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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 5, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

j hi 'JfitttEB2!itCM THE Vs t u'i vH 1 -.t nn.ntA " ' LEXIN&70 L42rt?t)auiritjii imt i E NvJ1' U - 5 hi- - NUMBER t. TmNESByqil's, VOLUME 5i. U797. at J- - BRADFORD',;; Matu finite inhere Sukfcriptitns, Intelligence, Ejjays, ire. arpjhankjully revived, and Printing in general extcuted in a neat and is jfT E D-T0 B E R In the Towii of MILFORD, flladifqri Court Hoil U, purpose selling the fottnaingTrddti A .i "1. " LOT, the molt convemenj ' A HOUSE arid.'! viz. - CHEAP LANDS , tfi "T hnrrf WnrxMoclctra&.within tract Tnw,i.i i?i;p firres. oart of" that noted eight Jl. I ; m FOR SALE, ptopert (to wit.) of The following Trails of LAND, Cpt. TiiStnaaijford. . Slate and Flat creeks, near the Iron ntered and patented, in the name ot William Tlnvis. Alio rooo acres on the north fork of Licking, irt Mason county, ialf pf Samuel.Henry's 2000 acre1 , Tnrupv. And coiintv, on Alher's reek, jjo acres, Nelson $ In the name of 'tohn emberton. The above lands will be sold 13wfgr ca(h, or exchanged ort Sdvantageous terms ftr Military lands on Green river, or, for good lands, conveniently situated in tiie CuinUeiland country. The purchaser wjll apply to die Ubjcriber, hv inn- in Smtt miintV. AtSiai, j$ F.OR jJAXiE, PHwAr ?t A BEAUTIFUL AilON Of. l bll u-- jfirit quaimea ONTAlNIjiG three hundred i: C ami, outi the re ., - . 5 1 - e , ;;,'" nt 1l"'0.r.m5dec:?"d . -- . 11 -,. Twp-.-n- -- Ga(h and Merchandise . OnpTjc TTTORTH K -- 0 - - i . onto thefubferiber, who i elides neav teginnin4atoiicIiUndidpoJes,a1jpttieiifl a creei taat runs- into main Lickinr oU Ml orui eiit iwe. aoouiaBir miles be ow thefouth "t lacking, and'Ctendmg down LiCkftTg - r vnd from twenty to ty, as ' """ ; pounds each, the lubfcribers. 11UI r - 'WM' whnwillriiminpnrpniirfll!iliii(TQtrlipir whoTinioMf.rtiitii lltaonmino lUCUUlLU UT U1C iif :,. .,,,(i: J "" t. store-i- n Lexington, on juiiua ijic onable JJUonDaYinsr part of thirteenth inllaiitn it being court day ) ney, a r&UbnabJe credit vj(ll bgivemTBr fh6 VjwJ. and continue until the. Fridaw'fbilow- - - wijnce. ' , , . 7iA!l..TlH'i ing : and at lames tdwarns iijitl Lots store in Dtnvllle, on 'MfSnAv&'xlts. jan . i rer utttieoefry Mo-f.; .iZ:!'.!. K.J..C.?Ecxinston.,lune 1?. I7Q5. .:'... 1. c. ? day followmg , aster wlto they lib return to Lexington, and continue 11 purchasing until the fifteenth QPApml)" ,v5 ALL PtRiONS ' 'c.v"iu l" .' "4"u Ait IJ Decemtjer 1, 1796. e purchaser willbe difpoledto make " " by VV exjngton. WTiLKER BAYLOR. IflV AnnecelTarv to rfprrnhe tlip. 7 tenfurvevs - . L v.vw. - . 'J.,. jhw,ii.i . 1 l JjrS.1---, --. ;.- r 4JFJ WILL agiGIVEH FMSOUKD YOUN J? FOU&ALE, huijdWd six- tHodkd' acres of VALUABLE LAND, OITUATJJD thejepunties Jn. of BopSpn, Ma-- , Hardin and J FranJinarke, Inn, "VacIHoii4-Linco- ij, Greene.' The taxes Uull be lirtiri nr,r i?tlier itlcfUnibl ances rlifrhn. it.I or i. ' prefc. ibed by, It6' at'"1 "-t. - r j- Ur ,'Tiie fuhfcriher; ho will Jiereaftei' refidewn tlu.toA'i js ;n.rlricd to T "MDEBTED q the late parfnerlhip of IRWIN diipofe of; the amjvc, iencioi ed pro oivniotsi, arereqneued to paytheirac pertV bv a UOer ns nrrnrn.x, 4 Jl 'counts ornotesr to, 5jfdMAs Irwin orloHNA "i '. ctoiil i ,ftl'e . court oflui- ln ap- Seitz, who Oift'mlSrTtiis maulgllice will bjyeW PeaJs- - As be means tp piaclice law in " . (VI ' 6,1797. d. & . 7"- - ;,,,,a. v W.llUlM tf , - and thirty (V,, u ,,! ..w. .,...w rnn uu juiii i..mii.i, thereof, where it empUes into tlie n , 8000' Acres, on the waters j Works, . Shillings Fer Annum) n.unncr, tHe George Adams, - "Wes of Lexington and fevenTr6Mthel!Kentae- kv river in the center of which is a never sail ingrpilng. . An undivided moiety of two thoufswd acres, fird rat,, toate on tbe va ville ? it isvSJI creek, withinTi miles of Shelby watered, and the mam road irom L.ounvine iu Shelbvville runs through it. We will sell the above property VERY LOW, as we arc in want of 'money, and will give, good and sufficient title. ABIJAH &JOHN IV, HfflT. t,f tr re f I rubcrlbe has sour thonfand acres of LAD in the officers' RSPECTFrLLY informs his T JiY friends an3 the public in "ge- - boundary, north-weof the Ohio, i,b cr&iy that he has opened Tavern, in .for nisfown fen ice, two of" .of Siy in said Town for a Public House, eertime! that commodio'us"houfe on Main street jjlycli lies wjthfti thiee quarters of a with Stables Sec. fbrone yeai , or a the O'po, on Straight ertek For terms apply to Benjamin Holladav, jHjinj the third door below Croft ftree'tyKe near Miifdrd. SAMUEL ESTILL, bb'ing hto the river appolite Mr. vfhei e those who pleafc to savor' sym Ny-7' . with their custom, fliall meet wjth'e"v- - 5 ,s r raiSs am' adjoining the lands .,,- . Stephen Southall, aines Poagc. ery poifible attention". . David "Walker and William Vance, of- Wanted- immediately " ?n e:irIyJaterraidto be valuable ; ond Honeit, Indultnous OVERFor',. Sale. - ,. which I will sell nn V .thousand r,'". . . SEER, .who underflands-th., mnrlf. Ci?THOUSANDftUtt,yoF L.tSSiJ, ''- - . .... of t VHV KH'JVLJof liefcrues. 'Also an A"H- jJllJVl UUWJJ the other j, .eafonable credit -- iw' iflENTlCE to the Tanning bufinef9. ji-- j urturnceti liTTne namp XjCZ'fmcrty ioj- a , .. r Vrr r k,rt IN . ' is I1V. tjWl 7TM.,i t.,;jbiM, for. Any peffon' deirous oftr -; m . AjyJiUT JlilK,hUi ' ."'. tfrii "V ltftt iiuiiyiiItfTVfTintriM(M !!? Uiay ItnO"V the terms mam Liektntr. beniffnartnr , sc of TTE K.JT .vG A'ZE Wednesdays and Saturdays ;4dvertife7?ientJ, Articles Tbe Ktefgnsma&ta&m V ' ". ojjuu rCcCiv(e.. into my care thetirtdk KtMla. lateLv uecnnied in MlmiAwMH!.- J. fri' Dy Uir. wrmayj leuyrin yojlptint'a Ke nuri JtHmfrtpn r ."ifr.1..! rg( U'lvut-UAAV3i j ' i rii i ' .'. , r" L.' ' 1 u ? jt tlie land is level and lies exceeding well for flnn,o Haid Ware, Graperies ana acres uuuu. farming and meadow ; there is thirty-fiv- e Qjiieen's W ai e ; whichlifrsauTliori cleared and undir good fence, several very good sell upon the for" cabbuis, a good fpnnji, and a valuable njill leatj fed to likewise abundanea oi.cxcellent timber of diifer-- ' Cadi, well clraned HenSgPTcat, ent kinds, and the range equal to any mthe dif Rye, Tobacco, raw Hides'Futs, full trift a good fitle wjll be given b,y the fubferi- - pi oof Whiflcey, Salt, ".Sugar, and good ber, living on thepremues in rranxnn county Flour arti-- i els ; tx- - - . fA IokJBI ',PfH ulr ,' -' . Qfll t L-- r a lV.LJ1 si t . iS; -- x- TH I S S Ti iASTi 500Q acres on Rough creek, Green river. r- ;- .- S porchafe the dilfei ent' trafts, will have an' oppoitunity of cqntiadling' , withhim at any of those place's. -' . .' .J, a Charles Iff. Bird. G. ?hWters of which rr "-- empties jnto TROTTERm&SCOTTr HAVE JUST RECEIVED,. AND NOW KWL'Sle,' At their Store dii edily oppifitc the 4C00 acres on Cumberland road market house, a lal geiarjif nea near PottinWcf's'Ilatipn. ' ' ASSORTMENT or MeWcNDISE acres in the big bend cles of produce, a generous price will vlooo tf juiy a, ' "ons.wnclithey T M, be given. have alfb Iron and Nails river, ten miles above Barnett's llati-on- i will sell on the mod reduced terms lest in my hands, to be sold for Cam.' PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT tf f6oo acres near Severn's valley, on lor LASH A sew cjaod Horses under seven years FOR. MAN AND HORSE1, the waters of Salt liver. be wanted. Twenty Dollars reward? Doftpr Dorning's, old, -will On Main llrect, riextdoor to , amos zuvrkps. 3000 acres in Shelby county, join-- "T WILL give the abovd reward for a Horse By WILLIAM ALLEN. Jstrayed from one of the town j0ts Bourbon, March, 1797- ing Leatheman's settlement. , iS" of 4bo acres on main Elkhhi n. six miles Lexington Tome time in July last. of thp f! DOCTOR DUHAMEL, frfftn Frahkfort, 45 acres cleared. ihot sour. high) e.ght or ESPECTFUJ.LY informsithe tVXlV'-tefpotso,. . ..Jl"f' . - wVM.fc u acres or an uiinois,2ranC, oppo- - "" ulc-"cck ana ozck, branded witb n Ort r "- - MTnnrt lie, uiui lit I.!-- wici ucdii iu & Cattleman has b'een some time diltolved, by fce the Falls of Ohio. praetife Physic, at iflillerfburg and its Wnging tne c ' a V And a hM".f"? iias ejaoied, it i that he proposes f"'"3! ieicrhbourhood-a- nd laige body of Land in the hoped ttepeifon -. Au pcifons indebted to t. who has Hnfjli to continue with zeal and attention, them are earneftW requested to make payment; big bend ot f enneflbe river. deliver Mm to meffrs. Trotted SCott, LexmK' 'J his will inform those who incline ton, 01 t5 the fubferiber neV ISanlfort. tf and cm moderate terms. 0f their refpeaive accounts to James M'Coun,- before the 10th of April next. Those who do) to purchase, that I have lately etui JOHN- JJUIIS.ON. not avail themfelyes of this notice, may depend gw from exploring rood of the above Franklin county, March ii, 177. Robert & slndreiv Porter, on having their accounts put into the hands of mentioned lands, particularly' that on IMPORTED FROM PHILADELPHIA,. HAVE JUST prdper officers for colleftion,asno further mdul Tqnnefee and find it to be a body thg genee cariTie given. AND ARE NOW OPENING RUN away from13th ' of soil, timber, water and range, fupe-- , tjie M'COUN, JAMES tely occupied by MeH? Jn tbe B.nck Bpufe rior to any I hae- - ever seen. The, iuilant, a likejyiyouiig; JOHN CASTLEMAM. John & SamueJ. PorJIethwait, next doofjabove mentioned tract on Elkhorn, negro map the name Marcli 22. Mr. Stewart's Printing Office, t will be either sold or lented. For of TO M6T; father a A large and general Ajort:ent oj persons indebted to the late William terms. apply LL rblaqk complexion, a- to the fubferiber in LexCHINA, DRY GOODS, Tandy, are hereby called on toi- payment ; ington, GLASS, tfj. , GROCERIES ootu jive leet ten inch- and tnoie naving any ciaims, are ueiireo to exI DELF anj QUEENSi IRONMONGERY, BENJ. S.' COX, . esh'gh', a'litileknpck-kneetbu- t thirk UIjJlL HMwutuvm;j. uptui auuuutrtl- WARE innrr.RY. Feb. 2 "0" well madeJpr ftrensrth. He wa tf ed, to tlie iXECUTORS. AnH JATT.;nfU oniwz ' Fayette, March 2 f, 1797Halded when ydung and the sear is es. STATIONARY, J'et on h,s back and side ; hd Wbuh they vill sill at a low price for ijorm tbe public, ihtifirv, VTX LL those indebted to the fubferib-- rtPa I Salook when spoken to tie er either by bond, noteVor book aJ reduce suitable for the rmSl!t0 , liliUn varrat. in tbe nime Cafb or Country ..dl .,,. e wentawa y alniein-war- d cf Jihn Cook, upon the North sort, of Goefe creek, accounts, are requelted to'domeyfor- - Jia.u uu"' Jew Orleatl Market. and settle them befSiealiinid- - fey iJl?' coat antl leather bieeches.- andtheSotth branch of Harroi S creckt containiug .Lexington, Feb. IS, 1797. ol" moes ; lie took w'h Jiijn a five hundre.1 acres, joining the Imds of AbraUrpMSc of March, as he canmvfeo lonrr- I U S T R ECE 1 V L1J. nne gt,n, double tl Igoei ed that runs is nttfyts joia to us, ana couveyjs maeeas in conje-er influlrcnce, queue oj a patent tjjjed A 'nd now opening ly L7bef::n:j;;rfo w All those ind;"bfed1to'Lef;fsWeity ?foutiWlI9tothepoadf j,ellfin. mt Jt improved ive bsrtbi .i on Peter anuary , uu. m to be" lartehjvw uux r ' aliperjonrt are rt( .viift".o. u:tome, alfoamOFtei flcinilioi pouch and now- .At the Brick Store, dirctth obbofite the hwimvm chin to the said to make the in rnc I an , 4vi,.jA ' is ac ' ri1 der horn:, 'with tin lwr.thit ive m - l. Court Joust, ounts;andderverlhednFerent watch- - to the strap ; hea is ofcharirer fj(cnel a cowardly dif "' NEAT, comjileat and well cho- es le;ft,inJmy hands by him. r AARON FONTAINE.' " polition and may be easily taken, fen Aflbrtment of MERCHAN. AUrcl) tV)7. EDW. W EST. f ratherfunjiofe he will make for the -' DlSE, perfeclly adapted to the' pre- Dexinrfton, Feb. j, 1797, "1 flf north west side of the Ohio, wheie lie sent and approaching season, which FORSALlj, - , will endeavor to pass for a freemin ; Take Notice. lie offers forfaleoniJry reduced term'. he may a tempt to go tin o or prh-ap400 Acres' of Military Land Lexington, February 25. tf in the county' of Clarke, a' X tHEREAS am informed a certain the wilderness- to Virginia an v n LYING twelve miles from Lexintr- - V nr. George Adams, hatter of taking up said negro and deliverton on the "main road leading from the town of, Lexington, hajs taken his ing him to roe, or securing him in any DANCING. V tlienpe- to Clarke court house, adjoin. hats to the different court houses in public jail, so that he may be bioughc ingtthtr land of Hubbaid 'I aylor? this Hate, and sold them as my mann to Jnftice, fhull receive a'aetjeious re- R. DEYENPORT, Tins land lies well, is all of the ftrit fat'luriDg therefore this is to notify ward and gll rcaibftabccliarges. ' . TAKES this method of informin,the liihalM quality, and of indisputable title a the public, that intend hereaittrto CJeo. .Caldwell environ?, thath, inand itants of deed of general warranty vi'ill begjv jputjnjjjnaiixe in eaih of my hats to Fayette", March 15", 179 f. j. a SCHOOL at Mr. J Bradford's, tends opening nny pcriun liltuiicu. tp ice yc wiji; prevent tHclfaratfter of my fhqp be- .... . N R ,,,, tfiAr,v. j .. on Friday the 24th inltant, where heptends to !,.. on Tlnncino in all its branches, on the mod be gratihedjiy mr. laylor, Uieterms ing injured' by any Inch pejfon. As u.. iciiun 14113 wja:rjcu ins uar or uuc to in.r. I intend, moving' ihgrt ly to George- caprefembling one improved plan. He will intiddnce a variety ot may'De Known ielongiixr to the which have never been taught in fctoolj. ftpi, Colliy in Lexington or 'to Capt. town, the ticket thjjt wifl be in each Infantsy, covered on the front part By his experience and attention, he hopes to me- - Rlcliavcl Terren onvlTearft rafs. hat will certify that tl'iey .were made With, cpt gtit or.cparfe gaufe, with a , A mthe approbation of tiioie who fliall encourage "in thatla'ce. l leather cockade, and his coat to thaj tf JOHN LGWREY. of a blue. Match 15. tf Jefferson, March 5, 1797 iii-ba- farwiuch said n JOSJ-EKWIC- 1 v- j' ", " - LAsr notiCe. 5V. R TS"Z:::?;X"u"r:: TJtFTl 'THftrfnpr(hinnf -- '- T ba-- ! 1 7'??: tt Y : -- ITlt:. lt!mr luay-pca- s 1 1 jA I . ! . 4'- F C, - t uiv-- i M- - t, ;T. m & v. s- -. , riq-tf- e quelted-tojnrik- - e ...,. A '- - KKr A'-1"- 1 JS 1 - per-so- . - -- ; 1 .... . . ls Le-'n'- . cit. ,. 1 1 1. !

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