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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 9, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

T Keep Politically Informed By Subscribing To 'he Mountain Eagle m wim n Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, April 9, 1953 Volume No. 46 Dr. Gid Ison Dies In 4tlant a During their spring vacation the Berca College Chapel Choir will present a series of concerts in East Kentucky and North Tennessee. Evening concerts will be given in Pikeville, Ky., April 9, In Hazard, Ky., April 10; in Kingsport, Tennessee, in the Broad Street Methodist Church Auditorium, April 11; and in Knoxville, Tennessee in the Central Methodist Church, April 12, and in Lincoln Park Methodist Church at morning services, April 12. Among the members of the choir is Alleen bumpier, daughter of Wm, 1$. Sumpter, Partridge, Ky. Circuit $50,000 Fire Now In Court Is Employment Session The April term of the Of Teachers Destroys Tipple Circuit Court convened on Monday morning, April 6th with Judge Recommended At eco Mine presiding. Courtney Wells, The summoned jury roll was called by C- - The body of Dr. Gideon Ison, 72, retired physician and former resident of Blackey was returned to his native hills for burial this week, after sudden death in Atlanta, Ga., where he died of a heart attack last Sunday. While driving through Atlanta he became suddenly ill and his wife summoned help but it was too late- - Funeral services were conducted at his oic. home at Blackey on Tuesday of this week and burial took place in the family graveyard. Dr. Ison had practised medicine in the county from the turn of the century until ill health forced him to retire a few years ago and he had made his home in Bonita Springs, Fla., since his retirement. He is survived by his wife, six sons: Dr. C. B. Ison, Garret, Ky. ; Gideon, Jr., Pikeville, Eugene, Louisville; Bill, Bill ings, Montana; and two dau ghters, Dana Ison, Lexington ; and Mrs. Virgil Marcum, of Lothair. Three brothers, Edward, George, and Sherman and three sisters, Mrs. Hannah Frazier, Mrs. Minta Shepherd, both of Kingdom Come, and Judith Sturgill, Blackey, also survive him. The son of EH and Martha Ritter Ison, pioneer settlers of Letcher County, Dr. Ison attended grade school in Let cher and High School in Berea. He received his medical training at the University of Lou- Shenfi following qualified An estimated loss of $50,000 Hassel Stamper, the follow were recommended was made today in the fire ing by Superintendent, Dave L. which completely destroyed the being selected to serve for April term: Craft, to the Letcher County Seco's No. 1 tipple belonging GRAND JURY reg- to South East Coal Co. The Board of Education at a Sam T. Webb, Foreman; ular meeting held last Thurs- estimate was made by Dock Webb, Edd Sexton, C. day, April 2 to teach in the of operations, V. D. B. Clay, Charlie Haynes, John Letcher County Schools for Picklesimer. bhew, isville. 1953-5The vote According to Mr. Pickle- the term of Alva Caudill, J. W. Collins, Dr. Ison was a member of of approval was unanimous. mer, (no insurance was Those selected were: carried on the tipple, since it Hays Stamper, Melvin Cor- the American Medical AssociMyrtle Stallard, Fonda M. was not in operation, but the nett, Henry Holcomb, Bill ation, the Old Regular Baptist Church and a Rotarian. Polly, Gladys tL. Webb, Earl equipment was to have been Elswick. PETIT JURY Funeral services were con Hogg, Sabra Kincer, Lucy sold and was very valuable. Webb Osborne, E- G. Howard, The fire of unknown origin, John Jenkins, John P. ducted by The Revs. Myers Hazel H. Lewis, Reva H. was discovered around 11:00 Meade, D. W. Little, Oscar and Sharpe. Walker, Marion Profitt, Julia p. m. and Fleming, Jenkins, Pace, J. Sexton, Edd Rose, Dixon, Benton Back, Jean. McRoberts and Whitesburg Sherman Hampton, Granville answered Bailey, R. B. Banks, Harrison Croucher, fire departments Ruby H. Burkich, Wess Isor., the call but the fire had gain- Craft, Mayo Holbrook, Nat H. Hiram Taylor, Jr., Edith H. ed too much headway for Craft, Henry Quillen, Sr., Preston. Ison, Maida Hammonds, Patia them to save any of the tipple Blair, Woodrow Cornett, Kincaid, Hetty Hayes, Mable or equipment. C. Nichols, Virgie H. Back, The blaze could be seen lor Gratis Bates, I. T. Dixor,, Gerna Campbell, Lillian Eld- - many miles, even some Sammy H. Caudill, Sr., L W. Pre-Induction ii rudge, D. B. Barker, Mary Whitesburg people reporting Dixon, Charlie Pitts, Fdd Ann Adams, Gladys W-- Hogg, they could see the light irom Gibson, Curtis Caudill, Shade Seventy-fiv- e young Letcher Darla Bryant, Eula Elline it. The tipple which had Combs, and W. G. Caudill. Judge Wells commented in. County men have received Ison, Arthur Watts, been operated for many years making his, opening talk to the their orders to report for Verna S. Cornett, Hobert was of wooden structure. on April 14, accordjurors: Caudill, Avis C. Stewart, Ira "Letcher County is one of ing to Local Board No. Caudill, Dennis Dixon, Louise Welch, Lois Benliey, Selma C. to report on that date counties Adams, Mae M. Jones, Rubv Riley, Bernice D. Bowling, the best Caudill, Dennis Dixon, Louise George M. Fields, James D. in the State, according to its are: Byron Tyler, Jr., Pearl V. Collins, Lillian F. Webb, Boyd, Betty Jo Little Leslie population, this is the fourth Bailey, Jack Adams, Eugene Roy Reasor, Mary Emma Morgan, Jeanette Wampler, term of court to be held without Browm, Ted Roy Browning, Denver Seals, Bennie Ray a murder trial." Lewis, Ruby C. Collier, Clar- William Collins, Jr., Walter This fact, in our opinion, is Hall, James Monroe Newsome, ence Baker, Bernice Worms-le- Enlow, John Preston, R. EdMargaret Wojciechowski, gar Banks, Edwin Lee Moors, brought about by many fac- Kindred Jansford Taulbee, Ruby Cooper Adams, Reba Edith M. Polly, Lucille B- tors, one being that our coun Odell Smith, Jonah Lowe, Kincer, Sabina Francis, Fann Pigman, Lonnie H. Breeding, ty is legally dry, another that Billy Ray Bunch, Robert Mc- L. Holbrook, Hazel K. Craft, Jacqueline C. Owens, Virgin our Circuit Judge is a cour Lemore, Don bmith, Jr., James Edna McCowan, Ira P. Whit-ake- r, ia Vermillion, Verna P. En- - ageous man, and does his du- Lee Edwards, Eddie Lee Hill, Nola H. Back, Carlice low, S- - J. Hale, Oma Fields, ty: our Commonwealth Attor Robert Paul Potter, James Breeding, Ann Dugan, Iva P. Patsv Anne Fields, Mattie A. ney works with the court; our Carl Mullins, Dennis Seals, Maggard, Ritter K. Fugate, Marcum, Ruth Rice, Rachel Sheriff is always on the job; Robert Gene Adams, Arlie Anne H. Hurst, Mattie Lou Ann Back, and our County Attorney is Boggs, Harold Clay Pick, Fugate, Ruby E. Day, Nellie James Mack Tucker, James Carlene K. Holbrook, Vera always in there aiding and as I. Wright, Ruby Lee Wright, Eldridge, Goldie Aldridge, sisting the court. Emmitt - McCullum, Samuel Josephine Tolliver, A. C. Mary Rebecca Polly, Carlene Richard Lucas, Wm. Lee Sergent, W. L- - Cooper, Lula Webb, Sarah A. Adams, Curtis Easter Seal Drive Craft, Cletis John H. Gibson, S. Roberts, Corsie C. Collins, Collins, Renavae W. Adams, Elisha Miller, Armond Ison, Hetty B. Cornett, Neucedia Jewell breeding, venson Nets $1329.10 So Far Carliss Eldridge, Lvell Thomas Ison, Bobby M. Adams, Corbin Caudill, Ray Cassity. Wesley Caudill, Lindsay Ratliff, RobIn Letcher County C- - Ison, Amburgey, Jr., Paul T. Boggs, ert Lee Stout, Billy Eugene Iva Lou Franklin, Billie Isaac Hogg, Dorothy Sue JenLetcher County to date has McCray, Jean Pridemore, Eva Leen kins, Abbott Holbrook, Bonnie contributed $1329.10 to the Jed Mosgrove, Bobby Joe Breeding, Howard Caudill, B. Dav. Vera Raleigh, Vir 1953 Easter Seal Appeal for Ison, Morgan Letther JohnCounty son, Junior Ray Whitaker, Dawson Back, Lelah Joan ginia H-- Combs, Ray Pigman, crippled children, r. tJ Branson, Cora Lee Campbell, Monroe jsreeaing, oiiuuiu. Chairman Clel Rodgers an Astor Gibson, Isom Haynes, Louisa Dixon, Inez B. Barker, Adams, Glenn D. Hampton, nounced today. Gerald Rav Kincer, Ben Jack Dorsey Crase, Cuna Mae Cora A. Freidall, Viola C. Although Easter is past, Kincer, Melvin Dee Adams, Banks, Edrie Banks, Peggy Moore, Carol Combs, Cora R. Rodgers said some delayed re Fred Hall, Lester Martin, Ann Whitaker, Freda Caudill, Frazier, Bradley R. Breeding, sponse to the Easter Seal mail- Filmore Cornett, Nathon Bed s, ing is expected- Nora H. Hall, J. Mose Stew- Anna E. Collins, Cora S. ford Lawson. Bobby Clay Sexton, Helen Some regular contributors Ison, Ruben Watts, Jackie Columbus art, King, General Caudill, Nellie Gupta, Ina Mae Adams, Elsie to the local Easter Seal cam (Continued on classified page) I. Wright, Robert Bryant, Mae Collier, Irene B. Smith, paign have reported they fail Verna T. Holbrook, Denola ed to receive their seals in the D. Taylor, Reeda K. Mary "The Eager Miss Beaver", a Girdell Breeding, mail this year, the Chairman Reasor, Connie B. McAuley, Collins, three act play will be presentWebb, Nancy Sue Hogg, Madeline R. Helton, Ethel G. said. Doyle He added that anyone who ed by the Fleming-Neo- n Wanda Lee Kincer, Leonard Franklin, Bertha Cassity. falls In this group may still Senior Class, Thursday night, Whitaker, Morgan, Evalee Human erosion goes hand send his contribution to the April 16 at 8:00 p. m. (EST). Maida Hall, Bonnie Pratt, H-- i in hand with soil erosion. Bank of Whitesburg. Admission will be adults 50c. John E. Holbrook, John The teachers vice-preside- nt 4. - Contractor Signs To Build Ten e law-abidi- y, - ng POLITICAL NEWS John E. Manies UMW Hospitals Drowned In The United Mine Workers Welfare and Retirement Fund announced today the signing Dewey Lake of a contract to build We are authorized to announce JAMES W. BROWN as a candidate for JAILER of Letcher County Subject to the Republican Primary, Aug. 1, 1953. 10 hos- pitals with a total of 1,040 beds in West Virginia, Ken tucky and Virginia. The con tractor is the J. A. Jones Con struction Company of Charlotte. N. C. The hospitals, all located in rich areas, will provide care for disabled, injured or sick and their families. Sites for the new hospitals are at or near these towns: in Whitesburg, HarKentucky lan, Middlesboro, Hazard, Mc Dowell and Pikeville; in West Virginia Williamson, Man and Beckley; and Wise, Va. Cost of the plants was not announced but it was believed the total will approximate 15 million dollars. " coal-mini- rtc. To The Voters of Letcher County: ng coal-mine- rs Two Revivals End Another Begins In Whitesburg Area Revivals at two of Whites burg's churches have come to a close and another is now underway at the Whitesburg Methodist Church. The Presbyterians and Baptist Church both had revivals in progress at the. same time, the Presbyterian revival beginning one week earlier than the Baptist. Charles W. Solomon, was the Evangelist at the Presbyterian Church with Orin Zimmerman leading the singing. At the Baptist Church, the Rev. Clel Rodgers, pastor of the church led his own church in revival services with John Arnett of Evarts, Ky., leading the singing. Both churches reported suc cessful revivals. 75 Men Receive Brea Cho Chib To Apoear In Hazard The Berea College Choral Orders For Ohib will be in Hazard for a pre-inducti- on Number 47. John E. Manies, 47, native of McRoberts drowned in the Dewey Lake in Floyd County Wednesday about 6:00 A. M., when his car ran off the road. Information as to the cause of the accident could not be obtained as we go to press-n Mr. Manies was to hundreds of local citizens, having formerly operated a restaurant and studio business in Neon for many years-Hhad been to Cherokee Lake to see about property he owned there and returned via Neon where he visited with friends. It is thought that he had started home to Detroit where he resided with his wife, and son. Dickey, when the accident occurred. Mr. Archie Craft of the Craft Funeral Homes who was called to Floyd County after the body stated that two men saw the car go into the lake but were unable to rescue him it took two hours to re cover the body. One theory. is that Mr. Manies may have fallen asleep or the fog may have confused him about the road. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy and one son, and one daughter. Funeral services will be held at McRoberts Baptist Church Saturday 2:30 p. m-- , well-know- e E.S-T- . The Eagle extends deepest I hereby announce my can didacy for Representative subject to the action of the Democratic Primary to be held on August 1, 1953. I am a practicing attorney of the Letcher County Bar. It will be the duty of your Rep resentative to represent you and your interests at the 1954 session of the Legislature- - It is my conviction that a lawyer is best qualified to fill this office, the purpose of which is to enact laws. One of the principal reasons for which I seek this office is my desire to repeal the unjust law requiring our pensioners to mortgage to the state any small property they may chance to own when they become too old and infirm to continue to earn their bread by their labor. The purpose e of the pension law is to provide a reasonable measure of security and comfort to our old people who have given the work and earnings of a lifetime to the education and support of a younger generation. This law should not be used to extort from them the roofs above their heads and the humble inheritance they have prepared for their children. t My unfaltering and is pledged to the improvement of our public; schools. I pledge myself to support a minimum annual salary of $2400.00 for our teachers and a standard, minimum school term of nine months. The progressive goals of the Kentucky Educational Association shall be my guide in the field of legislation effecting public old-ag- e old-ag- active-suppor- nrosram on Arril 10. 1953. sympathies to the family and T7!nrVi T?eron AlnmniiQ It is apparent that the deinvit bereaved relatives an their cline of our basic coal industry guest at a great loss. ed to have as their makes it imperative that new Banquet on that evening one industries be brought into our of the niertibors of the Club Snapp Speaks county. I pedge my active The Banquet will be held at Wise support to the business and the Grand Hotel at 5:30 p. m., professional people who are CST. Affer the Banquet the Meeting, 3 now working to that end. program will be given at the The annual spring meeting I shall First Baptist Church on Main of the Wise County Education work for the exten Street in Hazard, starting at Association was held at the sion of state highways into every section of Letcher 7:30 o'clock. Tickets for the Banquet may be obtained from Wise ;Hih School April 3, County and for the improve Raleigh Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth with C. V. Snapp, superinten- ment and of all dent Effie kins, of city schools at Jen existing roads. Shackelford, Mrs. Dr. Charles K. Martin, Barnes or I. A. Bowles, all of president of I have little money to spend Radford College, Hazard, for $1.50 each. The Dr. J. J. Kelly, Jr., super in seeking this office but if and Brrea Choir has gained inter intendent of Wise County elected, my time and energy national fame, and you will schools as speakers. will be given freelv to it. enjoy this program. All LetYour vote and influence is cher County Alumni of Berea Mr. Snapp spoke oil earnestly solicited. College are urged to attend. Desirable Attitudes. HARRY M. CAUDILL. ? At Teachers April hard-surfacin- g - - T . Ad-kin- Courtesy Service Station Under Management of Hubert Hall. Hubert Hall and Billy Wayne Wright operate the Courtesy Service Station directly back of the Elinda Ann Drive-I- n Theatre. The Station is open from 7:00 a- - m. to 10:00 p. m. Washing is a specialty seven days a week including Sundays- - They are equipped to give a 20 minute bath to the car. They have the only in the county. Hubert and Billy Wayne invite their friends when in Whitesburg to call on them- Phone 263S. Wash-Mobi- le

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