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Image 1 of Louisville weekly courier, August 2, 1856

Part of Louisville weekly courier

OUISYIIL .La WMMKJLY COTOIJE VOLUME 13. NUMBER 32. LOl ISVILLE WEEKLY COIRIER, PUBLISHED BY j W. N. HALDEMAN. THE PtatVIM .It Pesirwr.per BATES ear if ClIVHI bi4jr Cwintr.tot th " t04-V- Vxilr ('rir Mkl Tctpittl Foar fm TwaatTtwcopM I rK Tut DirTST EIMTIOK. t '.Urr. fttrr rrr SUOUI.Ua - "I CwrMf,wt rear, for " " THE MONEY BE All) IN ADVANCE. ADTERTIalXG. IJnmtMUiiMtd at tha rataaf 14 crmtt par lias for Ik trat laaertioa, tail etntt per im for Mck suhaKjiMmt I luan.aa I afiat ( araiaarr wntint nakaa about a line PaTHiKT To m in mriKri m alu cases Ko araatiau bh1 far iaafikT SMlerrtiscBaau. A lift Political Knavery. About the meanest specimen of political rascality that have latelj come under our notice, are the efforts of men allied to, and acting with other parties to use the honored old Whig mme for the purpose of advancing the interests of such p; rties. Although such trickery is in &e highest degree disgraceful, yet we see men who call themselves honorable and are so regard ed, engaging in it and attempting to deceive the public, all the while protesting stout'y that they till are Old Lane Whigs. In the recent Whig Slate Convention which met in this city there were seme bogu Whigs who ssught to obtain an expression in favor of the worst enemy of the Whig party has on earth, Milhrd Fillmore, but the good sense of an overwhelming majority of the Convention indignantly reproved the effort, and covered its authors with shame and mortification. We have already exposed the meeting of the logtu Whigs at Lexington, and we now have to notice similiar efforts in other places to induce the belief that the Whig party in certain localities is in favor Fremont. The Pittsburg Gazette say: e Whig of Dacrsiv Cocktt. The Danpbin coanty held a large matins at Harrisburg oa Wednesday evening, July 9th. Joseph Wallace, Eq., presided, assisted by A. Freanor and Jdo. II. Pox, Esqrs , as and Geo. W. Harris and C. M. Shell, as Secretaries. The resolutions were offered by Aaron Bombaagh. Esq.. and were unanimously adopted. Tbey acc pt tbe Phil platform and endorse the nomination of Fremont and Dayton. This meeting was ignifl ant, because it was very generally reported that the Wbigs of Danpbin were going for Buchanan. The action of this meeting ffcciaa!ly puts a stopper upon that. 'J he following dispatch giving the proceedings of a "Whig Meeting" in Beaton, on Monday last, we copy from our New York exchanges: A meeting of the Wh gs of Bueton in favor of John C. Fremont for President, was held in Faneuil HU last evening. About twelve thousand persons were present. The meeting wss called to order by Hob. William T. Eostis, and R bert J.Burbank, elected President, with numerous including FranUii Brewer, Patrick T. JacksoD.and other well known Whirs. Speeches were made by Col. Burbauk. Hon. William M. Everts, of New York, and oibera, mainly in urginr the propriety, importance, and necessity of a uuittd ralley for Fremont and Dayton, as tbe on'y mean of defeating the Democracy. Tbe me in if was very enthusiastic. Half a dozen Fillmomtc created a brief disturbance in the middle ol tat Hall, bat were ejected. The hottest straight out N;tional Whigs of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, who earnestly desire the of the Whig party, re pudute the action of these meetings, as the true higs of Kentucky repudiate the action of the log Whigs at Lexington . Buchanan and the Bargain. Just as the editor of this paper was entering the Luisville an J Frank lort Railroad Depot, be fore starting for his home, in the country, yester-- i afternoon, he was violently assaulted by Elias R. Hall, who struck him with a large hick- - dy t as ory stick lefore he w as even aware an attack on t M him was meditated. He warded off the blows :.. '"a ien i SMI ""u k:. i... arm, a:iu succeeueu in anuramg a : ,: c. ri i . i, H.ii NOPAPtEKTrHELffTlM.FSS t Dastardly Assault. I 1 There never was a more unfounded falsehood than that of Mr. Buchanan's connection with the alleged bargain between Clay and Adams. At the time, he was a young member of Congress, bo on terms of intimacy with either Jackson or Clay. He was then a member of the o'J Fede ral party, which, like the Whig party of the present day, was disorganized, and, like the Whigs now, having no cindidate of his own party, had to look to another party for Lis choice of a Pre ident. Among others, he had a right to his preference. He admired both Jackson in J Clay at that time, and wished to see the one President and the other Secretary of ftate; and after the Kentucky Legislature Lad requested the Kentucky Representatives in Congress to vote (or Jackson, he naturally enough thought his wishes were likely to be accomplished, and so said to Clay, in Letcher's room, that he hoped he would vote for Jackson, as the Legislature requested, and that he hoped also Clay would be appointed Secretary of State. It was in this state of things that Buchanan had the conversation in Letcher's room with Clay a conversation, under the circumstaiices, perfectly natural and wholly innocent. Ard that it was so, is the only inference that can be drawn from Mr. Clay's account of it as detailed in Col'on, Life ani Times of Clay. That account, in Clay's own handwriting, represents Mr. Clay as treat ing the whole matter "playfully. Had it been an authorized, corrupt, or dishonorable proposition, Clay would have treated it any other way than "playfully. No man who knew Clay but would as soon Lave attempted to pull his nose as offer him a corrupt proposition. Yet the Know- Nothings would have us believe Buchanan made a proposal to Clay so gross that, ;f Letcher could peak out, it would damn him. It is all non sense. There was nothing improper in the affair. as Clay's own account clearly shows. The call ea Letcher to speak out is all rank hypocrisy Letcher knows nothing, believes nothing, not already made public by Colton. But we may peak of this hereafter. If Buchanan had known, at the time of the alleged conversation in Letcher's room, the in imical personal relations existing between Jack ton and Clay, he could never have believed that Jackson would appoint Clay Secretary. So a few minutes conversation with Jackson on the street, on a cold stormy day, which be fully related in 1827, and a perfectly harmless chat with Clay in LHcher's room, is the whole foundation for this calumny against Buchanan! The alro. city of the wrong to Buchanan is scarcely greater than Jackson's original calumny agiinst Clay. But it is nevertheless urged for the pur pose of incensing Whigs against Buchanan. Honest Whigs will not be deluded by a charge never made until thirty years after the alleged offence. They have too much sense and boror to stultify themselves thus palpably. ,). ing dropped a pistol from his pocket. Mr. Hal deman then wrested the cane from him, when Hall turned and rapidly fled down Jefferson street, leaving behind his hat, cane and pis'ol. One of the blows en Mr. H.'sarm.we learn, was o severe that it is apprehended a bone is frac tured. We presume the cause of the assault was the paragraph tl at app-are- d in the Courier a few days since of Hall's appearance in court, when it wa proven that he had been an inmate of the Auburn New York State Prison for three years. Things have come to a pretty pass indeed, when independent editors are thus to be assaulted by convicts for simply reporting proceedings that occurred in court. We are told that the crea- urcs life was in the hands of Mr. Halderman fier he had knocked him down and his pis tol was lying on the pavement, but it was spared him, though the many witnesses of the affair justly thought he deserved the most nummary punishment. A warrant was issued last evening for the ar rest of Hall, who, no doubt, is skulking about the environs of the city. In addition of being guilty of committing a cowardly assault upon a peaceable citizen, he has violated the law by carrying concealed a deadly weapon. His club was eft at our office; his pistol was handed to an officer, and his hat is perhaps in the gut er where he left it. The Pacific Kailrond. The following is an abstract of a bill agreed upon by the Special Pacific Railroad Committee in Congress, and which we trust may be passed before an adjournment: Three roads are to be provided for one to be degree of north built north of the forty-fourlatitude, by the North Atlantic and Paeific company, of which Alexander Ramsny h iiid is President; one between t'ae thirty-cigrrty-fourt- h parallels, to be eon tructrd by an associati n of all the roads now chartered and running westward through Iowa and Missouri, the junction to be formed near Fort Kearney, and the single trunk to run to the navigable aters of the Pacific, in Calfornia; and the Southern road is awarded to the Southern At- antic and Pacific Railroad, of which T. Put'.er King is President a new company, associated with the Atlantic and Pacific riilroa l company, of California, the Texas Western Railroad Com pany, and the Yicksburg and Shrevesport Com pany. This line runs from the Mixaiitnippi, at some point south of the thirty-eight- h degree, and runs to San Francisco, with a branch to San Diego, and with a grant of forty sections of land to the mile west of Texas to the California line, nd then ten sections per mile to San Francisco. No grant is mode for that poition of the road east of the western boundary of Texas. The Northern road receives forty sections from point to point, seventeen hundred miles. The middle road receives thirty s?ci n until it readies California, then ten sections to its western tcr minus. 1 he provisions ior man pay ere noerai. Telegraphic lines are provided for on each road. Bloodt Afteat. A few days s:nce, Dr. Taylor, of Marion county, Mo., had a difficulty ith a citizen, and shot him in the head, the ball entering the mouth and coming out at the neck. The cause assigned was he writing and publishing of some insulting poetry about Taylor and Dr. Taylor is t'e individual who had is wife. the difficulty with Broadus, in the year 1846, in Palmyra, challenging him to fight with double-barelle- d guns, at a distance of less than five feet. The principals did not fight, but the two young men who acted as seconds, met shortly after, and killed each other on the street in Palmyra. Killed bt Lichtmko. The Roanoke Dcn.o- crt, Halifax, N. C, of Wednesday last, says Mr. Samuel Kater, of that county, lost his little son last Wednesday by lightning, and, strange to say, he was sitting between two persons in the door of a houe: with his little hand in the lap of a lady, and resting himself on a young man. The child was killed instantly, without f percept ible scar. The your.g man was thrown senseless, but recovered, receiving a burn down his back to his knees, thence the lightning penetrated the floor. The young lady received no hurt. Another Slice or Mexico. It is stated by way of Mexico, that Secretary Marcy ha pro- to purcl ase an posed to President other slice of Mexico. The offer is said to have parallel of been 1 6,000,000 for the thirty-firlatitude for the boundary line to the Gulf of President Comonfort is stated to California. have refused to entertain the proposition. The whole statement, however, is very doubtful. Comonfo-- t Assistant Scrgeons. The following sur geons constitute the Army Medical Board that is ordered to convene at Newport, Ky., on the 1st of next month, for the examination of Assistant Surgeons for promotion, and of candidates for admission into the medical staff of the U. S. army: C. S. Tipler, N. S. Jarvis, A. N. McLaren. The Felon Hall His Coadjutor. Correction. Elias C. Hall alia Elias Hall, who made a dastardly assault upon the editor of this paper and then fled the city, to parts unknown, had a highly characteristic card in the Louisville Jour nal yesterday, over the signature of Elias Hall, his last aha. Even the most casual reader can not fail to perci ive that the card in question, if written by Hall, was furnished to the editor of the Journal several hours before the premedita ted attack. The programme was marked out, but the performance was entirely changed. In 6tead of hearing "c; I!s for mercy," the coward's legs were rallel in pLy to carry his caicassout of harm's way. The whole statement is a miserable perversion of facts unworthy of comment ; but it is very apparent that the editor of the Journal, if not the instigator of the dastardly act, was an accessory, and in the full confidence of the felon who attempted it. The affair occurred at the railroad depot about five o'clock in the evening, and Hall, alter beinj disarmed, and knocked down, was seen to fly bareheaded, as fat as his legs could carry him, to the outskirts of the city. The police soon after were on his track, but could not catch him, or find hide or hair of him from that moment up to the present time. The Journal of the next morning, parades the fellow's card without one word of extenuation, or even refer-in- g to the rencontre, though the editor must have been in full possession of the ficts of the case. As we said before, oinment is unnecessary. We, however, desire to make a few corrections of our previous report of the case of Hall, as alluded to in the Journal' card of yesterday. It is as follows : It is not true that I "hired a horse at Davis & Bacon's stable, and drove rapidly to New Albany," nor that I "left in hot haste." I have not been to New Albany for one month past, and I lett here only the next day after the trial, in pursuance of my business, as derided a week betore, as my friends well know, and then I lelt in open day, and went ita other citizt ns by a public thoroughfare. It is not true that I '"was sent to State prison for three years. It is not true tfcat "there as an indict ment against nie for It is not rue that I have "laid claims to excesMve virtue at anytime. It is not tine that lever belonged to the btcond Precbytoian Church. It is not true that I am, or ever was, a leader of the Know-Xoth- j: party. We learn from the proprietors of the stable, that Hall, at the time alluded to, did hir? a horse nd buggy for the ostensible purpose of going to ew Albany. The vehicle was sent back the next day. That he was not sent to State prison for threeyfart, is true, but it is also true, and we ave the record now before us, that he was con- icted to the Auburn Mate prison, Erie county, New York, for two years, for horse stealing, and served out his time. It also appears that he was not indicted for house breaking, but for forgery and for grand larceny. In regard to his claims virtue" and KnowNothingis n, we have othinj to add. The Gelat Comet. M. Babinet, a member of says that the comet ex pected the present year is one of the largest comets described by European or Chinese ob servers, and that its periodical course is three hundred years. It has been seen in the years 104, 683, 1204, and the last time in 1556, always shining with extraordinary brilliancy. M. Boune, an eminent astronomer, assisted by Mr. Hind, as gone over all the calculations pertaining to making a new estitbe comet's mate of the separate and combined actions of all the planets upon this comet, of three hundred years, the result of which is that in 1859 or somewhere between 1856 and 1860 it will again be visible. 'Acau'ernte dct Science A patent has been Cast Iron Pavements. taken out for an improved patent of constructing cast iron pavements. The inventor claims ma- ing an iron pavement of double thickness, or of two courses of iron plates, one resting upon the other, and fastening said courses toget .er vertiadjustable key. cally, by mans of a three-wa- y The plates are also fastened laterally bv neans of pins cast upon the upper surface of the lower plate. The plates are arranged so that the joints formed by the edges with the upper course of plates are in no case parallel to the joints of the lower course of plates; and where the joints of the two courses of plates cross each other, they do so at right angles. Railroad Accidents. The following table :omprehends all the most serious railroad acci dents which have occurred in the Uni.ed States during a period of about three years: March April Jia ur it Killed. were constructed after the river had sunk away from the base of the hill.--, and its washings had formed the very earth from which, uni upon which these works were constructed, 60ms idea of antiquity is reasonably attached to the wood thus dis- covered. The Madison Courier says that Dr. Slayton, of that city, has invented a pencil that will write with ink. It is so constructed that the handle can be filled with ink, and be made to flow to the pencil constantly, not too much nor too little. It is a fountain ink pencil, for it can contain ink enough to last a week for constant writing. It is said to make a smoother mark than any pen, and writes equally as well as the best. An application was made to Judge Storer, in the Cincinnati Snpreme Court on Tuesday, to dis charge an attachment on Iron, in the case f Yose, Livingston, & Co., against the Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad Company. The amount of the debt was stated to be $14,000, while 242,000 worth of iron had been attached. It was agreed between the connsel, Mr. Taft and Judge Warden, that 350 tons should be discharged from the attachment. At a called meeting of the Nelson County Agricultural and Mechanical Association, it has been determined to commence the fall fair on TUESDAY, ?g susqntuaua K K nmuen k Aaiooy zz 30 Pacific R. H Ohio k Penn Dec. Hudson Kivrr an'v - ' 4. 'Ur Terre Haute k A!ton... 3 i I 4, "i6 Pena. fc Hamnburg Feb. 1 eb. i, 'JS Michiran Southern 4 arcUlO, '66 Seahoard fc Koanok z . central une 6. 'Jtt.M. 2 7, '46 Bait, k Ohio uiT 62 uly 17, '46 North Penn 'ii 31, 'ii lfl, 'JO 264 OCTOBER 23D, And continue daring Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the C4tb, 25th, and 26th, The dwelling-hous- e of Mr. J. Unseld, of Nel son county, with mo?t of the furniture, was consumed by fire last Saturday evening. The Elizabethtown Intelligencer says: J. D. F. Roberts employed a journeyman a few days since, who, after procuring about 0 worth of clotbidg, filled his pockets with different articles out of the trimming department of Mr. Roberts' carriage manufactory, and "took with a leaving." Mr. K. pursued and overtook him near the Red Mills, and stripped him of the clothing and re covered such of the other articles as he had not sold on the road. He goes by several different names. The Bardstown Gazette says: The speech of Col. Preston at the court-houslast Saturday, was one of the ablest and most elo quent political addresses we have heard for a long time. It was listened to by a crowd of ladies and gentlemen, all of whom commend Its ability, notwithstanding some dissent from its views and principles. The State Election. On Monday next, the 3d of August, occurs th"5 annual State election. Being one for judicial and local administrative officers only, it should possess no interest and give occasion to no excitement of a political nature. But such, unfortunately, is not the case. A variety of causes have produced a novel and alarming condition of affairs in Kentucky. The chicanery, the meanness, the intrigues and corruption of politics, have been introduced into the judicial elections of our State, and these we consider portentious of evil. The last Legislature, or lather the Know Nothing majority in that body, brought about this state of case. In redisricting ihe State, there was shameful, palpable tnd avowed for the most base and unworthy par- tizan purposes. In every instance where it was possible, they made the districts such as to insure the election of Know Notliing officers. Edicts were then issued by the Frankfort clique, orderin; nominations by the order, and the breth ren were commmded to support them. This left no alternative to the members of the opposi tion, and they were forced, in to present contending candidates. The contest is, therefore, in many of the districts, solely one of party. The result, however, will afford no safe'" criterion for the November election. Personal friendships and family influence will have their weight next week; which causes will be powerless in the Presidential Election. Still there will be a large Democratic gain, and we confidently anticipate th? election of a majority of Judges of that party all of whom, it is our happiness to know, are eminently quali fied for the positions to which they aspire. 24 50 24 14 24 ill? 4.H u ai ra. 1. ov. Total Portions of solid wood have been taken Trom the earth in Lewis connty, thU State, opposite Portsmouth, by workmen digging a we'd, .lust before reaching the wood, a fine bed of river sand, two in thickness, was penetrated. This would prove pretty clearly that the Ohio river once swejit close to the foot of those bills, and the bottom land now lying between the hills and the river is made soil. When we reflect that a mile below, on tbe banks of the river, there are noted ruiLs of an ancient earth-woi- k or fortification lying immediately where the river must have been at one day; and thit stumps of trees, now growing upon the wallsof these ruius, indicate their great antiquity (from five to six huns dred years) at least; and that these Wounded. S 2 46 11 14 '53 Balt mnra k Oh o '43 S".Mica. III. Oolral 6, '13 N. Y. k New Haven 2, '. 3 Helv.rirre and Dolaware 12 , 'S3 ProT. la WorcMter 27, Kentucky News. 4) tv 70 16 22 27 3 7 17 13 100 423 Showing that the last recorded is by far the most destructive of any included in the bloody catalogue. Short Crops. The following figures will show our readers that there is a vast difference between the crops of this year and that of last- Up to this date last year, the firm of Murray & Co. had bought and shipped upwards of 5,000 barrels of onions. This season to date the amount is but 600 barrels. Last year they had bought ECTThe drouth in this section of the State has 10,000 barrels of potatoes. Up to the present been more sever than at any time during the time they have purchased but 175 barrels. The season. Th e rround is literally paiched and average prices are $2 7 for the former, and 83 egetation of every kind burnt up. Corn which for the latter. looked so promising two weeks since will now scarcely proJuce a respectable crop of nubbins. l34?Oii the morning of the battle of Monterey Rain is sadly needed. it was observed that Gen. Quitman was, perhaps, ETA party of men recently went to the house the only field officer in the army dressed in full of a man named John Hutson, near Davis' creek, uniform. A friend remonstrated with the Gen Kanawha county. Vs., for the purpose of riding eral, and urged that he would be a conspicuous The writer of this Lim on a rail. As they approached the house, mark for the Mexicans. Hutson shot the leader, Hugh Means, wounding heard the reply, and challenges the pages of Lim severely. He was arrested, examined and ancient or modern history to produce a more heroic expression: "The more balls aimed st n.e acquitted. the iess will be diree'ed at my men." UTThe Know Nothings of the Evansville dis We learn from a gentleman who was pres ent, that Hon. J. W. Stevenson, one of the trict, Indiana, have nominated as their candidate Miraculous Escape. As a freight train wa Democratic Electors for the Stae at large, made for Congress a man named Veatch, and who is passing through the Lehigh Gap, Pa., on Satura very able speech at Danville on Monday last. principally notorious for being one of the bitter day evening last, a woman coming from behind to a large crowd. Even the K. N.'s admitted it est Abolitionists in that State. threw herself lengthwise between a brush-hea- p it was the best speech that has been made in that the rails. The brakes were applied, but on the Queen or SrAin. The Madrid Gazette con county for years. It produced a very happy tains the official announcement of the Queen train rushed, passing over the prostrate body, enect. when the woman being in an interesting situa'ion, and expresses but tie train had hardly The candidates for Sheriff also made speeches, the "ardent wish tha' the flattering hopes of the jumped up, entirely unhurt, and went back into and one of the candidates on the K. N. tieket for the woods. There was no attached friends of the monarchy maj not be disappointed. Deputy Sheriff earnestly appealed to the K. N. to the locomotive, and hence her escape. We understand that Dr. T. G. Richardson bretheren to vote for the K. N. candidates for The International Insurance Co. Fraud. judicial officers, and thus force the Democracy to has resigned the chair of Surgery to which he was recently elected in the Kentu .ky School of Medi Moses Starbuck, President of the International oppose them. The efforts made by the new or He goes to Philadelphia to take a Piofefsor Insurance Company, New York, and James E der to prostitute the judiciary to patty purposes cine. ship in the Pennsylvania College. Requa, one c f the Trustees of that institution, should meet with the indignant condemnation of CP The jury in the case of Thos. Probert, on who are charged with fraud in the management the people. trial, at Paris, for killing Jacob Spears, were of its affairs, have been held to bail by Justice CT There is not in all the North an Abolition' discharged on Monday morning last, being unble Connolly in $5,000 each to answer the charge. Let or Black Republican paper that Las gone so to agree. Probert was then admitted to bail in Mr. Starbuck, jr., was allowed to go on his own far in denouncing Brooks, and defending Bur recognizance, the magistrate believing him not the sum of f2,5O0. ingame, the Massachusetts Free Soiler, as the to te guilty of any malintent. M. Wetherford, auction the Louisville Journal Abolitionist editor of Accident. Mr. H. Mean and contemptible as some of these Nor eer 01 Uanviue, in this state, was a gun Case op Somnambulism. Night before last, a there K. N. Abolition presses are, they have at auction on Monday last, and bursted a cap to guest at Owen's Hotel arose in a somnambulic been decent in comparison with their ally of the try the lock. A piece of a cap struck him in one state, dressed himself, and was seen by a servant Jtunud, who, although living in and supported of his eyes and put it out. who watched him up stairs until he disappeared by the South, omits no opportunity to stab t. Nothing more was thought Spckiovs Coin A number of boys discovered through the Southern interests, and to vilify and slander those several hundred counterfeit gold dollars in the of the matter until some time after, when who ma'ntain and defend them. edge of the water a't the levee in St. Louis, a few groaning was heard in the back yard. How he got there is a mystery, unless he undertook to tyCol. V hite, who was last week nominated days age. On further search being made, a sec descend by the water spout, and losing his hold as the K. N. elector for the Fourth Indiana Dis full of counterfeit silver coin was found near the fell an unknown distance. Although seriously trict, declines to act in that capacity, for the very same place. bruised, he is not in a dangerous condition. His good and substantial reason that he intends to CF"The police of St. Louis have succeeded in name is P. Simmons. He is a native of New support Buchanan and Breckinridge. Col. W. break:ng up a den of counterfeiters. Two of the York. e ays be is an Whig, was raised in th principals. James Murphy and John Wise, were shade of Ashland, but for the last ten years Lai Ship Struck by Lightning. OntheSJ inst arrested, and a lare quantity of spurious coin been living in Indiana, and although he has never the schooner Mary Louisa, bound from Savanah and counterfeiting implements were seized. in Lis life voted for a Democrat, yet he will now to Brunswick, was struck by lightning. The cheerfully do so rather than support a Know-NothifiT The Dry Goods imports at New Yori for mainmast was struck; the force of the lightning or Black Republican. the last week were larger reaching 13,832,401 split the spar from the top nearly to the deck. ETA transparent ballot box has been exhibited against 13,337,993 the corresponding week last All hands on board were severely injured. They at the Mayor's Office, New York, which it Is year. lost the power of speech, and were several hours proposed to submit to the corporation for adopKilled. A man, known as "Charlie," was recovering. tion in the ensuing election. It comprises a hol thrown from a milk wagon, on V.'ednesday, at CT The propeller Tinto took fire on Lake On low glass globe, supported on four pillars. On Cincinnati, as he was driving on the Reading tario on Thursday last, in the and the the top of the globe it an aperture large enough Pike, and killed. flames spread rapidly. Seventeen persons were to admit a ballot, made in a Lrass lid fastened lost by the upsetting of the boat in which they "0"Mr. Murdock, the tragedian, is about with a lock to the globe. This arrangement enables every vote to be seen as deposited, and snake a tour through continental Europe for th were making their escape from the burning vet sel. benefit of his health. prevents the possibility of false bottoms. 0 SATURDAY, LOUISVILLE: ILTThe St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Caledonian tells the following rather tough story: "Net long since a youth of sixteen years was out in the town of Victory, gathering spruce gum. While thus his dog started up a bear, and immediately attacked him. The dog being of a small size, the owner undertook to call him off, and in doing so attracted the attention cf the bear. The lad was armed only with a gumming pole, a stick eight or ten feet in length, with knife blade in one end. The bear made at him with mouth wide open, when the lad thrust the knife end down the bear's throat, killing him almost instantly." Look out roa Wild Cat Money. At St. Louis an arrangement has been made with bankers, by which he notes of the Nebraska Bank are redeemed at par. This bank, we are told, connot be reached at certain seasons of theyear, in less than three months. That is an admirable situation for a bank of circulation. From the Madison Courier we copy the following: Wild-Ca- t Bank. Indiana State Bank. Bloom- fWd; Mining and Manufacturing Company's Bank; liant oi commerce, at romi commerce; the tlkhart HanK, at UKhart; J'owning's Bant of Indiana, at Richland; and the Western Exchange Company's Bank, Indianapolis, are not known at the Auditor of btate s Omce. O A few days since, according to the Boston Traveller, the Massachusetts College of Phar macy made their annual excursion down the harbor. After they were well under way, a steam tug having in tow four scows, took up a position immediately behind, and in this order they went down the harbor. The scows were loaded wi'h human bodies from a grave yard in the city, in the course of removal to Deer Island, and the medical fraternity had performed appropriate escort duty. rFGeo Ketchum and A. S. Sullivan, two of the most distinguished members of the Cincin nati bar, and patriotic Old Line Whigs, have de clared for Buchanan & Breckinridge. The Cin cinnati Enquirer thinks that at least fifteen hun dred Old Line Whigs in that county will vote the Democratic ticket this fall. In a speech the other day, Hon. Humphrey Marshall declared he would "stake his reputa tion upon the assertion that Fillmore would carry seven, if not ten, of the Southern States." For tunately for the Colonel, if his assertion should prove untrue, lb it unquestionably will, he will not sustain a very heavy loss. The Poughkeepsik Elopement Case. The father of the young girl who eloped with a mar ried man from Poughkeepsie, last week, overtook the parties and brought them back. The man is now in prison in that town; his name is Tibbits. 0The Journal, which, it is charged, was bought for a price by the "People's Bank" mana gers, still continues its war upon the Bank of Kentucky. We shall endeavor to inform ourself as to the facts, and expose the JournaV knavery in regard to this whole matter. Fatal Casualty. Washington P. Duncan living four miles north of Sparta, Tenn., was thrown from his horse on Tuesday evening last and so severely bruised that he died the same day. tPAn old man years old, Plainville, by the Miami railway on x named Jo in Hatchman, seven was run over and killed at downward train on the Little Thursday last. Windfall. A distinguished artist of this city will soon come in possession of near half a mil lion by the decease of an uncle in CalilornlaJ The fine arts are looking up. MASTER BROOKS. Thebabb inr "Brooks" hi ceased iti noite; Itibrgrrt diicord, now grown tuna. No longer frightens girls and boys Since it has found a man that's Game. Bjr Burlin-gam'tis now dammsd up And seeks its nativs fount abovs Where"Natur holds the mirror up," It "roars you like a sucking dors." AUGUST 2 1856. For the Louisville Courier The Safe Course. e Two friendly neighbors, the one Whig, the ot'aer a firm Democrat, neither of fliem ultra men, recently met and calmly entered into the fol lowing interlocutory: Democrat My good neighbor, I feel great solid tude and anxiety more than I ever did in regard to the threatening aspect of our political affairs. All considerate conservative men apprehend real danger impending, and threatening the peace and stability of our republican institutions and the Union itself. Have you thonght seriously on the subject? Whiff I have; and aside from all partizan proclivities and feelings, I am constrained to say. that it becomes all good, conservative, wise men to lay aside all former political animosities and prejudices and come forward openly and boldly to the rescue, in that way which may appear to them most favor able and successful. Dem. Just so; let me freely and fiankly say to you, that I can see but one course to be adopted to secure this desirable object. There are now three candidates for the Presidency before the people. Two of these are political both abolitionists, whose proclivities and prin ciples are hostile to the institutions and interests of tneboutn. rillmore, who has no chance for election, it is generally believed will evaporate by fusion or amalgamation with the Black Republican party, the Northern Abolitionists, and thereby secure the election of Fremont. Should there be no choice by the people, then the election is thrown into the lower house of Congress. With its present Abolig tion, renjority, Fremont will be the President, and with such men as Seward Sumner, Wilson, Giddings, Ac, as his aids and dictators, it is not hard to tell what will be the fate of our Union. In the hands of such men "the Union must slide. Now, mark ye what I say, and call me a fake prophet if it shall not be so. Whig I think this is all quite plausible, and I have great fears on the subject. But what is the course to be adopted, you intimated just now, to secure success against this calamity? I would like to TTT) WHOLE ISUjHBER for th LomivilU Conner.) Louisville Journal ami YVush- - intfton's Letter. NUVBER V. If it is true, as said, that brevity is "the soul ol wr, then the Journal s version of Washing ton's letter to Adams, of date November 27, 1794, is replete with an article which has of late been sadly wanting in the columns of that sheet, wi, of which it has none "a plentiful lack"; the nearest approach to it found (in these days of its degeneracy) in the columns of that vast conduit of the Journal, is a certain blackguard rudeness which tickles the groundlings, and a specious of highfalution ex travagance of denunciation that finds favor with fanaticism, and sometimes extorts a smile from sensible people by its stupendous disregard of truth. Uf th. so. t is the article and argument in which the above noticed lotter is found. The reader will perceive that this letter of V ashington s is a reply to one from some other party, and that no political propos tion was in tended tj be discussed by it; it was written in anwer to one from Mr. Adams, u;on the sub. ject of transplanting the anciant college of G n- eva, the most profound in Europe, and which had been demolished by the revolution tj the United btates of America. Mr. Jefferson had, also, written to Washington upon this subject. Mr. Jefferson, in his letter to Washington of date of iMol February, 17'Jo, says: "M. D'Invernois,a Genevan, f Switz r'and) and a man of science, known as the author of a history of that republic, has proposed the trissmiwon of that College (the College of Ganeva) in a boat to to America. He has written to me a he has done to Mr. Adams." Mr. Jefferson, as was Mr. Adams, was slronwlv in favor of the project, if a suffici.-n- t sum of money could be raised with which to carry out the project, and so wrote to Wash;ngton. He suggests various schemes to Washington for that hear. pur ose, none of which, however, v ere deemed Dem. Suspending now all prcposessions in favor of our respective political principles and measures, feasible. Jefferson had no fears fro n this body divested of all mere technical names and partialities, of foreigners. They were principally Catholics, I can nareservedly and confidently introduce for too, still he manifests no fear from their "tem; your acceptance and suffrage a man who, if you poral allegiance" to the Pope. It was reserved will help to elect him, we can pledge you that the peace andjaafety of this Union is placed under a tor thT luminaries 'hat make all the liht for the i, dark lantern of to nose out snre guarantee, and its tranquility established beyond all doubt and danger. James Buchanan is a this hidden treasure that has laid si ugly hid in these old letters for more than ha! f a century. wise Statesman, a conservative man, a true friend of the Union, a man of mature years, of decided 1 her is not one word contained in ashington s ability, of pure morality, of tried statesmanship, letter that we are not willing to endorse, taken and pledged to a strict obserof true patriotism, in its connection, and with a view ol' the subject vance of all the demands of the Constitution. lie that drew it forth not one! will unite the votes of all those who love the Union, There is, doubtless, a special and nun- no matter what efforts may be made to combine creature other parties against him. The Democratic party shment awaiting the Heaven-abando-;- d never before did so wise a thing as it has now done who would make the " Father of h'u Country " . in the nomina'ioa of the favorite son oi talk Hindoostance, after the follow fashion. My good neighbor, under all the present evils by mutilating his letters: that threatens, and the signs of the times that warn Philadelphia. Nov. 17. 1794. us, are you ready to come to our help and avert the To Johx Adams, Vice President of th U. S.: danger that impends? My opinion witii Dear Sir: Whig I am not yet ready. I must take a little immigration is, that, except ofusefr.i resoect tj mechanics time to think about it. I don't like changes, and I and some particular description of n n and pro- never felt like giving up the Whig party. no use or . Dem. You know, my good friend, that the Whig iessors, there is 1 am, encourage aut. lie, party, as such, is dissolved. Many have joined the G. WASHINGTON. and these a?ain are. in the North, Louisville Journal. amalgamating with the Black Republicans, or AboFrom that picture, now lodt on this. That e Whig has no alternalitionists; so that an tive but either to abstain from taking any part in is the marred and jaundiced productii a of the Presidential election, or uniting witb the Demothi is from the pen of Washington: crats in the choice of Buchanan and Breckinridge. To John Adams, Vice President of ;he U. S.: A large number of them will adopt this latter course. Saturday. No. . 27. 17D4. Many are doing so daily, and some of the most Dear Sir: prominent men in the Whig ranks. So I now say I have not been able to give the pacers herewith to you, my friend, you must not hesitate long about enclosed more than a iiasty reading, iraing them this important matter. Make up your m.nd quick. without delay, that yon may otK--r re' ; perusal or th The North has taken ground stronger than ever bethem to whomsoever you shall thiuic p.oper. The fore. They are moving heaven and earth to carry picture drawn iu thf in of the Genev ;e is really their purpose. Let us unitedly meet them, and kill interesting and aSicting. Tbe Disposition of off Black Republicanism at once, and it will never ansplanting the members en'ire of the L'uiversit v again have power to disturb the tranquility of the of that place to America, with the i nisi tion ot country. In closing this friendly interview, permit means to establish the same, and to beraccompanied me to leave with you the little story of the man who by a considerable emigration, is impor ant, squir was about to encounter a bear. Before the engageing more consideration than.under the circumstances ment with Bruin he put up a short prayer, thus: of the moment, I am able to bestow u, on it. "Now, Lord, here's going to be one of the biggest That a National. University in tins i ountry U a bear fights you ever saw. Lord, do, if you can, thing to be desired, has alwavs bceL my decided help me against the bear. But if yon cant help me opinion; and the appropriation of gro i.; 1 and funds against the bea- -, then, Lord, pray don't help the for it in the Federal ciiy, has longbeen e utemplated bear against me." My dear neighbor, don't help and talked of; but how far matured, or how far the and Black Republicanism against transmission of an entire Seminary c i' foreigners pure Demociacy. Don't give aid and comfort in who may not understand onr Ianguae-'- can be asany shape to such a similated therein, is more than I am prepared to give an opiniou upon; or indeed, how tar funds in Monstrum, horrenduin inform in;in4. cither case are attainable. Cui lumen ademptura. My opinion, is, tht except of mefu' mechanics " OLDEN TIMES." aud some particular description of m a or professions, there is no need of encoungt ent; while Correspondence of the Louisville courier.) tbe policy or advantage of it 9 takii; ; place in a Cincinnati. Letter body (I meaa settling them in a body); ;.iy be quesJuly 21, 1856. tioned; for, by so doing they retain t.; 3 language, Let the citizens of this great republic arouse from habits and principles, good orbad.whic'i they bring their slnmbers; let the bugle of liberty peal forth in with them. Whereas, by an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimi-ate- d clarion notes the glad tidings; let it be proclaimed to our customs, measures and laws: m a word, from house-top- s strike the toc and street-cornertoon become one people. I shall, at any leisure hour, after tl. session la sin, that it may he heard to echo the glorious news pile on the coal, stick up the types, and start the fairly opened, take pleasure in a full a: 1 free conversation with you on'thia with presses, that the important fact may much esteem and regard, dearsubject; sir, Ac, be spread before the free American people; harness GEJRGE WASH XGTON. the lightning to the wires, that informal iou may be Can the reader find, in the above letter, one carried to the remotest portions of the universe; let single sentence to sustain the int'erance of letter-writethe and reporters mak3 known the Know Nothingism? Is not the rgu :i ;nt used and intensely interesting fact, that the by Washington the doctrine which lie Demo cratic party has always advocated, an I which is and free niggers have Fremonters, had a grand convention. The (m)asses came up in cordially endorsed now by thousands f the very who have n: ver before mass meeting and proceeded to hold another grand best men of all given a vote with Democracy! Ju.-- ' such atubilee. " Hurrah for freedom and Fremont!" would tempts as this, o.' garbling the letter- - of Wash- issue from the throat of some sable fugitive. " Hurngton, and using them for the bases purposes, rah for nigger wimmin!" would be responded by as had the enect, and still is having the effect, Babb, Jollieffe & Co. Let's all take a drink on and ought to have the effect, of dri inr very that !" some other ardent advecate would say, and honest man out of the party that has s nk so low. iSow, let s have a nigger is so steeped riuK tney would. in its own dishonor as to ' e guilty of speech ?" cried some one from amid a densely packed the mighty truth cannot be cru :iel by so n crowd of at least 000,9. After some small a pebble as Know Nothingism; all the ink gigantic efforts by the speakers, came the grand feature of ibis truly national gathering. It consisted of Know Nothing malignity can pu upc i it cannot torc!i-U3h- t through the influence ot hide its lustre or soil its purit . Th-- y may tra- procession friend I obtained a position from which I could uce the words t f Holy nt or l aiasculate obtain a fair glance and notice them as they passed Washington's letters, but they cannv kill truth; in the following it will tall on them to overwhelm th. or, it will pursue them to destroy. The little n.- - Toes that order or procession. Big Nigeer, throw pebbles at the eagle high in nir, in the Carrying a Liehted Pin Torch. vain hope of stinting a feather from its glorious Displaying a Cotton Handkerchief, pinions have a more profitable task than the editor Tied to a Hoop-Polof the Journal in his effort to pluck u the cour A B gand Little Both blowing Fifes. age of his party by dealing foully t nd falsely Buy. A with tbe letters of the "r ather of Hi Country. Two more Dutchmen beating Drums. The AVhis of .IXnssacliu setts. We ask attention to the Address of the Whig State Central Committee to the Whi.' of Mi chnsetts. It h written in a calm and dispassionate tone, which will command the approbation of th reader. The recomraenda'ifiw of the committee are not disvor.'ant wi b the jjeneral views of the policy and duty of the Whig party, which we have thontfht it projier to suirgest, v.a", that the Whigs shall preserve their State aud organizations as far as possible, and that tbe panv (:! form no coalition with any other party. The address distinctly iotimates that in tiie aLsence of the Wbi? Presidential nomination the Whigs may be compelled eventual y to make choice of that one (of the candidates of other parlies) who shall seem, upon the whole, either the least objectionaLlu or the mo9t nearly conformable to their own wishes and princi- ples." Bostitn Daily Adter titer. C55. or the Tipprrarr :ttilltfa- Anion with tlie lie uularv-Lof Ute. .Tlutiny o. A serious riot occurred at Nenih. Ireland, on tu 6th of Ja!y and succeeding days. Ihe cause of tiu revolt ia substance, that tae government, when the militia was emboU.ed, promised to each rasta s considerable bounty; but having now &o farther need ot tlie men, it refuses to pay tbe balance, and orders them to be disbanded. An order wasi-su-- J to take possession or the new clothing which waa distributed to tbe men in AdtiI last. One man refused to give ud hn cloth s. and was sent to the guardhouse, wuereupon Lis comrades broke it opea and liberated him. They tbea threw off all discipline, broke open the magsznv, supplied themselves with the ariiaU quaunty of ammunition they fuun l therein, and refused to giva up tneir arms until ad arrears were paid. Tbe aUi-t- ia then paraded the town, preceded by treir ban t, and discharged their musket in tbe air. Taeir ofl- cere do not seem to have acted wi;a any energy to quell the riot. Asi3tance W3a telegraph?d for, and in a short time one thousand ot the liiit.or the 13?b. list, 47th, and 5oth res intents, arr ved. the command of Colonel Hart, who marched to the Soromeriiiil bar rack, and, surrounding it, succeeded in disarming the insurgents within. Other parties of the mliti-me- n were, however, outsiila the barrack walls, an J made several attempts to flreturoaghthe gate upon the regulars. They dd shoot one man a Crimeaa veteran dead, through the e or the eate, and wonnded another. Tne troops having disarmed the rioters in the Suramerbill barrack, marched towards Pound street barracks. Ia Castle street they met a body or the icsargen's, who And a volley, which was replied to with effect by the troops. good deal or akirmU ing ansu. d. J t length the ammmitioa of the rioter, ran out. and tney were disarmed and made prisoners. Tb ringleaders wdl be tried by the civil power. Only four persons were killed aud about a doaea wounded. Hid not the militia shown much fort ear aace tha number ot casualties mast have been much greater. The citizens sided with tlie militia, and cserei them on. To- - names or the dead were Ovui Too-h- ey and Patrick Trarey, m litumen, Patrick Corley, 41st regiment, and Peter G.bbons, pensioner. At latest accounts ail was quiet. A detachment of laa-cehad arrived. t, Address ta the WfcUs ef Massachusetts. At a meeting or the Whig State Central Committee, held in the CitT of Boston on the morning .f Jaly 21, 1306, a Urge mmber of mem bers of the party was present, by invitation, for the purpo e of consultation upon public affairs. The resmt or their Ueubetatious was a resolution to call a general convention of the Wbijs of Massachusetts, to be halden in Boston on the 3d day r.f September next, a notice of which has been already published. " It was als j resolved that a brief address in th meantime should be put forth for the consideration of the Whig voters of the Commonwealth. In the discharge of the latter obiization. and in view of tbe fact that it was deemtd best to defer decisive action until the fairer oi uortuuitT for general discussion and tor the formation of delibe rate and opinions should be afforded by the meeting of the convention, tbe committee do not feel it necessary for them to enter into any formal exposition of nartv doetricts. or to do any thing more than recur to those leading principles which they conceive to form some of the verv ele ments of public duty. The Whigs of Massachusetts may well feel the high and generous satisfaction that they have hitherto constituted a party of principle. The plana and motives of policy are more or less temporary. The great gronndii of action of any honest oartv must be as lasting as the true interests of mankind. The committee are unable to offer any specious novelties, therefore, as motives of Present or fatnm conauci, out can oruy reier to those old and true Miiecals wi Eat. "All know," says th doctrines, which are old because they are true, upon which the intelligent Whig voters of Massachusetts Portland Transcript, 4 that many men hav a bave uniformly stood. great deal of brass in theix composition, but Claiming no exemption from oassions and ordi nary infirmities of human nature, and meaning to perhaps all are not aware of the variety of minthrow no unfair imputation upon the powerful erals that enter into and form part of the human party with which, sometimes in victory and someA writer in Dickens Household times in defeat, they have maintained rm'itirai system." conflict, during so many past years, the Whigs of Vords thus tells the story: Massachusetts Can at leat point with just pride to These minerals, which are hterwoven with tha the progressive improvement or the State, which living structure of plant, tha has remained mostly under their control, and to fabric of the animal.tee And to are taken up Into im- us tey are as the long Une of illustrious men who by their choice as to the meanest vegetable that grow-- i. hive represented their views am opinions in the rortant write thia, boast myself living nVga ami councils of the nation as the best pledge and surest blood. But lime strengthens my bones; fron flow evidence of their just and honorable purposes. If in my blood; flint bristles in my hair; sulphnr sad the prosperity and untarnished h nor of their na phosphorus quiver in my flesh. In the human frame ive Mate, therefore, aud a steadfast inflnene the rock moves; the metal flows, and the material exerted whenever the National Administration has of the earth, snatched by the divine power of viDeen iu me nanus or their friends and in a manner tality from the realms of int perhaps scarcely less salutary when thev bave rnn. form part of a soul tenantedrtia, live and trove snJ frame. sLituted, a watchful and patriotic minority, to secret chamber or the brain there lies a Ia the very gland grittj maintain the soundest and most vital principles of with earthy matter, which Descartes did not scrup'e. Repnblican institutions, have heretofore irom- - with a eruJe scientific impiety, to assign as the mended the doctrines and measures of the Whig residence or the soul. Ton could no more have party to the Intelligent people cf lived, and grown, and flourished with-iron, and surely are no less esse-iru- l to their dearest silica, and potash, and sodinm, and mairoesium than interests an 1 permanent welfare now. wheat could flourish without p iophorus, grm Lader the imiulse ot a oo .u'ar movement, which without silica, crew without iodine, they need not say has resnlted in the most mis- out lime. We are all of ua, indeed orofclover withthe earth, chievous and disastrous conseaurncea. ami t earthy. means of a secret organization which ran never command their approbation, and by the combinaRights or Foot Passesocks The right of tion of discordant eh ments, brought together only foot passengers in our sirens was tbe subject of to effect their overthrow, the Whig party suffered an important decision in the Municipal Court tounjust defeat, and has appeared during the two day. A hackman was condemned to four months' past years to compose oniv a small numerical mi- imprisonment for upon these lights and nority in the State. CouSdmsr. however, in ihe running over a foot passenger. The Court stated eternal progress and eventual triumph of truth, the rule ef law in such ea.-e-s to be that carriage-and believin.' that a vast mar.ritv of the had n paramount rights or way in the street, and people of this commonwealth are actuated oaly by that drivers were bound t all times t betd tbe a sincere desire for the public good; that they are rights or those on foot and to exercise due care for really amenable to reason and the dictates of contheir safety. This is a time'y Jcci.-i- r n, end will science and honor; that they cannot bnt be desirtend, it is hoped, to !een a great growicg evil. ous of the maintenance of law and good order All law, however, in this repct, is practically disand public and private peace; that .they must be regarded every day; and foot paNeDeer are trc&trd thoroughly settled in the conviction how entirely not only as if they hsd no legal lights, but as if dependent liberty and security are upon the intelli they bad no claims to the courtesies and accmo-dation- s or society. gent ana uprigni administration of tne Government Long habit and impunity have in the hands of suitable men; and that, although the emboldened driver or carriages, and or wagons) lot of humanity admits of no perfection, they and other teams especially, to upon what must be sensible that trust Is best reposed where they seem to imagine to be their priority or right, experience has shown it ia least liable to abuse, and to hinder and annoy, and even to endar ger the the committee are anxious to believe, and do safety of foot passenger", by alwavs claiming tbe believe, that the Whig party of Massachusetts, precedence in the privileges of thebhwsy. An w uirae iuuu imruuu principles, oa.-einsulting admonition to "get out of the way" ia a upon the unalterable laws of truth and sobcrnrsa. are tha4 frequent mode or defining tbe rights and privilege enunciated, must yet be able to commend itself to of foot passengers. The present ltc)i.n wiil the good sense and just rexson of its former friends bring the matter home to the min of tbee who ana adherents. And they cannot bat trust that this seem to need information on the nbjcf, and teach once powerful organ zatioD, which though broken them at least that they ire amenable to law forth ia not destroyed, is vet to constituts an i nielli crent manner in which they exercise their vocation in and powerful body of men, prompted and controlthe crowded woild. Boston Traveler. led by disinterested and paiamouut considerations ior tne nonor and prosperity of the State and UT Jenny Lind recently give a Farewell Conthe country at large; and so is to regain for th an cient and beloved Commonwealth her former pre- cert in London. It was eminently successful. eminent position in the eyes or ber own children Her voice is said to he as exquisite as ever. Tha and or the nation, which would rejoice to welcome London Time, in the course of an elaborate cru and once more acknowledge her influence. Actuated sincerely and advisedly by these and ijue, holds this language: kindred considerations, and ia accordance with the Jenny Lind has given us good cause to views and recommendation or the meeting which she does cot beloDg to the common race t'dnk that f directed this appeal, and profoundly assured that. and that ingratitude does net belong to ' artists, nature. whether Its numbers shall be found more or fewer Let us, theu, believe that the regret felt r.t parting hereafter than it baa bro ight to its standard at re- was not all oa one side, and that the sii'it cent electiens, the committee can only say that the which imparted an additional charm to true and sole policy of the Whij party consists in those soft and just audible tones at tbe end of the strict adherence to the right; that, in times of high 'Echo Song," came from tbe heart of tbe singer, excitement and strong public commotion amidst and meant something more than simple expedient the varying feelings and opinions of the hour, this resorted to for tne purpose o: effect. Of one thinsf is best to be ascertained by the deliberate consnlta- - we are certain the last no'ea or Jenny Lind k lon ana judgment of the people, and that their very soon be forgotten by those who were lottua-at- e opinions can only be determined through those enongh to hear them. They represented tan whom they see fit to select to represent them. final greeting of one who has ra'herbeen idolized And since, for want of general conference and early than courted aa any ordinary pnhlio favorite, and concert of action, it is not bkely that any candiwere listened to with an interest little short if paindate for the Presidency of the United States can be ful. offered to the nation at the coming election la the name of tne whig party altogether independently Shootio is Millkdgi ville. On Saturday of other political organizations, the committee night last, Mr. Gordon Carrigian, son of M r. A. M. take the liberty earnestly to recommend tbe true CarTigian, or this place, was shot aa 1 dangerously and sound Whigs or Massachusetts to avoid com- wounded by Jasner Rower. who fives, we believe, mitting themselves at present to either of the near Mile igeville, Lincoln county, at which place candidates of other parties now prominently the shooting occurred. Carriiao, we understand, presenting their claims. But, since in the absence was at Mr. Wolflin's house, where he had been soliof a candidate freely selected by th:m?elves, they cited to stay all night by Mr. W, who apprehended may De compelled, eventually, to make choice of an attack trom some person or persons who had that one who shall seem, upon tbe whole, either been threatening him during the dav. Sometime the least objectionable or the most nearly conform- in the nisht, Mr. Wolflia and Mr. CarrgUn hear4 able to their own wishes and pi iociples, they should a noise in the store of the former, and, on goin? reserve, until after the sitting of the Convention, out to ascertain the cause, round that the door had the elements or a strength which may become. been broken open, and that Rowsey and two other through united action, the means of true public were inside. Carrigian called to them to come out. A Little Man, poundin; a Big Drum. G. A Captain, service, and may be made to form the bais of fu- and shot at Rowsey, the ball striking him en th With a Cane in plare of a Sword. ture important results. And to this end the com- hand. Rowsey then shot an Camirian, who reTwo Tall 8 ldiers, without Uuilorras. Ittorc Fusion. mittee would urge the psrty to retain and perfe. t ceived the contents of the gun or pistol in his left Two more Captains. Boys. ita organization in the several districts, cities, and arm and breast. gs . cently met The of Connecticut i Three Niggers, be nng Torches. Carrician wss taken to Mr. Wolflia's house; th in State Council, and it was composed f delegates towns of the Commonwealth, so that suitable dele Another Nigger, bearing Banner. gates may be elected, who shall fully and rairly probabilities are no-- r rather in favor or his recoveMore Boys. I candidate whose preferences tor the I resident);' Yelling- - at top of Voices for Fremont. were not at all alike. After an exciting debate, they represent the Whig party in the Convention; for it ry, thongh his arm and breast contain over two A Nigger and a Dog. hundred shot wounda. Rowsey and hi companion More Boys bolted Fillmore, and went body and s- ill for Fre is obvious that, although now apparently it consti tutes but a small minority, yet by energetic and escaped, and at last acconnts none or them had Rear Cuard of Tv a Niggers, mont. Wealing Chrck Shirts and Paim-LcHats. united action it must and will exert a great and been arrested. Danvule Trthune. The fact is becoming more and mo. o apparent Reporters and Editors. every da, that Mora Niggers and Boys. at t o North ia beneficial influence in tbe approaching national and State elections. A SERiE3or Drownings. Last evening, a comThis immense procession passed up the street in thoroughly Abolitionized, and yet ther are memThe co.r.mittee have purposely avoided entering gallant array, carrying eonviction to the heart of bers of the order at the South and Wes' who refuse intoanyexaminat.onoftbeagi'ating'and profoundly pany or boys who were swimming in the canal near every one that Fremont, Free Kansas, etc., was to give up an organization so foully tii tnred with interesting topics now before the country. These the loot of La Orange street, not tar from the w bit Abolitionism. Certaialy, Southern Kno Lead factory, took to duckingesch other.swimming some in the Niath Ward, and would stand a glorious should know by this time the pecnlia- - notions of deserve and demand just consideration and themosrt on each other's back, and other rude and daneerou chance of carrying everything before him, if nigample discussion they can receive from patriotic cit sports which shoald never be should practiced. The regers and boys were entitled to the elective franchise. their Northern brethren, and to repudiate a party whico is at war izens, who. it is to be hoped, iu a dangerous cruis sult was that two of the boys. John Warner and teach them NIGGERS RUNNING OrP. with their best and t cbetUhed in; , rests. Are of the affairs of ocr common country, will be found Nicholas Loo is. each about Yi yean ot see, waa More work has been done by the the memoersof the order in Missouri aware of the wise and last and prudent, as weil as frank and seen to strangle, struggle in the water, and sink. A Mr. J. W. Reynolds, of Boone county, Kentucky, treacherous pretensions of their brethi nin other free. Nor, excepting in a general statement of but as they were playing, nothing waa of lost a couple, whom he traced to Covington, and States, pretensions designed expressly 'o embarrass those doctrines which lie st the very f undation of it for the moment till they disappeared thought no to rise found that they had crossed the river, under t'le their favorite candidate, ii r. Fillrrore,a;.d elect the every free State.have the committee deemed it their more. guidance of a noted Abolition thief, who, with his Black Republican nominee, Mr. Fremoi ; r duty to urge upon tbe reliable Whigs o. MassachuDuring the evening, and pretty well toward setts a steadfast a lber- - nee to those great constituconfederates, soon naa tnem en route for Canada ThU is the enme not secretly played 'ut openly midnight, while search was being made for the bod by the underground railroad. avowed a 'd published to the world, yet, ia the face tional principles which it has been their constant ies, Pnihp Hottenbnrgh, a German, who was con A FRUITLESS ATTEMPT. of all these facts. Southern Know-N- ' ithiDg and pride and glory to maintain. Ia distracting and siderably the worse for bis beer, undertook to dfr n troubled times, when too often obtain the A gentleman from Louisville informs me that Col. m mbers of the order in Missouri pertinaciously fter the bovs, and waa cuite tee sport or control of the understanding, sentiments unfriendly who made the sohma scene tbe occasion tbe crowd t. ot merri-meJoseph Metcalfe came near losing a va'uable negro lend themselves to the scheme. peace and safety of the country, and incomIt is app rent as the case now stand.', with the to the At last it waa supposed that he had found one boy a few nays ago. A brother ot the Colonel s element distractions and woollv-heade- d that pre patible with the security of its iustitntions, are of the as be stai ! under longer than nuai. was cenveying the boy to a place some dis vail in tbe order at ths North , that Mr. Fillmore has sometimes expressed, whicb, wh.U considerate men But it turned out that the poor Wbr-atbad follow tance above this point, and had come nr see their danger at the first, would prove sources of ed them to their long home. Toledo (t ) BitUe. the Moses McLellan; while lying at the wharf, no possible chance .f an election his octinnance tbe deepest regret to none more than their authors. and during the breakfast hour, the r.cgro thieves in the field only encourages the Black Republicans under the influence or returning reason. Bnt who came aboard, and learned from the boy that he was in their hope of electing Fremont, and if It be an ever desires Es7 Ice ia obtained by the red-hprocess. to live under a civil Government based a slave. W ithout more ado, tbey collared him and object in this Sta e.and the South, to ciush cut the upon the Constitution and privileges or freedom thus: were hustling him ashore, the negro resisting all black monster and kill it so dead that the hand of must be prepared for concessions and compromises, A platina crucible is made and maintained red hot will never rescn it, that is af the time. The noise attracted the attention of Mr. resurrection without whica mutual agreement cannot subsist. over a large spirit lamp, and some sulphuric acid forded by electing Mr. Buchanan. Fort'iis we sup Metcalfe, who, with the assistance of the mate, suc from this plain doctrine is the first poured into it trom a p pette. This acid, though at with,Black Any departure condition of absolute ceeded in rescuing him, placing him in a skill and port him. v e want no compromise servitude. common temperature, one of the most volatile of Republicans; we desire to see It "stiff, stark and step towards a conveying him to Covington. But to the true hies ol Massachusetts the com known bones, poesessts the singu ar propery of cold," slain though it maybe by a Democratic blud ARRlSON'S TRIAL. geon. 1 he viper that raises its head should not be mittee cannot but feel it unnecessary for them to remaining fixed in the red hot crucible, and not a On Saturday I visited the Criminal Court where repeat that there can be neither honor nor safety drop or it evaporates; in fact, it is not in contact "tickled with a switch," calculated only to provoke the trial of Arrison was in progress. Arrison is a its hisses and exhibit Its envenomed fangs, but a except in a steadfast adherence t the noblest instiith the crucble, but baa an atmosrbcre or ita own man or about thirty years of age, presenting a ra tutions the world has ewr known, and which, iT interposed. A few drops or comm n wafer are now prudent man will crush out its life by a powerful once destroyed, can be replaced only by first anther handsome face which is ornamented by a huge and well directed blow. St. Louis R'pumiean. seeded to the snlphorous acid in ihe red hot cruciarchy and then tyranny. Ia su h t'mes, therefore, pair of blacK wowser-- ; his toretiead is slightly re ble. The diluted acid gets into immM.ate contact developments ceding, while his phrenological and in all times, the plainest reason dictates only wi:h the heated metal, instantly flashes off iato are quite good, having very large hope, mirthfulness, The Coming TabaccoCrop As the prospects what an enlightened patrr.;m prompts us to avr, sulphurous acid vapor, and such is the rapidity and casualty, size ami eventuality; concentrativeness of the next tobacco crop are of much interest that the first great Whig principles mnst be, unwa energy or the evaporation that the water remain vering fidelity to the Union and Constitution or the behind, and ia frozen into a lump of ice in the red Is fully developed, but veneration is unusually just now, we give the fo'lowing extract from the Country. small; with combativenesa small; he is fnlly de hot crucible, from which, e.z Dg the moment befor Wm. Aspinwa.l, Frederick O. Prince. Thomas veloped in the region of uestrucuveness, secretive- - letter of a highly intelligent planter, residing it again melts, it n:av be ihrowu out before th eyes ness is medium. Simmons. John S. Ilolm s, Charles II. French, T. Take his appearance as be sets I toe astonished observer. near Clarksville: among his lawyers, occasionally whispering a few H. Sweetser, Newell A.Thompson, W. C. Endicott, Oscar Edwards, Arthur L. IVvens, Thomas Macy, words to them, and he is frequently mistaken for Clarksville, (Tenn.) July 9, 1956. VvYshuoto', July ), Hj6. A precious bit of one of his attorneys, while one of them, whose John C. Bovd, scandal ia just now fly ing the round or The prospect for the growing crop is indeed a Isaac L. Hedire, Jamais. Cro-keWashrestlessness and deep anxiety, so plainly visible as gloomy one. Taere has been a very Stephen M. Weld, William MiVer, Frtd.W. Lin- ington society. A distinguished 11. C. our U scarcifrom neral the evidence gradually developes itself, bearing ty of plants; the spring remarkably" gtlate, and the coln, jr., Otis P. Lord, Bcfij. Liiulsey, Reuben A. mighty West took np qiarters at one of our Chapman, Thomas Barrows. F. H. Jenkins, Philanstrongly against the prisoner is pointed at by seasons very light and partial to neighborhoods. abL- - boarding house . for bimaeif and neice. Under N W. Coffin, Oiia as the prisoner himself, and not unt'requently will R. vteuid not set a plant here until the 17th of June, der Washburn, A. .Simmons, James Kimball, W. C. the protection of a distinguished name, the latter you hear a muttered ejaculation from some specta Hu?e, David Dana, E. soon became the belie of the and bnt one or two light seasons since, and it ia al though We think Arrison's most impossible to make looks like a villain." William S. Lincolr, John L. King. Hartor, "he Faulkner. etand, owing the by no means pre posses mg in personal appearance. prospects for an acquittal are small, very small. to the hot, dry sun. I have conversed with De- i- vey Arnold. B. K. Hough, Henry C. Cray, C. J. B. Kut as murder wiii out, so has the d.stia orahed area sons trom Robertson, Logan and Christian counties; Moulton, Committee. WATER NYMPHS. tlemaa's beloved neice been recognized aa a servant Boston. Jclv 17. 1356. girl, lately discharged from onecf oar second cla hoA few evenings ago, as we were returning from a all giving the same accounts, that the stand is late and bad. Although scuch allowance should be tels, on account of her careless appreciation of femal visit to a friend, who lives "over the Rhine," we beA Caxdid Acmissiox. The Hon. Geo. Robertcame spectators to a scent which seldom falls to the made for exaggeration by the planters, I ran but son, in a public speech at Kerne, Jessamine county, propriety. A carriage, of eourse, wm brought Inagree with them that the crop will be short. I on Saturday last, candidly declared that Mr. Bu to immediate requisition, since wsich time our te lot of the citizens of a wet.-iri:v. A number of have made pretty general inquiry from different young ladies were indul''in'iii the of amid chanan was ai able and extenenced statesman, an table ta.k haa been qaite animated. night bath.they were entirely unde.and were beating sections, and find that it is making but little or no honorable gentleman, a patriot, firm, reliable and , and that the counthe time ot any male swimmers we ever beheld, while show on the ground. They will necessarily have to sounden the slavery Stob Ccttiso. A recent French invention. we were watching their antics a brace of Charleys top yery low to make it corns in in time. I think try would be safe in his hands. He said he did not the market will open very high here t fall, ard intend to attack him oa any of these points. He by M. Chivalier, for cutting stone, which is very made their appearance which cans 'd a terrible com ingenious and simple, ia thus described: motion among the tair bathers, and soon nanght to give you an idea of the way the planters talk, was a good man in J a safe man. and no man could and of their expectations, I heard a very intelligent could be seen but a dozen human heads, from which deny it. Knr, said he, (for we desire to do him In He causes a wire to run at a huh velocity over dishevelled masses of hair spread about, floating gentleman, from Christian countv, remark a few tier), Mr. Fillmore has been tried and is equally the surface to be bisected, and by dropping on ft a over the surface of the water, presenting a strange days ago seriously, that he thought tot aero wonld true, an' besides he is an Amjrieaa in sentimeut mixture of mud and water, the operation i renil bring tweuty-fiv- e cents per pound nex' fall. Oth and was first iu the field and horrible appearance. Kentucky Slatttmat Tbe hardest granites yield quickly to completed. era say there cannot be mote than a crop, TCHOUPITOULAS this process at the rate of on square foot per hour. Judge Robertson's decent example might b 4c. one horse power. But there is one thing I'm pretty certain of, that followed with advantage by the scores of Know- - with Shot Dead. We find the followina in the their views and expectations will be so high next Nothing blackguards who ar? perambulating the tjTFriday forenoon, asys the Boston Traveller, Columbia (S. C.) Cartlinian, of Wednesday fall, (and a little goaded by being caught as they a salesman emploed ou M ,1k street wistiiag to seState. On Tuesday morning Miss C. Mordecal, a sister say, last fall, with low prices), that it will be dim cure cool q iarters, went iuto a lare safe coouecteJl of Mr. I. D. Mordecai, was awakened by a noise in cult for the stemmers to make purchases at any with the building and there feel asleep, the door beAn AaiEsr the Ujited STAtts Mai her room. She quietly slipped out of bed and thing like safe figures, and I think they will havs . subsequ ntly Inquiries were lighted the pas. She then discovered a man under to lay back on their oars awhile. shal. The United States Marshal yesterdai ing the missing salesman, who waa not to inst.tatl be found, afternoon, upon an affidavit made by Jo in L. for when the bed, and with great coolness and presence of the r but waa closing np for tb- IL"CoL Preston has been laboring under the efmind stepped to the next room and called her broth Vattier, Postmaster of this city, arrested James t he found bim in t ie sire In a state of exhauser, who was the only person in the house. Mr. fects of a cold and sore throat for some weeks past. Campbell and John Baily, charged with buying, tion, b ;t by the appliance of proper restoratives h Mordecai, with a revolver in his hand, called to and may not immediately be able to accept any of concealing and embezzling gold coin and bank was subsequently resuscitated. him, but he did not reply ; accidentally the pistol the numerous invitations he has received to address stolen by on John McFetridge, from the went off, which startled him, and on Br. M. re his fellow citizens in Kentucky and elsewhere; but note, Post-otScThey were taken betore United Hioh Price fo a GLiie. W learn that peating the question and getting no reply, he shot fo soon as he recovers from his threatened indispo- States Commissioner NewhalL, and held to bail Messrs. Craig dt Kennedy, of this city, sold their citinn wa ara inr he will . bun in the act of rising. He then saw he was ' in tbe um of to he appearance negro, who answered bim that his name was Jim services are most needed and desired. He ia one of celebrated gelding. Mrk .mith, to a gentlemart 3!.0 eaCtt He ia and that he belonged to Mr. H. Lyons. The ball ik.flnastiinninAMinnArik.ivUi..j u.ntk -- .a iitnr tne A.ommiS9ioner tmnfM ittmin remarkat s of Philadelphia lor passed through his lungs, and be died almost in ! his influence in the pending canvass will be felt. They had not procured bail late last evening. fine animal, and i probably the best broke hors--j 1 stantly. Bardtnn Gazette. ' iu th Unit.! States. Lexington Cbt. 4 Rep Ci. Ent. Uth. he fun lr it h.. i"). i

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