabled him to be free vfcl one first of the week Matthews Clara from business cares and to gratify his Brie ever held in this city members of Goeur de Lion Com uniform marched v n rch headed byEminent Corn V P I I I fI i 11 ¬ Y 1 Notice to Creditors Your clown findes So do tailormen Instead of bells they hangS oti appendages and inflict stunts in the design all manner of arbritrary of a garment Also the violent colors Upon t neither do 1200 to 4500 s I in and tm trt haby our rugs mat tik at gocart furni buggies etc J T KIN TON I Il 01 I I I I 1 to 5 r tT I I j 3i > I r 9 9 WJ f tlilI 19 > i4 SPECIAL SHOWING OF Dome I A i K r T YI tytZ jJ t y Jz co 1 if 9 I > fI J JI ROCHEGTtR be Shoes H a co k 4 Y S1pes the oiiiy patent I 350 and 400 ° 600 Rtetsonj 500 id and f we fit the feet d u H To Fo t ill P i risl utf1tt i f 4 fi RI co 1J J v IJ > z 1 fiI J 19 ror I l fi flr it z FOR EASTER tir r B I I HIGH GRADE OXFORDS CO 8Mi V In Tans Browns and Blacks O Lowest Prices See Our Ladies Best Grade of Oxfords that Sell every In order to sell as many Suits before Easter as possible and Utnrimmed Hats Flowers Feathers where at 350and 4 Our Price 3 to induce early Spring buying we make a and Ribbons Newest Styles 1 Special Offering = Ladies High Grade TailorMade Suits A1I Suits that sell Regularly at 40 I± Special Price 35 j AU Suits that sell Regularly at 2250 ° Special Price + Special Showing for Easter in I 20 1 1 jiMjDIiftIjrlDujMfn iMj 25 sand r 75 t875 r 575D Every I partment Panamas = =Jackets in Fancy Materials and Wool Rain Coats Lace Silk and Wash Waists = Separate Skirts in Voiles and = 30 21 Special Price > IJ S 26 75 All Suits that sell Regularly at 2750 fe I A VERY ATTRACTIVE LINE OF LADIESand CHILDRENS The Ladies9 Store of j Sri R JAMES C FRANK Lades tieh aracte MILLINERY 9 ow p MICHAClS STCRN 600 J 51 foIAKERsor JCHAYLS STERN FINE CLOTHING 11 9 w 12 500 Dunlap Bank to BIHe COPYRIGHT tooo leathea that is guaranteed i 8 rr correct Shape rat paralysis and walked with two canes Hours but was at all times attended by a colored servant Home Phone Vv w 5 iates ¬ tn w I T Over 1 Made in New York City For Young Men i 5f tce it with bells andviolent ccl3rs it I Read This 4 Lm l l- o iff depend fqr their distinction They find it through dignified innovations in the design of garment through expressive tailoring which leave the innovations without offense to good taste Lastly College Brand Clothes find des tinction through fabrics which are never violent in color or design yet ever new impressive and e perhaps a bit daring Now you understand why L we give the College E and Clothes the best our shop affords I Jr > NUMBJKH i ° tastes in whatever ben t the He had been a cripple for years from SV College SSrand Clothes t I if + 4 21 1908 for expreSSIon = 1 v > I Distinction Has I Many Channels church The from Lexington to Paris with graded decorated with macadam which vas rolled tfith 2C uniil i was and it was one of the most im ton engine rollers and wharf finished deilhgjrful religious ser was pronounced by aut obilists t v e and Presbyterian 11 i r +r = 4 I s c i t- J I J

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